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10 Checkpoints for US Grad School Admission Process

A typical student applying for admission at U.S. colleges and universities has to go through various stages during a school admission process.

Here is a list of 10 successful checkpoints during graduate school admission at US Universities:

  1. The day you decide to study in US
  2. The day you complete GRE and TOEFL Exam
  3. Completing preparation of Admission Application materials (including bank statements, etc.)
  4. The day you mail the application to first university/college
  5. The day you complete sending the last college admission application package
  6. The day you get the acceptance from first school
  7. The day when you receive the first I-20
  8. The date and time when you get F1 Student Visa stamped in the passport
  9. The day of travel to US (mostly for the first time to most of the students)
  10. The day you land on U.S. soil

There will be various steps that you have to complete under each of the above successful checkpoint.

Some students just give up right after taking the GRE Exam, while a few drop out of the process after getting their visa rejected a couple of times.

A very few even decide not to go to the US even after getting their F-1 student visa.

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  1. got 1160 in GRE ( 750 in Quant and 410 in Verbal), which all universities can i apply in if i want to pursue in Mechanical or Mechanical and Aerospace field?

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