Before Writing Your Resume, Build Your Brand

Creating perfect resume  is an art. It takes time to master that art. If you plan to create a resume by getting a template from your friends and modifying it will not portray your true brand to the employer. Before you start writing your resume, you have to build a brand for yourself.

This article will help you to define your brand.

Your Brand – Your Resume

I wrote  a short article about building a brand to market  yourself. Today, lets looks at some of important questions you need to ask, that will define your brand. Once you have a brand (personality) defined, then you can reflect that in your resume.

  1. List 5 to 10 best skills
  2. List your 6 to 10 top character traits that are unique and distinct to you
  3. List your 3 biggest flaws
  4. List 4 reasons why an employer should hire you over others?
  5. Do you know what kind of job you want to apply for? List 3 job titles.
  6. Can you describe your brand in 1 minute – Elevator pitch?
  7. List top 3 achievements relating to your job search area.
  8. Do you have examples to prove your achievements
  9. List 5 job search approaches/methods you plan to follow.
  10. Do you have enough confidence in you to market your brand?

Take time to answer above 10 questions, it will be much easier to create your resume and approach your job search with a master plan. Don’t start working on your resume without defining your brand.  I can guarantee that first thing you will do while writing resume is to search for sample objective to copy and paste in your resume.

  • When you cannot define an objective for your resume, you don’t have a brand
  • When you don’t have a brand, you cannot market yourself
  • Without marketing, selling yourself to hiring manger is tough

Questions about Brand Building?

If you have questions about resume writing and brand building, leave a comment below. You may have very good brand and personality, but if you have tough time reflecting that in your resume.

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  1. I request clarity on this how are skills and character traits different??…….For E.g. one of my skills is excellent communication skills and leadership which is also my character trait……..and how do I put all these points in a structured format which does not come across as way too pushy in selling myself

  2. hi guys im not getting the meaning of building the brand or wht is meant by brand in this corporate world guys plz help me out from this dilemma & thnks for ur time guys

    1. I think u need to put urself as a best selling brand in d market. I.e jo dikhta he wohi bikta he. U need to be good at marketin urself n shw them y u ll b helpfull to der company. Jst express urself thats it.



    if i mention all my achievements but i dont have legal proof like certificates and all…

    then does it matter in the interview????

    eg:- i am good at designing (CAD)but i dont have certificate as i didnt learn it from any institute i learned it by my self online from tutorials…


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