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H1B Visa 2011 Cap Count Update Table

Update: Sep/2015: H1B Visa 2011 was an exceptional year due to Recession in the US. Can you imagine H1B visa cap lasting until January in 2015, 2015 or later?

In this page, you can find information about

  • H1B Visa 2011 (latest cap count update)
  • H-1B Visa processing time tracker (over 130 H1 petitions)

If you missed the window to apply for H1B visa, this year, you could always apply for next Fiscal Year H1B Visa 2012

H1B Visa FY 2011 Cap Count Tracker

Date General Cap Masters Cap
1/26/2011 65000 20000
1/21/2011 62800 20000
1/14/2011 60700 20000
1/7/2011 57700 20000
12/31/2010 57300 20000
12/17/2010 53900 19700
12/10/2010 52400 19100
12/3/2010 51200 18700
11/26/2010 50400 18400
11/19/2010 48977 17836
11/12/2010 47800 17400
11/5/2010 46800 17200
10/29/2010 45600 16700
10/22/2010 44300 16200
10/15/2010 42800 15700
10/8/2010 41900 15400
10/1/2010 40600 14900
9/24/2010 39600 14400
9/17/2010 38300 14000
9/10/2010 37400 13700
9/3/2010 36600 13400
8/27/2010 34900 13000
8/20/2010 33900 12600
8/13/2010 29700 12300
8/6/2010 28500 11900
7/30/2010 27300 11600
7/23/2010 26000 11300
7/16/2010 25300 11000
7/9/2010 24800 10600
7/2/2010 24200 10400
6/25/2010 23500 10000
6/18/2010 22900 9700
6/11/2010 22200 9400
5/28/2010 20800 8700
5/21/2010 19600 8200
5/14/2010 19000 8100
5/6/2010 18000 7600
4/27/2010 16500 6900
4/22/2010 16025 6739
4/15/2010 13600 5800
4/8/2010 13500 5600

Interesting Observations from H1B Cap Cout 2011:

  • The First week count total was less than 20,000 H1B Visa Applications
  • This was one of few years where H1B Cap numbers lasted for several months.
  • H1B Cap was available till January of next year ( which is 10 months)
  • I wonder why IT services company didn’t file as many applications as current years


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  1. Hi……
    My case status shows as
    On February 10, 2012, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

    and till now its been 25 days and my employer says he has not received the approval notice.

    Please anybody tell me how long it takes what steps to take next if dont receive it…..

    1. Hi Manohar ,
      Dis you receieve the approval notice .If so how many daya it took .I am facing same issue.My application is approved on Mar1st and still my employer did not recieve approval notice .

  2. Hello,

    I have applied for the H1 extension for 2011 and filed the LCA for the current XXX client, After four months unfortunately my contract is ended with the XXX client and next day My H1 got to RFE.
    Today am JOB LESS and h1at RFE for client letter,
    1. Of course If I get the job in one or two weeks, How can I approach the USCIS with the new client contract.

    Question: 1. Is this possible to change the clients while the case in RFE?
    2. If there any other directions please let me know.

    Any kind of concerns please email me at please.

    Thanks in Advance

  3. I have received a receipt number from USCIS and status is in Decision -approved on Nov-22

    Its a premium processing , I would like to know after this what are the stpes are pending.

    What is the lead time from status decision to final decision

  4. Hi All,

    I received a RFE few weeks back, and my lawyer had replied to that. Few days later, my status changed to “decision”, and it showed the approval of petition. However, today my status has moved back to RFE.

    Any idea why this would be especially when they had already made a decision few days back?


  5. How much time does an LCA approval take.Is it 7 business days or 7 calender days.Is there a specific time of the day when the website updates the status’s or status get updated as and when approvals happen.?
    What is the predicted end date for 2012 H1 Cap?

  6. Hi

    I received RFE on my H1B for client letter & manager letter & SOW between my company & client. But as we had old SOW signed till 30 nov 2011 we provided it to the USCIS on 10 Nov 2011 (new SOW preparation is under progress which is till 30May 2012), also in manager letter & client letter it is mentioned that client need me at onsite till 31Dec 2011 but actually it’s for more duration as per different project needs. So now I am afraid for how much duration I’ll get my H1b stamped only till 31Dec 2011?


  7. For me the RFE response was sent to USCIS on July 9th and it was filed on July 15. It is almost 85 days and i havent received any response yet. Any idea how many days ll it take for the decision??

  8. For me it took around 80 days to get my petition approved after I submitted my RFE docs.It was approved after my attorney followed up with USCIS.Don’t worry guys.it will get approved but the wait was pretty frustrating..

    1. Hi Anoop Chandran,

      it,s been 75 days since by RFE response ( October 2011) and I am yet to get my approval. Do I need to worry?

  9. Normal Processing

    Date of Receipt: 10-Jan- 2011
    Date of RFE issue : 30-Mar-2011
    Date of RFE Review initiation: 20-May-2011
    Date of Petition Approval: 05-Jun02011

  10. Hi I have a same situation over here. My RFE was on April 15th and RFE sent on May 18th. Till now its showing RFE Response Review. Any body have any idea how long does it takes actually? if any one below got approved plz update your posts guys….

  11. Hi,
    Applied H1b on Jan 13th 2011 and received RFE on 8th March 2011, RFE response submitted in 20th April 2011. Now the status is RFE response review.

    In USCIS website it stated that a written update or written decision will be sent within 60 days of response submission date, its been more than 60 days now I haven’t received any updates yet. Is this common that USCIS will take time even after 60 days?

  12. Hi,
    My petition went into RFE on March 02,2010.We submitted the required docs on March 16th.It went in to Request for Evidence Response Review on March 18th.Now its close to 75 days.Still haven’t got any update.Does anybody know How long it goes take?.I have requested my attorney to follow up with USCIS..

  13. Hi, my H1B visa was approved on April 11, 2011 under premium processing. When i checked USCIS website i can see the highlighted circle is the DECISION. My employer sent me the email notification of my approved visa and told me to wait for the documents to be sent soon. However, to date i have not received anything. Anyone knows how long does it take to receive this documents? Thanks.

    1. Hi, I will be applying for on Aril 1st with the expedite serve ice. How long did it take you until you got your papers. Were you able to work right away?

  14. hi

    i wasnt pay by my employer ,it was just training,andi leave them,so there were no payroll for me,i heard to do h1 you need exp. certificate from your previous employer as a proof

  15. hi

    i am on OPT extension and i got my full-time job,but my thing is there is some problem with my status,i joined 1 consultant and i leave that due to some reason,since that after 2 months i havent update anything , now that consultant i not ready to give me any exp. certificate now, if i get full-time job i havent have any exp. certificate which i have shown on my resume.do i need to have all exp. certi that i have shown while applying h1.is there any rule that while on opt extension your payroll should be generated ,

    please guideme

    1. You don't need to have any exp. certificate in US because your future employer will be able to perform your employment background check if you were paid by your consultant employer. And it won't harm mentioning your exp. with the consultant.

  16. hi how are u ? i want to come to usa for studnet? i wan visa studnet how comw to apply? i am from iran but i live in turkish?

  17. Applied Date : 22-Nov-2010 (Varmount)

    NO RFE πŸ™‚

    Approved Date: 14-Feb-2011

    PAI Date : 11-Apr- 2011 (Chennai)

    Approved VISA.

    Best of Luck every one.



  18. Hi

    I applied for h1b on April 7 2010. I got an RFE on Saptember 14th. My Lawyer replied to it on october 14th. After that it shows the update as RFE Response Review. They said they will respond within 60 days. After 60 days we again contacted them. The said it will take another one month. On 13 January they send employer a letter saying it will take another 60 days. Now the days have passed and no response. I have my 2 months of exteneded OPT pending. Can I work on something called capgap if not approved till then. Please suggest me appropriate solutions



  19. Hi Friends,

    This is true that the waiting time is quite painful and irritating when it has passed months, after the petition was submitted. but his is also true that the results are quite pleasing.

    It seems that USCIS has started approving the cases. I received approval notice yesterday – 8th march (just notification email) and this time the USCIS web site was showing the updated status.

    Here are my details:

    Application date: 23rd August 2010 (Vermont Center, Regular mode)

    RFE received on : 22nd Dec, 2011 ( from Attorney)

    ** Website didn't show updated status until: 1st Jan, 2011. When the status was updated, status stated that the RFE was sent on 13th Dec, 2010.

    RFE response submitted on: 10th Jan, 2011

    USCIS website showed updated status on: 12th Jan, 2011

    Until, yesterday afternoon there was no change in the last activity date, but then received the notification email informing that my petition was approved.

    I believe, everyone waiting on the petition results are going to get appoval notice , very soon.



  20. Hi All,

    My employer filed H1-B for me on 29th-Dec-2010 on Vermont Service Center-EAC (as per USCIS receipt number), still it is on “initial review”.

    Did any one got the approvals for their petition near to my date?

    One more basis question, how much time to take to get H1B Visa?

    Please help on the same.



      1. Thanks Sai.

        I’ve received ‘Post Decision Activity’ on 23rd March regarding my I129 case.

        Can you help what is the Next Step and When should i except the stamping/interview?

  21. Hi All,

    Yesterday I Got an Approval Notice. I took whopping 10 months to get approval since the day of my filing. Keep hope and patience. You will get the Visa.

    IR : 21 June 2010

    RFE : 10th Jan 2011

    RFE Review : 28th Feb 2011

    Approval : 3rd March 2011

    Best of luck!!!



  22. Hi Guys

    Need your comments on my case:

    Vermont Centre, Regular Processing, H1B

    Receipt Date: 30 Aug 2010

    RFE date: 24 Jan 2010

    RFE Response Review: 24 Feb 2010

    They said they will reply within 14 and 60 days otherwise we can contact them.

    Did any one of you guys with RFE received the approvals within 60 days for Vermont Centre?

    Any experience ?

    1. Same here, my response review 60 days period got over on 22nd feb. And haven't heard anything yet. My H1 B was filed on 8th july @ VSC.

  23. Here's my situation:

    Receipt date: 04/22/2010 (normal)

    RFE: 12/06/2010

    RFE Response review: 01/07/2011

    That's where it starts to get weird…

    – On February, my employer has upgraded my status to premium processing.

