My friend’s TOEFL date of birth was entered by mistake. Her DOB in applications and TOEFL do not match. so out of the 4 universities she applied only one university accepted it. When she called ETS they said they cannot help but to take a re-take TOEFL, but it is the university’s wish to consider and accept the marks. Will they help on this regard? How to approach the universities for this.The universities that she applied(MS in biological sciences):

  1. Purdue University – W LAFAYETTE
  3. University  Of ILLINOIS CHICAGO (Accepted)
  4. University of Maryland College Park

Error in TOEFL Score Report

Above question clearly shows how a simple mistake can come back to affect your career and life. Now the person have a decision to make

  1. Re-Take TOEFL with correct Date of Birth
  2. Accept Admission offer from University of Illinois at Chicago.

After chatting with the person, looks like other 3 schools asked to re-take TOEFL. Looking at the list of schools applied, UIC should have been her backup option. Other universities are definitely better compared to UIC.

Retaking TOEFL is another possibility, but going through the process of registering for TOEFL, traveling to test center involves time and effort.


During ID verification at test center how did they miss incorrect Date of Birth while comparing with passport?

She should have recognized incorrect DOB and asked them to correct it.

Looks like series of unfortunate events and oversight contributed to this mess.

Lesson Learned – Don’t take things for granted while registering for GRE, TOEFL or any other test dates. Double and Triple check the information before hitting submit.