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H1B 2015 – Receipt Numbers, Lottery Results, Premium and Regular Processing Time (Video)

Update 1 (From attorney Murali Bashyam): We just received an email receipt notice for one of H1B cap cases that was filed under premium processing. So – 1) cases filed under premium processing are getting receipted in now and 2) USCIS might not wait until the 28th to process premium processing cases.

USCIS announced on April 10, 2014 that they received whooping 172,500 H1B Visa Applications for FY 2015. I think its’ insane and unbelievable.  What’s more unbelievable is Random selection of H1B Visa applications.

There were lot’s of questions about what happens after the H1B Visa lottery process. I recorded this video with Immigration Attorney  and you can find answers to following questions

How do I know that my employer has got filed my visa, I’m currently on OPT. How do I get the number etc from my employer to know my status.

Now that USCIS have announced that they are completed with random application selection for this year through lottery, when can i expect whether my application is selected in lottery ?

As the lottery has been conducted on April 10th, my employer applied for regular processing, by when we get the confirmation about If I got selected in the lottery or not.

Why USCIS did not publish the number of H1B application received for Master’s Cap?

Could you ask what the timeline looks like? Now that the lottery is being done, when can Premium Processing applicants expect to hear back. And do we hear back either way or just if you are accepted?

Watch the Video Below

Summary of the H1B Visa 2015 Lottery Video Interview

  • Advanced Degree Cap Lottery Results
  • Regular Processing Lottery Results and Updates
  • When will USCIS issue Receipt Numbers of H-1B Visa applications selected in the lottery
  • When will USCIS start processing H1B applications submitted via Premium Processing
  • When will USCIS start the processing of Regular H1B Applications.
  • H1B Premium Applications processing time
  • H1B Visa Regular Applications Processing Time
  • Options for F1 Visa and OPT students who don’t get selected in the lottery

Let me know if you have any other questions about this H1B Visa lottery results, receipt numbers, etc. Good luck to everyone who is waiting to hear the results via their attorney or employer.

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  3. How can we know that, my employer will drop my H1-B petition or not, could you plz help me out how to know this. ?

  4. I have applied for H1B premium. I didn’t hear anything yet, does it mean I got rejected? Today is May 6th. Are they going to let rejected people know about that as well or not? I mean are they informing rejected applicants who applied for premium at the same time as elected people or not?

  5. I have applied H1-B in 2015 up to today i didn’t get any confirmation regarding my H1B. i have applied through consultancy.
    so we need to conclude that this time it has not been picked right ? or still we need to wait for some more time ?

  6. I have cleared one interview from employer in USA. I have already applied for masters in canada. I am confused whether I shoud go for H1B visa or canada student visa. Tell me which is the better way and why???

  7. I applied H1 for my wife and we still did not know if the application is picked or rejected. Is there a way to know if the application is ever sent to USCIS or file? Please advise..

  8. Hi raghu,
    I have applied H1 FY2015 through an employer, he dint even send me any document related my h1, last month he said my petition got rejected and then today he sent me a rejected notice.(as i forced him to send my rejection notice), now my concern is how would i know weather he really filed my petition or he is just pretending.

  9. It’s your 5K, so what ? H1Bs are for the “Masters or Advanced Degree Holders” and for those highly skilled workers whom US Companies want to genuinely hire but not for those who file through consultancies from India. If you are very much interested then come here and Study !

  10. I was selected in H1B lottery 2015 and still waiting on the petition. Is there any other approval process post lottery selection? I have applied via Regular processing. Does any one get denied post lottery selection

  11. Hi Raghu, I have been following your blog for quite sometime and its really informative. My I129 petition for non immigration worker got selected in the lottery and got the receipt number from my employer in May 2014. Since then, my application status is ‘Initial Review’, while I see few other applications(just changed the last few digits) have gone into next stage, my application is stuck in this stage for quite sometime now. Do we have any cut off date before which all application should have ideally went beyond ‘Initial Review’ stage?

  12. Hi Raghu,
    I got my receipt in May first week till time status is showing “Initial Review”
    Its not two months and status is not changed. I can see all the before and after receipt have been approved or in decision status.
    Can you please let me know what is the expected time to change the status or what can be done to know why it has been stuck on the same status.

    1. I need to know the same! my status is RFE (Request for evidence) and my lawyer have not received anything so far from USCIS. :/

  13. My wife is on H4. XYZ employer applied for H1B for her and that got selected in lottery. He provided the receipt number to us. Problem is that USCIS is showing following status :

    “On April 30, 2014, we determined that this I129 PETITION FOR
    A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER was not properly filed because the check or money order
    you submitted was not signed. Therefore, we have rejected your case and returned
    it to you, including all supporting materials and the unsigned check or money
    order. Please review the instructions on the rejection notice you received prior
    to re-submitting your case.”

    Employer told us to wait for some time. It is more than 2 months now. They haven’t received any rejected notice from USCIS and USCIS has deducted the visa fee also from the account.

    Is this rejected or this is an administrative mistake? What action we can take now? please suggest.


      1. Latest status is showing it approved.

        Post Decision Activity
        On July 2, 2014, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

        Her H4 is expiring on 30Sept,2014. Do we need to apply for H4 extension also for her from my employer?

  14. Hello Raghu and all u guys! I just checked the USCIS page and I noticed that my status has changed from “Initial Review” to “Request for evidence”. Is this good? does it means something bad? I have not been informed from my lawyer about any needed information …. help!!!!

  15. Hello Raghu and all u guys! I just checked the USCIS page and I noticed that my status has changed from “Initial Review” to “Request for evidence”. Is this good? does it means something bad? I have not been informed from my lawyer about any needed information …. help!!!!

      1. what I saw on here was ” RFE STEM OPT Extensión ” but I am not doing OPT, I am trying to get my first H1B. The RFE is not yet with my lawyer, IS THAT SENT BY EMAIL OR PHYSICAL PAPER TO THE LAWYER? THANKS!

