Posisble to Change College Major After Submitting Application?

hi i wanted to know that during my application i had applied to MS-EEE Fall 2011 with a choice of electric and power engineering  but now i am interested in signals and systems so can we change to it once we reach there or not?

Major/Branch Change After Application

US Education system is very flexible. You can change your majors/branch after getting admission. In many instances, major change is not an issue at all. It is always better to decide you major after completing atleast 1 semester of course work.

Perspective towards subjects will change when you take courses in US universities. Students applying from India, tend to select majors based on job opportunities. If you ask a computer science student, most of them will say Database or Networking. Same applies to Electrical or other department students.

You might have submitted application with Electrical and Power Systems as major, but if you get aid from a professors in Power Systems, your interest will change all together. I have seen very few students who would say ” I want to major in this area, even though I can get aid if I change majors”.

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  1. Faraz on January 4, 2011 at 7:53 AM

    I want to apply in MSTECH Electronics Engineering Technology degree in ASU University. Please tell me if it is a credible degree, what is the importance of these technology degrees???

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