FAQ’s: Passport, GRE, Backlog, Deadlines and Universities

Questions from Mohit about Passport, GRE dates, backlogs in semester, deadlines for Fall 2011 and universities for Electrical engineering.

1. I have not received my passport yet, so have not booked GRE, but am planning to write GRE in December. Am I a lot behind schedule??

2. I have a backlog which I would be writing in December (I finished my regular college in JUNE 2010), the result will only be out in mid February, how much will that backlog affect my chances of getting a college?

3. I want to send my application post Feb only, as in any case before that I would not be getting my results and hence no transcripts. Everyone has been suggesting me to send incomplete application and send the pending documents later. Is it fine to do that??

4. Suggest me colleges with deadlines post March. I want to do MS in ELECTRICAL .

Passport and GRE Dates

You are doing the right thing by not booking GRE test dates without passport. For fall 2011, you can take GRE till Feb/March 2011 and still apply for admission. If you are looking to get into very best universities, then you will be out of luck. But, if you are looking for schools that accept students with GRE scores less than 1250, then you will have many universities to pick from.

Backlogs and Deadlines

I would recommend to wait till you get the mark sheets in February 2011. Don’t apply when you have an active backlog in your transcripts. Have all your grad school application documents ready, when you get the mark sheet in Feb, apply to schools right away.

Universities Suggestions

HSB is not your typical US admission consultant. I don’t provide university suggestions or profile evaluation. If you are looking for one-on-one help, you have to find an US admission consultant and pay them lot of money or you can read the following blog posts and select the universities

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  1. Hello,
    i have done my BS Computer Engineering with 60% Marks,And having 2+ Years of professional experience.done IELTS and got overall band 6,and planning to do GRE Next Month.Kindly help me universities offer MS in MIS Program.2013 Session

  2. Hi sir. I have completed my B.E with 76 % with 3 arrears. But i cleared it. I have confident that i could manage to get a 300+ in my GRE and 110+ in my toefl. Whether can i get good university in us. Can i get any scholarship

  3. Hi I am a software engineer working in Bangalore. I am looking forward to pursue my masters degree in USA. I have 19 backlogs in my B.Tech with 59% and 2 years of Work experience.Would a good score in GRE and with the above record can you assure that i can get my visa.

  4. Hi I am a software engineer working in Bangalore. I am looking forward to pursue my masters degree in USA. I have 19 backlogs in my B.Tech and 2 years of Work experience.Would a good score in GRE and with the above record can you assure that i can get my visa.

  5. Hey, I really want some advice and opinions on this. I know this is not the section to post it but I am having difficulty finding the correct section. However, I am asking please to assist me. I have recently gone to the US Embassy in hopes of obtaining a B1/B2 visa. Unfortunately, I was denied it. I want to go to college in the US, I plan to go back to the embassy next year bt I am afraid that I will not b granted based on the denial of this previous visa. I was given 214b to explain my denial.

    1. You have to try again. You can’t give up because your B1/B2 is denied or you can always try other countries.

      1. Thank you, I will try again and let you know how it goes. Although the last time I went with my father, I think that was the problem. They questioned him mostly as they only asked me 3 questions. I can send in detail the interview if you like. This time however I am going with my mom as she has never been denied a visa before, but also I will prepare on my half and try to correct what I did the last time. What do you think?

  6. i’m now studing my 3rd year and i’m having 16 backlogs in my i’m planning to study m.s in u.s can i still have a chance of getting a visa to study there …????
    do i face any problems of getting a visa ..???


  7. I have a backlog which I would be writing in march (I finished my regular college in JUNE 2011), the result will only be out in mid August, how much will that backlog affect my chances of getting job in US of America

  8. I have a problem whose solution i couldn’t find, so i decided to put on my question.

    I had a backlog in B tech ECE(2004 – 2008), but i was working as a graphic designer from 2 years. Recently i got married and my husband he got H1B visa in USA and wants to settle there..

    He wants to take me on student visa.. I didn’t tell him the truth.. Can i study with backlogs.

    I was interested in designing.. Can I get courses on designing.

  9. Respected Sir

    First of all i would congratulate u and ur team for the kind work done in the form of HSB.

    I came to know a lot about admissions and life in US.

    I have a problem whose solution i couldnot find on HSB so i decided to put on my question.

    1) I am 2005-09 batch passout and wish to apply for MS in fall. after passing out from college i had 4 some papers to clear which i cleared in 2010. My final degree does not mention my batch .It says like this…Mr X obtained Btech in Branch by clearing exams held in may 2010..

