F1 Visa Interview Experiences

10 Magical Tips to Ace U.S. Student Visa Interview and Luck is Not the Only Factor

> Following F1 Visa interview tips was shared by Chetan.

I got my visa today. It was a breeze and I feel there’s little use in sharing my experience but here are some tips to ease tensions a bit. (this is going to be one long post).

F1 Visa Interview Tips

First things first, this is an overhyped interview. They issue you the visa if you are honest; look and sound confident. They want to know who you are, what you want to do and intentions while in U.S.A like HSB recently tweeted.

Prepare your own answers in 1 or 2 sentences for few common questions like –

  1. Why the U.S? why not India, Europe?
  2. Why did you choose this univeristy among the other admits?
  3. What do you want to do after M.S?
  4. How do you plan to fund your education? (There is absolutely no need to show astronomical figures in bank. Liquid cash for 1st year and some plan like loan for second year. Sound confident. Do not be in a hurry and show your bank statements or CA statements unless asked for)
  5. Will you return to India after Master’s?
  6. A. YES. Just say yes I would. Cut it there. Do not go on telling him stories of how companies like XYZ are investing so much and it will help u etc etc…elaborate it only if asked. Don’t try too hard to convince him. Short confident answers will do the job. Remember they are like high level HRs taking the interviews. With their experience, they have the ability to read and assess you in a minute.
  7.  etc//. Do your homework

Listen to the question properly and think for a second before answering. Don’t be in any sort of a hurry to start your answer the moment he ends the question.

If you take that little pause, you will know what exactly is being asked and will answer accordingly. Otherwise the answer may turn out to be vague or irrelevant.

F1 Visa Interview Tips

Consulates Doesn’t Matter

Don’t worry if you are attending interview at Mumbai consulate. It doesn’t matter which consulate.

All that matters is how well you answer. They have been rejecting quite a bit but don’t let that fear suck you in.

What happens at the most? They will reject you. Anything else? Apply again.

If it’s the second time already, still it’s okay.

There are plenty of opportunities in other countries and in India. When the fear of reject doesn’t come into the picture, there is no place for anxiety and you’d be calm and confident.

Luck is a factor but not the only factor.

99% of the factors are in our control and don’t mess it up there.

Keep Clam

Have a cool mind. I have seen people shivering literally.

How can one expect to answer properly in such a state of mind?

Remove the fear of a reject totally. When the univ gives us admission, when we want to study, when we have funds ready, there is no reason why we’d be rejected unless we mess it up ourselves by fumbling too much.

Will You Come Back

Will he believe when I say I want to come back? Answer is no.

He won’t. but sound confident about your plans if asked.

“There is absolutely nothing you can do to prove that you’d return”.

If a country is against immigrants, it will not believe people on word on the basis of a 1 minute interview.

This is all a trap and a good reason for them to reject applicants. If they want, they can kick us out soon after our graduation ceremony. They wouldn’t offer us OPT’s of 12 months (extended to 24 now) and give us options.

Basically what I want to convey is U.S needs us more than we need U.S. Let us look at it from a different perspective now. After providing world class infrastructure for research, will they willingly allow us to go back, work in home countries and become a competition to them inturn?

No. Surely not. They are looking to filter and take the best brains from all the countries.

This filtering is done from the visa stage as I see. Who is a potential immigrant and who is not? How can it be decided in a few seconds? Don’t try too hard to convince him here. If he has decided to give you that potential immigrant slip, no amount of explanation would convince him.

U.S. Visa Rejection Reasons

Now you may ask why and when he gives this slip. As per my understanding, he uses this tool to remove people who he thinks are false, people who lie, who can fabricate, who can cheat. Many good applicants fumble, confuse, shiver which should be avoided at all costs!

A little of that is expected and VOs understand it – they are humans too. But too much of it won’t help for sure.

I saw a guy today worrying about what he should say if the VO asks his name!

His worry was that his name on i20 is a little different tthe han passport. How does it matter if I say Gudepu sai chetan or sai chetan gudepu!!

Too much worry will lead to nothing.

Conclusion is – Avoiding 214b is almost entirely in our hands.

Don’t try to be brilliant in that 3 minutes.

Don’t try to be brilliant in that 3 minutes.

Can we change our gre score? GPA? Univ?

Nothing! Take a deep breath and Just be yourself. Look into his eyes deeply and answer but don’t try to interpret his expressions.

Don’t start thinking that he’d issue the visa or reject you. HE should analyze YOU and not the other way round! Forget about the result and talk freely.

Be crisp with the answers

Be crisp with the answers. When he asks why this univ? don’t go on explaining with too many technical terms. He may be an arts grad or a psychology or a political science grad. Explain in words that he can understand!

Which University

To those going to not so good univs; VOs don’t care where we are going.

They are just there to make sure that we atleast know why we chose that univ.

I have come across terms like ‘visa rating for so and so univ’.

Trust me, there’s nothing like that! If it’s not a ranked univ, expect some grilling and prepare accordingly. Search for USPs of the univ or course there.

Did Consultant Fill Your DS160

If he asks whether consultant filled up DS160, blindly say NO (even if you went to one).

Don’t try to convince him by giving proofs.

I read that a guy memorized his IP address and told the VO to crosscheck with his DS160 IP address.

Will anyone ever by heart the IP add’?

Is it a part of interview preparation?

Such things will obviously lead to further questions.

Don’t complicate things. Just stick to a confident NO.

If he keeps repeating the same question, you could probably tell him you have nothing to hide and can answer any question from the DS 160.

Visa Interview Counter Numbers

There is nothing to worry about specific counter no’s or specific VOs in any consulate.

As soon as you walk to the counter, by looking at you, no one will decide whether or not to issue the visa.

They are not so unfair.

The initial impression you make will be the most important.

Face the interview confidently. The way you walk to the counter and greet him itself will speak volumes.

Black Listed Universities?

Consulate is not against RIT or UTA or NEU or SJSU. Don’t let all these things take a toll on your performance!

There are exceptions as always. Few of them with perfect answers also get rejects. But such cases will be through in the second attempt without doubt. It’s for our own good that we forget such cases. Take as little pressure as possible. Don’t bother about luck, officer’s mood etc which are not in our control.

To sum it up –

  • Fact #1 : You want to study, you got admission, you have funds. There is no reason to worry about anything.
  • Fact #2 : U.S needs you more than you need U.S A. We have an upper hand! So don’t go with a fear whether he’d find you good enough or not. Don’t underestimate yourself. Go confidently. Go like a brave soldier not like a wounded one.

We deserve a visa.

The only reason we fumble and get tensed is that we feel something is lacking in us and try to convince visa officer on that.

Do not do that.

This is not a professional job interview where you’d be tested on the subject matter. These are questions even a 10th standard guy can answer casually. So don’t lose your sleep over it. Let us break this hype.

When we do that, automatically the anxiety, tension, euphoria surrounding will vanish. ATB!

P.S: These are entirely my personal views. I’d be happy to know what you think!


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  1. Hi ! First of all thanks for the article.
    I would like to explain my case. I’d applied for a B2 visa in 2019 and got rejected for “insufficient reasons”. I wanted to visit my cousin in Texas.
    It’s 2021 and I have received admit from UT Austin, TX for a masters in global policy studies. My question is : I already have a masters in German studies, but I realised in due course of it that my real interest lies in policy making. Hence I applied to the US. Will I have a difficult case pertaining to my previous rejection and a second masters?
    Thank you so much

  2. My spouse is a legal permanent resident in the US.
    I have visited the US twice before on B2 Visa.
    Now, I want to go and study. What is my prospect of the F1 Visa during interview?
    I’m going to study a second Bachelor degree.

  3. Dear raghu sir,

    I want to apear for the f1 visa interview next week but till that i want coaching to maximize my confidence thus kindly let me know how can i get access to your coaching and mock interview ? Also how to pay for you ?


  4. Hi Chetan,

    If they ask us like would u like to optimise OPT after masters ?
    N if I answer yes will it seem like potential immigrants????
    In 2016 I was planning to attend my sisters graduation
    But my visa was rejected so I’m bit worried that whether my F1 will be rejected by seeing the last time rejection???

