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Beyond the MBA Hype – Book Review

Beyond the MBA Hype – A guide to Understanding and Surviving B-Schools by Sameer Kamat.

Take my word – Buy this book.

It doesn’t matter whether you are applying for MBA or MS to UK or USA or any other countries.

Concepts discussed in this book is Must Read for any Indian student thinking about Higher Education in foreign countries.

Beyond the MBA Hype book review
Beyond the MBA Hype - Buy Now

Table of Contents

  • Why go for an MBA
  • The application process
  • MBA Industry
  • How to Improve your MBA profile for Top
  • Teaching and Evaluation Techniques
  • Saved by the Bell (Inside the Class)
  • The Skills gap
  • Networking
  • Internships
  • Career Hunt
  • Career Change
  • So whats your goal
  • Appendix A to E
  • Each and every page has information that you cannot overlook.

    Highlights of this Book

    This book is written by Sameer  – An MBA Graduate from University of Cambridge with several years of IT and Management experience.

    • Top Business schools preferred by Indian Students
    • Indian Students approach towards Networking (and its flaws)
    • Universities profile vs Students FIT
    • Detailed explanation of skills required to be successful in B Schools
    • Students want to do MBA for various reasons (Money, Job Change, Business, …) Each options are  discussed in-depth.
    • In Appendix B – Sameer talks about his typical day as an MBA student. Day starts at 6:30 AM and ends at 11 PM what happen in between.
    • Much more…

    Beyond the MBA Hype costs about Rs 175.

    Value that you will gain from this book is much more that what you pay for this book.

    Even though book is about MBA, concepts discussed apply directly to MS and  PhD admission.


    I spoke to Sameer recently over the phone, we have exchanged several emails. I asked him to send me a copy of his book, so I can read and write about it. I gained so much valuable information about MBA admission process to Top Business school.

    While I was doing Masters, I did the same mistakes  described in Networking Chapter. But, I was quick to identify those mistakes and fix them.

    Very likely you are going to repeat the same mistakes.

    Do yourself a favor. Skip couple of movies and use that money to buy Beyond the MBA Hype.

    I have received several emails from prospective students, asking if MBA is right for them (some of them hate programming and others want a short route be a manager)

    Beyond the MBA Hype will  answer most of your questions about  MBA and business schools admission.

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    1. In India we have MBA with finance,marketing human resource

      But we dnt have MBA with social administration , social services

      am eager to be a part of dis one.but some Indians only want money through our educations system

      plz provide me details if any college r uni providing such masters degree

      Im doing my masters in social administration in Chicago university
      i want to estb a university in India with social service courses .
      how to help people who are suffering for a plate of food al over India nd other parts of country

      I love my India
      make it feel proud

    2. Seems to be an interesting book. But no shipping to the United States. 🙁
      Even it is not there in Amazon.

      1. Yes, flipkart doesn’t ship to US and they are working to get it published in Amazon. But, book is customized for Indian students.

        1. HSB,

          I missed this comment due to recent comments followup plugin error. What do you mean by exactly ‘book is customized for Indian students’? Do you mean about shipping? Or Indian students who are planning for higher education?

          1. From what I understand after talking to Sameer, he wrote 2 version of the book (one for Indian students and other for students in US/UK). Thats the reason you don’t see the book in Amazon.

      2. Avinash,

        You could get a friend in India to order it and ship it. Lots of folks are doing it that way. Works out pretty cheap compared to buying books at a dollar rate on Amazon.

        The other option is to ask one of your colleagues travelling from India to pack a copy in his suitcase.

        Indians are a pretty creative bunch. So I’m sure you’ll get your hands on the book soon. Do share your views on it after reading.

        – Sameer

        P.S. Raghu, thanks for this review.

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