GRE Study Plan: 1090 to 1420 in 21 Days

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My second attempt 22 July 2011

I got AWA section first. Essay question were awkward, both of them. It was hard to think what to write every sentence I wrote looks contradictory to myself only. Anyways I finished it off with whatever came in my head. I think I wrote okay not very good 🙁 God fetch me 3 at least: D

Argument question was easy. Done!

Then I got verbal section I did first 10 questions with lot of patience and tried to be very sure about what I am marking as an answer. After mastering 40 wordlist I was able to handle the questions perfectly. Even if I did not the meaning of the 1 or 2 word I used POE turned out to be a life saver.

When I got my quants section I was very much sure that I fought well in verbal war! I was not able to do quants properly at all. I was so much excited after my verbal, I was just wishing for quant’s section to end and I can see my scores.

I knew that I have to control myself and fight back in quant’s again same as I fought in verbal. I took 5 minutes to cool myself and now I have 40 minutes for maths. 40 minutes were sufficient to do 28 simple questions of quants. I got one huge table and 2 or 3 questions based on that.

As it was after 20th question I decided to play “Akar Bakar Bombay Bo” guessed them and moved ahead. Solved all the questions and then clicked show scores with my fingers crossed (crossed? don’t remember because I was completely numb after seeing my score)

My GRE score in second attempt :

  • Verbal : 630
  • Quant’s : 790
  • AWA : Pending
  • Total : 1420

The first time I added them, I was like HOLY SHIT!!! No I must have made some mistake; added them 3 4 times more on screen then with pencil and paper and then I was sure YAH!! Its 1420.

Then I selected 4 universities and got out of the center as soon as I can. I marked all A’s in feedback about the center even though it was not very good.


This is just my personal experience may be I am wrong at many places saying something or maybe you think 1420 is a crap anything below 1550 is bad then : hey it’s my experience. Even you can post your own here, eagerly waiting to read it :).

If you want to learn something from my experience. Here is a list of things to learn:

Most Important (HSB make it BOLD and RED if you can)

  1. DON’T COUNT THE DAYS, MAKE THEM COUNT. (Now I can write quotations 🙂 GRE 😀
  2. Always always and always believe in yourself!

I know all this seems like a lecture, it was same with me. It seems like a lecture when you read it but afterwards you realize how correct it is.


Now things to learn if you want to else you can close the window 🙂

  1. Practice a lot. Give lots of mock test.
  2. Don’t think that you can crack it without wordlist. Even for new GRE you need to know the words.
  3. Don’t waste time in mastering things which you are already good at. (This is basically for quants)
  4. Use to learn words with mnemonics. It is very helpful.
  5. Use a good book to learn how to solve questions, the tips and tricks. Don’t join coaching classes unless it is very necessary.
  6. Don’t keep any expectations. Just give your best. This is one the major reason which affected my performance in first attempt. I was just wishing to get a decent score while solving every question. When you are giving the test don’t think anything other than the questions. Try your best to answer it correctly, if you don’t know the answer make educated guess and move on. It is a CAT!!! But in any case don’t try to guess many questions, 1 or 2 here and there are okay.
  7. Squeeze out everything what powerprep offers you. Give it minimum 10 times. Also do the practice questions. Have a track of your scores; the average of all the scores is approximately the score you will get in GRE. (I think this is true for new pattern also)
  8. Don’t study a lot day before you exam. In my first attempt I was studying in my test center also. It is not an engineering subject paper; one night stands are not useful. They will only make things worse for you. Save your mettle for the actual exam.
  9. Be very calm and composed while giving the test. This is the biggest secret; do it and see the difference.
  10. Don’t depend on your luck and database. Prepare so much that you can easily say – F*** you luck!!!

HUH!!!! What else, I think this is all I have to say.

If you have any genuine queries please use the comment box below. You can even write me a mail at: NOPE NOT ALLOWED (If HSB allows this)

Please don’t start an argument in comment section about this post. This is just my experience and we all have many better things to do than arguing: P

GRE is simple, if you stick to basic. Dare to do something else; you are pretty much _____ and that that too very badly. (Like my first attempt :D)

Take care!

Thanks HSB I owe a lot to every post on your website. Now its time to read post about TOEFL. 🙂 Lets see how much you help me in that.

Hope this helps. Even if a single reader get benefited from this then all my effort in writing this long post will not go in waste.