    1. Previous attempts will have an impact. So, make sure you have answers for those questions.

  5. Thank you so much. This gives a while lot of encouragement. I have my visa interview coming up and I have an admit in NYU. I applied only for NYU and no other colleges. Will this, but any chance, Cause any hiccup in the visa interview?

  6. Thank you for the tips. I had my interview this week and was denied. Plan to reapply in few months. Can’t meet up with resumption in September. Have Learnt from what I just read. Thanks a lot.

  7. Thanks alot man, i had so much complex but now i can go in confidently. My interview is tomorrow.

  8. Hi . I have my visa interview coming next week .
    I got i20 in university of florida
    I got admission in ELI course .
    I confused what king of question asking visa officer

  9. Hi ,

    I got my I-20 recently and have my visa interview next week.
    I have already travelled to the USA twice.
    Plus I have a Green card filed on my husbands name ,hence me as a dependent.
    Also I have a B1/B2 visa for 10 years.
    In the above 2 cases how can I convince the Immigrations officer that I would return back to my home country.

    Thanks in advance

  10. Hi am confused , i dont know the question i will be asked , at the embassy can you help me out

  11. You have eased mu mind. I am always worried about the visa officers mood and my luck. But, after reading this i think everything will be fine as long as i feel and look confudent . And also thank you for the tips af straight answer of yes or no without explainations. I was worried on what reason would i give

  12. This is very helpful. My interview is coming up in 2 weeks, I am a Nigerian but living and working in south africa as a volunteer. Would you advice me to apply for my student visa here in south africa or go to Nigeria my country?

  13. Please I was really scared about the visa interview but as I read your post
    Am all light you ..Good work done ,Thank you

  14. Thank you so much man….
    Thanks for the help….it really gave me some confidence….
    Going for the interview.

  15. Hi..I apply for F1 visa..but I have 58% markes in +2 and only 6 bands….so somebody tell me plz.how can I do this..

  16. Hello sir
    I got 2 time rejection in F1 visa.
    I have done my masters degree in computer engineering in India. But I have hidden from visa officer and I have shown I was doing job in company. It is reason for my rejection in F1 visa? Now what should I do? Please let me know sir. M too much worried.

  17. first time interview

    counter: 6
    time: 9:40 am
    after standing about 5 min in line, my turn came. i was confident and wearing formal kurthi.
    i went to vo

    me: namaste
    he: namaste(with smile)
    him: can u pass me your passport and i20
    me: dint say a work (gave documents)
    him: ok,why mba
    me: well, i was grounded with business administration in my bachelors level, so i want to continue my master degree in same stream. and also i have been working as an accountant and i find it so passionating that i want to gain more knowledge on same field by persuing mba.

    vo: ok.
    vo: did u applied to any other university?
    me: no
    vo: have you been abroad before
    me: no
    vo: why this university?
    me.. well, i choosed this university mainly because of its attractive course……(he suddenly went little far and started talking to another vo.he had my documents in his hand)…after 15 sec

    vo:sorry i had little stuff..
    vo: so what i was asking… why this university

    me: well,i choosed this university maily because of its attractive course structure which focuses on several accounting aspects like management accounting, finanacial accounting. moreover tha faculty member are supporting and the cost is reasonable. …..
    he typed something and thnen gave me yello paper saying sorry you are not eligible…

    i want to know what actually i was lacking…before sceduling another interview. i am in really need of some suggestion.

  18. I got conditional admission in university of dayton what are the chances of getting visa for conditional admission.

  19. Im currently in f2 visa. I got admission for early spring and planning to go to India to get f1 visa.will there be any prob in getting f1 visa?

    1. Hey Ani..
      how did the interview go? I am in similar situation. Id appreciate if you can tell me is there anything to worry

  20. Hello, I have my visa interview coming up next week. I have taken a loan and have sufficient savings for my course. I want to know what will be the best answer for who is sponsoring your studies. My father is retired and we have a small shop and my sister works for a bank, so is it better to tell I am being sponsored by my sister and father or to tell them I have loan and family savings? Thanks

  21. hi sir this is umair bilal from pakistan i want to know that . is that all tips will be useful in pakistan ?
    and i have 2 years gape in education so can i say that is was woring with my father because he has his own business .

  22. i applied usa f1 visa , i get i20 from national university san diego ,california , but i have done my b.tech in ece in 2014 ,after my under graduation i did not any job , so when vo will ask me , what are you doing after your b.tech what is my answer ? tell me what can i do?

    1. Don’t you think it’s kind of too late to be looking for that answer? You spent money on application fees, courier charges, score reporting and after all that, if you don’t know why you selected that college, then this is probably not the right college for you!

  23. Olawale Olalekan Experience:
    University: Southern University at Shreveport Louisiana.
    Major: Computer Science (Bsc)
    Date: 1st Aug 2016
    consulate: Lagos
    Slot: 6:30am
    Counter: 5
    Status: Approved.
    Got to the embassy as early as 5mins to five with my elder sister, waited outside till the gate was opened at exactly 5am. inside the embassy lots of cars were packed inside guess some people slept inside their cars as they can meet up coming in the morning. Was told to wait at a point and wont be able to go further until an appointment time. waited there for almost an hour and other people that came for the interview started joining. At exactly 6am, a security man came and told UA to line up in a 2 straight line and started checking us with a metal detector and after was directed to a place where two staffs came a lady and a guy then they grouped us into two groups nonimmigrant and immigrant applicants then waited there until 6:30am and again we started the process, checking with a metal detector, some staff checked documents carried and all that gave us a tag and they took us to the main interviewing hall and there lots of counters was there and started verifying documents again until the last queue to the interview standing there, i was occupying number 6 on the queue and the interview started around 7am. Mine went like this;
    CO: hey! watsup, how are you doing man
    Me: smiled and answer im good.
    CO: pass me your passport
    Me: gave to him(still smiling)
    CO: why are u going to US?
    Me: to study computer….interrupts and he said
    CO: pass me your I-20. which school are u going?
    Me: Southern University at shreveport. CO: then he started typing on the system, went through my I-20 and asked why are you not going for a bachelor’s degree and prefer associate
    Me: southern university at Shreveport is a member of southern university system which comprises of southern university at Shreveport, southern university at new Orleans and southern university at baton rouge. i will first complete my 2yr degree at Shreveport then move to new Orleans to complete my 4yr degree.
    Co: okay! when qualification do you have?
    Me: high school
    Co: when did u pass out
    Me: last year 2015
    Co: okay. have you been to the US or travelled out before?
    Me: No
    Co: started typing on the system, for about 180secs. told me to be patient that he’s waiting on the system.
    Co: Took a white paper and returned my I-20. with it and told me to go pick up my passport after 3 working days.
    It was like a film, then i left for joy
    Be confident, always with a smiling face. Eye Contact 100%. Talk audibly and clear, don’t rush and look calm. My interview was 2mins and few seconds no document was checked.

  24. Great work sir, It really helped. I have to attend for my F1 visa in two weeks and after reading this I actually feel more confident. 🙂

  25. My interview for f2 visa is coming near but I heard that that college is in black listed in us ambessy so how can I tackle for this situation plzzzz i need help soon

  26. This was a very helpful article, than you!
    My question is: How can I answer if he says ” How will you prove that you will return after graduating?”

  27. hi raghu,i have a small doubt.i got graduated in year 2012.from then i was preparing for civil services.i tried my level best but ultimately couldnt crack it.now that i left this stream and i wana pursue masters(fall 2016),how can i show this gap?cuz i dont wana show any **** documents i want to be truthful.what are the chances that i can get visa,if i say them the truth.

    1. Gap should be explained in Visa and as well in SOP. That can be overcome with right reasons and answeres.

  28. thanks 4 ur quick reply. may u continue to be prosper. pls, can u tell me the problem i can face with this gap…….. i graduated in the year 2000 bt…i didnt make all my papers. now i sat for another high scul exam last year and i made all my papers….will this gap nt be of a problem if d VO is asking me of my educational history?

