25 Questions and Answers from HSB Facebook Page

Yesterday before going to the bed, I posted the following question in Happy Schools Blog’s Facebook Fan page.

Can you suggest some topics for future blog posts?

Several fans posted question. So, I decided to answer them short and sweet today.

Azhar Ali

how to get pr in usa

There are several ways to get Green Card in USA legally. F1 Visa to H1B Visa to Green Card (slow and time consuming unless you are in EB1)

Avi Nash

Will der b any impact of us markets on students who want to fly abroad…if so, wt r d thngs we need to follow ..to over come those thngs

Ofcourse there will be impact and it depends on your expectations. Are you looking for quality education that will help you life long or trying to make quick bucks. You have rest of the life to make earn money.

Azhar Ali

Big company were indian students can come up with their ideas

You don’t need to work for big companies to come up with ideas. Even small company will do.

Inderpal Dhillon

I have passed my 12th grade this year. which should i prefer? College or university

If you are asking about USA, then you can go to community college first 2 years and then transfer to 4 year college (or university).

University has several colleges.

Ajit Narwal

Travel cards rates and options for paying fees like wiring etc.

I’m not sure what you mean by travel cards. I have written several posts about money transfer. Even yesterday I answered a questions about sending money.

Srikanth Komirshetty ?

1.About consultancies in India (more precisely in AP)..
2.Education Loan process in India.
3.Specializations in Master’s ( for all the streams)
4.can IELTS be replaced with toefl? Related issues…

> If you are completing under graduate schools, you should have atleast exposure to find right consultancies.

> Simple, talk to the banks. Some bank managers have no clue on what they are talking about.

> I think I have posted for 2 fields. I will add this to my to-do list.

> Yes, you can use IELTS instead of TOEFL for several schools in USA. Check with the school.

Azhar Ali

Does backlogs come into account when applying for usa?

Man, do you really read any of the blog posts related to F1 Visa experiences?

Inderpal Dhillon

Will they give me visa if i apply for a college in a small town or city with less tuition fee????

Answers is Yes. But, what made you think visa might not be given for small town colleges?

Harish Kumar

Education in European countries ..

I just started writing about Canada. Europe wil take time.

Srikanth Komirshetty

[email protected] Visa doesn’t depend on the tuition fee


Achyut Raj Pandey

Education in Europe with focus in Norway , Finland and Poland

Why do you want to fo to Norway, Finland and Poland? Just wondering if you love snow and cold so much 🙂

Mehdi Pasha

Education in Australia and they advantages

US and Canada now, Australia will come soon.

Rushik Panchal

Placement in usa?

Unlike in India, companies don’t come for campus interview. Only in top select few colleges, companies recruit regularly. It’s your job to find a job.

Anshul Chawla

You posted earlier a blog…suggesting which laptop to buy , and preferred mac book pro, can please explain where mac will be able to support softwares needed in a ms. cs. course..thnx

Thats something you have to figure out. Also, you can run Windows 7 in Mac.

Hemanth Raju

If visa interview has chosen one university we get the visa then we dont go to that university so transfer the university to another university with out going to usa or transfer with in one month

You have to ener USA with current visa then apply for transfer.

Angelo Kurian

Life in US as a student, the two years,the mistakes that we might make(academics only),just a suggestion

Sure. I will keep this in my to-do list.

Anirudh Padmala

Busting the Myths about admission in a university in canada?

Can you list fw myths to bust?

Tocqo Newman

USA Colleges/universities which offer Full scholarships for Msc and Phd students to INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS in particular for fall 2012

No such universal list exist and I’m not spending time to collect that. If you academic achievement, then money will come.

Abhijeet Singh

There r many topics abt jobs in USA and how to build ur resume, contacts etc… however, nothing abt scene for entrepreneurs…

Let me say you this – USA Immigration policy is not friendly for entrepreneurs (non-immigrant). Its easy for someone to start a company from outside USA than within USA (if you don’t have certain visa types). Thats one of the reasons US is losing so many entrepreneurs.

Mohammed Rafi

LOW FEE mba colleges in US N CANADA………..will be helpful for many………………even master’s in management….thank u

There are several specialized sites for MBA. You may have to refer to those sites.

Keshob Sharma

Masters and PhD courses in Humanities and Social Sciences would be a nice topic and would be hily appreciated. Economics is also a nyc and growing sub to discuss. I would be highly grateful getting list of universities offering economics phd or masters.

I’m not sure if I’m going to write about that.

Alagiavanan Saravanan ?

“New GRE is damn easier”..

🙂 Yes, New GRE is Dam easier for those you score above their target score and it will be damn tough for those who have high target score, but preparations is not upto the expected level and end up scoring low.

Mahb Bhai Hyderabad Waley

How to wait for 1 year during 221G?

Are you asking who to spend 1 year? Seriously, you should know things you can do to improve yourself.

Example – Teach at small school or be a part-time lecturer. It will help you gain exposure and experience.

Naren Kumar

MBA and MS courses available and employment rate and trends according to the courses

At times I don’t understand when someone asks a question like this.

Let me ask you a follow-up question.

Are you planning to major in all available fields in MS or MBA? At least you can specify MS in Computer Science.

Joshan John

Well known specializations for specific courses in each of the top US and Canada Universities…

You have to find what is your interest, then find which schools offer research in your area of interest. Not the other way around.

I think, I have answered all the questions posted in the facebook at the time of this writing.

What do think about doing the same,  like once every 2 weeks?