  16. Hello All,

    I got my H1 petition go thru the 2014 Lottery successfully. The case status shows “Initial Review” with “On May 14, 2014, your Alien Registration Number was changed relating to your I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. ”

    It has been this way from the date – May 14th. Any idea how long it takes for it change? What should i be expecting next? Any help/suggestions guys?



  17. I have been selected in the lottery system & my H1B is approved for the post decision, what is the next step ? Can I ask my org. to do. do we need to wait to hear anything more from USCIS ?

  18. Hi,

    I am not sure my employer has filled my H1B petition or not,
    I did not get the status, that I have selected or rejected in the lottery, can
    you please let me know is there any way to find my H1B petition status.



  19. Hi,
    I have received RFE on my H1B application. They want SOW to be shared along with Client invite letter, Org chart and Description about roles & responsibilities. Since I am not in the account from which my name has been proposed, the Delivery manager says that he cannot share the SOW as the SOW mentions the names of each member on the project and my name is not there. There is another type of SOW which mentions only the total capacity of the project etc and not the names. Can Master Service Agreement be shared with USICS in reply to RFE instead of SOW. Can i surpass denial in this case. Please help.

  20. Hi, I would like to know when we can expect an answer for USICS? I don’t even know if I have been slected or not. It’s been nearly 3 months.

  21. Hi Raghu,

    I wanted your suggestion on my current immigration problem.Can i please have your mail id ?


      1. If a case has been pending for more than a year, how useful would it be to take a : info appointment pass” and to talk to a senator ( esp , when the lawyer says the case has been routed through a senator, but refuses to give me His name) ?

          1. Yes its for USCIS , and regarding Senator – Lawyer says he has forwarded a case through a Senator , should i route it only through that particular person or anyone ?

  22. Hi Raghu,
    I’m currently in H4 visa and got thru H1B lottery this year. (Non AD/Regular processing). I have 3 years of experience in a reputed IT industry, but I have a different educational background ( 4 year Engg degree in Biotechnology). happen to see the RFE yesterday online. waiting to hear from the attorney about it. (attorney is yet to receive the mail packet). What kind of RFE can I expect. Thanks

    1. Hi Raghu,. Could you pls provide ur insight on this..!! I have got thru the lottery this time and i have 3 yrs of IT experience with a B.tech in Bioinformatics. I need to Understand the plight of my petition if i get an RFE. Kindly respond..!!

      1. did you check online status of you application ? I’m in the same state as you ! If you have submitted all the required doc then you should be fine ! if incase you worry about educational background which is bioinfo then its safe to submit educational evaluation before or after RFE. I had this query …

  23. Hello Raghu,

    The video was really informative, thank you for putting you time and effort into this. A huge shoutout to Mr. Bashyam for clarifying the doubts.

    We spoke about verifying weather the employer/consultant filed the application for the applicant or not. I wanted to know, when a consultant files an application (i129) do they get a receive notice by USCIS stating that their application was received? I mean how do you even know that your packet was received by USCIS.

    My file wasn’t shortlisted in the lottery, is it possible that my consultant hasn’t received the file back from USCIS till now (6/3/14)?

    Please advice!


    Karan Guleria

  24. Hello Raghu,

    I had received two copies of I-797, one form my employer and other from the attorney. both receipts contains different address, can you pls confirm whether USCIS send information to both employer and attorney.

  25. Hello Raghu,

    What are the chances of Successful visa stamping if everything is genuine. PLs reply on priority, as I have one offer from other indian company (Non–IT Background)

  26. I applied for the H1b visa premium processing my application is selected in lottery then how should i proceed further process……is there any visa interview process shall i attend ……..plz help me

  27. Hi Guys , My employer sent the email to some people that they have accpeted in lottry but asked other people to wait I am one of them . what should i consider rejected or really i need to wait . does USCIS sending the result of lottery in bits and pieces really or my employer want to hold the the situation for some more days.

  28. Raghu, I need to know who keeps the original copy of the H1B approval, Can I ask my employer to give me the original?

      1. Hi Raghu,

        Again I have to use this forum to raise an issue , can you please fix the page for 2015 updates, it’s so frustrating , page does not load completely , stops before comment section is loaded !!!!! Have to refresh so many times but still sometimes it works but most of the time it’s not working!!

  29. Hi Raghu , can you please check web page related to H1b 2015 updates , for past 3 hours the page is not loading completely and gets stuck before comment section loads, tried in Mozilla and IE , same problem , So posting my query here as that page is not loading completely

  30. Raghu, does the webinar on 16th cover jobs in NZ and canada also?
    Are you getting any specialist to come and talk?

      1. Hi Raghu , can you please check web page related to H1b 2015 updates , for past 3 hours the page is not loading completely and gets stuck before comment section loads, tried in Mozilla and IE , same problem , So posting my query here as that page is not loading completely

  31. This forum really helped me much, I am following this forum since I completed my Masters.

    I have a question and confused what I can do at this stage.
    I recently got my H1 approved under AD/PP, I am working as contractor and wanted to move to different project because I don’t feel I am learing much in my current project. So can I move to different project before the OCT 1st, I am not going to change my employer, if I can then what are the things that I need to take care of before moving to the new project.

    1. Moving to a new project while you are in OPT is not an issue. With H1b, if location changes, your employer will typically file a new labor. I don’t think you have to worry about anything as of now.

  32. May 14th – Check not encashed, No receipt, no trace of returned rejected package. Do I have any chances or is it time for me to accept the reality?

  33. Hi

    In this case. Consultancy says petition is picked and check is deducted but they haven’t given me receipt number yet. Should I worry or not. I’m picked or not.

  34. Hey guys. I need some guidance for the situation im in. I got picked in the lottery, premium processing, regular quota, did my undergrad here. I work as a contractor, im hearing there’s a budget cut around the corner and I could lose this position at any time. My question is:
    1) Is it going to jeopardize my H1 if I get laid off before I finish up the paper work. My status is in “Decision” step.
    2) I want to apply for a full time position, which means I’ll have to leave the company that applied for my H1. Can I do that legally before getting the H1 in october? I’ve my OPT till November.

    Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

    1. same situation here.. I have my OPT til year end.. but my contract ended.. no news about my H1b (if picked in lottery or not )

    2. Dude! I believe you can do H1B transfer to another employer once your petition is approved. Means, your new employer should need to file H1B transfer and it would again start from Oct 1st onwards.

      1. So can I work on my opt for a new Employeer right now and dump the company that filed my H1? Without any legal issues, of course.

        1. In OPT you can transfer to any employer at any time. But mention to your new employer that you got H1B from old employer which will start from Oct 1st. He should be able to tell you whether he can transfer your approved H1b Petition to his company.

  35. Hi All, I am follower of HSB since 2011. I followed every post of this blog and prepared for my University Selection, F1 Interview, Job search and now H1.

    12 Month OPT.
    Extension starting – May 2014. (Current month)
    H1 picked in lottery status received from Attorney on April 24th 2014. (Actually notice sent on April 17th, 2014)
    H1 approved Mail received from USCIS today (05/12/2014).

    Overall the complete process took me some 3 months. I submitted all my documents for H1 to attorney during February 2014 and received update today. USCIS is doing some good job. Pretty quick.

    Thanks a lot Raghu for your complete guidance. Your Webinar was definitely useful to me, Its cleared me many doubts. This blog is amazing. Good luck to friends who are waiting for approval notice and next year applicants. I will be following this blog forever. Thanks a lot to all.

  36. Guys… I am happy now… Got selected in Lottery. Recd. email from my employer today….!! Thanks for the support provided by Raghu and Happy Schools….!!

  37. Got my receipt notice from the employer on 6th May.Thanks to Almighty.
    I am RP/non-AD/Vermont.

    For those who are still waiting,i know the time is tough but dont lose hope.You do not know your result until your employer receives the package/receipt.So keep your hopes high and keep praying.

    Also,the latest update posted by Raghu (7th May update from USCIS) must have come as a breath of fresh air for both PP and non-PP guys.

    Good luck everyone !

  38. Even my application is in AD/PP and I have not received receipt yet. My lawyers have already told me its not coming, even they have not received package yet. I am confused with their approach.

    1. DD have you received the return package or receipt number from USCIS?
      Even I’m in AD/PP.. have not received anything from USCIS.. Really disappointing

  39. Hi Raghu,I am a Frequent visitor for this blog,I have a question for you..
    “I strongly believe that before approving the H1B petition USCIS will thoroughly validate[back ground check] the employer ,employee and required things to approve the petition,in this process some times the petition may go to ‘RFE’ and once again after answering the queries it may go for approval[or even denial].”
    Now my question is,if USCIS is approving the petition after validating thoroughly why there is a ‘Rejection at Stamping time’ ,I see so-many blogs filled with people comments saying that they were rejected at stamping centers [Embassy] in their home countries,even I saw people worrying that they may be rejected @ stamping time,why is it so happens…??

    1. USCIS comes under DHS (Department of Homeland Security).

      Visa Posts comes under Department of State. Easy to identify frauds during interview.

      So, that’s the process we have and nothing we can do about that.

  40. H4 to H1. Today my employer called and informed that cash gt encashed, and he said the receipt num will be available in 2-3 days. Will it take that long to provide receipt num?? Non-AD/RP Vermont USCIS. All the best for other aspirants!!!

  41. I got my receipt today morning, The receipt says notice date as 29th April.
    hope for the best guys!

  42. Hi! still didn’t receive receipt no. i.e. lottery result from USCIS. Should I just give up saying that I am not selected in this lottery.

  43. Great video! I have a question. I received and email that said : If your application was selected we will be getting the receipt notice in the next few 2-3 weeks…so, now the 3rd week finished and I haven received any information.. It means I was not selected? another question is: they do made a fist selection base on country? I mentioned this because there are countries like india and China wich we can see higher number of application. Thank in advance amigo!!

  44. Hello,

    Anyone please help me.
    I have applied for H1b in regular quota. My employer was saying we have time to get the receipts till may 2 nd week. Today i have got an email from them stating ” Please find the attached receipt”. The attachment is “Form I-797C with receipt number EAC-14-144-****”
    any idea what is that? is it just an acknowledgement for the petion that they received or mine got selected in the lottery?


  45. Received receipt on 1st May for Non ADV – Regular Processing Texas.
    Thanks to Happy Schools for all Information ! and Good Luck to Everybody !!

      1. 2 to 4 month for what Raghu? I am still waiting to see if I was selected or not 🙁 this is frustating 🙁

  46. H1B approved today.. Yay !! Case was filed under AD/PP…
    My timeline–> received receipt on 15th Apr and case status got updated on 30th Apr. All the best to others..

  47. Anyone got receipt today ? I am waiting for RP , non advanced. Please let me know.looks like no one is getting receipts from today. Please reply.

    1. Hi Sree… Congrats…!! Who is your employer.. We have been told to wait for another 15 days..!!

  48. still any hopes for Non-AD/Premium Processing? since USCIS has told that the Premium petitions will start by 28th april. i have not gotten anything yet. should i consider mine is not selected????

  49. Raghu,
    USCIS process starts today for premium applicants. So can we see the few approvals today ? or it will just start today and takes time to approval it? How it was happened last year. Any idea please?

  50. Today my husband received receipt number in mail for me ( H4 dependent ) … My husband is Non AD/ PP/ VT … Does it mean he is selected in lottery ?

  51. “selection” = Whatever random lottery system they have. It’s the same system used for AD first and then on regular cap.

  52. please leep posted the altest updates im eagerly waiting for the results..im bit nervous ang getting tensed now and them im checking this portal to know the latest udpates…

  53. I received receipt on Apr 17th. EACxxxxxxx… Till now when I try to check the status in the site it says case not found. Our attorney says there that Vermont Service Center is facing issues with status updates on USCIS website.

    Anyone here tried to check the status of EAC receipt? Is it getting updated?

    RaghuiI need your update on this.

    1. Same here! I received receipt on 14th and still case details are not available in the USCIS website. I am told by employer that this happened last year too and case details started showing up only when case was processed. This year you may see it from Apr 28th but you need to let your employer know about this so they can have your attorney followup with USCIS in first week of May to know current status.