  29. Your Comment * hi chetan.
    u av really done a well done job here. may God almighty continue to uphold u and increase ur knowledge a d wisdom.
    my case is a bit dfrnt and i dnt want u to be annoyed wd it.
    i applied to a university which doesnt require any international examination for english speaking country which i believe nigeria is included.
    my problem is i av a valid georgia country visa, though eletronics visa.(not a sticker on my passport) and i did not travel with it. my questions are; will the VO discover that i av a valid visa even if i didnt go with georgia visa cos i am planning to tell the VO that i av never once traveled out. then if the consular requests for any of the international exam scores, hope telling him that my college is nt required any international exam slims my chances of getting my visa granted?
    looking forward to hear from u soon.

  30. Hellon sir I got rejected 2 time in visa interview for study bachelor in compuetrscience now I applied for last time give search energetic tip to approved my visa

    1. You tell me. You are the one who applied to the college and you should have a strong reason. If you have hard time finding the reaons, please join the F1 Visa Interview prep course.

  31. Hi
    Thanks for your article, i have recently applied twice for the visa but was rejected both times, first time was that my uncle was paying the funds and second time they said your applying to a college and that doesn’t seem logical to travel thousands of miles to go to a college, this time i applied to a university and got admitted, my question is if he asks me how many universities did you apply to should i say one or give a false number ? and what other tips you got for me 🙂

  32. I had the same problem just like kusa, I did with MCA in India, and now I’m going to do another Masters, do they consider it as a draw back, what should I do in this sort of condition.

    I will wait for your reply.

    1. As I replied before, I just helped a student going for second Masters get Visa for Spring. You will be considered as Potential Immigrant and you better have Really good answer. I’m available for “answers analysis” and “Mock interview”.

      1. Hi,

        I Already have M.Tech(ceramic tech) but I want to pursue MS(Material Science) again in US. Could you help me out with a good reason ? I am much worried about my answer if VO ask me “Why second masters” ?

        1. Two weeks back, I helped a student get F1 Visa for Spring 2016.

          He went to several consultancies, and no one was able to give a satisfactory answer to him.

          So, he came to me.

          1. Applied to one university 2. Second Masters Degree

          After the interview, he called and He was quite memorized!

          Each and every question was asked in the same I asked him.

          He answered the way that best fits his profile.

          He should be arriving in U.S. in the end of this month.

          Did he have to “Lie”? Nope.

          Did we make up new stories? Nope.

          Check out F1 Visa Interview course with Mock interview.

  33. Hello experts
    Recently I applied to 4 universities in USA and got only one acceptance (i20). I will be taking my visa interview soon. Will it be a negative impression that I got only one acceptance out of 4? Please guide, I will be very grateful.


  34. Hello
    I recently applied to 4 universities in USA,, got only one acceptance (i20). I will be taking my visa interview soon. Will it be a negative impression that I got only one acceptance out of 4? Please guide me I will be very grateful.

  35. I did my B.E. in Electronics and Communication and graduated in 2010. I worked for about 1.5 years in a software firm. Then I took some time off to pursue my musical interests, for nearly about 3 years now. Can I get back to doing a Master’s in Computer Science, in the US? Would I have a problem in the Visa Interview or a getting a job later on?

  36. I got my sevis record terminated by my US university due to a dismissal sanction for two semesters for code of conduct violation …I was asked to complete my sanctions and apply for re-admission . As suggeseted by the DSO of my University , I took admission in a community college and was issued an i-20 by them. Using this situation I applied for re-instatement of my
    F1 remaining in US but this was declined.
    During this time, I re-applied to my old University as all my sanctions were complete and was accepted back into the same university. So now I am returning back to my home country need to re-apply for my F1 with the new i-20 issued from my old University.
    I am very worried about how I should present my F-1 case & how I should handle the F1 interview. Please do help, should I work with an immigration consultant ?

  37. hi all, i need a answer for a question , i done my post graduation(MCA) here in india. So i have a question
    already you done your post graduation here why are you going to MS in US?
    please suggest me a answer for this…
    thank you in advance

  38. hello,
    my father live in usa , he is green card holder and my immigration file is f2b its taking 4 year for me so i just finished diploma . and i got admission in cleveland state uni …. , so my immigration file is create preoblem for student visa ? beacuase many agent told me you have no chances for student visa in usa

      1. Hi.
        I have been following some of the websites for possible suggestions on visa interviews,and most of the time they usually concern people who wish to pursue their masters in the states.What about people who want to pursue their bachelors,are the visa officers a bit lenient in this case? Also ,is the fact that you are the only son of your parents and that you’ll come back to India to stay with them,a good enough answer for the intent of return question?
        Thank You

        1. I have few interview experience for Bachelors posted. I do offer a standalone F1 Visa Interview course ( videos course, analysis of past interviews, Q&A with 2 mock interview session).Interested?

          1. Well,I am .But I couldn’t find anything conclusive on the website in regard to tarrifs for the mock preparation or the bachelors interview you had mentioned.If you could send to particulars to my email,I’d be thankful.

  39. Hello I studied linguistics and Communication Studies for my bachelor’s degree. I have received i-20 from California state university Fullerton to study Masters in information systems. Gre score of 317 and Pearson test of English (PTE) score of 81. Does it matter that my bachelor’s degree and intended masters program are not related. I do have informal education in java programming and application development.

  40. Hi,
    I have a bachelor’s degree from the US and planning for an MBA now. I came back to India after completing my UG and have 8 years of work experience now. I am married with a kid, will this be an issue while getting a visa?

    1. You are going to do MBA. Thats should be your focus. You can’t control what happened in the past with BS. So, focus on your interview on things you can control.

  41. Hi, I would be appearing for my visa interview next week. My cousin is also studying at the same university and dept at which I am going for my phd(fully funded). Should I mention this when asked if I have any other relatives in US? Would it affect my chances of visa approval? Also I was enrolled in a phd program here in India where lab conditions were extremely poor, but I did not mention this in my application to the university, should I mention this in my interview? Please do answer.

    1. I need to do a complete analysis of you rprofile before I can comment.
      Check F1 Visa mastery course ( and I’m available for Mock interview and coaching). In general you should follow the instructions in DS160 form.

      1. GRE: 305
        IELTS: 7.5
        PG(completed in 2013):66%
        Got accepted by Texas Tech University for spring 2016 for phd in biochemistry with teaching assistantship.

  42. I have completed my MCA this year. I got admission in MS. I am confused that whether I show my bachelor (BCA) or master (MCA) in DS-160? If I show my master (MCA), VO definitely asked me that why double master (again doing master). Please suggest me, what should I showing BCA or MCA?

    Warm regards,

    Vivekkumar Prajapati

    1. What would you answer if VO asks what were you doing after BCA? You have to “lie” and if you get caught, you are looking at permanent ban from entering US for your life. So, you have to decide. If you give convincing answer with MCA (litsted) it would make your interview lot easier and stress free.

  43. Hi!

    I am a high school student (currently grade 9) and I want to study in the U.S. (For grade 10,11 and 12)

    The government here (Philippines) just declared the K-12 education system. And if ever, I will be the 2nd batch graduating from the said system. The problem is, I don’t think the system or the quality of teaching in grade 11 and 12 is good. My aunt which is a U.S. Citizent together with my cousin (grade 11) wants me to study in there. Waterford, CT public High school.

    The problem is, the f-1 visa and the intention of coming back is hard. Sure, my parents and also my aunt can support me there. If you heard it, you can only study 1 year under f-1 visa in a U.S. Public high school and you will be charged ( tuition). I tumble across a forum explaining that I can renew it every year without leaving the U.S. . But the hard part is how can I convince the consular? I have no intentions going to college in U.S. Because of the tuition fees. I can’t just say that I will go back and continue studying in my dream university which is UST, (Philippines). Any advice?

    1. I have a video interview in the blog with someone who cane to study High School in USA. Refer to that. (browse my Youtube channel for the video)

  44. Hello,
    I have a doubt regarding funding for my masters.Actually my father has a few funds and he sponsoring,simultaneously my uncle who is a major sponsor is also sponsoring me.Will it be a problem.What should I answer if they ask me why your uncle and not your father is a major sponsor.please help me.