    – On 02/23/2011, I've got an email from USCIS saying my application was now in premium processing and that the status went back from RFE response review to "Initial Review".

    – On 02/24/2011, I've got another email from USCIS saying my application was now in "Acceptance" status and no mention to premium processing…

    This is very confusing… is it normal for a premium upgrade? has one one seen this before? any advice is most appreciated.


    1. It was approved Today!

      Keep the faith friends, look at my case, I've been waiting since 04/22/2010 and now it's approved. Yours will be approved too!

      Congratulations to happyschoolsblog for the great work! You guys rock!

      Wish you all the best.

      1. Just one question I have for you. I am in a similar situation with my H1 filed under premium. But it is in Acceptance status for last 7 days. Did your status change to anything else before moving to Decision (Approved) status ? Appreciate your help.

  24. Hi,

    My employer filed H1-B for me and I got receipt for the same on July,30 2010 at Vermont center. Till the date status is Initial Review. I logged in the USCIS website and found the last updated date is Oct 3,2010. After that there is no activity. any one suggest me please.

    Did any one face the same issue?

    1. Iam also facing exactly the same issue………Receipt Date : July 30,2011, Vermont center..

      Last update is – Oct 3rd…. and still in Initial review….

      Don't go by what the site says…it never reflects the original status…….Always better to call up your employer and get it checked periodically…….

      If they are so short of people to process the cases …i think they should keep the quota to an appropriate limit and stick to timeframes…. They are more happy in charging unusually high processing fees in first place….The way they go with processing, I would recommend them to keep H1b Quota limitless, double the fees once more, and reject 70 % of the cases at the end of a 1 year "Initial Review" period…….would atleast provide some much needed relief for the American Tax payer from contributing to Wallstreet bailout funds !

      Its a shame they behave like "Colonel Winter" from the film "The Last castle"….

      US is a cool place…and do love Hollywood films…but definitley not their Immigration department from how they have handled things from what i know… !

      Respected USCIS people !..

      The one thing I like U to do – act on cases in a reasonable timeframe…

      please process all petitions pending with reciept dates over 6 months at the earliest.. !!

        1. I checked with employer..they called up USCIS……Seems like they told they will take a note of it and speed up the process..thats it nothing else…

          I think its better to go for a premium processing for a quick update..

          The USCIS guys have updated their website for current processing time as 2 months and seems like majority of cases people are waiting for over 5-6 months…..

          Have you checked with your employer .. ?

  25. H1b on masters (regular processing )was filed @ VSC on 8th July.

    NO OPT as – second Masters.

    currently residing in USA and still waiting on H1b decision.

    Waiting for a period of 8 months now

    RFE on Dec 22nd.

    22nd feb, my RFE response 60 days period is over and yet no updates.

    How long does it take for USCIS to make a decision? Also, am I out of status right now? If yes, can i get married to my girlfriend who is currently in school on F1? WIll that save my status?

    Please Help

      1. I consulted one of the immigration lawyers using their free first consultation deal and they told me that till the time my visa is pending I m safe to stay in USA. I wont go on out of status till the time my visa gets rejected.

        Has anyone else in this forum has gone through the similar situation or is currently on "Pending status"?

  26. Hi,

    My H1b got approved on Feb16th 2011 and the status is showingin USCIS post decision activity , does this mean approval notice already dispatched if not usually how much time it will take .



  27. Hi Friends,

    My receipt date was July 30th 2010.But still it shows "Initial review" in USCIS site.All my employer says is that they too inquired and the response is wait for approval.

    Any resonable estimates as to when it will be approved given that its is already 6.5+ months now….

    Is it better to switch to premium processing to get to know an update early or wait for some more time ? For premium processing employer wants me to put in the extra fee…………Iam little confused and worried now……

    Can I request my employer to send me the approved LCA doc and receipt copy to verify my petition ?

  28. If someone has 2 approved H1 B petitions approved when in India subject to the H1 CAP, and he/she has travelled to the States with stamped visa (for first petitioner), can he/ she resign with the first employer and work for the other employer with the second approved petition in the US itself without coming back to India. Also is it possible that if he/she comes back to India and can he/she travel to the US with the second approved petition and the first petitioner visa without going for visa stamping again. Any thoughts/inputs will be appreciated. Thanks!

  29. My H1b was filled on 1st April 2010 but still i did not received any updates on that.

    My Consultant and lawyer is not telling me anything. now they are ready to refund my money but now cap is closed and i can not apply it again.Please give me some suggestions.

    1. Seems they would have cheated you with out filing… Did you receive Receipt number? If not sure they didnt File your work permit…

  30. My H1b is filled on 25 jan 2011(as shown in USCIS site) but my status is still showing as 'ACCEPTANCE'. Also am not sure whether my visa is filled for a premium processing or not(my employer told me that they are filling premium for me)

    1. Hi Rahul,
      Looks like I am in the same boat which you were on 4th Feb. Can you pls tell me how did your case progress thereafter? Esp what was the status on what date till it was approved.
      Appreciate your help.

  31. Hi,

    My H1 B petition is approved on Jan 14th. Verified from USCIS site status is Decision and mentioned was approved on Jan 14th.

    Any idea generally how long it takes to get the hard copy. Its 20 days over my petition is approved as per their website. Please advice me.

  32. Mine is approved on Today. waiting for Hard Copy πŸ˜‰

    Centre :CSC , Regular
    Intial Review :SEP 24,2010
    RFE :DEC 02,2010
    RFE Submission :JAN 05,2011
    APPROVED ON :JAN 31,2011


  33. Hi,

    I got an RFE on 19th of October, i have submitted requested documents on 17th November. It has been mentioned it will take max of 60 days to process application, by now 60 days is complete. But i still did not get any response. Any one who faced similar problem.

    1. I have submitted my documents on 17th of September for my RFE, the 60 days have passed long time ago and still have not heard anything! So yes, similar problem over here!

      1. what service center are you guys?

        mine is california. been on rfe since october, submitted them october as well but since then nothing as well! its been 90 days more!

        1. Hi Ratna, Marg, Chill

          Now, did you guys received your approvals? It's more than 60 days, What USCIS is saying about the progress of your petition?

  34. Hi All,

    I have filed my H1 B on 16 January and receive my recite , and in march i wanted to go to India for some personal n important work. Does anyone guide me will there be any issue if I go India before my H1 got approved (it will be time between submission of petition and approval of that petition).

  35. hi,

    My h1 was applied on Aug 25th 2010. Its been more than 5 months and there is no responce. Does anyone have any idea what is happening here. status says IR.



  36. My petition had been filed on 16 Dec, 2010 and has received EAC after couple of days. USCIS site shows my application status as 'IR' for the past few weeks. Anyone out here with the same scenario?


      1. Hi Sudhakar,

        This is good news and congrats!

        Please share if you applied under premium processing or regular?



        1. Thanks Tanish; It was through regular processing that took exactly 2 months for approval. My employer is yet to receive the approval notice and I guess that it'll take upto 30 days from now for the stamping to be done.


          1. It’s December 2011 and I’m still waiting for my stamping πŸ™‚ I’ve received 221g twice and the process is still in progress.

            I’ve just moved to SG instead of just waiting for these guys… πŸ˜‰

      1. Hi,

        I was planning to schedule my visa-interview this month; however, I've just got a job opportunity in Singapore which requires me to join them in a week.

        Now, can I get the US-Visa, ask my US-employer for some time and accept the offer from Singapore? I shall return from Singapore and travel back to US in an year. Won't this be a conflict in my documented employment history in H1B application? How would it impact?

        In your point of view, which one would you prefer and what are all the factors that you'd consider for comparison?

        Just to add, I can save a bit more in Singapore than US at this point of time but in long term, US should be the best.

        Please do let me know your suggestions.

        Thanks in advance.

        1. Got 221g that needs more docs from the petitioner πŸ™

          How long would the consulate take to clear this process from the date of document submission?


  37. HI can someone help me. can I apply for H1b visa while I
    have a pending Eb3 or immigrant visa on the process. My EB3
    priority date/approved by USCIS is August 2007 and until now there
    are no visa available for immigrant visa. Is H1b visa fast? can i
    apply while I also have the EB3 waiting|?

  38. Hi,

    The H1B approval evidence in my I797 is for 2 years. Will it affect my H1B extension later. I'm planning to go in for stamping with the present 2 year approval at present and opt for an extension at a later stage as required.



  39. Can some one explain what if I don't get the response until April 1st 2011. My H1B is filed in Dec 1st 2010.

    I am presuming USCIS will clear all the cases which falls under H1B CAP 2011 in order to move to the next year CAP 2012.

    Is my understanding logical ? Please share your thoughts on this.

    1. Hi All,

      My H1 petition was filed on 3rd August- Vermont Center.

      Still i didn't receive my file number. Did anyone facting the same issue?

      I asked my employer, they told me there is no specific timeframe for H1b fresh petition, need to wait sometime.

      kindly help me.


      Revathi. N

      1. Hi Revathi,

        I don't agree to the fact that your petition was filed on 3rd August and you didn't receive the receipt#. Usually, this is generated by USCIS in a week time, but it might take max of 3 weeks.. but not more than that.

        Mine petition was also submitted on 23rd august at VT center and mine friend's at CA center and we received receipt# at around 30th August.

        So, I would suggest you to follow up with your employer to make sure that your petition reached at USCIS office.



  40. My H1 petition was filed on 30th August- Vermont Center and
    it is in IR status now. Did any one got the approvals for their
    petition near to 30th August? Another Question, If i got an
    approval for COS from L1 to H1, then how long(any specific time
    period) I can be on L1 Job(L1 Status)?

    1. hi harry,

      same stuff here…applied to uscis on aug 25th..till date noting has happened.

      as in the below page said like,

      “Yes it looks like June is getting cleared in Nov, so Dec will clear July and Jan will clear August!!!”

      So have patience and wait is theonly option.. am still waiting.



      1. Hi MP

        I convinced my employer to call USCIS to check the status of my petition as we can officially call them after 120 days. They said that they have already mailed the papers with RFE(1 month ago!!), but my employer didnt received it. And now there is no way we can track those papers, I lost whole one month. πŸ™ We have asked them to resend it again and they claim it will take 1-3 more weeks for them. In the website, status is still IR, so dont rely on it.


