150 Bogus Colleges in UK Shutdown, Students Cheated by Counselors

The United Kingdom has shutdown 150 bogus colleges and their future is uncertain. The British government has no answers for the thousands of affected students enrolled in the closed schools.

The government had not given any statements on what would happen to those poor students, giving no assurances whether their tuition fees will be refunded or not.

Tier – Four License

Since last March, all education institutions which want to bring non-European Union students into the country need to be approved by the UK Border Agency and granted a “tier four” licence.

Tier Four – Requirements

  • The college should have been inspected, audited or reviewed by an appropriate body (if you are subject to public review);
  • The college holds valid accreditation from an appropriate body (if you are not subject to public review); or
  • The college directly offers short-term ‘study abroad’ programmes in your own premises in the UK

Varun’s Fate

Varun took a loan of Rs 4 lakh in Ahmedabad to do a course in administrative management in London. Barely a few weeks into the course, he heard his college may be shutting down.

“I paid an agent 4,500 pounds to get admission here. I came here and got to know that the fee is only 1000 pounds. Ten days ago, we learned that our colleges are not on Tier-4. Our principal is also not telling us what’s happening. We want to know what’s going on,” he said. [Source – http://bit.ly/ccHtb8]

UK Education Consultancies

In general, colleges and universities in the UK and Australia are more into deploying hiring agents in different countries to recruit students.

On other hand, US universities consider that as a bad practice and comparing to UK and Australia, not many US Universities are into that practice.

Mostly, you will find some small private universities having agent contracts to recruit students. [Indian Students in the UK seek Charity.]

If you plan to apply at colleges and universities through consulting companies, be sure to find more details about them.

We plan to write an article on how to interview higher education consultants so you can make better decisions.

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  1. Rajesh Patel on February 13, 2011 at 8:30 PM

    Dear Sir,

    Your article is eye-opener for everybody including UK Govt, colleges & schools, Uni, students & agents.

    I would like to mention that there must be some strong activities from UK govt itself to check the affiliation or facilities of the colleges. Before the visa, such colleges are always in list of UKBA; then where is the fault of students or agents ? Why govt is not strict to give such accreditation or affiliation before approval ? I think this will improve the image of UKBA also. At the same time, students should not ask for low cost tuition fee colleges for easy visa.

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