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F1 Visa Interview Required Documents

Following is the list of F1 Visa interview Documents. Required documents vary between country and consulate. Make sure you check for updated list before the interview.

  1. F1 Visa Interview Questions
  2. F1 Visa Interview Tips

You have to understand that having right documents will not get you student visa. You have to know what to expect and prepared to handle any kind of tough questions related to documents.

Bank Related

  1. Bank Statement
    1. Sample Bank Statement-1
    2. Sample Bank Statement-2
  2. Affidavit of Support
    1. Affidavit of Support -1
    2. Affidavit of Support – Sample 2
  3. Fund Flow Statement
  4. Assets Summary Statement (CA Statement)
  5. Bank Transactions (or Passbook)
  6. Student Loan Approval Notice


  1. Degree Certificates (or diploma)
  2. Marksheets (transcripts)
  3. Provisional Certificate (if degree is not yet available) + Course Completion certificate.

Exam Scores

  1. GRE/GMAT Score Report (original)
  2. TOEFL/IELTS Score Reports (original)

Grad School

  1. Form I-20
  2. Admission Letter
  3. Any email exchanges with professors.

Visa Interview

  1. DS-160 Online application form
  2. Passport
  3. One Photograph
  4. Visa Fees payment receipt
  5. SEVIS (I-901) Fee receipt

For more details refer to US Consulate website ( VFS site in India).

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  1. Being on H4 doest change doc requirements for F-1.

    Visa office would treat the interview the same way any F-1 visa student will attend for the first time.

    Plus, you have to take documents proving your were in H-4.

    Good luck.

    1. Thanks Raghuram.
      Could you please say What are my chances of getting F1 for me?? as I am on H4 and I got conditional admission.

    2. Hi Raghuram

      My case is complicated.

      I got visa for “X” University and I am applying for transfer immediately before my first sem itself to “Y” University.
      I need to go to India during feb for 2 weeks for my cousin’s wedding. I
      know that I need not go for visa stamping again but I am scared whether
      this will affect my port of entry or travel or visa?
      Could you please help on this?

      one more question is… I have heard that “X” university might loose
      its accreditation in future, if I join “X” university itself in the
      worst scenerio, Will I have to face any consequences in case it looses
      its accreditation in future like Out of status or credits loss ?? I am
      trying to contact my university itself reg. this but I have not got
      reply from them.

      Please input ur thoughts on this.


  2. Hi, This is abhishek, I have applied for a university and received my I20, also i am applying for an educational loan, I want to schedule my visa interview for my masters once i get my loan sanctioned.

    The issue i have is, I am a three year graduate(B.Sc), and US universities require a four year transcript, to get and additional one year transcript i am doing a one year diploma called PGDCA from Sikkim manipal University. well i am done with final semester exams and now waiting for the results, which may come in end of May’2013.
    So will i be able to apply for visa by showing my first semester marksheet and Bonafide certificate from the university, as i am yet to get my my final semester results.

    Please reply, Thanks in advance.

  3. are gre original score reports are required for f1 visa interview or printed gre score reports are sufficient for visa interview as I misplaced my gre score reports

  4. What if my sponsor (dad in my case) is a business man ? what are the documents i’m supposed to furnish at VI ? Does bank statements of my father’s, Deposits, Property Docs and loan assurance copy from bank supporting my MS is enough ?

  5. Hello I’m still pass my TOEFL exam can you give me more information about more school who are ready to accept another students in they school i think you give me answers

  6. Urgent question. I have my visa interview the day after tomorrow, and I do not have the original TOEFL score report (in paper form). Please tell me if the internet-based report print out is enough.

    Lol, I know I don’t even have time to order an additional report.

    Thanks all!

      1. They didn’t at all ask for documents. Not even the bank statement :).

        But I’m put on AP 🙁

        Anyway. Best of luck!

  7. I have just appeared for my Final sem exams… So I neither have a Degree Certificate nor a course completion certificate but marksheets till 3yr(6th sem) and internet copy of result of 7th sem. So will there be any issue?