  45. i had interview before 2 weeks. i was denied under 214(b) form. the VO asked me “which unveristy did you applied?”but i thought which universities did you applied ? i answered the universities which I applied before the university i have got admission now”. i asked him the reason of rejection.he said”you are not a serious student even you didn’t now the name of the school?”.I think there was misunderstanding between me and the VO.i will have interview Sept 16-2015. what do you advice me for the next interview? did the VO asked me about the previous rejection reason?

    1. hi lidya how you doing i read you have been rejected by telling you aren’t serious student how going on your second interview i had the same case too please respond me thank you.

  46. My father’s ITR is 2lacs and i have education loan of 20 lacs and 20 lacs savings. Whether it will be risky to show my father’s ITR.

  47. HI,

    I am an odd case. I have gone to US for the first time in 2005 on F1 VISA. I have done 32 credit hours ( total 33 to graduate) and took OPT and started working. Got lazy and didnt complete the last 1 credit and didnt graduate. After OPT my H1 petition couldnt get selected in H1 lottery. So to keep working, I had to enroll in MBA which gave CPT from daya one. That way, I worked for 2 years and returned to INDIA for family reasons. All my work exp there is in IT.

    I regret my actions of not graduating and now decide to get MBA for a good Univ. So Got admission to ASU (Carey school of business). I have gone for the VI and he rejected saying that my stay is not legit. How can I convince him that my past wont repeat and that I will return after graduation.

    Thank you

  48. I got my I-20 from Wichita State university which is in Kansas. I got my visa inerview appointment the next week. I’m bit confeused about my financial supports. My tuition costs with living in the university is about $33500 a year. And my grandma is going to sponsor me about $39000 as a bank statement and a solid property of about $448717. Is it below the required amount to impress a VO?

      1. Today I got refused to get a visa. The VO just asked me why this uni? who is gonna fund ur education? (A: My grandma) How is she gonna do that? Do u have any elder bro/sis ?

  49. Helo, I need little advice/assist.
    I av a bsc in Physics, I grad in 2013, and almost 2ru wit my nysc.
    I want to futher in a community college in d us, by going for an associate degree in another course.1st I wana knw d kind of questions to expect in d interview, n bcos av not had any work experince, n also wat r d possible tins 2convincce dem abt my ties 2my home,pls help me wit dese questions.. questions 2expect @ d interview, if goin 4an associate degree after avin a bsc is OK, n other tins I need 2knw. Tanks

  50. I have got my i-20 from east-west university in Chicago so can you tell me !
    Bases on university to pass interviews possibilities ?

  51. Hi, I have my U.S.A student visa interview this Monday and I am going for bachelor’s degree at Stony Brook University in the field of Computer Science. The univ I named is ranked 88th among national universities in US and 40th for my preferred field of study. I have enough liquid funds for my entire education, scored 1620 out of 2400 in SAT and 83% in 12th boards. My question is what are the minute and the smallest loopholes which I should take care of to avoid rejection?
    Thank you.

  52. In DS-160, it asks for the course of study in the university?

    I have written Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

    But, in my I-20, it is written going for Bachelor’s and majoring iťn General Studies. Because, you have to complete atleast one CS course with 2.0 GPA to declare CS as major.

    Is this wrong? Can it lead to rejection?

    What should I say to the visa officer when he/she asks about it?

  53. In DS-160, it asks for the course of study in the university?

    I have written Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

    But, in my I-20, it is written going for Bachelor’s and majoring in General Studies. Because, you have to complete atleast one CS course with 2.0 GPA to declare CS as major.

    Is this wrong? Can it lead to rejection?

    What should I say to the visa officer when he/she asks about it?

  54. Hi,

    I came to USA on F2 visa. while filling the DS160 form, consultancy has filled like i have no experience after my btech. I actually have 3 and 1/2 yrs experience. However, i got my visa. In USA, I have applied for change of status from F2 to F1. Now, I am to india for F1 stamping. If i give work eperience this time in DS160, will it be a problem? Please reply ASAP.

  55. I have received full scholarship for the first year (stay and tuition fees) of my MS degree in USA, however, I have no funds to show for the second year whatsoever. Is there any chance I can still get through the visa interview successfully?

      1. bro em frm pakistan and im going for interview in pourtugal embassy for studnt vissa im much confused which typ of question thy asked can uh plx help me ?

    1. My name is Ayomide from Nigeria, I’ll be having my F1 visa interview by next month, when filling out my DS-160 I took the question for something else, I have a Kenya visa on my old passport and I didn’t visit the country before the visa expired , when filling out the DS-160 it was ticked that i traveled which i didn’t. what can I do in this kind of situation?? please get back to me asap.

      1. Ayomide, In that case, login into your DS 160 portal -> click on provide feedback -> select the appropriate option and type this query in comment box

        alternatively, you can also call the consulate and inform them

  56. Hi,

    I decided to drop a year after completing 12th in 2014 as I was not getting good colleges in India. I prepared for my entrances(JEE), TOEFL, SAT and SAT Subject tests after dropping a year. I have got an admission offer for Fall 2015 by University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA.

    Ho do I explain this gap year to the Visa officer? What if he asks me why you didn’t get into IITs or other colleges?

    1. Also, while filling out the DS-160, it asks for my Present primary occupation. When I select Student, it asks to fill in school details. I cannot select this option as I have graduated from my school last year.

      So, I have selected “Not Employed” in my present primary occupation. For the explanation, I jave written the folllowing explanation:



      Is this explanation right or I have to edit it. Please suggest.

    2. Speak the truth during visa. There’s nothing wrong in saying you took a year off to prepare for exams.

      1. Thanks a lot. Also, when he asks about my plans after graduation, what should I say?

        1. I have F1 visa consulting and F1 visa Mastery course that explains how to answer these questions.

  57. Hi,
    I graduated in 2013 with Bachelor of Technology. Since then I have been preparing for GRE, TOEFL and did the research on graduate schools, filling out the applications and arranging for the application material. I have not done anything else in this time span. I got an admit for Fall 2015. I am worried that this gap in study might affect my chances of getting a visa. Is it so?
    Please reply.

        1. speak the truth. there’s no need for justification when you say what you actually did.

          1. My case is just same as the above one.Have you seen anyone facing any problem during VI for cases like these? I hope you understand my concern.

  58. hey raghuram! I took a 2.5 years gap since my intermediate graduation and in these two years i appeared in the toefl ibt two times but both times i didn’t scored the required marks but still i applied for an i20form to sanjac college,tx. is this gonna affect on my visa interview? please guide me i need a help.

  59. it was not for you wouldn’t have get this tips very very very glad tnx i feel like i get my visa ,just reading this

  60. very well written, it really helps to increase a person’s confidence…. at the end would like to add one thing, “these people love, if funds are coming are coming to their country, but avoid, funds going out of country”, so be cautious while showing ties to your home country.

  61. Hey Sir ,
    I grudated from high school this year in march and was preparing for SAT and Toefl test ! I have plan to take Toefl In August and Sat In October ! Should I apply for I20 before taking Toefl test or I should wait for the test. More I am looking for SJSU, UCB. UT Austin universities ! Please help me out of this topic ! thank you so much !

  62. Hello,
    I am currently pursuing Masters in Rutgers university and would be graduating in December 2014.I have pursued masters under H4 till this point and have worked in U.S for 3.5 years before that.I am planning to apply for F1 and get it stamped in August 2014 so that I can use OPT after the course ends.I have a good GPA and good GMAT and TOEFL scores as well as good undergraduate GPA.DO you think there is any risk in going for stamping at this stage?

  63. Hi.. I got offer letter from rochester institute of technology. Can you please tell is RIT a good school or not?

  64. i graduated high school in 2005 and only took the SAT last year to apply for college in the states and got half scholarship..i did nothing really between the gaps between when i completed HS and took the SAT..should i answer them frankly that i did nothing but only study and prepare for the sat when asked what i had been doing during that fallow period?

