Provisional, Probationary vs Unconditional Admission

When you get college admission in USA, your I-20 will state one of the following admission types.

  1. Unconditional Admission
  2. Probationary admission
  3. Provisional admission

In this post lets explore above 3 types of admission and how it impacts your financial aid.

If you have an understanding about different admission types and flowchart of graduate school admission process, you can be better prepared during visa interview.

Unconditional  admission

  • Unconditional or Full admission to a graduate degree program means that you have met all requirements for admission
  • Have been accepted by the department and the graduate School

Basically, you got admission without any problems.

Probationary admission

Probationary admission means that you have do not meet all requirements for full admission. This can a low GPA (or percentage), not meeting department requirements, or lack of background for the chosen master’s program. You will change from probationary to unconditional admission upon completing the requirements.

  • For example, if you apply for department transfer (Mechanical to Computer Science), you will have to complete all the pre-requisite courses before you will be considered in unconditional admission status.
  • If your first semester GPA drops below 3.0 your admission status will go to probationary.

Students will not be eligible for financial aid under probationary admission.

Provisional admission or Conditional

Provisional admission is usually give when some of the some admission documents are missing. For instance, when you are applying for Fall 2011, you might not have senior year (7th and 8th semester) transcripts and degree certificate. You will be allowed to college with provisional admission status.