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Visa Solutions for International Students, Scholars, and Sponsors

visa solutions bookBook Review : Visa Solutions for International Students, Scholars, and Sponsors: What You Need to Know

I received a Review Copy of this book from one of the contributors to this book Tahmina Watson – Seattle Based Immigration attorney.

She had informed me about a chapter she will be contributing to the book. After the book was published, she sent me a Kindle version of the book.

I read the book and here is my review of Visa Solutions for Students, Scholars and Sponsors: What You Need to Know.

  • Paperback: 196 pages
  • Publisher: Thomson Reuters Westlaw (October 1, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • Date : October 12, 2012
  • Author : Lisa N. Ellis

Visa Solutions for International Students, Scholars, and Sponsors

Following section is taken from Amazon book description.

Visa Solutions for Students, Scholars and Sponsors, collaboratively written with leading immigration professionals, contains tips, stories, and peer-to-peer advice, providing you with helpful information from reliable resources on different issues throughout your process.

This book is a must-have guide for any international student, scholar, or those considering sponsoring international students.

If you are looking to get one on one consultation with an Immigration attorney, you have to spend lot of money.

Information about F1 visa written by attorney’s are scarce around the web. You can find immigration attorney’s blog about H1B, Green Card, etc but you can’t find good, solid information for F1, F2, J1 Visa.

But, that’s not true any longer.

Visa Solutions for Students, Scholars and Sponsors is first of its kind.

Written by immigration attorneys and DSO. They have done an amazing job of clearly  explaining in plain 8th grade English about U.S. Student Visa rules and regulations.

Who should buy this book?

If you are a student planning to study in USA, then Visa Solutions for Students, Scholars and Sponsors is a MUST Read resource.

Here in Happy Schools Blog, you can read so many F1 Visa interview experiences, but its tough to get F1 Visa  approval, if you don’t have a clear understanding about rules of  U.S. student visa and the interview process at US consulates and Embassies around the world.

If those student who got their visa rejected, happened to read this book, they could have improved their chances to get visa to study in USA.

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  1. I need help with the f1 visa interview questions if you can help me plz answer me I will be waiting for your answer

  2. i m in AP four months ago.till its under processing. i applied for late joining I20. Is this shutdown gonna affect my status too..
    plz give me the information. i m so confused.

  3. Hello frndz. My visa experience Mumbai Consulate

    Me: Hello mam gud mrng, Happy Independence Day
    Vo: very gud mrng, thank u (with huge smile), U r going to Valparaiso.
    Me: Yes mam
    Vo: Now I will ask some qustns to you dont say any prepared stuff..
    Me: sorry mam
    Vo: did u get my question or not
    Me: No mam

    Vo: repeated the same question

    Me: ok mam 2be frank this is da one of the best admit I got. valpo is in 4th position in Midwest regional universities.. The main reason for selecting valpo is its course curriculum and the faculty. My field of interest is multi level security systems and there is a wide range of research work is going over there under the guidance of Dr. Daniel& Jay Christopher.. Who won 200million dollars for their research work in MLS? I can learn a lot from their Experiences.
    Vo: ok fine man. Why are shuffling b/w Chennai, Hyderabad Now in Mumbai.. Can u explain it?
    Me: With huge smile every body asking the same question. Vo smiles too. Actually my home city is Hyderabad. For the last time, I couldn’t able to find the slots in hyd. so I went for Chennai. Earlier of this month I got slot in Hyd and went for that. For this time I couldn’t find any slots in hyd up to next week so I came to Mumbai. Don’t have special reason Mam
    Vo: Are you sure, the reason is only due to lack of slots
    Me: Yes mam.
    Vo: w8 for a bit. Went inside & came after 7-8 min.
    Vo: Ok who is Sponsor?
    Me: My parents
    Vo: what’s ur father
    Me: He is a businessman mam
    Vo: what type of business
    Me: He owned a rice mill named Sai Krishna Mill mam
    Vo: do u mean rice.
    Me: Yes
    Vo: what are the income levels
    Me: My family income level is around 17laks mam
    Vo: Again w8 for bit. Went inside with my passport &came after 2min.
    Vo: what’s u r specialization
    Me: MLS (multi level security systems) it deals with data security and cryptography mam
    Vo: Do u know one thing
    Me: What’s that mam with smile
    Vo: Chinese people are sending hackers throughout the world. For hacking can u prevent it.
    Me: with huge smile. Hopefully yes mam. I course also deals with data security. Do u know one thing people are loosing around 850millions dollars, Per annum due to lack of Internet security and payment gateway problems mam.
    Vo: OH. That’s horrible. So what’s u r aim?
    Me: I would like to see hacker free interne mam
    Vo: great w8 for sec.
    Vo: Do you know about Indiana? State
    Me: With smile No mam. Don’t know in deep. I know a little bit it is very near to Chicago. 9mnths of snow is there. I am exiting to visit Indiana.
    Vo: with smiles. That’s fine man, listen carefully I am not refusing your visa don’t worry repeated 2tyms. We need a administrative verification in. your profile.. Interrupted and asked do u mean 221-(g) mam. VO: first listen to me properly. You have to submit the following documents’. And check frequently about ur visa status. Hope fully u will get ur visa… Thank u
    Me: Thank u mam

    Frnds please suggest me what to do know.. Any body got visa after getting 221(g). Please post ur comments. Thanks in advance

    Hello Dear Raghu, I don’t know how to proceed with remaining things, Could you please guide me how to send the required documents to the consulate. They asked me to submit through Email, Invitation from College as pdf document. Resume, Research, Position in my current job, SOP, Itinerary, Funding, Traveler’s, Travel. Actually I used a fake experience is it a problem to me.

  4. hi sir,
    i got i20 from university of tennessee at chattanooga. in that course duaration is 3 years they mentioned and fees also 33000$(including tution fee,living cost,books & health i) for 12months. so how much liquid assests need to show now and what are the major questions they will ask about much course duration?
    please reply me soon.,
    thanku in advance

  5. Hi,

    Good day and greetings from Malaysia.

    I am Kumar from Hyderabad, India and currently working in Malaysia.

    I would like to clarify few questions prior to attend the F1-VISA interview
    at US Embassy KualaLumpur.

    I am staying in Malaysia as an employee since last 1 year. Can I attend
    the F1-VISA in Malaysia? I am having all the supportive documents (2 year
    valid visa(EP), pay slips, offer letters and current employee letter ) to
    show that I am a legal employee in Malaysia.

    If i can attend F1-visa in Malaysia, what all are the document required for
    attending visa interview ?

    Your feedback is highly appreciated.

    I look forward to hear from you.

    Thanking you.

    Best Regards,


  6. I had bachelor degree in science.Can I get admission to read medicine in any of the medical schools in USA.If yes, then I will be glad if you will send me the names of some medical schools,their requirement and fees.

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