  65. I am going to interview on may 17th . My profile IELTS:6.5 GRE:288 82%. I dont have bamk loan . I was really tensed about my visa. Can you please suggest me some tips.

  66. thank you so much raghuram ,it boosted my confidence ,as i have applied on my own to the university and now visa .thank you

  67. I had my interview on Friday.. I got the visa approved. Just keep calm and be confident..Answer slowly, confidently and look into their eyes while answering and you will get your visa!

  68. Though I’ve decided not to be arrogant and annoying online; I badly wanted to ask this question in this thread. Why do people LIE with Visa Officers? Why should we lie about our identity and integrity publicly, legally, in writing, in front of another nation’s representatives at the price of losing our character? And they regret when they get penalised in an irreparable quantum..
    Please don’t lose your identity and character (lying includes) just to go and live in the US. Self respect is more important than anything in life. I’m sorry if I sound castigating someone personally, but I don’t mean to.

  69. Sir/mam plz help me.
    I’m applying for fall-13.
    My sister is u.s. At the tym of my sisters visa interview, she lied about her marriage. my parent’s visa was rejected for 4 tyms. They may not reject visa without any reason.
    Now can I include my parents and sister’s full details. and wot happens if I lie to V.O…..

    1. Great….a family that prefers to ‘fudge’ the truth…..the COs have figured out her phony story, and will be waiting for yours….she is not returning, so why should you? telling the CO that you love your parents more than your sister does (or some other silly excuse) will just end the interview faster…so please…go ahead and lie…see what happens….

  70. my visa was denied three times two times from Bombay and one time from Chennai so for fourth attempt what to do go at Chennai or Bombay? i was denied under 214(b) form my sister is in u.s may be because of that reason

    1. Dear Priyanka,

      When ever counselor finds a home (link to some one in States) they will never issue you visa under F 1 category, instead get a sponsor from your sister & apply for B1/B2 visa, enter States and get your conversion done there, on the same I-20’s.

      This is a better formula for you instead of wasting time & money, other ways too are there, but this is the best one,

      Good Luck yaar, try this one

      1. Do you really think the VOs are that stupid? That they haven’t seen this scam before? There is NO such thing as sponsorship for tourist visas…none. For those who might have succeeded with the COS from B2->F1, why do you think parents of those visa cheats never get tourist visas to see the Grand Canyon (or really are going to provide child care)..the VOs can look back several years in visa records, to see who tells the truth and who doesn’t….which category of person are you?

  71. Pls sir/ma I would like you to help me with dis problem of mine. I went for my visa interview last year for spring semester 2013,I graduated from my high school that same year. On the day of my interview the vo asked me to come back with my parent since I wasn’t up to 18 yet I was just 17 so she said she can’t interview me. My parent were out of the country for business purpose I explained to her but after I told my father everything he arranged to come back as soon as possible s o as to attend the interview with me but getting to the embassy I met another lady at the counter and not the other woman who told me to come with my parent. So I greeted her and she collected the blog paper with me and said ‘you have to come with your mum and dad’ and I said to her that the vo who was there actually told me to come back with either my mum or dad she insisted. I then told her my mum isn’t around and don’t think she would be back now and also my school will be resumimng at dis date and my mum might not come back before then. She then went to confirm and then began the interview. She asked me some questions and I answered it very well and with confident she then asked my dad in Portuguese since he didn’t speak english so I really don’t know what they discussed but I think it’s all about his business and all that.pls I dnt know why I was denied can u assist me plzz was it because I wasn’t up to 18 or what pls let me know

    1. John,

      You didnttold the nationality of your parents & the consulate you appeared in, also, you must specify your SAT & TOEFL scores before any one is able to help you for anything.

      Dont forget to mention your course for which you are admitted in.

      Good Luck man

  72. hi i am on h4 visa and applying for f1 now. i am from Silicon valley university. i heard that once we apply for f1 we cant go to india as it is risky to attend the visa interview as we will be rejected . is this real or just what people spread because they are scared?

  73. Hey there , first thank you for the best advices they are neatly written well here is my problem i applied for an f1 visa and had the interview on the 10th of december but unfortunatly i didn’t get it and now i’am reapplying for a seconde f1 visa interview and what i’m afraid of is that i will have the interview with the same interviewer that i had last time and i may freak out and stand still saying nothing Could you help Me

  74. One of the best interview posts I have come across. Got my interview on Tuesday. Hopefully, I can add one more success story to HSB 🙂

  75. I have just received an acceptance letter from an American University to study BS in Computer Science so if I have been offered a full scholarship covering my tuitions, room and board and my I-20 states $2961 as personal funds, how much bank balance do I require? I am from a low income family so will the visa officers consider my case if the whole amount is through bank loan.

    1. to which college did u apply. i am applying this year too for bs.how do you get a reply so soon. give me details ,so i can help you!!

  76. hi, my f1 visa got rejected wid low gre score of 282 m thinking to reapply as i have very less time i cannot retake my exam so wat r my chances for getting the visa approved? wat wil prove me better?

  77. Amazing ! Its a really EYE opener for all and for me too 🙂 !

    Nice article for USA visa for confident interviewing giving rather than fearing.

  78. Hi. Thank you so much for your tips, they helped me in so many ways. I am an international student currently studying in the United States but I apply for the student visa in the USA and I thought the I-20 was the visa itself. I didn’t know that when I live my country for vacation I needed to go to the embassy for an interview for the student visa, and that in fact they can reject the visa even though I have been studying for 2 years already and even though I have my I- 20 and every document in order. I was planning to go for my winter break but I won’t be able because classes start again in January and the process for the student visa is very long. I am really sad and it breaks my heart because I haven’t been able to go back to my country in 2 years but I guess this is what we need to do in order to get a good education and accomplished our dreams. I just want to thank you once again for what you wrote here I will be more prepared when I go to the interview next year.

    Have a great day,


  79. HI Chetan,

    My score in gre is 276 and ielts score is 6, i have more than 30 backlogs in my B.Tech which i had finished in 2006 and also i have 6 years of expeirence in IT, I also got i20 in VIU. Yet to block my visa slot. Could you please suggest me how should i face the interview and is there much possible for rejection?

  80. Hello sir, that was indeed a very helpful article.

    SIr, Iam interested in applying to US for my masters and have a few questions regarding visa. Sir my sister is a US citizen & my father who will be sponsoring for my education in USA is retired & because of these two reasons many people say that my F1 visa may get rejected. Sir how can i make my profile strong so that there are minimal chances of rejection. Please reply asap. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. hey don’t worry. they cannot reject for either of those reasons. Show enough funds since your dad is retired. but you cannot do anything about your sister being a U.S citizen. Answer confidently and make him feel you are a good student. good luck!

      1. Sir thanks for your reply… i appreciate that you took time from your busy schedule to reply to my question… Sir i plan to show double the amount showed on I 20 will that be sufficient in my case ?

    2. hey don’t worry. they cannot reject for either of those reasons. Show enough funds since your dad is retired. but you cannot do anything about your sister being a U.S citizen. Answer confidently and make him feel you are a good student. good luck!

  81. Hello,
    i have been rejected visa under section 214(b)…
    i scheduled my interview on 2nd nov,2012…
    the VO asked me about my score sheets, i only gave him GRE and IELTS score,
    he asked me why Eastern Michi Univ and i told him i like it b’coz it offers the course which i am interested in and its flexible….
    he told me that my visa is rejected under section 214(b)…
    can anybody plz help me…

  82. i am sabidh from Nepal.i ve back paper of +2 and i did’nt gave back paper and after that i joined foundation course in IT and now i am in Bachelor and i have completed 1st year i’ve 2 years of gap due to my +2 education but now i’m continuing my education does that gap affect if i apply to USA

  83. hey,
    my gre is 288 and ielts im giving on 20 this month,my acads are 72% with no backlogs….i have applied for florida international univ,NJIT,univ of south florida and FDU……whch univ I20 can i expect first…how are the chances of visa?

