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“I Love STEM OPT Extension Rule” – Template for Commenting

Raghuram Sukumar OPT

At the time of this publishing this blog post there’s over 27,000 published comments to Proposed 24 Months STEM OPT Extension Rule. Several thousands of negative comments are written by opponents of this rule.

If this trend continues, STEM OPT Extension rule is in danger of not being implemented.

There’s still time left to submit your comment. Use one of two templates listed below to submit your comment.

  • Deadline to Submit your comments: Nov 18, 2015

How to Comment?

  1. Copy the text from one template below
  2. Go to  Comment or Proposed STEM OPT Extension Rule
  3. Paste the contents and Submit Your Comment
  4. Ask your friends to Comment.

Template 1: “I Love STEM OPT Extension”

I appreciate the opportunity to comment on this proposed 24 Months STEM OPT Extension rule.

I Love contributing to Innovation and American Economy. I love the proposed STEM OPT Extension Rule. I strongly support the proposed 24 months STEM OPT Extension Rule.

As an International student and STEM graduate, I like to see this rule published and implemented without adversely affecting the 1000’s of  Highly Skilled and Highly Motivated students in F-1 status who are contributing to U.S. Innovation, scientific discovery, technology improvements and U.S. economy.

Template 2: “STEM OPT Extension is MUST”

Here’s another comment from a graduate student in Ohio State University who like to share with others ( feel free to use this template or the previous template)

I strongly support the extension. Here are my reasons for the support:

  1. Unites Stated is currently facing STEM workforce shortage. This is just a fact. Companies like Facebook, Google hire international students not because they are cheaper labor force, but because US workers do not prefer to
    obtain a Graduate degree (MS/Ph.D.) in these areas.
  2. Unemployment among the STEM graduates (undergraduate level) is lower in the US, however, most US-students take up jobs in marketing, sales etc. This represents inclination of American workers towards non-engineering/ non-science jobs. Meanwhile, most F-1 students come for Science and Engineering degrees. Note that these are advanced degrees MS, Ph.D. International students have shown more inclination towards pursuing these degrees in Science and Engineering. This shows that they are more interested in getting jobs in the STEM Areas.
  3. Therefore, it is not the cheap labor that allows international students to get STEM jobs, but genuine interest and eligibility (due to advanced degrees). Link: Refer:
  4. If at all American-STEM-job problem exists, it will not be solved by blocking the international students from getting those jobs. It will simply hurt the companies that rely on eligible candidates. Eventually, they may end up outsourcing those jobs across the world.
  5. Students are coming on F-1 visa eventually become Green Card holders or citizens. This greatly benefits America.. This fits the picture of an American dream, which is the sole reason for the American economy.
  6. Does the US really want students who come to the US and get advanced degrees in the US to go back and contribute to their home-country economy and compete with U.S.?
  7. Most students come here for education mostly because of job opportunities. If the extension is removed, the chances of getting a job diminish significantly. This will simply lead to students not coming to the US for study.
  8. Various universities that rely on large tuition collection from foreign nationals will lose a major source of revenue. Not to mention billions-dollars economy that relies on international students renting houses, cars, travel, shopping, phones, buying cars, tourism economy when parents and relatives visit America.
  9. In the end, I just want to say that, US economy is built on fair competition. This extension gives a fair chance to students to compete and find a job. International students work hard and retain the jobs because they have too much at stake. They have proven to be great workers and an asset to many companies all across the US.
  10. If this somehow scares the domestic workers, then international workers can not be blamed for that. Even if the extension is to be removed, it cannot be done in such a hurry. What about thousands of students who are already in the US and hoped to find a job. They were not ready for such a ruling, and this Is unfair to them since they made a life choice by coming to the US.

Why Comment on Proposed STEM OPT Extension Rule?

Here’s an opinion written by a Chinese student:

Chinese students and Indian students must stand together. It is extremely urgent that all Indian students on Indian Forums have to give positive comments. do not dig graves for ourselves. There are previous examples where huge wave of negative comments . Please spread the message to all Indian Students on all Forums, all Facebook groups and all Indian newspapers! – Yi Shi

Based on the flood of negative comments, STEM OPT Extension can be in danger of not being not implemented.

Act Now. Spread the word.

You have to ask all your friends to comment in Support of this Proposed STEM OPT Extension Rule.

Why You Should Comment and How to Comment