Problems Due to Lengthy Surname in the Passport

I went through your posts on various issues regarding First Names and Surnames in Passports and other documents and found them to be very informative. Great job.

I have a similar problem but couldn’t find an explanation that would suit exactly to my situation, hence I thought of inquiring about it.

My name is Kxxx Bxxx K N where K stands for Kyyy and N stands for Nyyyy (K and N being the names of ancestral place of origin and my father’s name respectively).

All my documents –  Kxxx Bxxx K N.

Passport –

  • Given names: Kxxx Bxxx
  • Surname: Kyyy Nyyyy

I recently gave my GRE and I registered for the GRE

  • First name: Kxxx
  • Last name: Bxxx
  • Middle Initials: K N

The same will be sent to universities and I am thinking of using the same for filling out applications of universities under the same format of my name)

My predicament is, should I go for a change in the passport name to make it as

  • Given Names: Kxxx
  • Surname: Bxxx Kyyy Nyyyy

or should I leave it as it is ? Your help in this matter would be very much appreciated.


Name for GRE Registration

Atleast you are making an effort to fix your name problems. I have clearly explained things you should, when surname is missing in passport.

First you made a mistake while registering for GRE.

But, that issues can be taken care while submitting application. Include a an additional document, to show your various names used, and explain you have changed your name in the passport.

Fixing Your Name in the Passport

My suggestion would be to update your name in the passport. Having lengthy surname would be ok, but 2 surnames is problem.

I would recommend getting your passport with following name

  • Firts Name – Kxxx
  • Surname – Kyyy
  • Since your Nyyy is longer, I would go with Kyy.

I’m will ask a friend of mine with much longer names to explain the problems he’s having with his bank account, SSN, DL. He’s in US doing Masters.

He realized it will get messy in future with, as number of accounts increase.

He’s in the process of getting his names changed in the passport

  • Actual Name in Passport – Txxxxxxx VxxxxxSxxxxxx Syyyyyyy Kxxxxxx
  • New Name –  Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx

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  1. hey did the prometric ppl allow u to write the exam without any objections? cause i have a similar problem. not with my last name but middle name. i am yet to give my gre in 2 weeks. when i sent a mail to ets, they said it was ok since they see only the first and last name! pls do reply!

  2. My full name is G.Giridhar Reddy I gave my gre exam on the score card my name is printed as
    Giridhar G Reddy.The problem is my intial is between my first name and last name.On all my documents my name is G.Giridhar Reddy I want to apply for Universities,Can any one suggest if there will be any problem regarding this names.
    If i want to correct it then what should i do?

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