    2. Number starts with EAC1413851922 something and I can see the status. I guess it depends on when the receipt got generated.

        1. What i want to ask is, I didn’t heard anything like h4 receipt no before. Can you tell me what is h4 receipt no. I only know H1 receipt no.

          1. Your petition should be one for you, and all your dependent right? So you also receive receipt for that petition.

          2. Dont know I recieved it at my mail adress not to attorney or employer and its name of my wife and son.

          3. You mean in your postal address? Btw you not suppose to receive any communication from USCIS. But strange things happn :).

            Ask your attorney. According to me you might selected :-). All the best.

    1. Yes, you got selected in lottery, you will receive your dependents receipt notice and your attorney receives your receipt

  54. Hi All,

    I just got my Receipt Number from my Lawyer’s office. RP/AD/ WAC###.
    Thanks a lot Raghu for your updates and guidance. Your webniar did clarify me many doubts.
    Update: Petition picked on April 10th, and Notice was sent on April 17th.

    Request to all; please wait for the decision and have confidence.Keep praying. Also AD/RP speak to your attorney if not at least with your HR whether they have received any updates or not. Good luck to all.

  55. Just wondering if we can have a clue about our lottery luck using LCA Number , because I just have that detail about my H1b petition ?

  56. AD/PP/CA.. still no update from lawyer… does this mean that i’m not selected in the lottery? Anyone in the same situation ? Highly tensed and depressed!!!!

    1. Dont understand how the Random selection is happening if applications are collected at different places (Vermont, cali etc)…very confusing..
      yes Regular Cap is expecting from this week (as per my employer)…so keep your fingers cross..

      1. It should be not selected physically but Logically. Every center can assign an unique number to each H1B application they received and upload it to a central server via internet. Then the lottery can took place in the server. and each center can know which unique number from their center got selected.

    1. I have filed (I hope) my H1B visa through a consultant in India. He asked me to pay $5K to process my visa for the risk he is taking. I am not getting any response from him now. When ever I call him, he is just asking me to be patient and wait for some more days. How long should I wait? I see from the updates from various sites that lottery results were published for those who were selected and not. I am not really sure if this guy is a cheat or not. I haven’t even met this guy. I just ran into this situation. I was upset last year when my petition was not picked up in the lottery and this year my company turned down my petition at the last minute (saying you were unlucky last year! &craps). Can any one help me with the status? I don’t see any updates on the lottery results these days. Can I still have hopes?

      1. Here’s your problem – You are willing to pay $5000 with some unknown company. But, not putting the efforts to understand that is the H-1B process, how lottery works and hoping someone in forum will help you magically with H1B. do you think H1B results is like a high school results where they will post a list of selected and not selected?

        Here’s the bottomline – Educate yourself. Answers to all your questions is available in this blog. You expecting someone to help instead of investing time to learn.

  57. Hi, Very tensed. My employer/lawyer had done premium processing for my H1B application. Still not heard anything. Does that mean, my application might be rejected? Premium processing is going to start from 28th April, will still premium applicants be notified with their lottery selection during premium processing? Please help me understand.

    Thanks in advance.

  58. Raghu, please tell me … Is there any other way to check the status of receipt instead of uscis online. I have seen many people posting that though their h1 is approved last year it still shows initial review. And they are also telling not to rely on uscis online staus … But we do have any other option right!

  59. Can you recommend any websites where i can get non profit organization employers list other than universities???

    1. I have shared this somewhere else in this website, either this thread or the daily updates thread.

    1. Don’t think so. But miracles do happen sometimes. I’m AD/PP as well. Last chance. Everyone’s so sure it’s gone including my employer.

  60. any one from Infosys / CTS ? TCS got their results on RP / Non AD ..if yes please start posting the udpates in this forum..

  61. Got my receipt number today from my employer but the Notice date on the I797C is showing 14th April.

  62. I’m going mad. I started biting my hands from my nails. Never been under so much tension. When will they tell us? Is there anyway we can know other then getting the receipt number. Why do we have to suffer while my American friends go home happy?

    1. I understand the tension and that the system is pretty lame for legal immigrants, but that comment is uncalled for!

      1. Hey Bud. I personally wouldn’t call the system lame, one reason being that I do not know. When things could go either way may of us tend to blame the system whether right or wrong… Let’s wait and see 🙂

        1. The current system is. There has to be a differentiation between Regular cap and AD, like no cap for Advanced Degree people.

          1. so, the advanced degree people who come to the USA on F1 student visa with the premise in the visa F1 interview that they plan to go back to their home country after finishing their studies, should not have any cap at all? They mislead in the F1 visa interview about their intentions after completion of studies and want to work after their Masters/PhD BUT there should not be any cap for them to have jobs in the USA.

            However, the people who want to come to work in the USA purely on a working visa should have lottery and such.

            What a fair method the system that you want is!

