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gpa converterAre you looking for GPA Converter to convert your academic percentage to GPA in 4.0 Scale?

I have received several 100 questions for readers about converting percentage to GPA and other related conversions to GPA.  Here are some of the questions

How to convert academic percentage (1 – 100) to GPA and CGPA Score to (0 – 10)  to GPA?

Every student when filling out the graduate school application have the same question. And most of them try to find a GPA Converter. I was in the same situation and few years back and searched all over the place for a GPA converter to convert my academics (80%) in percentage to GPA to fill the graduate school application.

I sent several emails to students in USA at that time and posted messages in the groups, asking for a formula to convert percentage to GPA. I wasn’t able to find one universally accepted formula or converter.

What is GPA?

I got one email asking for profile evaluation and he said GPA his 4.0 and he was from India.  So, I wrote back and asked him how did you convert his academic percentage to GPA?

His reply was, he just assumed GPA is 4.0, since he didn’t know how to convert his academics to GPA.

So, let’s first understand what is GPA. In countries like India, Percentage system ( 1 to 100) is used to grade a student’s performance. Similarly, in U.S. Universities use GPA for grades which is between 0 to 4.0


Grade Point Average (GPA) is an internationally recognized calculation used to find the average result of all grades achieved for your course.  Using GPA

  • one can compare your results with those of other students
  • prospective employers interpret your results.
  • Reflects  your academic potential
Grade Grade value
High distinction 4.0
Distinction 3.0
Credit 2.0
Pass 1.0
Near pass 0.7
Fail 0.3
Withdrawn fail 0.0

How is GPA Calculated:

John gets following grades

  • Course X = Grade of B in a three credit course.
  • Course Y = Grade A in 3 Credit Course
  • Course Z = Grade A in 3 credit hour course

Total Points

  • X = 3.0 x 3 = 9
  • Y = 4.0 x 3 = 12
  • Z = 4.0 x 3 = 12


Calculate the points for each of your courses, add them up, and divide by the total credit hours you have taken… the result is your GPA.

  • GPA = ( 9 + 12 + 12 ) / 9 = 3.67

Universities in USA convert academic percentage to GPA in order to calculate the academic capability of  a student. Application are rejected, when minimum GPA requirements aren’t met.

How is Percentage Calculated

Percentage calculation is simple. There are no credit hours involved.

  • Course X : 88%
  • Course Y : 89%
  • Course Z : 87%

So, average of the course percentage is the total academic percentage  which is 88%

GPA Converter Formula

There is no universal way to convert Academic percentage to GPA or CGPA to GPA or any other scale to GPA.

In addition to percentage score of 1 to 100, there are several other academic scale -

  • Russia – 5.0
  • Europe – 6.0
  • Ukraine – 12.0

There has to be some form of mapping between different academic standards right?

No there isn’t a universal, scientific  GPA Converter.

But, U.S. Universities convert have some form of GPA Converter. But, its specific to each school.

But before explaining some GPA conversion formulas used by colleges, let me explain how Grades are calculated in U.S. Colleges and University.

GPA vs Percentage

Even though both the system evaluates the student’s performance, they are not same or it’s not possible to equate both the grading systems.

So, can we convert Percentage or CGPA to GPA?

Another GPA Calculation Example

Like percentage, Grades will be assigned to student for each course. Grades are A = 4.0; B = 3.0; C = 2.0 ; D = 1.0; F = 0; And for each course based on difficulty level weights will be assigned. It’s called Credit Hours.

Usually Graduate courses in Masters program will have 3 Credit Hours. For our example lets assume all 3 courses have 3 credits each. Lets say at end of the semester, professor assign you following grades

  • Grade B to Course X
  • Grade A to Course Y
  • Grade A to course Z

GPA is calculated as follows

  • Total Grades = Sum of (Grade * Credit Hours) = B*3 + A*3 + A*3 = 3*3+4*3+4*3 =33
  • Total Credit Hours = 3+3+3 = 9
  • GPA = Total Grades/Total Credit Hours = 23/9 = 3.66

And the way in which Grades are assigned is another whole topic of discussion.

Students performance will be evaluated throughout the semester which includes Home work, Programming Assignments, Pop Quiz, Exams, Presentations, etc.

Now, you will have an understanding of the Grading System in U.S. and its very clear to say – Percentage will not exactly correlate with GPA calculation.

But, Universities will have some general mechanism to convert percentage to GPA and that varies with each University. They have their own GPA converter. 

If you are looking for a formula to like Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion for GPA Converter, you are not going to find any.

So, you really can’t convert academic percentage or CPGA to GPA.

Best way to say is mention your current academic percentage in the college admission application. Colleges will know what to do with your percentage score and some instances, colleges might ask for a  transcripts evaluation, which will include GPA calculation based on the company.