      2. Hi MP/Harry, Did you recieve any update for the petition submitted in Aug 2010. Mine was submitted on Aug 3rd 2010 but in USCIS website still shows IR


      1. Hi SK and MP

        Yesterday only I received the approval email from USCIS(physical doc yet to receive by employer) and website is also updated accordingly(pls subscribe for SMS and email alerts by opening an account).

        Below were my dates

        Vermont Centre, Regular Processing, H1B

        Receipt Date: 30 Aug 2010

        RFE date: 24 Jan 2010

        RFE Response Review: 24 Feb 2010

        Approval Date: 01 Mar 2011

        It seems since they took long time to process my petition and when we sent them RFE docs, they took just 7 days to approve it in regular processing.

        A suggestion to all of you waiting for approval: If it is crossing 120 days then pls make your employer call them and get an update. It really works in my case atleast and may be becuase of which i got an approval in 7 days after RFE.

        Good Luck to all!!



  41. i got a problem my H1 ext was filed in aug 10th 2010 and got apporval on 28th dec 2010 …. and my lawyer got hardcopy on Jan 10th 2011 ….the problem is that day when i saw my uscis account they updated like this

    On January 10, 2011, your document I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER was processed and mailed to the address on record. If you have not received it within 30 days of January 10, 2011, contact customer service at 1-800-375-5283. If you move while your case is pending, please call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283.

    what is mean ….what to do next i dont know …please anybody got same problem let me know what i have to do next… is that mean RFE or what …i already got my approval hardcopy….please help..

    Thanks in advance

    1. dude, wake up.Its good news for you. It has been approved and the status just says that. No need to worry. You case is approved and it will be closed

  42. Hi HSB,

    i got a problem my H1 ext was filled in aug 10th 2010 and got apporval on 28th dec 2010 …. and my lawyer got hardcopy on Jan 10th 2011 ….the problem is that day when i saw my uscis account they updated like this

    On January 10, 2011, your document I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER was processed and mailed to the address on record. If you have not received it within 30 days of January 10, 2011, contact customer service at 1-800-375-5283. If you move while your case is pending, please call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283.

    what is mean ….what to do next i dont know …please anybody got same problem let me know what i have to do next… is that mean RFE or what …i already got my approval hardcopy….please help..

    1. Nothing to worry about. Your petition was approved and sent to you. That means its approved. If USCIS change their mind on your approval it would have been communicate to your lawyer and they would have responded by now.

  43. Hi…Does anyone knows how long it takes to get the status
    change from Decision to Post decision activity ? My decision says
    "it was approved ". My employer says that ..they will receive the
    approved petition after 2 weeks that once the status changes to
    post decision activity. Is that true ? Can i safely assume as
    approved if decision says "it was approved and we sent an email

  44. Hi…Anyone knows how long it takes to get the status
    change from Decision to Post decision activity ? My decision says
    "it was approved ". My employer says that ..they will receive the
    approved petition after 2 weeks that once the status changes to
    post decision activity. Is that true ? Can i safely assume as
    approved if decision says "it was approved and we sent an email

  45. Hi Guys,

    My H1B(Regular) has been filed with USCIS on Nov 5th on california, still it is on "initial review" does any one get approvel for same.

      1. Guys,

        I have a question. My L1B was rejected and B1 was canceld in Aug. Will there be any problem for H1B stamping.

  46. Someone in the above page said like,

    "Yes it looks like June is getting cleared in Nov, so Dec will clear July and Jan will clear August!!!"

    This has been found to happening right and What about the case of RFE's then??? Wouldn't they be considered as normal one's (without RFE)??

    Below is my case;

    Visa: New H1B

    Type: Regular

    Center: VSC

    Receipt Date: 08/30/2010

    RFE: 11/23/2010 (additional fees)

    RFE Response: 12/09/2010

    PP: NO

    Approved: Waiting……

    Field: IT

    And my Employer doesn't share receipt number with employees most times. So, when can I expect to have the approval?? Jan??


    1. Hi, I understand that H1B application under premium category needs to be decided within 15 days. Are there any exceptions to this, where USCIS can take a longer period.

    2. Hi,

      Do you say that you got the approval notice on Jan 6th? or your case was updated in Online as "Approved" on Jan 6th.

      I'm asking you this because, my case was upgraded to premium on Jan 6th and now I could see online that it is "Approved". I need to how many days will it take to receive the approval notice?

      I can use your Information for a rough estimation.


  47. My receipt date was Aug 17th – Vermont Got a RFE on Nov 2nd
    Replied to RFE on Dec 2nd Visa approved on 3rd Jan Waiting for my
    approval notice.

  48. My reciept date was July 30th, Reg,Vermont.

    No update yet…Still in "initial review" … πŸ™

    Since current data in USCIS website is shown as updated as of Oct 31st….hope to see some update on USCIS site when they update it with the latest data sometime this month…

    Its really unfortunate that things take this long to get processed….

  49. Hi Guys,

    My H1B(Regular) has been filed with USCIS on aug 19th, still no reply from them. Is it true that every application that was filed after aug 14th is getting RFE ? If not RFE what is the maximum time that they take to process a application as its been nearly 5 months that my application was filed.

    1. Hi, My application was also filed on 19th Aug Regular in
      California Service Center. Still no updated from them. I was
      informed by my employer that my case would receive RFE due to Visa
      fee hike. But still there is no RFE / update from

    2. hi sridha,

      same case here..mine was filed on aug 25th..no update on status. moreover my employer does not give me receipt number.

      i think my employer has asked his attorney to check the status with USCIS and the reply can take max time of 45 days. looks like within 45 days USCIS will responcd back.

      Wait is the only option…..



  50. Hi,

    My employer filed LCA on 22 Dec. It takes at least 7 days to get LCA certified but because of year end holidays it is still pending. After that they will file my H1-B petition in Premium category. Today cap count was updated to 55800. My question is how to find Chile/Singapore count out of total. Keeping 6800 aside isnt wise. Can I find how much is left ubder regular category (without chile/Singapore)?

  51. my h1 was applied at uscis on aug 25th 2010. till date there is no respone from my employer on the status of my h1. its been more than 16 weeks after applying at uscis. last week when i checked with my employer conserned department, they told me that they have registered a call with USCIS and they will let me know the status at the earliest.

    its been 1 week after they told me as above. What is happening here.Does anyone have similar experience.


  52. Please Help!!

    My question is, can one file a fresh petition if it is rejected in the same year? Or one has to wait for next year. It seems some 11k slots are still open.

    Appreciate the help.


    1. I think, yes you can. But, you need to apply at other service center. e.g. if you earlier applied at CSC then you should apply at VSC. I have read somewhere about the same case, where this happened and that person finally got the visa, approved?

      Good luck!



  53. Just got a mail on my H1b approval from USCIS. What a new year gift!

    VSC- Aug 31 filed, RFE for additiona fee in Novemeber and approved in Decemeber.

    1. Hi,

      I didn't hear about any such case this year but someone was telling me that this has happened in the recent past.

      So, are you trying to know about this fact or you came to know about any such case? If yes, please share more details.



      1. I want to correct my self. please read "someone was telling me that this has happened in the recent past." AS

        someone was telling me that this has happened quite a long back, sometimes 4 years back.



  54. I graduated in July 2010 and my H1b on masters (regular processing )was filed on 8th July. I had no OPT as this was my second Masters. I am currently residing in USA and still waiting on H1b decision. I have been waiting for a period of 5 months now and my status from "initial review" to "RFE" on November 3, 2010. My lawyers answered the RFE on Dec 16th. How long does USCIS usually take to make a decision after the RFE has been answered in regular cases? Also, am I out of status right now? Do i have to go back to my country ? If yes, then how long do I have to wait for H1b to get approved?

  55. It would have been better if USICS used some money from the increased visa fee in streamling the operations of their H1-B visa processing department rather than channeling it to Border Security at Mexico…

  56. It would had been better if USICS used some money from the increased visa fee to streamling the operations of their H1-B visa processing department rather than channeling it to Border Security at Mexico…

  57. Hi,

    My H1 was filed this month on 20th as premium.Would like to know as to when can I expect some response. There has been no status update as yet.



  58. Hi,

    I got an H1B approval.I'm getting a salary offer of 53K-based out of CA. Would like to know whether it will be feasible to survive on the same post taxes(single) and how much I might end up saving.I'm in serious doubt now whether to move or not.



    1. 53K in california is like a dead salary. If you are a bachelor you can survive , but if you are travelling with family it will be futile. imagine rent will be around 1400$ per month+ insurance for car if you buy will come to 120$, groceries will cost 1000$ per month, so it will be basically tight to maintain your savings.

    2. Take about 33% of your monthly salary towards various taxes, that would be deducted straight from your salary and then apply the accommodation rent + car insurance + grocery cost.

      This is not to discourage you but you will not be able to save much.

      BUT, on the other side, think of it as another step in your career, which you need to go through. What I believe is, you should be able to save $700- $800, by managing your expenses.

      Think 100 times, before really deciding any thing, coz things are not easly to roll back. People are still waiting for the approvals and you are lucky enough to get it, at this point.



      1. Someone salary goes up as you gain experience. Entry level job might pay $50k per year and when you change jobs, you will be able to get high pay. Companies are not goign to give you high pay just because you are going to new job, but you have to know how to negotiate the salary.

        1. Thanks for the info guyz….i guess id move.I wasnt in a position to bargain as such since there are many takers for an H1B and the openings are limited due to the tight economy as such.Moving from surplus to tight money is tuff…Hoping it proves to be good in the long run.

          1. Yes, things will be a bit tight initially. But you can survive. Because the salary is low, your final fedral income taxes should also be low (If you have a family with you). If you are a bachelor, you can share things and survive.

            satheesh 1000$ for groceries is too much. you can live with a family within 500$ .. bachelors even less.

    1. I agree with you. In my case, I finally received a RFE on 22nd December (attorney informed that they received RFE), but the status is still shown to be under initial review and the last activity date was shown to be as of Dec, 10.

      I doubt that USCIS took another 12 days after last activity date to send the RFE.
      Receipt date for my petition with Vermont service center is : August 23rd (regular mode). So, it tokk exactly 4 months to hear back from them.

