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University Reputation vs Job Opportunity

One of the common trend among the comments posted for the article I got Admit; What Next is the impact of school’s reputation in job search. Most of the students are still finding tough to make decision. You need to have the facts, do apple to apple comparison and select the university. If you don’t have all the facts and you are trying to compare Apple with Orange. I’m expecting this article will clear atleast one doubt – University Reputation and impact of finding job after graduation.

School Reputation vs Job Opportunities

  1. First – You should have done that research before applying to university, not after getting admission.
  2. Second – Reputation of the university matter, but most prospective graduate international students try to compare reputation of the schools where they have admit. Before doing the comparison try to understand the following facts

Lets divide all the universities in US into 3 categories based on Reputation (Good, Average, Low). Most likely you should have applied for admission based on3 categories

  1. Ambitious
  2. Moderate
  3. Safe

Equate Good, Average and Low to Ambitious, Moderate and Safe respectively.

Now, you have admission from few universities. Most of you are comparing the reputation of the university that falls within single group.  It’s not worth comparing universities reputation and its impact on job search when they all fall in single category.

If you have admit from university that falls in Good and Average Reputation, then you MUST prefer that school.

University – Reputation vs Cost

Can you afford to pay very high tuition fees to get into  better reputed school? Be realistic when making the decision. Plan for worst case.  If the tuition fees in $57,000 per year. then plan for 2 years of fees. can you pay $114,000 to get that education?

If so, go for it. Don’t include the option of if I get Financial aid, I can manage. Don’t include that in the discussion. Can you afford to pay the worst case scenario fees?

If you cannot afford that, then find the next best school.

Job Search and Brand

You can get a job even if you study in Average and Low reputation school. Amount of effort you have to put to develop your skills will be more compared to reputed school. Since the school doesn’t have the brand name, you have to develop a brand for yourself.

Stop comparing reputation of the school between same category and start doing some research atleast before selecting the university. Since, you applied to schools without much research. you were too much consumed in selecting schools where you will get admission, rather than looking at the bigger picture. Thats the price you have to pay, when deciding the univeristy.

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  1. Its the same point that i was trying to explain many of my friends but no one understood. School’s reputation is not that much matters but its not like you have to opt for Black listed university. Opt for a university that provides you financial aid rather than the university that MIGHT provide you with the job!!

  2. this was undoubtedly a great article which marks a difference in the reputations and job oppurtunities of various institutions…thanks a ton.. 🙂

  3. How is govt of USA, open some national examination to assist students from unreputable university, to make d brand for them self??

    Cause from what I read above, students from reputable universities, don't need more effort to make their own brand, especially in looking for jobs.

    While students from reputable universities, should make for it –> however the problem is, many of reputable universities are attended by students from weaker background –> especially fund and facilities –> thus of course, on the other hand, they will be more difficult to develop their own brand without Govt assistance.

    National examination, might be given for specific certification, such as CPA, CISA, CIA, CFA and might be others…




  5. HSB,

    very true…. it is how jobs are given in US today ….. either you or your university must build a brand ….

    1. Hello sir,

      Actually you are not getting my point. I wanna say that this year will be my final year of B.Tech and am confirming to you that am I eligible for the GRE or not?? I have given to you my whole information earlier. Again am asking that I am an average student doing B.Tech and as such my percentage is not so as high it's average and I haven't done any Nation level presentation, I think which is essential for GRE, but in 2nd year I have done an inturnship from Aaryabhatt Reserch Institute of Observational Scienceses(ARIES) ,which is situated in Nainita l(India). I will also do a summer training in these summers (June & July,2010). My present percentile is near about to 66% in B.Tech till 3rd year. So sir please give me response as fast as you can. Please sir.

      Thanking you

  6. how do i find out if the college is good, moderate or bad?

    if i google it, it can find out the result..

    but how to determine the college's reputation for a particular major?

    for instance, UNT Arlington might be a good college.. but how to find if CSE or ECE or whatever is good or not in UNT?

  7. Hi ! Cud u pls tell how the GPA can be calculated? I've got 74% in grad. Btech computer science. How should I convert this to GPA. How much is the GPA out of ??? Kindly reply ASAP.

  8. I applied for univs based on my friends suggestion. Never cared to do the research. Now i'm facing the same problem of reputation.

  9. "Since the school doesn’t have the brand name, you have to develop a brad for yourself."- Creates a positive feeling. – Nice one bro.

  10. my gpa is 3.25, when i read the minimum requirements on the websites or universities saying that 'we need minimum 3.0 gpa', i tend to assume that i would qualify and so it is safe applying to it. but may be inspite of this req. the avg. gpa of students currently studying there could be more than 3.5. so applying to this university can result in rejection and waste of appl. form fees and fedex logistics fees. can this be the case with every university?

    pls do ans. my query.

    besides your link of 'notify me of followup comments via-email' is not working in spite of having enabled

    1. I tested using 2 different browsers and multiple posts and it works. Did you check your spam folder? How did you calculate GPA? Following WES or other formats is not the right way. Each university have their formula.

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