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I got an Admit, but during Recession, can I still come to the US?

Almost all international students have this dilemma. Recently, one student wrote this comment:

I got admit from 2 universities. I am almost prepared for coming US for my Masters for Fall 2009.
But my problem is all my friends, relatives are asking me to stop my plans to study in the US because of the tough times and economy in recession.
How long will the situation be the same? Can we expect the economy to recover after a year?

Every person has his or her own thoughts and feelings about the US economy. But to make a sound decision, you got to know and understand so many things.

Talk to people who have different views of the world. Both optimistic and pessimistic people.

Don’t make your final decision just based on a handful of people who said negative things about the economy. So asking opinions from your friends and family is absolutely perfect.

Usually, if you trust someone, by default you assume he or she is right and you tend to go with what that person has to say. A few days, later you might come across another influential person, who might advise you in a different way.

That’s when people get confused. But to make informed decisions, you got to hear as many opinions as possible from persons with different views.

This is what makes leaders different from managers and people who follow the leaders. I’m talking about something philosophical, right? If I say, you can go to the US, then it’s just going to be another person’s opinion.

But if I explain how to make a sound decision, it might help so many readers who got admissions to the Fall 2009 semester but are still undecided or confused.

Job Market in the US – Not Looking Good

The U.S. job market is not good and many people are losing jobs. There are so many questions surrounding this.

  • Is this going to continue for the next 2-3 years?
  • When is the job market expected to pick up?
  • If I get a job, will H-1B visa would be available?

It’s very hard to predict what can happen 1-2 years from now. Less than 9 months back, the job market was good, but so many changes had happened in a very short time.

Predict Future based on Past

To predict the future of how long will the US economy recover from recession, look at what had happened in the previous recession. The job market was bad during 2000 to 2003, but it was able to recover.

The same will happen for every recession. But how long will the recovery be is hard to say for certain. The new Stimulus Bill is expected to create new jobs, more than 3 million jobs.

Recently, some of the news media are reporting about the new jobs being created in the construction industry.

However, you have to make the ultimate decision – Can I come to the US to study for a master’s degree during an economic recession? My suggestion is this — If you attend a graduate school during recession and when the job market turns around, you will be in a better position to find a job.

Above all, to study in the US is a once in a lifetime experience/opportunity. Of the millions of students who graduate, you are now presented with a chance of your lifetime.

To know the value of a US education, you got experience it first-hand. So why waste that opportunity? Can you say what could happen 1-2 years from now?

No, we cannot predict the future, but when there is a chance in front of me, I would go for it. It’s always better to utilize the opportunity at hand.

Successful people utilize each golden opportunity to their advantage. Such opportunities are rare to come in one’s life.

Rare opportunity comes once is a while, but the willingness to take risks to prepare yourself to have a better chance would separate the successful from unsuccessful.

You can say that I’m an optimistic person. The worst case if you don’t take the risk, you might just end up spending money meant for your education.

If you happen to get some form of aid, then your U.S. education is almost free. If the economy doesn’t recover soon, then you will be left with a degree from a US university.

If not, you will still have a master’s degree and have spent your money. You can try for jobs in Canada, Australia, Singapore and so many other options.

But everything has almost equal probabilities and you have to weigh money vs. education. Any day, I will select education over money.

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Do write your thoughts and comments and of course your final decision — Did you decide to come to US — Yes or No?

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  1. I could not find a better place to post my query. It is that i wanna do my masters in robotics but am confused about various universities offering the course. I could find only a few and carnegie mellon being the most reputable amongst them. What are the universities offering it and about scope for it in the present US job

    scenario ?

  2. HSB

    It is nice of you to have written a very thought provoking article.

    yes i agree with you that any amount of money can be spent on Education purpose.

    to get support from our ancient enlightened persons

    i would take support from "AVAIYAAR " a great Tamil saint lady who said about value of Education.

    even if you have to beg , beg for education.

    and take money even by begging and get education at any cost

    yes that is the value of Education.

    another thing i would like to point out here

    people are talking about Economic meltdown.


    as though it is new phenomena

    honestly growth and recession goes side by side

    they are happening all the time

    we dont see it

    rather we see only growth ,

    like as we grow older we also die

    death does not come all of sudden

    it is on going process

    hence step in to the education world

    and learn what ever you can

    this is the time to learn

    and latter comes your time to earn

    as you like

    education is at any cost

    is the motto

    yours truly


  3. Great …Really Great thought …Optmistic…a great message for a born pessimist like me …really ver very influenced by your school of thought dueing recession…Hats off..man.

