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Young + Free Time + Money = Trouble?

time quality money success

I was driving to work today morning and I was thinking why students get into trouble. Why do they find it hard to work or improve their Test scores.

That’s when I realized, this could be the reason and came up with Formula 1.

Young Age + Free Time + Money = Trouble

Do you agree to the above formula?

If you are young  and have plenty of free time and money, trouble will follow you.

Here is the demographics for HSB readers

  •  70% Less than 25 years of Age
  • College Students
  • Have Free Time

I know what few folks are thinking.

“I’m young, I have Free Time and I don’t have Money, but I still get into trouble”.

Yeah. That’s simple. Here is Formula 2.

Young Age + Free Time + No Money + No Self-Discipline + No Self-Control = Trouble

Let me relate that to situation that will be familiar to my readers. Following question was posted in the Q&A Page

I took a prep test and scored a 137 in Quantitative and 148 in Verbal. The scores that the graduate program I am applying are 150 Quantitative and 153 Verbal. Is it even possible for me to raise my scores that high in 2 weeks?

I know exactly what is your  problem.

If you keep doing the same things again and again, you are going to get the same result.

If your practice test doesn’t show any score improvement, then you need to change how you do things, how you prepare for the test.

Now,  let’s go back to Formula 2.

Did you have self-control and discipline to spend time everyday for GRE test prep?

While preparing for the test, did you give 100% of your effort?

If you spent time doing same things over and over again without 100% effort or without proper study plan,  then how can you see the score improvement?

If you want different, improved results, then you have to do things differently.

Please, stay away from trouble. Here is the improved formula for success.

Young + Time +  Hard Work  + Plan = Success

Have Self-control.

Know when to party and when to be serious about your studies.

Stay Motivated. Stay Educated. Study Happily.

Question to You

Do you agree to my theory?

Have you go into trouble because of above theory?

What did you do recover?

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