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How Much to Pay for Resumé Writing?

Professional resumé writing services is expensive to tap. I have to agree with that notion. One of these firm, Resumé Edge, charges around $180 for their resumé writing offerings. Regarding this concern, the normal question is, “Is $180 too much for getting a resumé written professionally?” A Resumé is an Art First, please look at…

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Top Mistake in Entry Level Student Resume

In a previous post, I wrote about 28 questions students ask when writing resumés. To find a job in the U.S. after earning a graduate degree is by itself is a full time job. Resumés play an important role in job searchs. When a student looking for a job doesn’t have any prior job experience,…

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28 Questions about Resumés

I have listed here some of the common questions students will likely need answers to while preparing their resumés. If it’s the first time students will be writing a resumé, I’m sure they will have at least 90% of the questions I have listed below. 1) What should be the ideal length of a resumé?…

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