      1. Hey,
        I am being offered a job for a dream like salary($3000) per month, at an international company.

        But on the other hand looking at the syllabi, the way VTU(karnataka board) as I pass out, I dont think I learnt much besides How to learn a HUGE chunk of portions within 24 hrs. Now an Education in US promises I KNOW what i LEARN not jus mug/luck or last min study.

        On the other hand a good pay like this will help me save atleast some amount when I come out with a years experience.

        Now at this juncture where I complete my 8th Semester.

        Id like to know your perspective on my situation.

        1. I have actively participated in many topics, but always "await moderation" . You ought to reply to atleast one to keep my interest in the blog afloat or like zillion others, all you ll get is the same repeated qs from those who dont care to read ur previous blogs or passive readers.

          1. No way! not India. Its in Dubai.very reputable. I don want to mention names, hope u understand.

          2. I have already send application material, got the coll Id.. awaiting accept/reject..

            Id like to know what is your opinion of californiat state university, Northridge?

            And NJIT.

        2. Work for the international company and gain valuable work experience which is worth a million dollars.

  4. getting a degree from US university is a lifetime achievement,if u r getting an I20 then make full use of it and dont let negativity creep in your mind.I think you should go for it despite of bad economy.

  5. I'm going to apply for fall term 2009. Can I find any universities or colleges in the US whose deadlines are august 1 or later? Please, send me the list of such universities.

  6. Hi friends,

    The same question was on my mind. Totally confused about going to US for my MS. I have lot of negative people around me who were asking me not to go to US in this recession. All my doubts are cleared for me from this post.
    Thank you very much happyschoolsblog.

  7. Is any body can get the student visa (F1) without GRE & TOFEL

    if he get the exceptional latter from university

  8. hey..dis is bharath….. im to plannin for gng US…but im in d beginning stage….i want to write gre..exam in aug2009. so could u plz….tell me hw to prepare…n wats d process of applyin for a university…n which university? is d universtities givin d scholarships…? whether F1 visas are givin abundantly now?…is it d right time to write d exam…? and plz can u give me ur contact number.. so dat i can call u …if u knw about d visa process….. plzzz… plzzz n plzz..

  9. i will say it depends…….if u r on scholarship then obviously u will go for it………never think twice.

    But others who totally depend on parents money……..then u can think, if ur family say u can go, they will take care about ur expense, i think its better to go for it……….becoz after graduating if job in us is not possible then we always have an option to come back to homeland/other country and get a job.

  10. I don't think anyone can tell you if it's right to go to the U.S. or not. It really depends on your particular situation. If you have a skill that is very much in demand (or a skill that complements a shortage area), you'd probably find a job despite the recession.

    If not, you'd probably have a tougher time.

  11. I do agree with you.Its better to do Masters in this period because people who are coming to US for pursuing Masters in this Fall 2009 or later may Graduate by 2011 or later.So its a good time.And by the time they get Graduated the market may pick up.


  12. dear
    I also agree with the above views that one must be optimistic and not pessimistic. Who knows what would be happening after 1-2 years but it is sure that you would get the Master’s Degree from the coveted University of US. The time does not remain the same and the same would certainly change. In my opinion do not listen to the negative pepoles, you will surely get good job after completeion of your degree since you would be joining in the recession times.

  13. Thanks so much for replying for my Question…..

    "I got admit from 2 universities. I am almost prepared for coming US for my Masters for Fall 2009. But my problem is all my friends relatives are asking me to stop my plans to US because of the tough times and economy in recession in US. How long will the position be the same? Can we expect economy to recover after a year?"

    Thanks Once again./………

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