Recruiters Can’t Ignore This Professionally Written Resume Template

Are you looking for Professionally Written Resume Templates? Here’s a perfect example of Professionally Written Resume Template that you could replicate if you could reverse engineer this resume.

Did you know recruiters spend only 6 Seconds reviewing your resume?  So, how do you capture recruiters attention in mere 6 seconds?

Business Insider published an example of Professionally written Resume with help from The Ladders, who published the This is What Recruiters Look in Your Resume in 6 Seconds. Based on their research, professional written resume contains the following elements.

Here’s quick overview about this resume

  • It includes a URL to the jobseeker’s professional online profile.
  • It does not include an objective statement. Instead, it includes an executive summary.
  • It uses keywords
  • It does not list achievements in dense blocks of text. Instead, achievements are listed in three bullet points per job and it’s quantified.
  • Accomplishments are formatted as result-and-then-cause.
  • It does not include pronouns.
  • Education is listed at the bottom.
  • Read the Rest Here

Professionally Written Resume Template


Would you be able to write a professional looking resume?  Probably not.

It still costs for making a professional resume but I think it is worth the money. Can a professional resume made by ourselves?

It’s called professionally written for a resume for a reason. Folks who write those resume are experts and are certified resume professionals.

Here’s an analogy for you. Most of us can play soccer in any field and possibly you could have played for your school team. But, there’s lot of difference between players who play soccer for Germany National Team or Manchester United.

Resume that we write are not called professionally written resume. Just like how we can’t call ourselves professional soccer players.

I recommend Resume Edge to have your resume written by a professional.

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  1. Hi
    I came to US in April last year on H4 visa.I am staying in santa clara,CA
    I have overall 9 years of experience in medical and clinical research field as a physician assistant and clinical research coordinator (all from India). Here I’m bit confused about how to convert my H4 to H1B. A lot of research i have done about the universities and i couldn’t find any Universities offering professional courses in my field .This area is highly populated with IT companies. Many says its good for people with IT background. I saw many community colleges offering associate degrees in medical courses. Will they be able to convert my H4 visa to F1? OPT option?

  2. On a first look, this looks identical to my resume (OK, I must admit my resume writing was inspired by someone’s resume which was written professionally).
    I totally love the story telling theme and a sensible summary instead of “want to work with a good company where I can use my skills in a challenging environment to do ….”
    I have had people compliment the summary section of my resume and they also appreciated me telling them that I remodeled my resume using someone’s theme (including name etc).

  3. Nice article yes but these resume writers cost a tonne of money. Even if your resume gets written by a resume writer the resume written by one writer would not be acceptable to another resume writer and there is a large number of resume writers. Some of them have very nicely presented resumes. One more thing is that a person can have multiple profiles. So writing a resume for each profile will also cost a tonne of money along with the cost for skype, deposit for h1b processing and then waiting for 9 months and still no h1b approval. First time I went to USA it was really simple. My employer took care of it. I would say please keep it simple and focus on the skills and needs.

    1. When a recruiter spends only 6 seconds per resume what if they don’t see the skills you have listed in the resume?

    2. You need resume writing service only once, after that you can keep building on it and maintain the theme. Given the cost of all the money spent on studies (kindergarten to degree), this is not a lot of money for something that will serve you through your entire adult life.
      As a matter of fact, as a hiring manager, I notice the quality of resume way before I read “MS from MIT” in the resume.
      I do try to not have a mindset based on resume, but what the hell, we are humans.

    1. No it ain’t. When a professional resume writer shows the pros and cons if professional resume you call this shameless? There are thousand of resume writing service. You can spend 100s of hours to find one or take advise for someone who have used resume edge and has 100% success rate with in person interviews.

    2. Plus what would you call yourself when applying for a job and answering interview questions? Isn’t that called marketing yourself? Have you ever felt shame about applying for a job and attending job interview?

      1. How much I make doesn’t matter. As you said there are so many writers and tough to pick one. I have personally used them and I recommend.

      2. gkb: Honestly, your post sounds more like a work of frustration, instead of logical thinking.
        I wish we could get an opinion from Mr. Spock!

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