      My employer will answer to the RFE shortly and I am still hoping for the best!
      God, help us poor guys!


        1. Hi All,

          I am really not sure on what the RFE is about. I was myself curious to know about it but my employer told me that the they will be responding to RFE.

          I will certainly share with you all, if I come to know about it.

          But, what I can share as of now is : 'USCIS web site still shows the status to be under initial review."



          1. RFE = Request For (Furthur) Evidence.

            Means they need more documentation to approve your case. They want to approve it but they need substantial evidence that you are the appropriate candidate.


  59. Hi

    Does anyone know if its true that the UCSIS now require a new application form to be submitted for H1B visas? my attorney said she now needs to use the new forms because the old ones are not valid..is it true as it looks like my attorney keeps coming up with excuses to hold up my application form

    Please anyone know the answer

  60. I got a mail from attorney saying my file was received on 12/16.

    – so holidays are also covered in 15 calendar days?

    – will USCIS respond me back by 12/30 or 12/31?

    thanks in advance..

  61. Hi

    Mine is submittted on june 1st and still the USCIS shows as IR only and my last updated date also shows as june 3rd.Almost it is 7 months going to complete.i dont know what the USCIS people are doing.If i ask my employer he is telling me to wait.i dont know what to do.really worried.Is thr anybody in my situation?pls tell me.

  62. Hi,

    My H1B visa was filed on july 2nd,2010. It is still in initial review for more than 5 months. It is with vermont service centre. Can any one tell me when it will be approved? I am more worried now

    1. If you can speak to your lawyer and s/he will in turn get in touch with USCIS.

      I think, VT center is going real slowwwwwwwwwww….



  63. Hi

    Mine is submittted on june 1st and still the USCIS shows as IR only and my last updated date also shows as june 3rd.Almost it is 7 months going to complete.i dont know what the USCIS people are doing.If i ask my employer he is telling me to wait.i dont know what to do.really worried.

  64. Today I got mail from my Employer that my visa is approved.

    (Receipt Date Aug 17th Regular/CA)

    The USCIS site has not updated the status yet.

    It is still showing IR and last updated date as Nov 15.

    I am yet to get the copy of the approval document so that I can tell what is the actual approval date by USCIS.

    1. Hi,

      Is there any RFE for the applications which are submitted after 14th Aug? My employer told me that my receipt date is 19th Aug & I would get RFE due to visa fee hike which is effect from 14th Aug..

  65. Hello,

    Received a RFE recently for project agreement and end client invite letter. I couldnt get the client invite letter for legal issues however managed to get letter from onsite lead, member of my company (within the company). We have submitted this letter and project agreement to USCIS. Would they consider the letter??

    Any problem of denial here??

  66. Hi,

    Mine was filed on 18th May(Regular at Vermont), Got RFE on 8rd Oct. After sending the details(an approval letter), it was finally approved on 3rd Dec.

    So have patience, if your docs are correct U ll surely get approval

  67. Hello,

    Can someone help me out from the below situation.

    My H1 B Petition is filed with USCIS on Nov 3rd in Premium Processing. Till now I did not get my reciept no but recently I got an RFE saying to submit client letter and latest appriasal letter. My query is

    1. Will there be no reciept no for premium processing?

    2. After I submit my RFE, how long will it take to approve my petition?

    3. For what actually USCIS expects RFE?


    1. ""1. Will there be no reciept no for premium processing?""

      Thats what I heard as well. No receipt number for Premium

      "2. After I submit my RFE, how long will it take to approve my petition?"

      The clock resets – so ten more working days I woul guess.

      ""3. For what actually USCIS expects RFE?"'

      Whatever they ask for.

      1. Recepit Number is the Identification of your H1B petition irrespective of whether it is permium or normal. So Check with your employer on Recepit Number. Once UCIS Accepts your application they will provide Recepit Number.

      1. I was told that for premium processing there wont be a receipt number. (usually). So I never asked for one, nor got any

  68. All,

    My petition got submitted on aug 4th and today i got email from employer saying that it got approved. I have seen the scanned copy of approved petition and it was approved on oct 29th. Still USCIS website is not updated and status is initial review and last updated status also not updated. So be patient… It will definitely approve…..

    1. Congrats and thank you for updating your status.

      It gives an indication that USCIS is making some progress… @very low pace, but the things are moving.

      Thanks again. I would appreciate if you could again update the blog with date, when USCIS status was shown really updated.



      1. Tanish,
        Petition got approved on 29th oct but i got acknowledgement from my employer on dec 9th. Still USCIS website it is showing as initial review..It was regular processing and CA service center..

        1. HI San,

          Thank you for sharing the information.

          This means that after october 29th, USCIS took another 40 days (till 29th Dec) , to send the approval notice.

          AND, surprisingly, even after 45 days, USCIS site was not updated with the status.

          Thanks again!


          Tanish Mehta

          1. San,

            Thanks for the info.

            But r u sure ur employer did not delay communicating to you after receiving the approval.

            Just another possibility.

            What do you think.


  69. hey guys- just wanted to let you know that my H1 finally got approved today after exactly 5 months. So everyone thats waiting i know its stressful but please be patient!

  70. Please help me. I was interviewed on August 17 and after the interview they kept my passport and documents and they instructed me they will return my passport to me via express mail as soon as they finish their review. I received an email and informed me that they issued form 221g to my application on September 15 indicating further review of my application. On November 6, they returned my passport to me with a letter that they have forwarded back my petition approval to USCIS for reconsideration and instructed me further to contact California Service Center Western Adjudication Center for future queries. Please help, I need anybody to explain what is happening to my application.

  71. Hi Friends,

    My H1B got converted to permium on 29th Nov and it got approved on 2nd Dec. I am waiting for Hard copy of Petition. Any idea how long will it take to get Hard Copy to schedule my PA.?

    1. If you are premium processing, you should have a got a email copy of your approval notice. The hard copy would generally reach your lawyer within a week.

  72. My case was requested for RFE. waiting for my employer mail about RFE info. do not know what is USCIS expectation. can anybody tell me about it and what is the duration about RFE response

  73. I am looking for a cpmpany who can sponsor my H1B. Please help me with any list of such consulting company whom I can contact. I work as an IT project manager.

    1. Consulting companies getting visa is no longer reality because of change in USCIS policies.

      There are 2 ways for u

      1) Ask ur current employer to file h1b Visa.

      if that is not possible then switch to another company who will.

      2) Directly apply and register for us job sites.Try to get a job offer who is willing to take ur sponsorship.

  74. My employer (TCS) sent an email stating that they have filed with USCIS on Nov5th on Regular-Vermont. I have not the receipt number so far. When asked our visa cell, they are telling it takes 30 working days to get file number. Is it true ? or they are lying to me just to keep me in the company ?

    please share…

  75. Hello,

    Received RFE recently for project agreement and end client invite letter. I couldnt get the client invite letter for legal issues however managed to get letter from onsite lead, member of my company (within the company). We have submitted this letter and project agreement to USCIS. Would they consider the letter??

    Any problem of denial here??

  76. Hello Guys

    USCIS has received my petition on 08/30/2010(Aug 30) and it is still in Initial Review Status. I can see last updated date as 12/03/2010(which is today's date) in my Account. It is with Vermont Service Center. Employer haven’t received any updates on my status.

    Can any one suggest how long it may take to get this approved? When exactly they update the date in USCIS account?

    Thanks you!


    1. Oh cool at least ur last updated date is up to date.

      Mine is California Center and the last updated date is Nov 15.

      I don't understand why they are so slow.It looks as if they have stopped working after Nov 15.

      Anybody in with California/Regular having last updated date later than Nov 15 Please let us know.

      1. Now, they have updated the date with “12/06/2010” i.e., today’s date but, Status is still “IR”. I hope, soon i can see new status!! πŸ™‚

  77. Hello,

    My company has applied for H1B on Nov 19th, 2010 which premium processing. But still we haven't received the receipt number..

    I dont understand why it is taking more time. Any idea?


    1. apparently premium processing applications do not get a reciept number. but double check anyway. you should have got an update by now.

  78. My application receipt date is 17th August,California Regular.

    Currently in IR.

    More than 3.5 months and counting…

    updated the xls

    1. Mine got submitted on aug 4th(regular, CA) and still under initial review. I can see my freinds petition got submitted on 30th august(regular) and mid of september also got approved two weeks back. Dont know what criteria they are following… Hope for the best!!!!

      1. @bpr @San — It really depends. I guess it varies from regular or premium processing?? Also I heard VERMONT center processes applications much faster than others. In my case, I filed for my H1-b on October 18th (regular quota). Then on 21st – before i got a receipt number – i upgraded it to Premium processing. I got H1-B approval notice on Nov 30th. I'm sure you guys will get yours in sometime. Do come back and give an update. Good luck.

        1. oops. sorry, please check below for the proper case info::
          "" In my case, I filed for my H1-b on NOVEMBER 18th (regular quota). Then on 21st – before i got a receipt number – i upgraded it to Premium processing. I got H1-B approval notice on NOVEMBER 30th. I’m sure you guys will get yours in sometime. Do come back and give an update. Good luck. ""

          1. Vermont center is also running at the same pace as CA. My receipt date is August 25th (regular mode at VT center), but the status is still shown to be 'Initial Review'.



          2. @bpr: From the information I got from lawyers, the H1-B Premium Processing Fees has increased (from $1,000) to $1,225 effective Nov. 23, 2010.

  79. My Company had fle my H1B on 04-Aug-2010(my petition date). Meanwhile i resigned and my company withdrawn my H1B petition by sending a mail to USCIS.

    Can you please let me know can i apply again by myself in 2011 quota?

  80. People are not commenting on H1B Visa 2011 processing tracker. I request people to please update the doc, once they receive their H1s.

  81. Hellooo,

    The whole process of wait will drive anyone mad and impatient.
    Nothing to do except to wait till u get an update.

    Is USCIS trying to make people give into the premium processing route ? One would definitely start thinking like that given the delay in the whole process..
    But seems like RFEs are rare this time,hence worth the wait…

    From what i could infer…..
    The USCIS site shows July 10th for Vermont Center and July 1st for CA center as the dates until which they have processed the applications.This date is supposed to be updated once a month as mentioned there, but God know's when they update it and only way is to check it periodically.The above information is as of Sep 30th,2010 at the centers and last update date of the site is mentioned as Nov 22.

