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Applied to Universities Without Surname in Passport

First of all i would like to thank you for providing valuable information for students who aspire to pursue higher studies in US like myself. After reading
the following posts:

  1. No Surname in Passport, FNU in US Visa
  2. Surname: Passport, Certificates and Mark sheet
  3. Invalid GRE Score if Last Name changes in Passport?

i came to know that my surname field is empty in my passport, i had no idea that  it would be a problem for me when i got the passport done.

To come to the point, i have given my gre and toefl and also applied to  universities in US and presently waiting for replies from them. While
registering for gre, toefl & university application i have given my name as:

  • first name: AXXX
  • last name: CXXX

and in all my certificates, voter id, D.L, marks cards and transcripts it is “Axxx Cxxx” itself, but in the passport it is:

  • surname: ” blank “
  • given name: Axxx Cxxx

i have received toefl score card with my name as Cxxx, Axxx. Now that from the link no 3.  i know that i have done the right thing, what i want
to know is should i notify all the universities telling them that i will apply for a change of name, surname: Cxxx; given name: Axxx
so that they wont send me an I-20 with FNU since i have sent a copy of my passport bio page to all of them.

Is getting my name changed in the passport the right option?  Should i wait for the universities’s decision or notify them immediately?

Solution – FNU Name

Go ahead and change your name in the passport to include surname; assuming that you have submitted applicaiton with first name as Axxx and last name as Cxxx.

Check your I-20 and if correct name is used, then with new name in the passport, you will be fine. If not, you can ask for new I-20. Let university go ahead with admission process now,  don’t disturb them.


  1. suraj surendra on August 10, 2012 at 6:48 AM

    i am from kerala but brought up in i have applied for passport with leaving blank for surname. Actually we dont have surnames our fathers name will be added at the end of our name..all my douments ,certificates will be having my name as suraj surendra.. so is there any problem i have face will applying to foriegn universities..plzzz suggest me

  2. shair khan on February 2, 2011 at 9:00 AM

    hi,i have registered for gre in last week of feb,but the problem is i got passport wthout surname will it cause any problem while writing gre,bcoz i dont have time to change my name in passport as dis passport officials take much time to solve my problem,so i cant take risk so please advise me how to get rid from this problem…..

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