    So my question is..What should i write in resume….2005-2010 or 2009 passout or 2010 passout.

    2) some of my friends have the same query but luckily they got jobs and working in software MNC.But they also get degrees in 2010.SO it is legal to mention 1 year experience while applying for MS when they got degree in 2010.

  10. what is the minimum percentage to write gre?

    what is the maximum limit of backlogs can a student have to write gre exam?

  11. i am going to take gre test on 11th march 2011. at the time of registraton for the date, i wrote indian passport as my verifing document though i had jst applied for it at that point of time. bt nw i got my passport. will it create any kind of issue in future.

    n which is the right time to apply for us university. i jst read blogs regarding this bt still im confused. im planing to go us in spring. cn i gt good collages, or else should i wait for fall. which would b d most prudent decision. please reply

  12. hie,

    i gave my GRE on jan 4th and got 960 my gpa is 2.7 . iam planning to give my GRE again, is it okay to apply 1st and send my gre scores or should i plan for spring2012



  13. guys!!!!i just want to write gre exam in the middle of june-july is it possible for me to go for fall 2011 and tell me the possible options for me……..

  14. hi i m having two active backlocks , one in december and another i will gave in may 2011 , can i still elligible for admission in us for aug-sep session , plz tell me my result will be decleared in july 2011 of my bacjlock

  15. i am studying in final yr Btech.i am applying for fall-2011 . my transkripts are upto my 6th sems and i dnt have any backlogs. i may get a backlog in my 7th sem which ill have a chance to clear in june in suplementary whose results will be out by july1st. do i need to mention this in my aplication or will have a problem in future if i have not mentioned and and i get an admit . plzz help me out

  16. guys need ur help urgently.i have scored 1120 in gre.i wish to apply for MS in Biomedical Engg..will i get admitted in any university???

  17. guys can you help me, how post my doubts. I posted 3 – 4 question, but i didn't get any reply.

    Please help i have many doubts

  18. Dear friend,

    i have scored very less in GRE. My score is just 910 only. I need to apply for ph.d. in Electrical Engineering. With this score can i apply? What r the universities can i apply?


  19. sir i really want to know wat is the minimum percentage i shud have for applying to universites n wat happens if i had backlog

  20. sir,i am in btech final year i want to write gre in the month of february 2011. so when i will b getting my gre results if i m writing on feb 20.and wat is the good score in gre n wen shall i apply to universites.

  21. Hi,

    I could not figure out where to ask a question so I am writing it here.

    I am a bit skeptical with the score GRE score in particular. Following are my scores please guide me to a proper university for which I have some prospect:

    GRE(1st attempt):Math-800, Verbal-370

    GRE(2nd attempt):Math-790, Verbal-330

    TOEFL:97(Speaking:22, rest:25 each)

    Graduation: Electronics:69.7%

    Aspiration: Computer Science

    Current Job: JP Morgan Chase(Application Developer)

    Will the decrease in the already low GRE score(in my second attempt) affect my chances?

    Thank you.

  22. thanku hsb for the advice….


    wont we cross the deadlines for most of the universities… if we wiat for our results to get all our transcripts,and then apply?

    please advice me more clearly…

    i'm in a serious dielamma…

  23. Hiii…HSB..!!

    i would like to knw hw to calculate gpa on scale of 4 and 10.

    my undergraduate agregate of 4 yrz is wat wuld be my g.p.a ?

  24. hey hsb..thanks for your support and guidance..i am now in T.E..i am giving my gre on 15th march 2010…i have not applied for the passport yet..i have heard that the address while applying for the gre test and the address in the passport should it true?i am asking becuase i have not given my complete address while applying for gre..and i want to fill my passport application…rply asap

  25. hello,
    i took my gre on 2nd nov. and scored 1210(quant-700, verbal-510) ,going to write toefel on 21 nov.,i am in deep confusion,i am presently in final year and want to pursue M.S in comp.sci.,,but i am having 1 active backlog i.e in my 5th sem and i am going towrite that exam in dec.2010 and result will be declared in 1st week of april 2011, kindly suggest me what should i do,should i apply with active backlog,please guide me..thanks in advance…..
    yogesh phogat

  26. Good suggestion. But i have a doubt.

    If i send incomplete application, whether is it acceptable or it would be return back to us.