          2. Actually, not every F1/J1 student visa carries the two year home residency requirement – that requirement applies only to the three following categories of student:
            (1) those who received funding from their home or sometimes from the US government so that they could study in the US
            (2) those from countries subject to the skills list – this is a list of countries where certain skills are deemed necessary for the development of your home country. If you get a degree in one of those skills and your country is on the list then you are subject to the 2 year home residency rule. If your country is not on the list e.g. Ireland, you cannot be subjected to the home residency rule
            (3) those students receiving graduate medical training or education.
            So as you can see, when you consider all the countries and fields of education in the world along with the high scarcity of funding available for foreign students in the US, it is actually a very narrow set of students who will be subjected to the 2 year home residency requirement and they will not be misleading anyone in an interview because they cannot apply for a H1b without the US government first approving a waiver of their home residency requirement. People’s situations change and that is why the waiver system is there – to make accommodations for legitimate reasons to waive the return home. The waiver’s aren’t just handed out like candy at a birthday party!
            the 20,000 advanced cap degree H1B spots exist to reward people for receiving an advanced American education – there is nothing wrong or unfair about that. Most foreign US masters students have made a huge investment in their education and future by paying to come to school here – why should there not be a reward for those who are not subject to the two year home residency requirement? And why should the US not want to retain advanced degree students she has educated?! There is no lying involved and there is no misleading the US Gov’t. In fact, it is a little ridiculous to assume it is that easy to mislead USCIS, it is the most advanced and knowledgeable immigration body in the world!
            The biggest problem with the H1B system is not that it is unfair but that more people apply than there are spaces available. That is an unfortunate fact of life for all those who wish to come to the US legally. America will always be where people want to be – but that doesn’t just entitle us all to a spot in the country. You go through the system and you do what you can to increase your odds legally ( e.g. by getting a US masters!) – but that is all anyone can do without breaking the law. If you want to go by the book then you have to accept the element of risk and chance involved here. That alone doesn’t make the system unfair.
            The H1B is a visa for “specialist” occupations, not just for any old job – having a US masters automatically gives you a higher level of education and specialty than those who only hold bachelors degrees in their field – so it makes perfect sense that 20,000 visas are reserved for those people with advanced education. But even the masters students are subject to lottery as more than the 20k cap for AD’s apply for those spaces.
            The problem with immigration to the US has nothing to do with those who go by the book and follow the laws – and trust me it is not an easy feat! The problem is with those who are immigrating illegally, not the system and certainly not those following the legal paths and options that have been created by the US gov’t .

      1. BHASKAR, when did you receive it? When can AD/rp/cal can expect. have you seen everyone around you get it’?

        1. A couple of my friends AD/RP/CAL got it on Monday, all of us got to know on the same day(different companies). 1 other friend is still waiting on it.

  63. I’m updating the commenting system. I know the timing is wrong, but to give a good experience for large number of comments, I had to make this change. All your old comments are safe and it’s being imported into this system. Sorry for the this switch. You will have much more features with this commenting system.

  64. I’m updating the commenting system. I know the timing is wrong, but to give a good experience for large number of comments, I had to make this change. All your old comments are safe and it’s being imported into this system. Sorry for the this switch. You will have much more features with this commenting system.

        1. Yes- the comments are getting jumbled- not in an order- bit confusing to fallow- older ones are on the top fallowed by new comments and then old….not in a particular order- it would be grate if you arrange them in aparticular order (latest one on the top would be helpful)…

  65. Hi There

    Mine is normal H1B processing , submitted with Vermont center.
    Has anyone received any communication for normal processing.
    It is most likely that processing of normal cap will start only after premium processing , i.e, 28th April


  66. Roughly how many applicants are received RN so far? (from all sections). Seems many of them opted for PP (both in AD and Non-AD).
    However my employer is not interested in PP..so I might need to wait for atleast 15-20 days more for recieving some update..!
    Keeping my fingers cross..

    1. Same case, RP receipts are coming now so lets hope for the best. And someone posted on another blog based on the receipt numbers that almost 1500 receipts are sent per day from every center. Which means they are not even half way through.

  67. Guys I got a mail from attorney today with a case number. I have asked for a scanned copy to be sure. Ad/regular/California

  68. Hi

    I am currently on OPT valid till 30th June and working on different internships as part of 20 hours per week rule to maintain my status in my field of study. However I found another different employer who ready filed for my h1 B visa on April 1st and it seems like my sevis record has been updated to 30 th sept. My question is – Is it necessary to be wrking for your employer when h1 b is filed in OPT . If yes, do I need to stop my internships as I have yet not started working for my employer as of yet or I can continue with my internships and start working for my employer from 1st July when cap gap applies?

    Please help answer this question?

  69. What does the letter that people are getting look like/say? Does it actually say your application was selected or does it just give you a receipt number?

    1. Hi Raghuram ,

      I just need some info, i have applied for Regular quota PP Vermont. No update yet , i want to join college if i am not selected in lottery . By when i will get to know if i am not selected/selected ? I mean by April 28 will i at least come to know if i am not selected? so that i can proceed with college atleast .

  70. Hi Raghu,
    Is there still hope left for non-AD PP? I know it says till April 28th, however when people reporting RP receipts, I am not sure if I can cling on to that hope anymore.


  71. When does the actual decision comes out for Premium Processing, is it 15 days from April 28th?
    My application received date is April 10th on the form I-129 and as of now my application status is Acceptance, and on the form I-129 it is written “You should receive a notice regarding your case within 15 days from the received date above.”

    So when can I expect the decision?

    1. I want to know as well, my case still shows Acceptance, received date is 11th April, very confused as USCIS says it takes around 2 business days to move a case from Acceptance to Initial Review.

      1. Same here. I’m even a bit concern as I received receipt on 10th and my case still says “Your case can not be found at this time in My Case Status…” Anyone else has this issue?

        1. Same here. My receipt date is 10th and the case status online says “Your case cannot be found at this time”. I tried calling the number provided however, same response. Is it something to worry about?

          1. Hi guys, I received receipt on 12th AD/PP, even the same message displayed for me and it directly went to approval yesterday, I used to check every hour out of tension, some ppl even said ur not into the lottery, so don’t listen to such words, you will get some good reply soon.

          2. Does anyone know on how long the Visa is awarded. I know it usually is 3 years with possibility of 3 additional years but I also heard, depending of a nation, you can get it for less then 3 years. Anyone has more info?

            Once again, congrats to all who were lucky enough to get it and I hope everyone else that were less fortunate will have another opportunity.

          3. I have not yet received my approval form, will get to know about years once I receive it.

            I have a question if I change client now (same employer) will that be problem for my H1, I heard USCIS will make suprise visits and if we are not present at the specified client location they will terminate H1, can anyone comment on this please if you have some idea how it works.


      2. Not to worry. According to my attorney they suggested not to totally rely on the online system as it may take a while to update. Just hang in there.

        Btw if you can, you may verify with your employer if your checks were cashed.

      1. Congrats as well. Although, I do not think we are still in the green. Hopefully, no one will have any problems during the approve process.
        Good luck to all once again!

  72. Raghu ,
    My employer has applied for my H1b visa Advanced degree premium processing. It had reached the California center on April 1.
    I/my attorney have not heard anything back from with a receipt number or any communication from USCIS. Does it mean that I have not been selected in the lottery ?

