Impact of U.S. Government Shutdown On F1,H1B Visa, OPT, H4 Visa Holders

I will try to explain in layman terms about the impact of U.S. Government Shutdown On F1 and H1B Visa Holders?   Here are some of the FAQ’s about Government Shutdown for F1 and H1B Visa Holders

  1. How does shutdown affect you?
  2. What is the impact on students studying in USA
  3. What is the impact on students appearing for visa interview?
  4. What happens to my H1B Visa processing?
  5. What happens to my Green Card Labor Processing?
  6. Can I do H1B Visa transfer while government is shutdown?

Here is a rule of thumb about U.S. government Agencies.

If the agency’s run by fees paid by the users, it will be NOT affected.

U.S. Consular Posts : Not Affected

Visa interviews are run based on fees collected from applicants attending visa interviews. So, folks attending visa interviews will not be affected.

The State Department, which receives funding in the annual State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs Appropriations Act, will be able to operate for a limited time.

Activities carried out by the Bureau of Consular Affairs, both domestically and abroad, are fee-funded and will continue. The department will continue passport operations and visa issuance overseas.

Some passport offices are located in federal buildings that may be forced to shut down during a lapse in appropriations because of a lack of building support services. Embassies and consulates overseas will continue to provide American citizen services.

U.S. Department of Labor : Affected

H1B Visa Labor Certificate, Green Card Labor application is processed by U.S. Department of Labor. This department is Affected by the Shutdown.

What does that mean to H1B visa holders and Green Card Labor Processing?

If you are planning to apply for H1B Visa transfer (say today), then you are affected. Without Labor Application H1B Transfer application cannot be filed with USCIS.

LCA is required for H-1B, H-2B, H-2A, Green Card, Prewaling Wage, will be affected by this shutdown. Those who have filed might suffer delays in application processing.

  • During a shutdown, a majority of the Department of Labor’s employees will be furloughed.
  • Of the 16,304 employees at the agency, only 2,954 will be expected to work.
  • Those furloughed include employees at the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Employment and Training Administration.

E-Verify is Unavailable

E-Verify is currently unavailable due to a government shutdown.

While E-Verify is unavailable, you will not be able to access your E-Verify account. As a result, you will be unable to:

  • Enroll any company in E-Verify
  • Verify employment eligibility
  • View or take action on any case
  • Add, delete or edit any User ID
  • Reset passwords
  • Edit your company information
  • Terminate an account
  • Run reports

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USCIS : Not Affected

uscis shutdown

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