Should Indian Parents Send Their Daughters to USA? with Spoorthy Baddam

spoorthy baddam I spoke with Spoorthy Baddam – Graduate Assistant/International Ambassador Office of Graduate Admissions at University of Texas at Tyler. You can see her answering questions in UT Tyler Facebook Group posted by students.

This interview about 60 minutes long. The most important part of the interview is when she talks about Indian parents who are hesitant to send their daughters to USA.

We spoke about several important issues related to UT Tyler like:

  • University Transfer after entering USA
  • Admission to UT Tyler in 4 days with scholarship
  • Scholarship for international Students
  • Shopping and cooking
  • Cost of living
  • Job Opportunities
  • Social Life in UT Tyler Campus
  • Course work
  • Graduate School admission staff members
  • Application processing (after package is delivered)

Click here to Download Audio Interview with Spoorthy Baddam (mp3 version)

Interview is about 60 minutes long. You can download the mp3 version of the interview.

To learn more about UT Tyler and watch other interviews, go to University of Texas at Tyler (microsite).

Got questions for Spoorthy?

Post your questions in comments section below.

Click here to Download Audio Interview with Spoorthy Baddam (mp3 version)

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  1. Below is my profile

    GRE – 297
    TOEFL –88
    Graduation– 81.07% aggregate ( No Backlogs)

    I am planning for Spring 2014 and have not yet applied to any universities. I am basically from a electronics and telecommunication background, but I am planning to pursue MS in CS( not sure though) . I also have 2 years of professional experience in IT in the field of software testing.
    Could you please evaluate my profile and suggest if its really late for Spring 2014 and if scores are good enough to fetch me a decent university at US.

  2. Oh my gosh, yes! Better than sending them to Delhi or Nagpur.
    Feel so sad for the geeks asking questions on whether that score is going to get them admission.

  3. Hi ,

    These munna i have 2 years of experience in the .net developing. I am thing to apply for 2014 Aug intake so when can i start the processing for that.
    what are the chances of getting admission with scholarship in UT Tyler .

    In 2010 i have take GRE and got 900 score is it enough or do i need to retake the GRE. When can i take ilets exam?
    Gre :900;
    Gradation :68.72;(5 backlogs)
    Please suggest your valuable suggestion so that i can start processing.

  4. If you meet or exceed the profile posted below, we encourage you to apply to The University of Texas at Tyler Graduate School. A GRE of 288 is a bit low for CS – you should retake it for a higher score.

    GRE – 300
    TOEFL – 79
    IELTS – 6.5 and 6 or greater in all subsections
    GPA – 3.0 No Backlogs/All Backlogs cleared

  5. my profile is 288 gre,6.5 ielts,65.76(13 backlogs)
    Visa Status:221g
    University of Illinois at springfield

    Am looking for a transfer to texas because I do not have any schlorships at UIS.can I get admit into tyler?

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