6 Golden Rules: University Selection for PhD

University selection process for PhD is much different from Masters. You can read the first sentence in several places in this blog. But, here is my straight forward answer to why you have to follow different approach for PhD University selection.

Question from HSB Fan

I had sent you a pre application form and you told you will response to it first, but I haven’t received any and I want to know if you will help for University selection for PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.

University Selection for PhD

Having someone select schools for PhD is totally wrong and that’s not something we advocate here in Happy Schools.

  • You have decided to study in USA – Good
  • You want to do Masters – Great
  • You want to do PhD – Awesome (greater)

Doing PhD comes with greater responsibility, which means you approach toward university selection should be totally different. Follow this simple HSB PhD Rules.

HSB PhD Rules

  1. Never ask anyone to select universities for PhD
  2. Don’t apply to university without getting reply from a professor
  3. Read Rule #2 Again.
  4. Don’t apply for PhD because you are can get a job
  5. Don’t apply for PhD because you can get higher salary
  6. Don’t apply for PhD if you don’t know what is Research

If you cannot do research on universities, professors, programs to select universities for PhD, how are you going to do your actual research work for PhD?

Did you know about 50% of students who start PhD, drop out from the program in mid-way?

Do you agree to 6 rules about university selection for PhD?

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