    If i have a black log still can i concentrate on GRE and can i look for scholarships?

  27. hello sir,i am doing my b-tech in mechanical engineering.I am interested to do my m.s in u.s.a but how is the scope for mechanical field in u.s? is it a must to turn up towards i.t field even after doing m.s??

  28. hi,

    I am doing my final year and to pass out in may 2011. I had 5 backlogs in my 5th semester and it was due to my health conditions and during my 6th semester i cleared all except 1 and that i'll clear this semester examinations to be held in dec. I have an aggregate of 70 and 5 research papers to my credit. I'm taking up gre in dec and plan to apply for univ that has deadlines before 31st of dec and jan 15. the transcripts i would apply for will reflect that standing arrear. What do i do about this? because, many universities that i'm aiming which is in top 50 close down by then. what do i do?

    your suggestions

  29. HSB Team,

    Its a wrong notion that best univs dont select students with GRE score below 1250…!!
    Kindly state the facts correctly or not at all..!

  30. Hello HSB team
    first i wana thank to you. your website really provides all the neccessary information that one should know about GRE ,Tofel and US. HSB has helped me much.
    I have got i-20 from western illinois university for spring 2011 semester. I has applied for MS in computer science. Can you tell me about the reputation of this university ? I am also hoping to get i-20 from illinois university springfield.
    I will be thankful to HSb if u will guide me.

  31. I have completed my undergrads in BA(prog) from delhi university. I am looking for a masters program in psychology( social or general) in US. Am i eligible to apply coz many unv. require a 4 years bachelors program.

  32. i wrote gre in September and i got 1250 but i didn't get my score card i even asked my friends who wrote along with me they also said they too didn't get their score card can any body say why is it so.. ?

    can i apply to universities without score card ??pls inform me

  33. hi

    I had a backlog in my 7th semester in DSP (aggregate 76%, IP University) but since I've scored 1500 in GRE, 112 in TOEFL and I have 4 international paper publications (of which none is related to Digital Signal processing), people suggested that a single backlog doesn't affect my admission chances much as that subject is not related to my research interests. Since the deadlines for good colleges are dec 15, I need to apply as soon as possible. What do you people suggest ?

  34. i have applied to northeastern university and UTA for masters in electrical engineering for spring 2011. i have a gre score of 1130(Q-730 and V-400). I have a TOEFL score of 109. i have an aggregate score of 69.71% in my BE. wat are the chances of my admissions in these universities. hope you can help me soon.

    1. Hi every one .I have a gre score of 1110 and i have done well in Toefl which i am awating results. i would like to know which universities i can apply so that i have great chances of getting aid.I am working in IIsc as research assistant and have one publication ,good academics and good extra curricular activities .

  35. Dear HSB Team,

    Thanks a lot for taking out time and replying. I am being very realistic in my approach, I don't stand a chance in the very best universities. Am aiming for average universities with deadlines post February for the very reason of my results. I am aiming for a GRE score in excess of 1300.

    I would appreciate it if someone among the readers come up with suggestions for universities with deadlines post February and at par with my expected GRE score.


    1. There are several universities which have deadlines till april or may. . But better to start applying by the first week of december. good luck.

  36. Hi HSB,
    u r doing a tremendous work by helping we peeps out! thanx a lot!!

    i had a ques regarding backlogs!!i have written GRE and TOEFL and got 1120 and 103 resp.i had a percentage of 68%(upto 3-1).unfortunately i had a backlog in 3-2.i have written that exam and hoping to get the certificates by feb.I am planning to apply for univs this november itself with the transcripts upto 3-1 .Can i get I20? I hace heard that univs will give me conditional I20 with which i can get visa and i had to submit my further transcripts after reaching US .Is this true? some said that i can send the 3-2 transcript in FAX after i get it. I am hoping for a funding.i dont mind of the univ i am going to join.i will be joining the univ which gives me funding. Please suggest me whats the best to do now… i had all the SOP, LOR s and bank statements and all other docs are ready to dispatch… please suggest me whats optimal for me!!


    1. Hi charan,

      This sandeep and I am too having the same profile your carrying but the GRE score is a bit low that is 1050 and yet to take TOEFL and thats not a problem you can send the transcripts upto 3-1 and can send a fax or mail to them when you get your 3-2 transcript and you are having a good TOEFL score so, can you please help in cracking TOEFL.

    2. Hi once again can you please tell me which universities you have applied for and what is your stream in your undergraduation.

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