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Average SAT Scores

Average SAT scores can be viewed from 2 aspects.

  • SAT scores of all students of a particular graduating class.
  • Average SAT Scores of all students accepted into  a college.

Average SAT Scores of admitted students would mean more value to you compared to Average SAT score of graduating class.

SAT Scores

Before finding out more about Average (mean) SAT scores for specific colleges, lets look at various components of SAT Scores.

There are 3 sections in SAT Test + 2 SAT Writing. Scores for each sections are between 200 to 800.

  • Critical Reading 200 to 800
  • Writing : 200 to 800
  • Mathematics: 200 to 800
  • Writing Sub Scores
    • Essay Score – 2 to 12
    • Multiple Choice Score – 20 to 80

Average SAT Scores

For SAT Test takers average scores is around 500 for each section. Which equates to 1500 out of 2400. Following table shows Average SAT Scores for previous few years.

Average SAT Score – 2010

SAT Sections Average SAT2010 Average SAT Score2009 Average SAT Score2008
Critical Reading 501 501 502
Mathematics 516 516 515
Writing 492 493 484

From Above table, you can conclude there is not much difference in Mean SAT scores for last 3 years. Infact, one can conclude Average scores is around 500 for all 3 sections. This when Average scores of students accepted into specific program and college comes into play.

Average SAT Scores for Colleges

Following list shows SAT scores of accepted students 25th and 75th percentile

Additional SAT Scores will be updated in this page. Stay tuned and book mark this page for future reference.


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