  84. Dear sir, I, m from nashik maharashtra ,sir I,m very much intrested in solar energy.I, would like to persue some courses in solar energy in usa, Sir, my age is 31 and my quelification is M.com with pune university.Sir,please guide me which course is suitable for me as I,not from techniqel field.Sir please guide me.Waiting for your replay. MURTUZA.A.H.RASSIWALA.

  85. Hi chetan.my GRE is 293, IELTS 6.. Got i20’s ..Acads 74%…Any problems with this score..Please do reply me as soon as possible..
    Thank you..

  86. hello chatan…
    My gre -287 toefl -77 n acdmcs 68(no backlogs), all my documents along with my financial and educations funds are very clear, got admit and now am planing to book visa slot. Does my low gre and toefl scores effect me in visa approval.

    1. hey, my gre score is 282 and toefl yet to write with this gre score and a toefl score of 80 would be enough for getting financial aid in us universities.. please tell me about the financial aiding process

  87. hey bro…
    m dng my b-tech final year…i h”ve 13 backlogs upto 3-2 and 58.5%… nw all clear
    and my gre exam is on cmng oct-18…
    if there any problem in visa interview with backlogs…and %
    pls give me suggesion broo…

    1. sorry for the late reply. haven’t been checking this post of late. well 13 backlogs is a lot but that should not deter you as you cannot do much about it now. What is still under your control is your GRE. so try to get a very good score in GRE. That will compensate your acads. Best of luck!

  88. My visa was denied on July under 214b. I’ll try again on August 7.
    The VO mainly asked about my education background and why I choose this university.

    During my second interview, should I just let go the previous interview and answer the questions that are different from the first ones?

    I look forward to your suggestions.
    Thanks so much!

  89. hiii chetan,

    I am an IT analyst. last year in feb 2011 i got 221g during my H1b interview at new delhi consulate. i submitted the required documents at vfs centre, after some time i got a mail informing that my visa was refused. now i gave interview for f1 visa in first week of july 2012.just after initial greetings VO just checked and asked me that my visa was rejected last year.she just asked my age that is 30 years than she told me that she cant give me visa. when i asked for the reason she told me that she feels that i dont have any intention to study. she hardly asked qestions . kindly suggest should i go for the second attempt for f1 interview as my fall semester for mba will start in first week of september.

  90. Good Day Friends,
    I have my interview schedule to hold on the 18th of July fortunately on getting to America embassy here in Nigeria Lagos precisely around 8.00 a.m though my time is 10.00a.m after getting to our turn around 9.00a.m on getting to the entry after we have been ushered in my name was missing on the entry list and I was given a number 098******* to call that they will attend to me.
    After through with the call I get to know that my appointment was cancelled and re-schedule for July 2nd which I was not informed but they claim they sent a mail to my yahoo mail box which I never receive anything of such.
    I was advice to make another payment and book for another appointment which I did on getting to my account in U.S appointment site, I saw from my profile the changes in my appointment i.e cancelled and reschedule.

    My new date is August 23, please dear friend pray for me.

    Just to share it with you guys so that no one will make any-other mistake and check your profile update regularly at U.S appointment site.

  91. hey
    ur explanation and ur research about the visa interview is excellent.cant get any best words to compliment u . u have got some motivational words which can boost the confidence level.whatever u said is true .
    thank u

  92. hii chetan,
    i am studying computer engineering right now and i am in final year..i have my results till 6th semester and my CGPA till 6th sem is 6.95 out of 10. so is there any chance i get admission in good university in US for MS??

  93. Wìth an SAT Score of 1360 which university in the U.S can give me a partial schorlarship.I’m applying as an international student from Ghana

  94. hai chetan. you have written an excellent article which would boost up the confidence level of a visa interview going student. i found it quite interesting and helpful. i found answers for most of my questions.thank you!!! very well analysed and written!!!

  95. hi ,
    im prathyusha , i ‘ve taken my gre on june 11th and i got 282 and my toefl score is 85 , im planning to attend f1 visa . will i be able to get my visa with the same gre score? please help me in this…..

    1. hey GRE looks low, but since you are planning to attend the interview with this score, be confident and explain why you chose that univ. best of luck!

  96. hello,
    i am phanindra from hyderabad india. i am a Bcom grad passed out in 2006, i carry about 5years of experience and planning to do my mba in USA, i am little concerned about my academics as i have more than 10 backlogs, but completed the degree ontime, so someone tell if the visa officer look into our backlogs ,or is it ok as long as i am confident enough to explain my academics ,,or whats the success rate in my case,,suggessions please.

    1. Hi! Your academics would not be looked in detail as you have 5 years of experience now. You may be asked how exactly an M.B.A now will help after returning.

  97. Pls need your help,i will be going for my VI on 26th.have been given admission into ISU to study nursing,am just 22year i dont have any tie in my country,my uncle is the one sponrued me,i dont have anybody in USA so after my education i will come back to my country,the school i applyed to does not requred any english exam(tofel) from student in my country.pls wat is my chance in geting my visa.pls reply.

    1. visa chances are 100%. don’t even have a slightest doubt about it! ISU is a good place and you should be able to crack it. ATB!

    2. Thanks for your reply.want to ask abt BSU,hope BSU is also a good university. and if the VO ask me as a nursing student will u come back to your country,pls what is my reply because i dont have any tie in my country am just 22yr.

      1. I went 4 d interview,it went on smothly.but d vo said my i av nt pay my sevis,i told her that i have paid it but it as not reflet.she gave me a form and said i should come back in next 7 working days.pls my qustions is that if i will be going next week am i going to pay another visa fee.pls reply.

  98. Hi, I have done BE in Electronics from Pune Univ in 2002 and have work experience of aroun 10 years. I am looking for some higher education in US. My budget is Rs 10 Lac. Planning for an MBA. Also i have B1 visa will this help me.
    Also guide me for Higher education options for an BE with 10 yrs of work exp.

  99. Hi,

    I got admit into Marquette University for rehabilitation for fall 2012.I had visa interview today and was rejected.. He asked for my mother’s annual income..I told that it is 6 lacs..He asked me to show her IT returns and I show them. Unfortunately, the 1st page is of 2010-2011 IT returns,which is 3 lacs only. He asked the difference. actually I was pretty shocked myself when he told me that it is only 3 lacs here that it never striked me that it may be last years..so I stood calm for a while and showed him my mom’s payslips..He responded hat he didnt asked me that and next moment he told me that he cannot give me visa. After I came out, then I realised that he has seen wrong page..Now I am planning to go for second time.
    can you please suggest me where i should correct myself?
    I also need advice about the change of consulate and when shall I go for the interview.
    Some of my friends suggested that its better to take 2 weeks of gap between interviews..but I am already running late as you have known.. so please advice me about this too and about the consulate for the next interview..

    Waiting for your reply..


    1. Hi apoorva, it’s unfortunate that you forgot! anyway, don’t change the consulate, and if you don’t have much time in hand, don’t even wait for 2 weeks. What you wrote here looks convincing to me, I’d suggest you to be honest and tell him that you showed previous IT returns by mistake. good luck!

  100. Hi
    I m totally surprised reading ur quotetion,” US needs u more than u need US”
    I m still doing BSc in Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, willing to go to US.
    1 year left to finish it, how well can i start for this? What should i do?
    Finally, thanks to u for creating me curious by readig ur amaging post.

  101. Hi chetan…….i have recent completed my graduation in 2012 and want to aaply for F1 visa .i just want to ask one doubt that i didnt wrote GRE .wether can i apply for studen visa on IELTS basis ?if the university is giving me the addmision without GRE. will they ask for GRE in consulate ? i will be thankfull to you if you clear my doubts.

    1. you can definitely apply for the visa Ali! You can say the department you applied to doesn’t need GRE scores.

  102. Hi chetan…….i have recent completed my graduation in 2012 and want to aaply for F1 visa .i just want to ask one doubt that i didnt wrote GRE .wether can i apply for studen visa on IELTS basis ?if the university is giving me the addmision without GRE. will they ask for GRE in consulate ?

