Average GRE Scores Princeton University

Average Revised GRE Scores – Princeton University

Average GRE Scores Princeton University
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What is the Average GRE Scores for Princeton University?

Fortunately, Princeton University lists the Average GRE Scores with other Grad school admission stats.

Graduate School Admission Statistics – 2012/13

  • Number of Students Applied – 12,077
  • Accepted Admission Offer Admitted – 620

While graduate candidates submit applications to the Graduate School, faculty members in the individual departments that will award the degrees review the applications and make recommendations to the dean for admission.

Average GRE Scores Princeton University

Average Graduate Record Examination scores vary by discipline and following Average GRE Scores are based on students application, admitted and enrolled for academic year 2012 – 2013.

Average GRE Verbal Score

Division Applicants Admits Enrollees
Architecture 156 158 158
Engineering 158 161 160
Humanities 162 164 164
Natural sciences 159 162 160
Social sciences 161 164 163
Woodrow Wilson School 161 163 163

Average GRE Quantitative Score

Division Applicants Admits Enrollees
Architecture 158 158 158
Engineering 164 165 165
Humanities 154 155 155
Natural sciences 162 164 163
Social sciences 160 163 162
Woodrow Wilson School 158 159 159

Its good to see the data of not only admitted students, but the Average GRE Scores for Princeton Graduate School applicants, admitted and enrolled students.


In 2010-11, Princeton University awarded 350 Ph.D.’s and 169 final master’s degrees. The University emphasizes Ph.D. programs in the humanities, social and natural sciences, and engineering.

Princeton has no business, law, or medical schools.

Graduate Admission – 2011

Division Applications Admits %
Humanities 1,594 139 9%
Natural sciences 2,601 380 15%
School of Architecture 549 44 8%
School of Engineering and Applied Science 2,907 302 10%
Social sciences 3,244 220 7%
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs 1,182 147 12%
Total 12,077 1,232 10%

Financial Aid – Princeton University

Here is an another interesting Fact about Princeton University

All Ph.D. and many master’s degree candidates in the Graduate School receive financial support for the duration of their degree program through some combination of University fellowships, assistantships in research or teaching, and non-University awards.

Read the first line again – All PhD and Many Masters.

If you GRE Scores are within the Average GRE Scores for Princeton University and if courses offered by Princeton matches your interest, you should apply for this prestigious university.

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  2. Sir, my GPA is not that good, as I have shoulder pain, and hence difficulty to complete my paper; but I am very good at my oral presentation and MCQs (as I don’t have to write), so is it possible for me to get good university on my LOR, SOP and GRE score?

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