        1. waiting PP/AD, interesting thing is non of the applications got picked from my employer in PP till now. he applied 10-12 case

  73. Does anybody has company wise success rate for H1b over the years.

    Infi: applied 5000, Selected in Lottery: 4000, Success Rate: 80%
    IBM: applied 2500, Selected in Lottery: 2200, Success Rate: 88%

    1. Is this just a dummy data or real one that you have provided? However I don’t know about any such site provide this kind of information.

  74. Have been notified by the attorney. AD/RP/CSC. Received date: 4/10/2014. Mailing date: 4/14/2014. Wish you all best lucks guys!

    1. what 87,000 applicants are you talking about?

      Many of these applications are from IT companies in India applying for H-1B so that they can send cheap labor to the USA.

      These companies apply for three visas even if they only need a visa for one person so that with this lottery system, they will get at least one visa in the lottery system. What did does is increase the number of applications artificially.

      No one is “loosing” (losing) their jobs.

      We should create a separate visa category for these body shops so they can have their own death match.

      1. That s funny how SKKK does not understand anything but tries to make a comment here. Dont you understand what Melanie is trying to say here? Are you that d…? She is saying that people are working for their Company for 2 years now and that those people will have to go back home because people like you are not capable of signing a petition to complain against an absurd system. Also BTW have you ever heard of prevailing wage? It is generally higher than what Americans are paid; so when you say they want cheap labor YOU ARE WRONG. At least if you want to be negative have your facts straight.

        1. Rocky, when things could go either way, it become natural for a lot of people to call it an “absurd” system, which is not necessarily true. And body shops perhaps is the right verbiage that SKKK used.

          Regardless, there is no need to be disrespectful and try and antagonize someone. Forum etiquette is important.

        2. “people like you are not capable of signing a petition to complain against an absurd system.”

          Even though I belong in the category that Melanie is talking about, I don’t believe petitions will change anything.

          Reason why:

          White House represents the US citizens and more leniently permanent residents.

          Why should the White House care two hoots about some immigrants on a visa petitioning the US government to change American laws. Its a dead-end effort to me, American laws are made for American citizens and if you don’t like them, tough luck, deal with it.

          I am not going to go around asking countries I’m not even a citizen of to change their immigration laws to suit MY needs.

          On the thing I said about cheap labor, do you really want me to prove with statistics?
          1. Prevailing wages were set in 1990. Companies get away with paying just around 1k more than the prevailing wage. Do you really believe the cost of living has not risen since then?
          2. Hiring and firing an American citizen or green card citizen costs companies money in unemployment insurance payments.
          3. People on H1B visas are less likely to say f*** it and quit their jobs. Visas are tied to jobs so they are ready to put in more effort for the same money than an American citizen or a permanent resident would. Getting more hours while paying the same salary doesn’t sound like cheap labor to you?

          On a side note, how many petitions/efforts have you signed/done to change laws in your home country to improve the situation over there?

        3. The billion dollar FOR PROFIT corporations which are in a forever endeavor to MAXIMIZE their profits know that they can pay less wages to Americans, but they STILL hire H-1B workers from abroad paying them more salary and spending several thousand dollars in attorney fees, right?

          Somehow Rocky here knows this fact but the accountants, the shareholders and the HR at these corporations haven’t figured this out that they can save some money by hiring local Americans, and are continuing to hire people in H-1B visas.

          Someone please bring him/her out of the delusion and into the 21st century.

    2. This petition is not fair for those who are applying for H1B but not in the U.S presently. Why would I sign it if it is not going to help me? This petition is so selfish and bound to fail. Goodluck trying to get that improbable 100K signatures milestone if you do not intend on changing the wording regarding preference for those who are already in the U.S.

      1. These petitions will never going to go through. Even if they get 100k signatures, the US Government will do a thorough research before making any decision.

        I generally don’t take these petitions too seriously.

  75. so that means everyone should recieve their reciepts (premium and regular both) before 28th. if someone havent got it he should assume that he is not selected in lottrry.

    Am I correct?

  76. Does all H1B selected in lottery are communicated or still we can have hope . mine is processed in non AD /PP Vermont service center. Still I am waiting for the confirmation. I am little worried as the 28th is getting closer.

    1. Hi Raghu

      Does this mean USCIS will start sending our receipts from April 28th or will start processing the cases who have been selected and got the receipts?

      Secondly what about the regular cases receipts processing?


  77. still i didn’t receieve any notification or call from my employer…from CA..means not selected in lottary…please suggest me i am eagraly waiting for this ?

      1. I applied PP in the state of PA, many of my co-workers have received, but not me. Does it mean that I did not get selected?

  78. Hi,

    I received a call from my employer today telling that he has received confirmation from USCIS that the Regular processing H1 Petition they filed for me has been picked up in the lottery. However he says he hasn’t received the Receipt Number and that would take some more time to come. Is that how it normally happens? So does the USCIS notify about the lottery selection first and then sends the receipt number?

    1. It may so have happened that the cheque submitted along with your petition must have got cashed by USCIS and that’s how your emp/attorney confirm reg your petition getting picked up. You may have to wait until almost a week and upto May to get your receipt number. Good luck!

    2. Hi Renu,

      di you get udpates for Regular H1b
      im looking for h1b lottery results for regular / Non AD??
      any udpates please reply to this blog.

      Thanks ,

  79. Hi Raghu and friends,
    Could you please clarify whether the employer/attorney get any receipt if the petition is not selected in lottery? How to cross-check that employer has actually filed the petition and is not selected in lottery.

      1. Hello Raghu, Any comment until when we can look for Non AD/PP cases, is it like all have received or still some hope. Thanks for feedback..

        1. Rajs,

          My doesn’t for some reason. It gives me the “Your case can not be found at this time in My Case Status. Please check your receipt number and try again…”

  80. Hi,
    My attorney said yesterday my check has not cleared yet but has’nt been returned as well. Mine is AD/PP/Vermont. Does this mean its not selected in the lottery? or I still have time? Any comments?

