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Game Over : U.S. Government Shuts Down. Closed.

Yes, you read it right. U.S. Federal Government is Shuts down from October 1, 2013.  Last time there was shut down, it lasted for 21 days (17 years ago). First Big Question : How can a  government be shut down and why? Watch this video and you will understand who’s behind the shutdown and why?

Who’s to Blame for US Government Shut down? According to The Guardian : There is one party that is solely to blame for the first government shutdown in 17 years. And it’s the Republican party.

New York Times  : A flurry of last-minute moves by the House, Senate and White House late Monday failed to break a bitter budget standoff over President Obama’s health care law, setting in motion the first government shutdown in nearly two decades.The impasse meant that 800,000 federal workers were to be furloughed and more than a million others would be asked to work without pay.

CNN : The game of chicken failed. Neither side blinked. Now millions will pay the price. Americans watched a colossal failure by Congress overnight and the shutdown of their government. For weeks, the House and the Senate blamed and bickered, each claiming they’re standing up for what the public wants. In the end, it led to the one outcome nobody wanted — one that will stop 800,000 Americans from getting paid and could cost the economy about $1 billion a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does shutdown affect you?
  2. What is the impact on students studying g in USA
  3. What is the impact on on students appearing for visa interview?
  4. What happens to my H1B Visa processing?
  5. What happens to my Green Card Labor Processing?
  6. Can I do H1B Visa transfer while government is shutdown?

Answers to above questions in next blog post – This is how U.S. Government Shutdown Affects F1 and H1B Visa Holders.

 Day 2 – Shut Down

There are 2 major issues causing this shut down – Deb Ceiling (soon it will be crisis) and Obama Care Law. You may already know about U.S. Government Shut Down since yesterday.  Today is Day 2 of the Shut Down and No solution is in sight. While political drama is played in Washington D.C. people who are affected are folks like you and me.

Majority of the readers of this blog are USA Visa Holders  like Student F1 Visa, H1B Visa, H4 Visa, L1, and L2 Visa and prospective students planning to study in USA in coming months and years. This is how U.S. Government Shutdown Affects F1 and H1B Visa Holders. Today, I want to specifically answer some of the questions posted by the readers in the comments yesterday.

Questions were related to H1B Transfer, LCA applications, OPT Students and impact on students planning to study in USA in Spring 2014 or Fall 2014 and later.

  1. Tourists in USA
  2. Students in USA (F1 Visa)
  3. F1, OPT to H1B Visa
  4. H1B Visa ( Transfer, New applications)
  5. Green Card PERM Labor
  6. Attending Visa Interview at US Embassy and Consulates
  7. Future Students

Tourists in USA

Yosemite falls

I took the above pic during our trip to Yosemite National Park (Yosemite Falls in the Distance). National Parks, Governments Museums are closed during shut down.

If you are visiting USA and were planning to go to Yellow Stone National Park, Yosemite National Park or any other national parks, you will have to change your plans.  Think about the tourist who came to USA by spending thousands of dollars? They can visit Empire State Building in New York, but can’t go to Statue of Liberty or Niagara Falls.

F1 Visa : Students in USA

Majority of the students in USA attending college will not see any impact due to the shut down.

Sad Part : You still have to attend your classes, complete home work, projects, papers and thesis.

Just like Tourists visiting USA, if you decide to go on a trip to visit National Parks, then you will be disappointed.

Applying for OPT

OPT applications will be processed by USCIS.  Following message was posted in USCIS Website. USCIS is not affected by Government Shut Down.

uscis shutdown

H1B Visa – Transfer, New applications

labor h1b
Source : CNN

Folks who are applying for New H1B Application or other visa require LCA (Labor Condition Application) will be affected. As you can see in the above table, Department of Labor employees are furloughed.

I have got my petition approved, but not appeared for VISA stamping yet.Since there is a change in the location we have initiated petition transfer. I was told by my employer that my application is filed with iCERT. How will it affect my visa stamping and travel.

iCERT is systems are used to file LCA application. Due to shutdown, iCERT system is not available. Which means your employer have to wait till iCERT system becomes available.

I am moving to another employer and got my new LCA also one week back . They have started processing my H1b transfer and sent the Fedex to usics. fedex delivered to SAINT ALBANS, VT on 09/30/2013. Now I am waiting for Petition processing number. Will the shutdown effects my process. They are doing it in Premium processing .

In this scenario, LCA is approved and USCIS is processing the H1B Transfer application. USCIS offices are open and you will not be affected by this shut down.

Green Card PERM Labor

PERM labor application is approved by Department of Labor, which is closed. So, your employer have to wait to file your PERM application. PERM application is now taking over 8 months to process. It used to be 3 months. With this shut down processing time could increase further.

Impact on 6th year H1B : This can affect some people who are in their 6th year of H1B, when PERM have to be filed to request 1 year H1B Extension.

Attending Visa Interview at US Embassy and Consulates

Department of State is not affected by Shut Down. This doesn’t change the way your Visa interview will be conducted or processed.

