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Breaking News: USCIS Says that STEM OPT Students Can Work At Clients Sites, But Conditions Apply

stem opt allowed to work as contractors

USCIS announced today that F1 Visa students on STEM OPT can work at the third party client site but with conditions. The Background: The USCIS updated the website with the language that restricted  F1 students on STEM OPT from working at the client location. Combining that with the Accrual of Unlawful presence memo, made F1 students…

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STEM OPT Extension Rule Making Process – 17 to 24 Months

stem opt rule making timeline

STEM OPT Extension Rule Making Process have Began. So, how long would it take for Department of Homeland Security to complete and implement the STEM OPT Extension rule? [x_alert heading=”Latest STEM OPT Extension Rule Updated” type=”warning”]Get the Latest Updates in STEM OPT Extension Rule. (Last Updated Oct 16, 2015)[/x_alert] I have witnessed the H4 EAD…

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