  81. Hi , Employer had filled the H1 B Visa Petition in Premium Processing with Normal category . I have not hear anything about my petition. did this mean it has not been selected in the Lottery or there is still time where I can hear from them.

  82. First of all, good luck to everyone this year!
    I received email from the attorney with “Receipt number (EAC)” as well as “Date received”. It was filled as Premium Processing (PP) and as non-AD. Does that mean I was selected to receive H1B or it is a simple notification from VSC that they have received the application?


    1. That means you are selected in the lottery, which many of us are dying to hear about. Major hurdle is cleared. Your petition processing will start and decision will be given in 15 days.

    1. Hi RV,
      Nothing to worry,I have got notified yesterday that I have got selected .I applied under NON AD/PP/Vermont Center.Still plenty of chances are there,nothing to worry..

  83. How soon do they deduct the checks from the AD/ non-premium processing guys. Is the as soon as the lottery is done or do they wait until they send out a letter in the mail.

    1. H-1B is sponsored by your employer. As an employee, you don’t have to pay anything.
      What check are you talking about?

  84. Seems Like NonAD/NOn-PP cases are also getting hit.
    On other forums there are lots of numbers like these.

    one such is WAC1413654543

  85. I am a Non-AD/Regular Processing/Vermont centre.

    I dont see anyone here who has received receipts under regular processing yet.Anyone?

    Are they sending out receipts to only PP candidates for now?

  86. Raghu apx how many days will it take to send out premium processing receits? Also Do they deduct all the checks just after lottery is done? or how they do it?

  87. Yay!!! I’ve just got notified from the attorney that I was selected in the lottery (Non AD/PP/CA). Good luck everyone. Be patient and keep the faith!!!

  88. AD/ PP, Vermont Service center. Haven’t got any email yet, but a collogue of mine did get receipt on 11th april. But not me. I hope I get mine soon. Are thy still sending out receipts for AD/PP, cause i hear they even started sending non-AD.

        1. Raghu apx how many days will it take to send out premium processing receits? Also Do they deduct all the checks just after lottery is done? or how they do it?

  89. Hi all…
    Such a relief !!! My case got picked up in the lottery (AD/PP) and is with Cali service center. Got an email from my attorney just now. I know how frustrating it is to wait … Here’s wishing everyone good luck.

    1. congrats Rahul.. I hope Non AD/PP cases also starts getting update soon..Fingers crossed..

      1. Thanks bud ! Just a quick heads up.. Actually non AD/PP too have started getting updates on the lottery results. In fact, in my opinion, getting updates on the lottery results has nothing to whether your case was submitted in AD/PP or non AD/PP. You should be hearing from them this week or the next one (depending on which service it was received at… because some service centers are faster than the others) . Wishing you and others who are waiting good luck !!

  90. Any luck one who got notice for Non AD/PP for Texas…
    Please comment, all receipt notice comes in one shot or its like first set was informed and another would be done after some days.. I can not wait any more on this .. this really kills..

  91. Have any body received the receipt number in regular mail for AD, Regular processing(Non Premium processing) from Vermont center ?

  92. Hello All,
    Have any body received the receipt number from Non AD(Non Master), Premium processing from Vermont center? I just want to know whether vermont has released it for Non AD people. Please help us if you get to know from your friends. As i was not selected in the lottery even last year. So really worried now.

    1. I have also applied NON-AD /PP, yet to recive reply from Vermont Center.Fingers crossed. Good luck to you also.

    2. Hi Friends,got selected in lottery under Non-Masters(Regular Cap) Premium Processing from Vermont Service Center
      All the best…

  93. Hi All,

    I just want to update you that my non-ad petition/PP/California center has been selected in lottery and i got the receipt number from my employer today.

    Thanks you all!!!!!

    1. Even I got mail from attorney handling my case with receipt number.
      Non masters with Pp.
      California service center

  94. Till what data i can keep my hopes whether my file was picked? i applied in AD/PP in california center. i found CA is generating receipt Number today 4/14/2014.

  95. Just got picked today for Advanced Degree/ PP/ CA. Finished college, dental school, residency in US. Couldnt sleep well for the last month or so… Good luck to everyone

    1. Congrats! Do you know when your check was cashed? can you find out? Im AD/Regular, my package was sent to California SC, so Im assuming my application might get processed at CSC?

    2. I got the H1B reciept this morning (04/14/2014) from my attorney. I had applied for premium processing. All the best to everyone whose OPT is expiring this year. You will definitely get it

        1. Do you know when your check was cashed? Im AD/PP/ and regular, and I read that knowing if the check was cashed is an indicator before receipts and emails are sent!

    1. Is it like the center which processed your OPT only processes your H1B also? Because my OPT was processed by Nebraska center and i haven’t heard anything about my H1b till now, i have applied through PP.

  96. I just received my receipt # under AD/PP from my employer. According to them application will be processed in 15 days from date of selection and will get final hearing.

    Good luck to all of you guys!

      1. On April 14, 2014, we received this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER and we e-mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case. Please follow any instructions on this notice. This case is being processed at our CALIFORNIA SERVICE CENTER location. You will be notified by mail when a decision is made, or if the office needs something from you. If you move while this case is pending, please use our Change of Address online tool to update your case with your new address or call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283.

        1. Thx for the response~. but I meant can you see any case status on the MY CASE STATUS on the USCIS website by key in your receipt #?

          1. I could not see any status online though they mailed receipt number on saturday from Vermont, do you have the same problem?

          2. Yes, i am also having the same problem.I have done premium processing.Please keep me updated if u are able to check online

          3. Mine is also AD/PP, if you hear anything about this error message plz do update me. really worried.


  97. Got the great news today morning from attorney. AD PP Vermont.
    Thank god he never lets us down. Praying for others now.

  98. Where should I start??

    Having graduated from Stanford with PhD and working with Google…things are falling into place except when people screw up the **** immigration system…

    Didn’t get selected in the random process last year…had to continue with STEM-OPT….and this year no answer so far (AD/PP)…

    Why should I go through all this??? Don’t people have little common sense when trying to get an opportunity for themselves….just because you can submit 10 applications with 10 different employers (errr… body shop consultants)…don’t do it…it will come back at you…don’t mess with the system….give everyone a fair chance….