    And they have explicitly mentioned that if your receipt dates falls before the above given dates and still in "Initial Review,then you can call USCIS Customer Service Office at 1-800-375-5283 for assistance…

    They should be updating the dates till which they have processed hopefully in a month's time for all the July, Aug folks to know…

    But they have approved applications later than the above mentioned dates also…Wonder how they approve visas at random when a huge number is still pending before that except if it is a premium processing……

    Anyways happy waiting period for all who are waiting and all the best….!!


    1. this is true.
      Probably, USCIS is trying to generate more revenues by introducing the delay. I can't though of any other fact, than this.


  82. Hello

    I am in L1B visa with employer A and I have filed a H1B petition with employer B but it's status is in "Initial Review" and I have receipt Number also. My question is Can I stay in USA even after Quitting Employer A(L1B visa becomes invalid) based on H1B petition filed and its "Initial Review" status?

    Am I eligible to stay in USA based on any petition which is not yet approved?

    Any suggestions on this will help me a lot. Let me know some important URL where i can get more details on such cases.



    1. I didnt get any reply on my question, Can u guys share your thoughts on my question?

      I am in L1B visa with employer A and I have filed a H1B petition with employer B but it’s status is in “Initial Review” and I have receipt Number also. My question is Can I stay in USA even after Quitting Employer A(L1B visa becomes invalid) based on H1B petition filed and its “Initial Review” status?

      Am I eligible to stay in USA based on any petition which is not yet approved?

      1. My suggestion is do not quit unless and until you have approved H1B petition (I-797), and do not leave US. You can start working once you have approval done. However, ask your attorney if he/she filed for change of status—if yes then you don't need to leave US. But whenever you leave, you have to get visa stamped for re-entry.

        1. Unless your H1B petition is approved your status is L1. So stick to your current job. Only resign when your H1B petition is approved.

  83. My petition got submitted in uSCIS on 4th August 2010 but still under initial review? (regular processing, california service center)

    1. Hi San,

      I think, you should receive the results, since one of my friend who applied at California center on August,23rd.. got his results and heard that USCIS reverted to most of the applications in 3 months.

      So, I would suggest you to contact your lawyer.



  84. Hi,

    Can someone give an overview of how things are progressing this year?

    Any idea of no. of denials and no. of RFE's and thereafter approval.

    Thanks in advance….

    1. hello ankit

      things are going slow this year but the rejection rate is very very low.i got my approval about a 11days ago.but the website hasn't been updated.it shows 'initial review' as my case status.but i did receive a hard copy of the approval.so don't rely on the website or case update for your visa status.its better to contact your attorney and have him check out your case.my application got processed in 3 months which is quite surprising .it was regular processing ,CA center.hang on there buddy.good news will find you soon.


  85. Hi All,

    My Receipt date is 21June 2010 Vermont Center. ITs now more than 5 months. Still I have not got any updates. Does anyone else is facing similar issue.


    1. Hey Parag,

      don’t wanna be pessimist here, but my application receipt is from April 22nd and I’m still on “Initial Review”… πŸ™ I’ve seen a case where someone had a receipt from April 1st and was still on IR. All we can do is wait. I know that if it’s past 6 months from receipt date, your attorney can take an infopass appointment and go to a local USCIS office to ask for information.

      My advice: go premium if you can. I really wish I had made this choice earlier. This way you’ll get a decision and you can go on with your life.

      PS: just switched to premium.

      Hope this helps

      1. Hey Thanks Ryu,

        But the problem is my company has filed my H1B. They are not aggreeing to switch it to Premium processing considering the extra cost involved. Moreover I tried calling USCIS center. They told me that the petitioner should be present with me , then and then only they will tell me my case details.

        I am not sure about the manner in which USCIS process the requests, my colleague who has his H1 pending as well, called USCIS and got info that his all checkups are done and he needs to open a SR. My question is how could they tell him the details even though the petitioner was not present with him. It is really confusing.


  86. Now, you should be able to update the spreadsheet with your H1B processing status. Also, new field RFE have been added.

  87. Ady, congrats to u…..

    my application is filled on 24th Aug 210. So when can I expect my petition to get approved…….. its in California center and for regular processing.

  88. hello guys.my reciept date was 18th august 2010 and i got my approval on 17th nov.the website hasn't been updated as yet but my lawyer sent me the approval notice.3 months flat!! thank god… hope those who have been waiting will get their approvals soon enough.best of luck everybody.happy schools blog has been a real help.you guys are the best!!

    PS: regular processing,bachelors ,California center

    1. Hi Ranjith & Ady,

      Congrats to both of you!

      One of my friend also got REF on 18th, for his H1-B regular application at California center.

      It seems like USCIS is now processing regular applications with in three months but I am waiting for the status of mine application submitted at VT center (regular mode).

      Today, it has been three months since the date of receipt of my application and I am keeping the fingers, crossed.



  89. Hi All,

    Yesteday I got a surprising mail from my employer, saying that my petition is approved.

    But in USICS site, which I used to check on daily basis still have my status in Intial Review. Is this a common scenario or have anyone heard about such case before?

    Cos of the status in site, I still doubt whether its any error from employers side(they are yet to receive the hard copy ).

    Thanks ,


    1. hi renjith
      i got the same surprise from my attorney.but he also mailed me a copy of the approval.the website doesn't get updated for days n days .but its not a hoax or an error on part of the employer.you've got it mate!! congrats to both of us!!

  90. Hi Guys

    USCIS has received my petition on 08/30/2010(Aug 30) and it is still in Initial Review Status. I can see last updated date as 10/03/2010(Oct 03) in my Account.

    I am not sure my petition is with which Service Center. Employer haven’t received any updates on my status. Below is the message in their website:

    "On August 30, 2010, we received this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER, and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case."

    Can any one suggest how long it may take to get this approved? And also how to know the Exact Service Center name? I am in need of this visa urgently now, So if we convert it to "Premium processing", by when i should expect the VISA?



    1. Today I checked the last update date in my Account and it is showing today's date( i.e. 12/03/2010) but it is still in "Initial Review" Status.

      Do you guys think, It will approved now? When exactly they update the date?

  91. Hi,

    My petition was filed on Aug 4th, Regular processing. Still it is showing the status as IR. Can anyone suggest that now is it possible to convert it to Premium. Also now for premium, is the same petition converted or a new petition would be filed. How much time it should take for a Premium processing.

  92. Hi there,

    Just wanted to say a thank you for your informative website and for how quickly information is updated here.
    I just moved to the U.S., 2 weeks ago from Bombay after getting married and have found some helpful advice on the blogs as I'm beginning to adjust to the new environment. I am on an H4 visa

    Is the major focus of your site to share information for (i)Students who want to study in the U.S and (ii) for those who have studied here in getting a job?

    Do you have any suggestions on blogs or other helpful websites to find information for those who are on an H4 visa – on how to get a job in the U.S?


    1. I want to say thank you for thinking of sharing the information with regard to H4-B & student Visa.

      can you please share your experience in your case?



  93. Hi,

    My application was submitted on 14th June. There was an update on 3rd Oct but status remained same as 'Initial Review'

    Now again last update date changed to 17th Nov but status is still 'Initial Review'

    what to do in this case, any idea. Employer haven't recevied anything.


    1. hi vikram,

      how to see the updation in the site.pls tell me.i lso submiited on june 1st at california service centre.still it is un initial review.

        1. hi vikram,

          i created the account and saw ,the last updated date was 06/03/10.from this i came to know they didnt even take mine.i dont know what they are dng?geeting worried so much

  94. hi

    approx how many days will it take to know abt H1 if v do premium processing under masters quota?

    thank you


  95. Hi All,

    I am an IT professional with 10+ years of Experience andlooking for H1 sponsership.

    Please let me know few companies who are filing the H1 B this year.



  96. Hi SM

    i am also in the same boat.My employer filed on june 1st still it is showing initial review.

    I hope v ll get it soon.pls be updated always.

  97. Hi All,

    My employer has filed H1B for me in June 2010 and I received receipt date as 14th June 2010. Now its been around 5 months and I have not received any updates after intial review. One of my team mate had file in last week of July and he has recevied approval on hi petition. What should assume from this? Is that USCIS is working on applications randomly? Pleas help me in getting me answer to this.


    1. Hi SM,

      Even mine is of same date 14th June, Vermont centre and still under Initial Review. I am not sure what is happening and how long this will take.

  98. Hi ALL πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    H1B Approved

    Filing/Reciept Date: 16th April – VSC – Masters – Regular filing

    RFE: Yes (24th septembet) – for employer employee relationship and other evidence.

    RFE reply: October 27 (upgraded to premium application)

    Approved – November 2nd.

    Hope this helps everyone… and everyone who is waiting… be positive it will be approved..

  99. Hi All,

    Can anyone tell me how long should we wait after submitting RFE documents to USCIS ?

    I sent my documents on Nov 2nd(general-VSC). On Nov 5th there was a status update Response to RFE Review.

    Now the Last updated date says Nov 8th…but no status change.

    My employer and the attorney say that there is an SLA of 60 days.

    Any idea how long it took this year for other similar applicants ?



  100. My h1b receipt date is Oct-19th, i have receipt number, but its been 3 weeks i'm still waiting for my receipt copy. Can somebody tell me what would be normal time for getting the hard copy of receipt?

  101. guys,

    i finally got my approval last week (11/5/10). california service center received it on 5/25/10, so it took almost 5 and 1/2 months. no RFE, no PP.

    dont despair!

  102. To anyone with RFE status. Does anyone know how long usually it takes to get approval after submitting required documents for RFE before the deadline? My RFE deadline is due on Nov 18th and I have to leave the states by Dec 5th… I wonder if USCIS will take months to get back to me again. Is sort of premium processing necessary? It's just hard to determine if I should get an airticket to go back home and packing things up. Any comment relating to this will appreciated!

  103. Hey everyone,

    just to let you guys know i got approval for my H1 b petition on 29th nov after filing it in may 2010. i had to switch to premium processing and then got RFE and in 10 days i got approval.was california center.