  103. Hi,
    I am Chintan from baroda. I have faced VI 2 times on 29th may and 22nd June and rejected. I ahve applied for MS in CS at ASU. Kindly pl. help me whether I should appear for third time in same sem and same conulate Mumbai, or change it.


    1. Hi! There will be an additional question you should be ready to answer as to what prompted you to change the consulate. There’s a chance that he may feel you were ‘shopping’ for better visa officers at other consulates. so personally i don’t think change in consulate will increase the chances in any way. all the best!

  104. The best blog about F1 Visa Interviews I’ve read till date.
    Its truly MAGICAL! :)))))
    Thanks alot!! I’ve my VI on 12th July. And I’m sure I’m gonna make it! IA!

  105. fFnally a good and accurate post on the overhyped visa interview. the entire process is really very simple, as long as you dont try to impress or overdo it. Honesty is the key. Thank you chetan for patiently writing it all down for the others. Very well written.

  106. finally a good, accurate post on the overhyped visa interview. Thank you chetan for patiently writing it all for the others! very well written.

  107. Hi,

    This was such a great post that I am compelled to write a comment. I had my interview on 24th May and was denied under 214(b). I have scheduled my second appointment tomorrow. I am sure I am going to ace this one. Though I am running a fever and have a sore throat. “Believe and act as if it’s impossible to fail.”- Charles F. Kettering.

    Your post was insightful and a complete confidence booster!

    There are difficulties in my case, but given a chance I am sure it’s going to be the usual breeze. US General Mumbai Consulate, here I come!!

    Ps- I wrote them an e-mail too, stating all my relevant facts and attaching the necessary documents! This is going to be some new experience! =D

    Thanks a lot man! =D

    1. Dear Forum,

      I was also denied visa under 214 (b). I would like to request you to help me know why were you rejected, what documents did you mail them across and on what id so that your rejection was converted into visa issuance. Please help.


    1. I’ve been reading a lot on visa interview but This one is really awesome .
      Thanks man , you did a real good job.

  108. Hi,
    This is a very motivating post. It would be great if the readers help me out with my case. I have been in the US for past 21/2 years on H4 visa.My husband applied for green card last year but I am not included in the application at this stage.I got an admit in NEU for Reg Affairs program and I am thinking to change my status to F-1 due to CPT options and continue my education. I have a M.S degree in Pharma research from UK.

    When asked would I return to my home country in the visa interview, what should be my reply?
    This course does not require GRE. I got admit with my IELTS/ TOEFL score and my scientific writing skills. With there be a problem for issuing my visa?
    I applied to just this university as I was impressed with the course structure and contacted a couple of profs there.
    Plz give me some suggestions.

  109. Hi Chetan,

    Your post is very encouraging. I hope people reading my post could help me out. I am in San Diego for the past 21/2 years on H4 visa. My husband has applied for green card. I decided to study further and specialize in Regulatory Affairs and got admission in M.S Northeastern University- Regulatory affairs program. I want to change my status to F1- visa due to the CPT opportunities in this field. I was very particular about choosing this university, as my interest closely corresponded with the courses offered here and contacted the professors and got good feedback from them. My background before coming to US – I specialised in Masters in Pharmaceutical Research in UK.

    As you suggested in the post – When asked will I come back to my home country? In my case, what should I reply? If I say yes, will he trust me?
    I am allowed to study on H4 visa but F-1 gives me an option for CPT. Can I state this in the interview?
    This course does not require GRE. So I dint take it. But I took IELTS-TOEFL and I have international publications. Based on this I got admit. Will this affect granting me a F1- visa ?

    1. Hi Suparna,

      I am not sure what you should answer. I hope someone reading this would help you out!

      anyways, this is what i think – if you studied in U.K and have been staying in the U.S for so long, and your husband has applied for a Green card, you cannot say that you’d return to India. I wouldn’t believe if i were the visa officer 🙂 I guess being honest about your plans is the best option. You could probably tell him you want to make a career in that area, and a CPT would be a value addition since you can gain industry experience while at school itself.
      But the main problem here is F1 visa is not granted for potential immigrants and if you are honest with your plans, you’ll obviously be a potential immigrant. so i’m equally confused as you are. 🙁

  110. What did you told about UTA & RIT? Are these univ. soo bad? And wat about the visa chances if we select these univ?

    1. no buddy. i said all the univs are equally good. You just need to know why you chose a particular univ.

      1. Thanx Chetan

        Could you please give your facebook name.
        Mine is Sibin George Sam.
        Coz I’ve a lot to ask to you.

        Take care.

  111. Hey

    Your post was very impressive and useful. I have my interview on 14th and by reading this post, I already feel so confident 🙂 Very very well written ! kudos !

      1. HI!!!
        I have an toefl score of 90 and my acads %is 73(pharmacy)…i am applying for northeastern university.i dint take gre and this university requires only toefl and no gre for the course regulatory affairs…will be there any problem for me as i dont have gre?as per univ. ge is not equired pls suggest me with ua valuable thoughts

        1. I don’t think it’s a prob. but it might paint a different picture to them. They might think u applied to easy schools which don’t have a GRE requirement.
          Did you apply just to this univ or any other also? If you did, none of them had a GRE requirement?
          I feel if you applied to only one school which doesn’t ask for GRE scores, it will raise some serious questions.
          Whatever it is, don’t be scared of a reject. Be confident and convince him that you know why you chose this univ. That will get you the visa!

  112. Wow! this is a very informative and educative post. I hope all will learn one thing or the other from this. @ Javier, I’m sorry about your experience, I think you can still apply in the future with your boyfriend’s as sponsor but this time around from the UK. If you have have evidence that he now lives and work in the UK, you might be able to convince the VO that you will come back upon graduation especially if you are married to him then. One caution though: Be consistent with the information on your documents.

  113. I’m a 30 years old Spanish man living in the UK. After 7 years in London and working on television I met somebody from Hawaii, he could move to the UK very easy, but I always wanted to finish my film production degree in America, so after a year of paperwork, translations, tofl exams, I got approved by the university of Hawaii and I was very excited to study and be with the person I love there at the same time.

    Next thing I did was to talk to a immigration lawyer from Hawaii explaining my situation: my boyfriend was financially supporting me and I didn’t know if I should say the truth about my financial sponsor or no. The lawyer said to me to be truthful, never lie and I should be fine as soon as I show that my family support me and I want to study.
    Well… that wasn’t the case, they denied my visa last month under the 214b because they say that I wanted to live with him and not to study, but that is wrong, the reason why I applied and spent so much money is because I want to study, living together isn’t a problem cos he offered himself to move to the uk.
    I didn’t want to give up, so my grandmother put my name in her properties and her bank account with enough money to support me financially. Also the company I work for in the UK wrote a letter saying that I’ve been a key member in the team for 6 years and they recommend me the program in that university, and that they are looking forward for me to return to the company after graduating and use my additional skills for the company as they are expanding internationally right now. The letter was written by the COO of my company because of all these years working together.
    Well, I went back to the embassy yesterday for the second time, after 4 hours waiting I was asked the typical questions, what degree, why America and no UK, and then they start asking about the person who is in the i20 form (my boyfriend), I told him that “I met him many years ago and is a good friend who offered himself to help me in anything if I need it, BUT the person that will pay everything is my family (my grandmother)”, I offered to show him the paperwork of my family but he wasn’t interested, he didn’t want to see any of my ties to my home country. He then asked for the work letter, he started to write lots of things in the computer while I was explaining that I have all the support from my company, also that when I finish my degree it will give me more job opportunities in the company and in the tv industry in the UK because I know many people, only that right now I don’t have the education level enough to apply for this jobs, and finally he said that he agreed with the first decision that I don’t qualify for the visa, and gave me the same form. I try to ask him why this time and he didn’t tell me, only said “sorry I know this is a big disappointment for you”.

    I have an amazing career in the UK and the only reason I want to go to the US is to study and then come back with my partner. I don’t like America, but I do believe that a film production degree in America will open many doors in my career when I return to Spain in the future.

    Now I know for sure that I screwed up the first time when I talked about my boyfriend. I should have kept him away from all this application and remove any contact with any person in America, just me and my family.

