Can I Take Photocopied Books to USA?

As per USA customs laws, can I carry photocopy of USA published books from India to USA, while going there in F1 visa for PHD?

Is it legal or will the CBP seize the xeroxed/photocopied books due to anti-piracy laws and deport me?.

Note that I want to take the books for my personal use during my PhD course at US university.Even if it is not allowed, do the customs agent enforce it strictly?

Will they go through inside of each book in my suitcase to find out whether the book is a xeroxed one, or original one?

Is there anybody whose photocopied books have been seized. I want to go with a single copy of each photocopied book (not multiple copy of single books).

Since the books are going to be used for educational purposes, will the CBP be lax/sympathetic? Let me know, as I am worried, my stock of xeroxed books will be seized at airport in USA causing havoc to my study(PhD) in USA.

Note that it is financially not possible for me to buy original dollar priced books in usa, so I want to carry some photocopied books for use in my study there.

The rest I will have to borrow from library of the University.

All the books in question are of my area of study.I have heard CBP is more interested in seizing contraband goods like narcotics, and pirated CDs, and donot pay attention to books whether original or photocopied.

Persons who have already gone to USA with such books may kindly share their experience, as I have to plan accordingly.

Photocopied Books to  USA

Remember cost of education includes books that you have to buy.

When I came to USA, I took a lot of books with me. Almost 12 Kgs of Books.

I had asked my friend for list of the books, he gave me a huge list. I got all the books.

I ended up using just 2 books.

Rest of the books, I purchased them from

Used books are cheap and you get to read great reviews in Amazon.

Most of the courses I took had open books exams.

You are allowed to take the book with you for the exam.

Professors know about students from India.

So, if you take photocopied books, you will not allowed to use the  book.

Universities offer a lot of courses and books you have to use for specific course will not be the same.

Professor decides on the book for that specific course for that semester.

Same professor, same course for next semester could have different book or set of books.

No Books

My advise, don’t take any books while you come to USA. It saves a lot of  weight in your allowed 50 lbs per suitcase.

Take couple of books, only if you know for certain that book will be used.

Buy Indian edition, not photocopies.

I have sold pretty much all the books I purchased via Amazon.

I used to buy only used text books.

I have sold most of my text-book back in Amazon. I sold some books for few $ more than what I paid for that book.

There are several places where books can be rented for a semester or certain period of time.