  104. Any one who filed their H1B after 14th Aug 2010 got approval? I applied on 19th Aug 2010 (Regular / California center). Please let me know how long it would take to get the approval…

  105. Has anyone received denial for the visa after RFE status? I'll have to submit mine by Nov 18th and I'll have to leave the states by Dec 5th (with the grace period)… I'm wondering if USCIS will get back to me before I have to leave…. It's so hard to pack things up to see if I should leave some stuff at my friend's place or get rid of everything cause I may not come back here again. =(

  106. Hi,

    I got an RFE on my case. The status shows RFE Review upon submission of the requested docs by my employer for sometime now.However, the last update date on the case has changed twice since that. Does that mean there has been a decision but the final status is not updated.Any idea whether this means a denial?



    1. Sam,

      here is the thing. I received an RFE for the case and then a review for RFE status after my lawyer submitted docs. after 4 days there was an update but NO STATUS change. but after 10 days my lawyer got an approval email (my case was premium) but on the case status on website there is still no update.

      so you may have been approved. ask your lawyer to check with USCIS

      1. What was your RFE about? Mine was something to proof that my company has to proof that Bachelor degree is the min. requirement for the job. I majored in veterinary technology and it is something mostly done with associate and that's the min. requirement… I'm not sure if my application will go through this time.

      2. Yeah, my attorney got the approval mail today.It's been a really long wait.Not sure whether I want to move now.Some exciting prospects in India .It's been too late!

  107. Hi ,

    I found this forum quite informative . I want to ask that I got to know from my employer abt my visa approval notice from USCIS and they told that its valid for 1 year . but generally H1 is given for 2 or 3 years .

  108. Hi,
    My Employer filed my H1B through Premium Processing on 17th Oct. Can someone please give me some info on below queries:
    1. How much time would it take for approval?
    2. After approval how many days does it take to get all documents back from USCIS?
    3. Any ideas how many days would it take to arrange an appointment in Mumbai Consulate and get the stamping done?
    Thanks in advance.

  109. My application is in post decision activity….when can i expect to go for stamping. I havent heard from my employer.

  110. Hi,

    my receipt date is April 22nd at Vermont and believe it or not my status still shows as "Initial review". The employer's attorney has already contacted USCIS but so far we haven't been given any answer.

    Is my case common? are there other cases like this around or is this an exception?

    Anything different from asking the attorney to contact USCIS that is worth doing?

    Any thought will most appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. In my case, my petetion was submitted on April 1st week. But I didnt recieve an update as such till date. When my attorney called up, they said they would provide an update within SLA and thats 60 days.

      I dont know the reason behind the delay. Is some one else in the same situation?

      1. Thanks for your reply Tom.

        I was wondering the same thing…. Now I see your case is even worse than mine.

        Does anyone knows if is there any problem if our petitions get approved only on 2011? by the way, is that even possible?

        Tom, apparently no one knows the reason why… my attorney was told the same thing.

      2. Hi Tom,

        The SLA in your case has already reached if you consider the filling date as April first week. Did you get a chance to follow up with the employer on this. Mine was filled on Aug 4th and still it shows as IR. Almost 90% of my colleagues have already recieved their approval irrespective of whether filling date is before or after 4th. Also can anyone tell if the delay is specific to any center?

        1. Hi Everyone,

          Seems like we all are on same boat. I got my receipt date of 7th June but still it shows in IR. My wife's receipt date was 15 Jul still she got her approval on Oct 6th.

          We both filed together at the vermont center. Not sure what is going on and what should we do.

          Lets hope for the best.

  111. Hiiiiii All
    I just received and RFE on my case on 27 /10/10 my question is how much time will it take to process once i submit all the requested documents …..and also let me know is there any chance for rejection………….. Pls suggest………
    Thanxz a loooooooooot

    1. I also have received RFE end of October. I will have to submit my documents too by Nov 18th for another review. My lawyer said that it usually takes couple of weeks upon submitting the required documents. I'm not sure if mine will go through this year but I wish you good luck!

  112. Hi All,

    I have valid B1 visa from my previous company. Now one of the US company approached me, they told me that they will call me US on my B1 visa and once i reach there they will transfer my B1 to H1 visa.

    Can anybody tell me how long it takes to transfer from B1 to H1 and during that transfer process can I work in that company ?


    1. Dude.Wake up..You cant convert B1 to H1 and its kinda illegal too as you circumvent the purpose of Work visa. Dont go in B1 and apply H1.

  113. Hello,

    My visa was approved last week. Petition date 06/18/10. Approved 10/20/2010. Regular.

    If it has been more than 4 months, the petitioner (your company) can reach the USCIS to expedite your request.

  114. Hi,

    My h1b has been approved and trying to make an appointment with Hyderabad US consulate for visa interview. Since I don’t find the dates opened with Hyderbad, can I move to chennai consulate to make an appointment? I need to move to US in 2nd week of Nov. Please help me if anybody has any idea. I am resident of A.P

    Thank you,

  115. Hi,

    My petition was filed on Jun 10th with California center, it still is in initial review. There was update to the date Oct 14 (from June 10), but there was no change in the status, it still shows initial review. I checked with the employer and they say there was no update from USCIS. I am wondering can a case be abandoned or will there be an update whatsoever ie. will they have to either reject or raise RFE or Approve it or can just abandon it. Were there any instances where they have abandoned it without any response.

    In the meantime, I got another offer and filed an application through them sep 3rd week receipt date (Vermont). This is also in Initial review. Are there any issues with filing multiple petitions THIS YEAR, pls. comment.

    Any comments/thoughts will help. Thanks.

    1. Hi,

      Finally (after almost 5 months) my H1 was approved on Nov 05th. I guess they were waiting for the US President to visit India :-). Hope many of you have gotten approvals now.


  116. Hello Everyone,

    I had my H1-B Stamping interview on 19th in Chennai. Interviewer told me that everything seems to be in order but he needs some admin processing and issued me a pink slip. He directed me to another counter where a lady asked abt my education qualification and kept my passport. She wrote a case no. and asked me to check status regularly on US consolate site. For 3 days my status was being shown as "Pending Process" in status PDF but when I checked yesterday , I couldn't find my case no. at all.

    Can anyone please guide me what does it mean?



      1. Hi Victor,

        Thanks for your reply. FYI, now my status is being shown again as "Pending Process". I checked at immigration desk of my company and they asked me to wait for 1 month & lead time mentioned on pink slip is 12 weeks. Any idea why console needs so much time for processing.

        Any input/ suggestion will be of great help.

  117. Hi all,

    Can any of you please update me, if I apply my H1 B VISA by this month end, will it be considered for this year. In case of No, please let me know, what is the best time to apply and when next I can get H1 B VISA.

  118. Has anyone received any update for "lack of evidence" part? I'm wondering what kind of things I will have to submit more to support my application. My lawyer will let me know once he receives the letter but if anyone has experienced similar situation like this, I'd appreciate if anyone can share your story. Thanks.

      1. I'm not sure. I'm still waiting for my lawyer to let me know what is going on. They just sent a letter out on 19th of Oct. I'm applying this visa with another clinic I've never worked before because my previous employer did not want to help me with it (and I worked there till my OPT expired) so maybe like you said the proof of employer relationship with new place may be the one… ><

  119. Iam not able to update my row in the sheet

    Row number 66 – centre is Vermount and approval date is 1/10/2010

    Please turn the status as green ..

    1. Sandeep.

      You seem to be the only person whose application date is listed in the international system dd/mm/yyyy (22/07/2010), rather than under the common US convention of mm/dd/yyyy (07/22/2010).

      This is just a guess, but the spreadsheet may have rejected your approval date entry because it appeared to be an earlier date than the application date.

      Try reversing the order of month (mm) and date (dd) in the entry form for both application date and approval date and let me know if it works. Otherwise you'll probably have to get help from the webmaster.

  120. Hello Everybody.

    Today I got my H1 approved My company filed on 27-july-2010 and my company got the approval notice on 1st Oct but today they notified me . anyways ..

    for those who all are waiting best of luck .. rejection rate is very low this year .

    1. Hi Sandeep,
      Please let me know your employer details I also want to file for H1B in this years quota.


  121. Hi all,

    my petition got filed on august 17th at california center.

    I checked the status and it is in Initial review.

    When can I expect the decision.

    1. hi mine was filed on aug 18 at California center,regular processing bachelors quota.i think we should hear from them by mid nov .hopefully!! best of luck

      1. Hi, Mine is 16th Aug in CA center but still in "initial review" stage. All, please update this blog as soon as you get approval.

  122. Hi all,

    My petition got approved on Oct 21 and receipt date was Aug 17.

    It got processed in Vermont Service Center.


        1. You filed your application before 14th Aug or after 14th Aug? Because there is change law regarding the visa fee hike for the applications whichever filed after 14th Aug & the processing time is getting delayed for those application. My application was filed on 19th Aug & my employer informed me that they may get RFE regarding the visa fee hike…

  123. Hi All,

    My employer submitted my H1 B Regular Petititon to USCIS on Oct 06 and how much time it may take at maximum on getting Reciept number and how long should wait for the petittion get approval after reciept number cames.



  124. Dear All,

    Sorry for the naive question but here it is:

    I am currently in the U.S and giving interviews. Assuming that an employer gives me a job offer and is willing to apply for my H1B visa –

    When can I begin work? Do employees enter the country throughout the year or is it only on 1st of October every year?

    I ask this because I am worried – that if my employer applies in November 2010, can I enter the country only in October 2011 or it is based on when my application is processed by a USCIS center.

    I had given an interview in March 2010 and the company's legal attorney told them that the earliest I could enter the country was 1st of October 2010 and so they got cold feet.

    I wonder if I should give any interviews at all if this is the case because I doubt someone would hire me if they knew that the earliest I can start working is October 2011.

    Thank you very much for reading and I really look forward to your helpful comments and answers @ [email protected]

    Best Regards,


    1. Just to clarify a few things

      1. What is your current status ??? If you are on F1 visa., then you have an option of applying for OPT. If you are on some other work visa like L1, then you have to wait till Oct 1st to change from L1 to H1. But it might require you to travel out of US and get a visa stamping before re-entry. Pls clarify what is your status. Otherwise our replies won't answer your question.