    Now I’m giving up, this is so humiliated, felt like a criminal and now I’m in the system with 2 visa denials that will affect me in the future when I want to travel to America. Now I assume I can’t even apply for a 6 months travel visa. I saved so much money the last year that I feel that I need a break. Now my boyfriend is moving to the UK, but I won’t have an American education, I will have to finish it here (which is ok, but not what I wanted)

  114. Awesome post bro.. Really very useful.. Great post really impressive.. Thanks a lot for sharing……………. Keep it up!

  115. Hi Chetan,

    It is indeed a very useful post. You have done a great job of motivating future aspirants, which can be seen in the comments.
    Keep up the good work man !!!


    1. Hi Vandit, Thank you! I am thrilled to read the comments here! can’t express how much i’m loving it 😀
      a BIG thanks to HSB again!!

    1. Dear Nag,

      USP=Unique Selling Proposition. In this case, it simply is the unique or special course/facility offered by the university that has influenced your decision to select that particular university.

    2. Unique selling point. Do some research on the course structure, labs etc. Compare it with other colleges and make a note of 2 or 3 unique areas. This can be your answer when he asks why this univ?

  116. Great post! Its so darn motivating. I think I read this just at the right time, my VI is on the 8th of June. Got an admit from NEU. Hope everything goes well! Again, great post…awesome! Cheers! 😀

  117. This post was awesome and right now i think i am ready for my interview on Thursday 07/06. Thanks guys…

  118. Yeah i think this was one of the greatest blogs on this F1 visa stuff and its impressive. Thanks

  119. Hey chetan!..Thanks for your insight on visa interview process. Could you please confirm if the OPT period has actually been extended to 24 months now as you mentioned? If so, it would be beneficial for everyone studying there or aspiring to study.

  120. really very useful bro….excellent explanation abt interview..one of the best article by HSB…

  121. Very Nice Article. Thanks a lot. My F1 was rejected for no apparent reasons. It is true I was nervous because I was first in Q and all others were watching. I had 2 back logs I didnt explain it.
    because she didnt ask me. I am giving second interview on 7th Pl advise and whether my Visa will be approved.I am going for MS in MIS at UTD

    1. Hey! If you have backlogs, give a convincing reason to why that happened and how you improved in your later semesters. Don’t wait for him to ask. You will surely crack it this time!

  122. Hey Chetan,

    It was one of the most useful blogs I have seen.
    I have a query and it would be great if you could help me out.
    I have an admit from NEU, My father is retired but we have sufficient funds.
    I’m also gonna say that my bro will sponsor along with dad plus have taken 20 lakh loan
    Will that be a hindrance to get a Visa??

    1. Hi Yashaswi! sufficient savings, and a loan will be sufficient afaik. If you are convinced about your funds, you can convince him too! 😀

      1. Hi chetan,

        That was a great post and was a confidence booster for me..thanks a lot.
        One small doubt that I had was whether I can tell the VO that I have taken help from a consultant for sending out applications to universities? Also, if asked can I tell him a few of my relatives live in the US or is that going to be a problem?

        My interview is on June 14th. Please respond in time..thanks again.

        1. bhargavi, i am really sorry. I missed this comment somehow! still, i hope you see this in time.
          Don’t mention anything about the consultants. They wouldn’t like it.
          If asked about your relatives, say no. You need not mention anyone except blood relations. but i don’t know what you filled up in your DS160. so whatever you say, let it be the same as what you filled up. all the best for your interview!

  123. Well said buddy.. I’ll definitely read this again before I go for my Visa Interview. It’s given me a lot of confidence 🙂

  124. I got this link at very opportune time. I have VI one day after tomorrow. I am feeling more confident after reading this. Thank you

  125. Super Like………..!!!!!!!!!:):)

    Just Amazing post ..Never thought in this direction.Till now whatever posts related to Visa that I have read it only increases my apprehension and nothing else.This is one such post which makes one relaxed.

    Thanks for the amazing post…

  126. Very insightfull thoughts you have here.
    Thanks to HSB, but for this site, some of us would have gone to our interviews not prepared.

  127. really awesome post but what about the backlocks issue. like said in the post if we wanna study we got admission .and we have funds . but still they reject people with many backlocks and low gre . when the univ is fine with it then y do these people reject on low acads. every body has a right to study .

    1. When we have lot of backlogs, a high GRE or work-ex is very important. Otherwise, there is every possibility of coming across as a non-credible student just trying to go to some university.

      1. thanks chetan for reply. but we have seen people with low gre like 270 and 15 backlocks have managed to land in usa. what is the criteria for the visa. here who is credible and who is not credible people with 80 % high gre have also been rejected. i cant understand what is basic point for analysing

        1. well in such cases, it depends quite a bit on the visa officer.
          Since the scores are low, confidence, gestures and body language will be most important. You should make him feel you are credible. but be prepared to answer why you scored less and why you didn’t retake GRE.

  128. Awesome post, You practically read my mind!!!
    Everyone must read this post before going to the interview!!!!

    1. hey, did you mean 221g? you will certainly get it! There are apparently no rejections in 221g cases.

  129. Take a bow man.. I would suggest all the aspirants and my mates to read this article for sure before the day of their interview… This will increase our confidence immensely..

  130. A very well written post. Instant food for thought . Easy to digest and assimilate. Suuuuuperb! n thanks.

  131. Firstly, great article.. well done.. Thanks a lot………
    Secondly, what could be the reason for the vo to ask if someone has taken help from a professional consultant.?

    1. hey thank you!
      VOs tend to think that the consultants suggest specific colleges to students by getting into some kind of a mutual agreement with the college. They obviously won’t like any involvement of a third party.

    this post made my confidence level better and boost me to be strong and confident during interview..

  133. I’d say this is by far the best article I’ve read about F1 visa interviews..Usually what I see here on HSB is people sharing their experiences by writing exactly what the VO’s ask them & all that stuff.But this article has mentioned all those tiny areas where one often fails.
    Good job bro! Thank you for your kind words of guidance & god bless! 🙂

  134. really good…..at least it inspire but some situation is like that when one expect too much….so as you mentioned, if person has nothing to loose then he will be fearless anyway…

  135. What an article!! All the fears and apprehensions about visa interview have been put aside by explaining in simple words. Great writing and guidance. Thanks!

  136. I recieved 221g orange form.
    VO just asked me about the research which I want to take at my PhD course. After that she handed me 221g –orange form.
    Please advice how to fill it up, and is there any chance to be rejected?

    1. I am certain your visa would be approved. There will not be any rejections for 221g cases. congrats!

      1. Sorry for this stupid question!! But what is 221 g bro?? I seriuosly dont get it. Is it only for US or do other countries also have this 221g cases. What is it actually??

        1. Hey! ofcourse, it’s only for U.S. 🙂 221g is given in cases when they need some more time to process the application. You will be sent an email to which you should reply with your research interests etc. i don’t know what exactly.

          Q. How to avoid 221g?
          A. Best way is by not using too many technical terms like i talked about in this post. If you go too deeply into the subject and confuse him, he’ll probably give this 221g. It only means that they need some more time to know what exactly you want to do. Visa is assured though! (and i am not sure about this – people in this category are given visa for only 2 years rather than 5)

    2. Even I have received 221g orange form. I was told to submit my resume and answers to few questions related to my research. Can anyone let me know how much time will the consultant take to process my visa and what is the chance of getting my visa approved. I am really worried.

      1. hey it might take 3-4 weeks for the processing but don’t worry you’ll definitely get the visa! There are NO rejections in these cases.

        1. Thanks Chetan. Your words gave me a lot of confidence. Also, keep up your good work as it is of great help to people like us.

          1. Hey chetan!!
            The day when I received 221g- orange form I informed my university about it. They have forwarded me a letter of support. Now my question is should I forward this to the consultant or should I wait for 4 weeks and allow the US consulate to do their work.

            Waiting for your response.

    3. Hey Anirban,

      What is the subject that you are going to do Ph.D in?
      And which university?
      Which all univ did you apply?
      Please reply.

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