  8. Hi, I would like to know whether Chemical engineers are difficult to get VISa to pusue MS in USA.

  9. Hey, I unfortunately have lost last two years’ original IT return acknowledgment docs. Are they necessary for the Visa interview?

  10. hi
    I am in a problem , i have lost my degree certificate ( of B.E) and it will take one year to get it back also i am planning to go for MS for Fall 2013 course. Does there is any other way out becuase it seems impossible that i will be able to get my degree before my visa interview,i have provisional degree though.

    Please help me out


  11. hi, i have a US sponsor who is presentely in Afganistian but will be back by October, how do i get his -bank statement -affidavit of sponsor – fund statement -assets summary statement and bank transaction for the embassy? Pls help me

  12. what is that ds-160 which needs to be carried for visa interview? do you mean the ds-160 confirmation page with photo affixed on it?please help

  13. i have not received the official score report of my GRE score. Is the online score print enough to bring it to the embassy for interview?

  14. What is “Course Completion Certificate”?!!!!!
    Where can I get this?
    I received my “Provisional Certificate (PC)” today, and they said they will send “Original Degree (OD)” by mail after one year.
    Isn’t PC enough?! (for visa interview and university registration)

  15. HSB I want to know that if someone has got Student Loan + Good value assets but no Liquid fund , so can this be a problem in getting a F1 visa and will the VO at Embassy issue visa or not ??

  16. I’ d like just to ask.. .I already received my form I- 20 and I
    was wondering if I should sign it already before my visa
    interview. Can you help me?
    And does the stuent visa applicant must have a medical test/
    check- up before going to the interview ?
    im from the Philippines

  17. i have not received the official score report of my toefl score. Is the online score print enough to bring it to the embassy for interview?

  18. Heya…i have not received the official score report of my toefl score. Will the online score print out suffice? I mean i used tht for admission in Rutgers. So wont it be ok to take the online score report printout?

  19. Hi,

    My visa is still under initial review and 2 months passed since they received my application. How long did it take for you in average to get your application accepted?

    Also, I came here for highschool, and I only applied to one school. What should i answer if he asks me why I applied there?

  20. Hai , I m film making student , got my i-20 from xxx school in California
    my school officials said that film making students doesn’t required any ielts , gre , tofel..etc……. ( on my i-20 they did’t stated anything about it )

    but still i have taken ielts and my score is 5.5

    please help me , Does a film making student require any English test ?

  21. Hi

    I have lost my original GRE and TOEFL score cards, and dont have time to apply a duplicate copy also. What can I do now please help…!!

  22. Hello HSB,
    I got 73 in TOEFL,will this affect my possibility in VISA.If that please suggest me how to convenience VO

  23. Hi,

    I am applying for visa to pursue PhD studies in the US. My college has offered me assistantship and fellowship covering all my expenses, including travel and other miscellaneous costs. The text in affidavit of Support sample 2 is very similar to my case. My question is, am I still supposed to show other financial documents like
    fund flow statement and asset summary statement?

  24. I have 2 American friends……….they want to sponsor me to study masters in engineering ………what are all the procedures? …..i wrote IELTS and got 7 and now trying for GRE…………..

  25. Dear Everyone,

    I am currently trying to help my niece to come USA and learn English language and culture to improve her personality and apply for her job in India. She has Master in science, bright student has great knoledge of subject but lacks confidence and conversation skill. I am trying to help her to overcome these issue. I am supporting her financially and have her admitted in ESL school in Boston, MA. I do recieved I-20 and trying to get all the paper work done. This course is only for 4 months.

    What chances she has to get student visa and how should I prepare her for interview, and documents. You immediate response will be appriciated,



  26. It is also helpful to carry any university/college brochures or pamphlets that you received, and print-outs from university website explaining about your program and university life in general. There are over 4000 universities in US. In the worst case, if the visa officer is not too much aware about your university or program, you can always show these documents to strengthen your case. It might seem unnecessary, but it never hurts!

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