Change Name After GRE Registration

How to Change the Name After GRE Registration (But Before the Test)

Scenario: You have registered for GRE or TOEFL. And you realize that you made a mistake while you created the account at ETS and Registered for the GRE. So, you want to change your name after you have registered for GRE, but before sitting for the test. You are wondering if ETS would allow the Changing the Name after registering for the GRE, but before the test date?

I can think of following reasons why one has to change the name after registering for the GRE Test:

  1. Typo in the entered name
  2. Missed part of the name
  3. Name on the passport changed

The following scenario falls under the Option 1 or 2.

Question: I’ve registered for GRE with the following names:

  • First Name: MXX
  • Last name: N

But in the passport, my name is spelled as follows

  • First Name: MXXX
  • Last Name: NXXX.

My initial N is expanded in the passport. All my certificates and mark sheets use N. MXX. So, I figured that’s how I have to register for the GRE.  I realized that the name on  the passport have to exactly match the name on the Registration. Is it possible to change the name before I sit for the test.?

Incorrect Name Used for GRE Registration

Will you face problems?

Yes, 100%.

If your name in passport is MXX NXX, why do you have to register GRE with MXXX and N? Please read the instructions carefully, refer to the following articles:

I mean, if you don’t know what you are doing, then you should ask for help.

If you don’t read spend the time to read and understand the registration details from ETS/GRE site then you tend to commit such mistakes. Seriously, why do you want to assume that you can use a single character “N”, in the Surname field instead of NXX?

I’m upset because you are going to waste your money with the incorrect name used during GRE Registration.

Changing Name After Registering for GRE

ETS generally doesn’t allow the candidates to change their name after registering for the GRE Test. So, you really don’t have any good options. But, having said that you should try the following

  • Contact the ETS help desk and say that you would be able to submit documentation.
  • If they allow, then send the passport copy and they would update the name.

If they don’t allow you to change the name after registering for the GRE Test, you would have to do the following:

  • Cancel your GRE registration
  • Register again for the GRE test with the correct name.

Name on the Passport Changed After GRE Registration

Let’s say you registered for GRE Test with a name that you thought was good enough and then stumble upon this  – What Names to Use when registering for the GRE Test.

And you decided to get a new Passport because you either had a long name or surname was empty.

In such instance, you can contact ETS and send copies of old and new passport. And they should be able to update the name on your test registration to match with your new passport.

If they don’t change the name on the GRE, then you would have to cancel and register for the test again.

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