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GRE Tutorials and Classes Necessary?

GRE Tutorials are always an interesting topic, esp in India.

For international readers, the word “Tuition” in this article, refers to additional classes usually aimed at assisting one’s preparation for class curriculum or more likely, a competitive exam.

Tutorial services is a great business proposition and every other person seems to have an opinion on whether or not you should opt for tutorials or not.

What qualifies me to talk about GRE  tutorials? 

I attended a strict and hectic, yet completely worthwhile tuition setup during my pre-university.

I have also been a student of a popular online tutorial service to aid my preparations for my first GRE, a year back. My second shot at the GRE, I opted to prepare by myself.

If you have attended tutorials before, you can individually take a call on whether you need tutorials for the GRE or not. However, in my opinion, the following are reasons why one should opt for tutorials.

  • GRE is an expensive affair, and you would most likely want to finish it in a single attempt. First time GRE takers aren’t familiar with the exam, its format, its nuances and can’t figure out an approach plan. Tuitions, having had the experience of coaching thousands of similar aspirants can greatly help. They can brief you on matter in minutes, that you could individually take up to days in front of the internet to figure. They are, in a way the catalyst, accelerating your process of understanding the GRE.
  • When it comes to helping you prepare for the exam, again, tutorials accelerate the process of you having to search for the right material, and help you on decide how much material is necessary and sufficient. Of course, making the best use of these materials is left to an individual. Also, most tutorials can boast of knowledgeable guides and resource-persons (as we are used to calling), who more often than not, can accurately judge a student’s abilities and offer personalized advice that really helps. They also act as a contact-point for you to clarify any doubts you have regarding the exam, instead of you having to endlessly wait on your Facebook messenger for a senior to reply(Of course, most queries can be already found answered on the world wide web).

Coming to what I believe are the potential drawbacks.

  • Fees! You are often left to wonder if what you pay is worth every penny. One reason for this is that most people tend to compare the amount they have paid to the amount of physical material received. Tutorials sell knowledge and information, and making every penny count depends on how brilliantly one extracts information for his guides (which again, can be found on the internet).
  • Tuition services in India pop up everywhere. My experience is that almost anyone with mediocre skills can end up being a tutor/guide. This can both be de-motivating and completely worthless. Your peers and online reviews can, to some extent help you choose a decent tuition institute.

My conclusion is that, provided you have helpful peers and given that one usually plans for a GRE well ahead in time, one can easily manage above average scores in the GRE without requiring the services of a tuition provider.

Also note that it pretty much comes down to your own self. If you are comfortable in attending a tutorial class, find/research a good institute and go for it. This article is aimed at helping in-betweeners to decide on whether to opt for a tutorial service or not.

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  1. Hai Harini!!!
    Can i know the books which u prepared from to take the new GRE!! My GRE is on dec 19th and i need to know the books and the practice tests which u prepared from just in 15days of time.It will help me a lot.Thanks

  2. I also believe that tuition for GRE is not necessary. I scored 1320(old format) – 318(translated in new format)….. from just 1 week of studying.

    I have seen people preparing months in advance,….. I had planned accordingly but summer internship meant no time. As long as you do not allow the exam to scare you, you should be fine.

  3. I really don’t think anyone needs tuitions for GRE. It’s just a money-making idea.
    I got a 316 with 15 days of preparation. And the students who plan to attend tutorials have way more time than that!
    So i don’t think it’s required at all!!

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