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28 Questions about Resumés

I have listed here some of the common questions students will likely need answers to while preparing their resumés.

If it’s the first time students will be writing a resumé, I’m sure they will have at least 90% of the questions I have listed below.

1) What should be the ideal length of a resumé?

2) Which resumé template should I select? (Resume Format – India vs USA)

3) Where should my educational details be placed: before or after the project, academic experience section?

4) I have low a GPA, should I indicate that in my resumé?

5) I have filled contents of my resumé only for 1.5 pages, can I leave the half page blank?

6) I don’t have any work experience yet, can I add other experiences? There is some space left in my resumé?

7) Should I indicate when I have graduated from school?

8) Do I list a summary of qualifications or an objectives section to start my resumé?

9) I want to write a good resumé, but my mind just freezes when I start to edit it. I really don’t know how to proceed further. How can I?

10) I have applied for some 50 or more jobs. I haven’t got any response yet, is it a sign that should I change my resumé template?

11) What is the difference between a functional and a chronological resumé?

12) I’m an entry level student and I don’t have any work experience, is it okay to have 2 or more pages for my resumé?

13) Some of my friends have a good looking resumé template, can I use the same template?

14) Do I have to list all the people who can give reference about me in my resumé?

15) Do I need to write about the company I have worked for in my resumé?

16) I know what C programming language is, and have written 2 small programs, can I list it in my skills set?

17) How do I make a resumé fax-able?

18) I have less than a year’s work experience, but my resumé is more than 5 pages. Do I have to reduce the length of my resumé?

19) The description of the project I have worked in school is 2 pages long. How do I describe it in only around 3 lines in my resumé?

20) Do I need to change my resumé for every job that I apply for?

21) I have a certification logo, can I insert it in a Microsoft Word format resumé?

22) Do I need to have a special-format resumé when I upload resumés in websites like Yahoo Hot Jobs? (10 best web sites to search for jobs)

23) Do I need to keep updating my resumé?

24) Is it better to print my resumé on just one side of a piece of paper or is it okay to print on both sides of one piece of paper?

25) What is the best font size and font type to use?

26) How can I create an ASCII format resumé?

27) How to make an MS word format resumé scannable?

28) Will this resumé’s format and contents be sufficient to land me a job?

In future posts, I will give answers to the above questions as well as share other important things about resumés, including some helpful tips on job search and internship search. I do hope you enjoyed the article.

To find better jobs, I recommend Yahoo Hot Jobs. More details on job search engines and websites in future articles. Good luck in your job search.

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  1. Where can we find the answers to the 28 questions that you have posted?…They are very much vital..So please put the answers to all of those 28 questions..

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