Profile Evaluation – Chemical Engineering to MS in MIS

Vignesh had asked the following questions through email. His questions are split and answered

I’m a chemical engineering graduate with an aggregate of 70 %. I’m currently working with Infosys technologies in SAP technology related project since Jul’2008. I would like to pursue my MS degree in Information technology or Information management systems.

Information Technology is different from Computer Science. I guess you are looking at Masters in MIS [ Management Information Systems].

My GRE score is 1010 and TOEFL expecting around  90 at least. My 10th and 12th %s are 87.5% and 92.25% respectively.

With 1010 you should be able to get admission and Visa in some university in US. Chances of getting Scholarship with admission is tough. You may be able to some form of aid, after couple of semesters.

I need some suggestions regarding universities and essays. I’m bothered whether my non-computer science background and low gre score will be a disadvantage to get any aid or in fact admission.

Lack of CS background will not affect your chances, but you need to write in SOP and make a compelling argument. Numerous students have changed department from Bachelors to Masters. Also, when you change departments, you will be asked to take additional courses.

I’m not clear how to write Sop’s, as my background is different from what i’m applying for.

Your SOP should cover following details

  • Why did you decide to study MS
  • Why do you want to change fields
  • What do you plan to achieve by completing MS
  • Why did you select this particular university

Here is some sample sops, 12 Tips to write High Impact SOP, Say your story in SOP

I would appreciate if you look into my preferred universities mentioned below and suggest how far the universities are good and suggest if there are better universities which may suit my profile considering financial aid and future job opportunities. I’m depending on Bank loan, little bit of savings and financial aid for continuing my education.

So, you have been working for 1+ year, your savings might pay half of first semester fees. So, plan to have enough money to pay for remaining expenses.

1. Rochester institute of Technology – MS in IT
2. Louisiana state university – MIS
3. Illinois institute of technology, Chicago – MIS
4. SUNY, Buffalo – MIS
5. Syracuse University – MS in Engineering Management
6. New Jersey institute of Technology – MS in IT and Administration
7. George Washington University – MS in Information systems and technologies
8. University of Kansas, Lawrance – MS in IT.

It will be really helpful if you do some counseling for me.

For GRE Score 1010, Universities listed above will be tough to get admit.  Try to find universities in Tire 3 or 4. George Washington University is very expensive.

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  1. My profile is as follows:
    B.Tech (CSE)- 70%
    12th: 89%
    10th : 77%

    GMAT: 660 (AWA: 5.0)
    Toefl : 104

    Work Ex, 3 yrs in IT (Full time)
    5 years part time family business

    Could you please suggest the kind of schools I could get into? MBA in good schools is too much to ask for since I do not have full time managerial work exp…so MIS is the option I am considering.

  2. hi.
    lucky to find this post.
    i have scored 1300+ in my GRE and academics % include- in CS (PTU)-69%, XII- 61% and X-85%. i got 3 working projects and 2 papers to sum up my profile.
    Could you please suggest me some good universities for doing MS in MIS? should i go for GRE test again to aim 1400+. what are the chances to admission including financial aids.
    please send me link(s) where i could find MIS prospects and other similar ones.
    thanks in advance

  3. Does the college in which you study play an important role for admission in top universities of United States?

  4. Dear HSB ,

    I am asking a question which is a bit out of place for this article ,but didnt find a suitable place so wrote it here .

    I am working for a automobile company (FIAT) and interested to do my M.S. in same field my second choice is Material Science .

    I have heard that the automobile industry in the U.S. is on decline ,so considering job prospects will it be safe enough to apply for M.S. in automobiles or should I go for the second choice.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Astitva Chauhan

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