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What First and Last Name to Use When Registering for the GRE Test?

First Name & Last Name GRE Registration

You decided to Register for the GRE Test. Before you know, you are about to create your account at the ETS site to Register for the GRE.  The instructions ask you to use the exact names from the passport. Then you look at the first and last name and you are not sure how to…

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9 Best GRE Prep Books 2018 – Reviews and Rankings

best gre books 2016

Looking for Best GRE Prep Books for 2018-2019? I have seen several emails from my readers asking for the best GRE  Test Prep book and software. In this article, you will find Best GRE Books 2018, reviews and recommendations for GRE Test Takers. FACT: Preparing for GRE Exam preparation takes a lot of time and effort. FACT: Score…

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How to Change the Name After GRE Registration (But Before the Test)

Change Name After GRE Registration

Scenario: You have registered for GRE or TOEFL. And you realize that you made a mistake while you created the account at ETS and Registered for the GRE. So, you want to change your name after you have registered for GRE, but before sitting for the test. You are wondering if ETS would allow the…

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If the Last Name Changes in the Passport, GRE Scores Becomes Invalid?

GRE Scores After Name Change in the passport

Rahul posted the following comment in the post, Blank Surname in the Passport – GRE and Admission. Here’s what he said: I am Rahul Ramachandran. As posted by many people in this thread, I also don’t have a surname in my passport. But when registering for GRE and TOEFL, I gave Rahul as my first…

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[Solution] How to Register for GRE with Multiple First and Surnames?

gre registration names

If you have multiple first names or multiple surnames, how to create the account and register for the GRE Test or TOEFL Test? For example My name is Arun Jxxx Pxxx Bxxx Rxxx as per my passport and other certificates. For GRE (planning on taking it in november), the system doesn’t allow me to use…

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How to Change Name in Passport After Taking the GRE Test? (Solution)

Change Name After Taking The GRE Test

In the series of article about the how to register for GRE, What names to use while registering for GRE and how to change the name after registering for GRE, the next question is how to handle the name change after taking the GRE Test? Question: I have read all your posts and I am happy…

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Here’s 3 Best Books for AP and SAT US History Test Prep

best books sat ap us history reviews

What is the best book for SAT US History and AP US History Test Prep? I’m taking the SAT Subject Test – US History later this year. I wanted to know which is the best book for SAT US History for self-study. I will be taking SAT US History and World History test. I have…

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IELTS Listening Section – Find Strategies via Trial and Error (4 Strategies to Try)

ielts listening section strategies to try

In this Part 2 of how to improve your IELTS Listening score include the following topics Importance of Mindeset IELTS Listening section strategies IELTS Active vs Passive Listening Tracking your practice tests scores Work extra hard to improve the scores in weak question types Read the Part 1 of this IELTS Listening section – How…

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IELTS Listening – How to Practice to Improve Your Scores (Part 1 of 2)

ielts listening section how to practice to improve the scores

Practice makes perfect. But, I was wrong when it came to IELTS Listening Test Prep.  Repeatedly taking IELTS Listening practice tests did not improve the IELTS score in the listening section. Practicing for IELTS Listening Section is an art and it took me a while to realize that. But, that realization came in pretty late,…

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IELTS Test Experience – This is How I Scored 9 in the IELTS Listening Section

ielts listening section experience

I walked out of the IELTS Test. I came home and I started recollecting the answers for Listening Section. After a few minutes, I was able to recollect 38 questions and its answers. I wrote them down in a piece of paper. I wasn’t  sure about the answers to three other questions out of 40.…

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