Top 501 Smartest Colleges in America Based on Test Scores

smartCollege Rankings makes sens when they are not based on surveys but pure numbers. That’s exactly how 501 Smartest Colleges of America Rankings were computed by Business Insider for 2013-2014.

Yesterday we looked at Top 400 World University Rankings. For the first time 4 universities from India made into the list, but you may notice the frustration and anger among the readers about top university in India (since, IIT is not the top University).

Today, we are going to look at Smartest Colleges of America based on Test Scores ( you can read the methodology from Business Insider). Here is a overview about the Rankings

  • 25th and 75th percentile of SAT and ACT Test Scores reported by schools of First Year Students (from US News)
  • Convert ACT Scores to SAT Scores ( so same metric is used for comparison)
  • Rank schools based on Average of 25th and 75th

Top Smartest Colleges in America

Here is a partial list of Smartest Colleges in America.

Smarts RankSchoolAverage SAT (M + V)Rank National UniversitiesRank Liberal Arts
1California Institute of Technology153510
2Princeton University15001
2Harvard University15002
2Yale University15003
5University of Chicago14955
5Harvey Mudd College149516
7Massachusetts Institute of Technology14907
7Washington University in St. Louis149014
9Columbia University14804
10Stanford University14755
11Northwestern University147012
12Vanderbilt University146517
13Duke University14557
13Dartmouth College145510
15Swarthmore College14503
16University of Pennsylvania14457
16Rice University144518
16University of Notre Dame144518
16Williams College14451
16Pomona College14454
21Tufts University143528
21Amherst College14352
23Bowdoin College14304
23Carleton College14307
25Brown University142514
26Carnegie Mellon University142023
27Cornell University141516
27Haverford College14159
29Johns Hopkins University141012
29Claremont McKenna College14109
31Georgetown University140520
32Vassar College140013
33Hamilton College139014
33Washington and Lee University139014
33Grinnell College139017
33Wesleyan University139017
37Wellesley College13857
37Reed College (4)138574
39University of Southern California137523
39Middlebury College13754
41Case Western Reserve University137037
41Northeastern University137049
41Macalester College137024
44Emory University136520
44Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute136541
46University of Virginia136023
46Georgia Institute of Technology136036
46Tulane University (3)136052
46Colgate University136020
46Oberlin College136025
46United States Air Force Academy136025
52University of California-Berkeley135520
52Boston College135531
52College of William and Mary135532
55New York University135032
55Davidson College13509
57Scripps College134525
57Barnard College134532
59Bates College (2)134422
60University of Michigan-Ann Arbor134028
60Brandeis University134032
60University of Rochester (2)134032
60Colorado College (2)134031
64Colby College (2)133522
65Wake Forest University (2)133023
65Whitman College133041


  1. Ashemond Jacob on October 26, 2013 at 6:26 AM

    Please can i know the last (lowest) 50 ranked university on the current university ranking in united states. That from the bottom of the ranking order.

  2. Mahendra Heda on October 8, 2013 at 5:14 PM


    the ranking of Rochester Institute of Technology is also among the top 100
    Saunder’s College of business affiliated to the Rochester Institute of Technology is among the top 30 business college.

    Thank You.

  3. Santanu Panigrahi. on October 6, 2013 at 11:44 AM

    What is the rank of California State University,East Bay,Hayward?

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