      2. If your employer applies in Nov 2010, there is something called as Start Date which can requested upto 6 months from the date of application. Since you are applying in this year's quota … as soon as ur H1B is approved, go for stamping and you are good to enter the country as soon as possible. Oct 2011 would be the date for people who are applying for H1B from April 2011 onwards in next year's quota.


  125. Hi All,

    I need some advice. I already applied for H1 visa in the month of June, which is still under 'Initial Review' status.

    I got another company, who is ready to file H1 for me. Can I apply again, is this allowed.

    Let me know your answers asap.


      1. Hi Deepak,

        Its not about switching employer. Its like applying for H1 from two employer at the same time.

        Is this allowed or USCIS will cancel one of petition.


  126. hello !! i received the receipt number on aug 18 2010….Its oct 18 today..i still haven't received any word from the attorney.my online status shows "initial review".how long do you think i have to wait till i get a verdict.i am in the regular processing bachelors category(California center). replies would be highly appreciated.


  127. My h1b got approved on 7th oct…below is what the website says…

    "On October 7, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. Please follow any instructions on the notice…"

    The lawyer has not received the notice. (They should get it in the coming week or so). But, I want schedule an appointement for visa stamping. I need the start date and end date of my petition. My lawyer had requested, 10/01/2010 through 09/30/2013.

    Can any one help, what would be the petition start and end date for petitions approved on 7th Oct.

    1. Hi Vinodh,

      Can you please share the date of filing your application and the processing mode (i believe, it would be regular application where you didn't pay additional 1000 dollars)? Also please share the service center (Vermont or Callifornia), where your application was submitted.

      This information would be helpful for anyone reading this blog.

      Thank you for sharing the information.



  128. Hi,
    My H1B has filed on September mid. Is there any activation date like Oct 1st? or shall i go to job As soon as get my H1B visa?


  129. I want to request the readers/visitors of this blog to update about their approval notices, as soon as they hear from USCIS.

    This will give the readers of this blog, a feedback on how long they gonna wait.


    1. My petition was filed on April 14th 2010

      I got my approval notice on 9th August. My VISA just got stamped in Sep (Through Kolkata).

      This site has been very informative… Thanks Everyone.. and FYI the rejection rate is quite low in india.

  130. Hi,

    i have an H1b Visa on me filed on my behalf by my current employer, due to some circumstances im having to shift to another company, can i have the visa transferred to my new employer or should i have had to travel to the U.S atleast once before i can get the Visa transferred to my new employer's name.

    I just have the Visa on me but never travelled on that to the U.S

    Thanks for the help,


    1. As far as I know H1-B visa can be transferred only when you are in US.

      It cannot be transferred in India.

    1. USCIS mails hardcopy of approved petition.

      As soon as you receive petition docs, you can go for stamping.

      Stamping date should be on or after 1st Oct of the fiscal year for which visa has been filed.

      1. Hi

        How long it takes for lawyer/employer to get the approval notice?

        Mine was approved on 7th Oct.

        Pls let me know. Can you guess the start and end date of the petiton..?

        will it be 7th oct-2010 and 30-sep-2013? we need this to book an appointment for stamping.



  131. Hi,

    just wondering… My receipt date is April 22nd @ Vermont and still in "Initial Review". Is it possible that my application takes longer than 6 months to process or is it certain that I'll see an answer from USCIS until October 22nd? Are you aware of anyone whose application took longer than 6 months to process?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. It should not take this much time.

      Somtimes, USCIS do not update status online. There are chances that your employer might have received approved petition docs but not have informed you.

      Ask your employer to contact USCIS if it is not already processed. They will process it on priority as it is already 6 months.

  132. Hi Guys,

    Did any one got the stamping done? Has any one got through the interview in Chennai. If yes can you share some inputs as to how its going there?

  133. Hi,

    I am searching for the employer who can apply H1B for me.

    Can anyone help me to find any. I have Masters degree in Computer Application and have more than 5 years of experience.

    1. Hi. I would be happy if you share any information you received about H1B sponsor companies. I have been always looking for a prominent resource, with no success. There are surely links and information there, but we simply can't find it.

  134. Hi,

    My reciept date is 16th aug 2010.

    But still the status of visa is Initial Review.

    It is getting processed in Vermont Service Center.

    Any idea how much more time will it take?

    Thanks in advance.

      1. Hi All,

        even i have same receipt date i.e. 16th Aug but the its in california center, when can i expect decision? will it also take same time as vermot center or can i expect it bit earlier??

        1. CSC takes around 2.5 to 3 months to decide on a petition. You should expect it sometime between Nov 2nd week to last week.

        1. Hi All,

          had a question:
          as the processing time for both the service center is 2 months and if someone doesnt hear anything from USCIS even after 2 months from receipt date. does this meas that the petition has got approved but status has not got updated to dashboard and documents will be soon couriered back to employer?

          in case of RFE, USCIS update the online status promptly but for approved cases its not being done regularly which causes delay in getting the verdict. i have seen status not being updated even 1.5 months from approval date and pppl come to know about it only when employer gets documents back.

          Please throw some light on this?


  135. I have a question, i have applied for a H1B visa, receipt date beginning of Arpil, had a RFE and sent out again on September 17. All together it has taken so much time, can i fly to the United States for a visit right now on a tourist visa for no more then 3 months?

    What if i hear in that period while i am there that its approved? Will i have to leave an re enter again?


    1. What you are asking is change of status. If your H1B is approved, then you have to go to your home country to get the stamping.

      Tourist visa doesn't allow you to work. So you cannot switch like that. Talk to lawyer to get more specifics. What is the reason for your RFE ?

      1. Thanks for your reply. I am not asking for a change of status, just want to know if i can come to the US for a holiday on a tourist visa, while i am waiting to get approval on my h1b visa.

  136. My application got approved on Sept 1'2010. The status on USCIS is "Post Decision Activity".
    Do they mail any physical copies of some documents? As I have relocated from my current address.

      1. The status on USCIS is “Post Decision Activity”. And it says that the application is approved. What next? When should I expect the stamping/interview schedule?

  137. hie ,

    i am a student of computer science engg final year.

    i want to go abroad for doing job.

    can nebody help me on this matter……??

    how can i avail the h1b visa ( legally or illegally )……??

    plz tell me any consultancy in new delhi or any website ……..??

    i want to apply for it …..!!

    1. Take time to read the articles on this blog.

      1. MS in US

      2. H1B Visa.

      3. Employer – employee relationship memo.

      Consulting companies have taken a beating in terms of H1B prospects with this memo. If you approach some consultancy and try to apply for a H1B though them, your petition is most likely to be denied. Obtaining a MS degree in US and subsequent employment is the best and hassle free option to work in US.

    2. Hi,
      That's right. . If you do anything illegally,you'l be barred from entering into the US for life. . . That's it,The end. .

    3. Hi Supreet Singh,
      That's right. If you do anything illegally,you'l be barred from entering into the US for life. That's it,The end. .

  138. Hi Team,

    My H1B was filed on 6th Sep 2010 in Premium mode. But still no Acknowledgement (receipt number) from USCIS.I am getting worried, what is the reason for not receipt number yet. Can anyone tell me If there is still any chance that they may send me an RFE

    Pls advice



    1. Please ask your emloyer or lawyer who has submitted visa application for you.

      I am sure, they must have it.


      1. I have asked my company(MNC in india) Immigration team and they are saying still they hav't recieved any updates from USCIS even reciept number

        1. My Petition has hit RFE (Request For Evidence). Got the recipt number and RFE date is 0ct 7 @Vermont service center.

          For last year also i got the same and denied.So this year also No Hopes.

          Thanks and all the best to you all.

          1. Here is my RFE :

            USCIS is requesting additional information about the petitioner(Employer), which is MNC company in India.

            Could you please anybody respond – how much good chance for getting approval?

          2. Hi All, On Nov8 My petition got approved after sumitting RFE response. Now waiting for hard copy approval notice..

          3. Congrats. When did your company submit RFE (date)? I'm trying to calcuate how long it takes for USCIS to respond to RFE.

  139. Hi All,

    I want to share with you that today, I called up USCIS on customer support number. I could not ge much details about my application as it requires petitioner ( employer or the lawyer, who filed H1B visa) to be on the line along with me. USICS uses term 'Beneficiary' for whome, visa has been applied. I gave them the receipt number but for legal reasons, they did not share any details.

    Understanding that I will not get any further information, I enquired if when should I expect my application to be processed, given that the application date is last month of August.

    I got the following answer, which worries me if they gonna take too long :

    They said,"Right now, Vermount center is processing applications received in the month of April".

    The above statement from USICS customer care representative contradicts what we read about approvals of applications, as posted by different users.

    Any thoughts on this?





      1. things are up in the air!

        I personally think, that it should not be that long wait. But who knows, what are the facts.



  140. How long does it take to get the physical copy of approval notice from USCIS? I've been waiting for 14 days and no news yet…. losing patience since it took 4 months to get approval and now a new wait has started.

    1. Same is the case with me. I am in India for an emergency and the status shows post decision activityand that it is approved. I am waiting for past 10 days. I need to go for stamping as well.This wait is really killing.Can anybody plz tell me how long it will take for uscis to send physical copy of documents after approval.

  141. hello,

    can anyone help me regarding RFE for my case?
    they need credentialing and job description?
    is it difficult to obtain? any idea guys?


  142. Can someone help me. I have a approved immigrant petition (employment base)from one of the hospital in CALIFORNIA but the retrogression really affect the visa processing. This year one company filed a H1B petition for me. Until now I have not received any approval/denial notice. Is it possible that the immigrant petition will affect my H1B petition?

  143. For all the H1s being applied for this year, ARe the companies filing them actually have a Project Purchase Order in the application? My consulting company says that a H1 without a PO will not get approved. So they are waiting for a confirmd PO before applying

    1. A purchase order (PO) is an internal budget approval for companies and not part of the H1B filing petition with the USCIS. A purchase order request is basically your hiring manager asking his company's finance/budget department to approve the release of funds to be used for your H1B petition.

    2. For a consulting company its basically a Purchase Order given to the company by the Client. Effectively they are asking for client letters and other proof that can substantiate Employer-Employee relationship.