    These crappy immigration policies need to be revived…. at least people with masters and PhD’* from US should get a break!!!

    1. I respect ur struggle and achievements but dont be stereotyped saying only masters or Phd have talent. Respect the talent not the degree.I have seen many r taking for MS finish it just for job sake I am not complaining against them.My point is respect the talent/skill not a degree!

    2. Guys you all agree or not.. but I think these all visa things & lottery system, Green card things (GC process having long long long waiting times and very very complex process) IS THE BIG JOKE… Squeezing more and more and making hard life for those people who want to follow rules, who are following rules, who want to and still paying taxes, who want to live like normal US citizen and do good things here… People like us are suffering a lot with the complex rules and now there are more signals to ease the life of illegal people….Aliens are not getting billions of $$ once they get H1 or Green card, even after that all of us have to do hard work and which we want but still to get that basic things like Green card, people screwed a lot by complex rules…


    3. I completely agree with you. H1Bs are here to help US companies find talent. It is scary to see that 70% of all visas go to Indian companies in the US to so called “consultants” who have never been to the US. Priority should be given to US companies filing for students who graduated from US universities. If anything is left, it can be opened up to non US companies.

      As it is now, US companies can’t get the talent they want due to Indian consulting companies in the US who get “IT Consultants”..

      the whole system os broken and does not favor US companies at all …

      1. Please do not talk as if US has given special consideration to Indian companies. It does not stop any other country as well to apply so many. Even I am not happy with the situation. But, please do not single out one country for it.

  99. Hi all,
    Related to Non AD – I have received a receipt for change of status petition (from J1 to B1/B2) which was put inside a H1B packet. However no info about H1B receipt. Non of my friends (5 guys under general cap) have received receipt too.

    Any ideas what does it mean?

  100. Gentlemens,

    Any body received the receipt number from Non AD(Non Master), Premium processing from Vermont center? I just want to know whether vermont has released it for Non AD people or not. Please help us if you get to know from your friends or colleagues. Please post

    1. I have some information. But since you assume everybody here is a male and asked just “GentlemenS”, I can’t answer!

  101. Raghu garu, I want to hear from you, mine is AD PP, My employer received mail from my Vermont center yesterday night, but when I tracked the receipt number it says

    “Your case can not be found at this time in My Case Status. Please check your receipt number and try again. If you need further assistance, please call the National Customer Service Center at 1.800.375.5283”

    does this mean some problem with my application or in its in Wait List, , don’t know whats going on, literally breaking head.

          1. that means they sent some invalid receipt number by mistake?, can I contact USCIS for this?

      1. Now I am getting this message
        “•The application receipt number entered is invalid. Please check your receipt number and try again.”

        Really panicked, can some one tell me what could be the reason Plz 🙁

      1. I got a number from Vermont on Friday and I was able to track it once (then I got the same error). Are you sure about Vermont?

        1. I received PP receipt for H1 from VSC on Friday, however when i try to track it, i receive the same error. Mine was supposed to be sent to CSC but it was sent to VSC.
          So when i check the same with WAC it shows as acceptance. I have to wait and see if my guess is correct.

          1. I received my receipt number last Friday. I think Vermont not sending out receipt numbers is a wrong info. I even received the letter in the mail for my dependent with his receipt number. I am still getting an error message saying the case number not found. If there is someone who has a valid information please share.

  102. I was unlucky last year as application was not selected in lottery and got returned packet on may 13 , it was filed under regular processing. i’m hoping positive this year.

    1. Hi… I am just curious… So if you have filed your h1b under the masters cap this year and didn’t make the cut, can you file in the masters cap again for the following year?

  103. Hi, very informative, thanks a ton. In the video, attorney says all selected applicants will receive receipt nos in 2 weeks. Is this only for premium processing or including regular processing cases as we’ll.

  104. Hi,
    Thanks for posting this video which cleared many doubts. Though I have one. Suppose we get to know from our employer after 2 weeks that our application is not selected in lottery than how would we get to know that they even sent our papers to USCIS or not! I mean USCIS must be sending information on petitions not selected in lottery in the form of mail/ document to employers.

  105. my question is – Is this lottery conducted respective to professions. what if in a lottery all engineers are selected and no web developer is selected if its all random????
    but v helpful video
    Thanx a lot

  106. Why USCIS does not convert the whole system into online, so that people will know immediately after lottery which all are selected and which are not.
    This while waiting time is killing us like anything.
    I believe if they want this, then some big Company LIke INFY or TCS will immediately do the same that too free of cost, as it will be saving lot of time for them also.

    1. Hi Dilip,

      After the kind of experience that USCIS has had with Indian IT companies (sending people to work on B1/B2 visa and other workarounds), I highly doubt that these companies would be given access to USCIS internal system. In an event these companies do get access then it would be no surprise that all our brothers and sisters filling their applications next year through these same companies would have their application selected in that year’s lottery. Pls do not take this seriously as it is not meant to hurt anybody’s sentiments other than people and companies looking to misuse or find workarounds this system. Btw best of luck to u for this year’s lottery.

      1. Dear Andy,

        This can also be get done through Some US based IT company, My point is only that in this Hi-Tech world, Whats the point of doing so much manual work and keep people waiting.

        The System required for this process is not so complex, Can be easily developed and implemented.

  107. Wow. I just learnt that irrespective of the processing option (regular/premium) you chose and the category you fall under (Advanced degree / common pool), everybody can get the lottery closure in the next 2 weeks! Very informative video.

  108. An advanced degree exemption is provided for the first 20,000 petitions filed for a beneficiary who has obtained a U.S. master’s degree or higher.

    Can you explain?

      1. every where you said its lottery but this is from the immigration website and there is no mentioning of doing lotto.

        its like first come first serve thing.

  109. From what I’ve heard elsewhere, attorney’s have been emailed under masters cap for PP. Haven’t heard of any for regular PP applications. I guess that means probably Monday…

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