If you were planning to attend the interview during shut down period or scheduled interview during shut down, there will be no change in how your visa interview will be conducted.

Refer to the above table’s Department of State which handles the Visa interviews and U.S. Passports.

Future Students

What do u think might affect fall 201 or fall 2013 students if there is any .These sort of revelations do play a significant role in terms of their decision ..etc ,don’t they? ..I mean its not going to be permanent but still am afraid this will be a concern.

I don’t think Fall 2013 or Fall 2014 students have to worry about the shutdown. Your application package will be delivered via Fedex, DHL or USPS Mail services.


Do you have any other questions about U.S. Federal Government Shut Down or have it affected you in any way? Post your questions or share your experience in the comments section below.

Day 3 of Shut Down

If you want to understand why U.S. Government is shutdown, here is video from Jon Stewart. Jon is an American political satirist, writer, director, television host, actor, media critic, and stand-up comedian. He is widely known as host of The Daily Show, a satirical news program that airs on Comedy Central.

American Politics and constitution is different. Very different. It comes with freedom of speech.

Today is the Day 3 of the Shut Down and there is no resolution  insight.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerned about the shutdown in the comments section below.

Question from a reader

It’s very distressing as we have several students for 2014 who absolutely confused. What do i tell them any authentic link?lot many issues as bank loans and universities attitude involved too.

For authentic links refer to this article Day 1: Game Over : U.S. Government Shuts Down. Closed.

There are not many sources that cover the impact of Government Shut Down on International Students, F1 Visa, H1B Visa and other visa holders.  I’m sure many students planning to study in USA are worried about this shutdown.

Does this shutdown means that American economy is not good? I have applied for SPRING 2014 but I am a bit worried now after this news. Is it still worth studying in USA. Will there be any effect on the students to get jobs after graduation.

Here is my two cents on Government Shutdown:

Shut Down affects life of several people in USA. I don’t agree to shut down and holding entire country hostage because one party doesn’t agree to a law passed as per constitution (watch the video above).

Having said that, so far the impact on the economy is little to none.

Do you have to be worried?

Nope. Economy is doing good. Lot’s of job openings and companies are hiring. Last month, over 150,000 jobs were added by private companies (ADP report).

Students getting ready for Spring 2014 and Fall 2014 can continue to make progress and preparations with  your visa, university application or test prep.

Refer to following article for more details on shutdown

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  1. Hi Raghu,

    My visa is in extension and case is with USCIS since may 24, my visa expired on 30th Sep. i am bit worried how is it going to be, because I have to go back to India in dec for personal reasons, so will I get extension before that.

    Sameer Varpe

  2. Dearest Raghu,
    Due to shut down will this blog be affected…Many guys Need Newspaper for A Day & I need your Blog mate…And I presume you will be busy more than you think by answering the questions….All in all you will be like “All hands on deck”…Whatever the task , there are guys who would go on end of rope to help you in this time….Ask and you shall have it….Until further Comments,Take care and Have a Good day mate…

  3. Your 2nd paragraph states the blame for the government shutdown is soley placed on the Republican party. Exactly how can you write an article sent across the world to potential students and future immigrants on such a slanted bias?

    The government was shutdown because the President and Senate refused to negotiate with the House of Representatives. There is no ONE party to blame and if the President were an actual leader for the United States of America he would not have made an ultimatum that he would not compromise to reach an agreeable solution. Leaders meet with staff, leaders mediate to reach solutions, leaders reach across the isle to find answers.

    There are 3 branches of the United States government for a reason. No ONE branch can take dominating power over any other. The people are standing up for their principles to be sure the Republic of the United States does not become a lost ideal. The founders of this country never expected their dream to have a country where the people determined what was best for themselves come to fruition, never mind have it last for over 200 years.

    Go to other countries, the countries from where our immigrants are coming from, and find out the basis of their governments. Would people from foreign countries be allowed the freedoms they get coming to the United States? The education from American Universities? The job opportunities the USA has to offer? The opportunity to raise a family in the town or community of their choosing? Be allowed to have any number of children they want, of any sex?

    Before you write another biased article, you may want to think who it will affect and their impressions of what immigrating to the United States is actually about.

    1. Donna – Just like your opinion, I have mine as well. Here is a response I read today from Senator Reid

      “I hated the Iraq War. I think I hated it as much as you hate the Affordable Care Act,” Reid wrote.

      “There were many gut-wrenching nights when I struggled over what I needed to do to end the carnage. In those days, when President Bush was Commander in Chief, I could have taken the steps that you are taking now to block Government funding in order to gain leverage to end the war. I faced a lot of pressure from my own base to take that action. But I did not do that. I felt that it would have been devastating to America.”

      Holding the country hostage just because members on one party can’t agree or don’t like Health Care Law is just plain wrong.

      I agree with you 100% on your views on Immigration and Freedom.

  4. hi i am planning for fall 2014,is there any problem for me to get admission and Vise due to this shut down

    1. Not future students. But, current students to some extent. But, folks planning to file H1 from today will be affected due to Labor dept.

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