This is How Visa Officers Make Decision in Few Minutes of Interview

We have seen so many comments and complaints from folks who have Visa Rejected.

How can USA Visa Officers decide on a person within few minutes or seconds without even looking at documents?

I’m sure there  several others who wants to know the answer. I was able to find Official Answer (from US Embassy Site) for the same question.

How Visa Officers Make Decision

We schedule 150 – 200 NIV appointments per day.  Given this volume, officers have to get right to the point and make a decision quickly – no time for small talk.  Their questions are carefully honed to get the information they need in the shortest amount of time.

Most of the work of processing a visa is done before the interview even starts:  we verify the applicant’s identity, enter their biographic data into our system, take fingerprints, analyze biometric data, conduct security checks, screen required documents, and more.

While applicants are waiting in the waiting room, we are busy working on their visa applications.  Applicants think that decisions are based solely on the 5-minute interview with an officer, but in fact, here in Kenya, the decision to issue or refuse a visa is only made after a team of 15 people have scrutinized the application for about two hours.

Why Not Looking at Documents

Document fraud is rampant in Kenya so we cannot rely on local documents.  Rather than trying to sort out the good documents from the bad, officers base their decisions more on applicants’ answers to their questions than on any documents they might present.In almost all cases, the officer can make a determination based on the information provided by the applicant in the application form and during the interview.

Even though above text is from US Embassy in Kenya, I think process should be same in other US Consulates and Embassies around the world.

You must have read Visa interview experience, where student’s F1 Visa was approved, but 221(g) was issued.

When Consulates ask documents to be submitted few days before the interview, I think they must be doing background checks on visa applicants. In Chennai, students are not required to submit documents in advance. But, I think there are other US consulates where documents have to be submitted in advance (few days).

That doesn’t mean background checks are not done in Chennai. Its my guess and maybe where there is more documents fraud, they need additional time for background check.