  144. HI All,,

    Gudmng..n i want to apply for H1 and I have 3 Yrs of Exp in Software industry.So can u pl suggest some consultancies to file the H1.Bcoz my company is not processing any Visas at this time but i required badly.So pls help me..

  145. Is it risky to apply for H1 and Green Card Lottery at the same time? I applied for my visa back in the beginning of August. Just curious!

    1. They are two independent applications. So it's has no risk at all. The lottery for this year is over i believe, so even if you apply you are looking for a decision sometime in Aug 2011, by then H1 would be approved and you would be good even if GC hasn't arrived ..

  146. Hi Guys,

    My company is promising me that it will file an H1b premium visa now in October, how do i cross verfiy that they are actually filing a premium not a regular as there has been cases where they have said something similar and filed an H1B regular for few others which is the risk i do not want to take.

    Anyone pls suggest/help.


    1. All you can do is track the receipt. If you are on premium processing a decision would be made in 2 or 3 weeks. If it takes beyond that then you are on regular processing. Try contacting the lawyer who is applying for you. He might tell you whether its premium or regular.

  147. Hi All,

    One quick question. Can we apply for H1B from two consultants at same time. I heard that if we apply from two companies USCIS will cancel the second one.

    Any idea.


  148. Hi,

    Filing date: May 27,2010
    Receipt date: Jun 01,2010
    California Center

    Its been 4 months since i am waiting. Its still in initial review. For my friend whose receipt date is Aug 08,(Vermont cent) got the approval on Sep 28. What is happening ? California centre is taking more time ? Please help..I am afraid

    1. The last updated date is changed from 06/03/2010 to 10/04/2010. But still it is showing as Initial Review πŸ™ πŸ™

        1. Hi Sri,

          Met too had a similar situation where my last updated date was updated twice in three days. Still my status is in initial review. Did your petition get approve?

          Reciept date – June 16th

          Center – CSC, Regular.

          Last updated date: 10/04/2010

  149. Hello,

    I received RFE on SEPT 24th. I asked my lawyer… he did not give me specific reason….but informed they are asking for more evidence for employer-employee relationship……they are asking me to provide maystubs…agreement between client-vendor..other status reports…my address proof..an other adjoining documents…..I have some specific questions..
    1. the cap gap usually expires on 30t sept? am i legally supposed to stay in this country……or if allowed to work?
    2. Did anyone have a similar RFE.? what was the outcome? please share your experiences….. !!!

    My application date was april 16th….. after six months i am almost having a nervous and anxiety breakdown….. THANKS

    1. Hello,

      With your question i am assuming that you applied for an extension…

      If my assumption is right then you can stay in the country till you get your decision on the extension after the RFE documents is submitted..But the problem will occur only if they deny your extension then the time period between the previous Expired date of the H1 and the time you take to leave the country will be considered has an illegal stay…Lets hope you will get thru the extension..

    2. Cap gap – I believe you are referring to a new H1B petition – not an extension !

      1. Since you are talking about Cap gap i believe you have already completed your 12 months OPT and H1B application has brought you time till Sept 30th. Talk to your lawyer about the options. You are in a very different situation. Ideally cap gap expires on Oct 1st. TALK TO YOUR LAWYER OR AN IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY. I am making these statements based on what my school told me.

      2. RFE – Employer / Employee relationship – Have you read the Neufeld memo ? Go through that. I am assuming in your case you are working for a staffing company. Its going be a little difficult to get it through. Better plan for other options like STEM extension or changing to a different company.

      Check this link for Cap-Gap rules : http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5


      1. MY RFE DATE IS 9/24 but now the case update date is 10/3 … Does that mean anything?


  150. Guyzz..

    Good news..

    Applied on Jul 12th

    Category: Regular

    Center: Vermont

    Approved on Sep 30th.

    Keep faith people..It will happen soon..Best of luck everyone..

    1. anyone on here waiting for an H1B extension as opposed to a brand new application? it sounds like extensions take longer…

  151. Hi All,

    I have one query. I created my account on USCIS site and added my case in that, so that I receive an email whenever there is any update.

    Today I saw that update date is changed from 16June to 3rd Oct, now how can I check what did they do, I mean whether its a RFE or something else.

    Do I have to contact my employer for that or is there any other way to find out.


    1. Vickram, if it was an RFE it would say so on the case status. Also your employer is usually informed of this as well. I don't think the update date is an accurate indication of what's really going on unless it's a status change e.g acceptance, initial review etc. Usually they mail/fax the employer/attorney anything they need.

      1. Thanks Henry,

        Update date shows as 3rd Oct, do they work on Sunday as well ??, I doubt.

        And status is still same "Initial Review".

        Although I have sent a mail to employer but I just wanted to check if there is any other way to check what happened actually.


        1. Vickram, the online system is automated and i think they run the updates in batches at certain times during the week and weekends so it's not concurrent to your case meaning the time will differ, some people have also reported getting their Approval/RFE before the status changes online. So in short, the online system cannot be fully trusted.

        2. hiiiiiiiiii vikram

          mine updated date shows 3 rd oct as well …..not to worry will hear something good very soon be positive

          1. Hello Ankur and Vikram,
            updated date of mine is 10/04/2010. When i checked this on friday it was 10/01/2010. My date got updated two times between friday and monday. Any idea what's going on? Can we expect approval soon??? Hopefully yes…

            Reciept date – June 16th
            Center – CSC, Regular.

  152. My friend’s petition till not approved ????????????



    Petition Applied on:May 15, 2010


    Approval Date: NA

    Waiting period is very horible……….

  153. After a long wait, my H1b is now approved

    Receipt Date : 18th May 2010

    Approval Date : 30th Sept 2010

    Type : Regular

    Center : Vermont Service Center

    Good luck and hope everyone gets it soon

  154. Hi I have a question regarding H1B.
    Currently am on OPT and its expiring on May 2011.I asked my employer to apply H1 for me this year itself as quota is not yet filled.
    My employer says only in April they can file for H1.So they are saying they will apply next year.I told them that as quota is not yet filled, they can still apply in this year (they are unaware of this concept of applying even after april if quota is open).So they asked me to provide any official document or website which states that USCIS still accepts H1 B applications.So anyone could you please help me in finding official website(Like USCIS) site which has this info.And other question is, As it is already Oct 3rd, Can I still apply for H1 and can mention start date as May 2011 in application?

    1. Hi

      Did your lawyer get your approval notice?

      Mine was approved on 7th Oct.

      Pls let me know. Can you guess the start and end date of the petiton..?

      will it be 7th oct-2010 and 30-sep-2013? we need this to book an appointment for stamping.



  155. Heyy, I have a question and appreciate any help!!

    I am in London for 3 years and got my H1 approved. can I apply for stamping in London,anyone in similar situation??

    1. Hi

      How long it took for your lawyer to get the approval notice?

      Mine was approved on 7th Oct.

      Pls let me know. Can you guess the start and end date of the petiton..?

      will it be 7th oct-2010 and 30-sep-2013? we need this to book an appointment for stamping.



  156. Hi,

    My Reciept date is June 16th
    Center: CSC, general

    I could see my last updated date as 10/01/2010, When can i expect the status change from IR?

  157. H1B Approved

    Receipt date: June 10, 2010
    Approval date: September 30, 2010

    California Service Centre

    Keep the faith Guys! Thank you Lord!!!

  158. Hi

    My employer have filed H1B in regular cap. Its been filed by july 27th. When can i expect the approval.


    1. Hi Nithin,

      My receipt date was July 30th, so guess our approvals should come close by.From the posts – July 15th receipt case has got approved on Sep 30.So hopefully we could expect a reply by Oct end or by Nov in worst case.

      Hope they complete July cases atleast by Nov.Pls do update if u get the approval …..



        1. Hi Geojac,

          Any updates on your application. I've not yet got any update. My application was filed 16 weeks before(27th July). But still not yet got approved.



  159. Hi All,

    Finally my H1 got approved.

    Receipt: April 22nd

    RFC: july 30th

    Answered : sep 13th

    Approved: sep 30th.

    All the best for all, who are waiting for their approval.

    1. Hi

      How long it took for your lawyer/employer to get the approval notice?

      Mine was approved on 7th Oct.

      Pls let me know. Can you guess the start and end date of the petiton..?

      will it be 7th oct-2010 and 30-sep-2013? we need this to book an appointment for stamping.



  160. Hi guys,

    My Employer is proposing to file an H1B Premium for me for an assignment starting second week of november, I think it is already late since the cap can be achived any time soon, so there would be possibilites that my petition could still be in the Que and the cap has already been reached, which is not what i would really want.

    Anybody, Please suggest!!


  161. I am trying to get answer for the following question:

    -Does USCIS processes all the cases by October, 1st. This means that irrespective of the date of application, one can expect the decision from USCIS, in 1st week of october?

    Mt date of application is August, 23rd. Do they have any cut off dates?

    Please share your thoughts.



    1. Does USCIS processes all the cases by October, 1st. This means that irrespective of the date of application, one can expect the decision from USCIS, in 1st week of october?

      Ans – Its very difficult to say that, but looking at the current status people who applied in July are getting decisions. So if not Oct 1st, by Oct 2nd or 3rd week all the August applications are likely get a decision. Moreover if you applied under regular quota you should expect a minimum of two months for processing.

      Mt date of application is August, 23rd. Do they have any cut off dates?

      Ans – I don't think there is any cut off date. Looking by the current statistics, Vermont Service Center is taking around 2.5 months to process a regular quota H1B petition while California Service Center is taking around 3 months for the same. In your case, since it started on Aug 23rd, i am thinking 0ct 17 – 23 rd could be timeframe in which you should expect your result.

      I am making all these statements based on conversation with other people in this blog and also the tracker spreadsheet.

      – Jack

  162. I just called my employer and he said if the application is older than 3 months they can call up uscis!! πŸ™‚ might help to get our application our of the selves as it did happen for some friend down here!!

  163. My friend's petition was approved today.



    Petition Applied on:July 6, 2010


    Approval Date: Sep 29,2010

    1. Well no one can answer this question better than you.

      I guess you are aware of the Neufeld memo, so analyze whether your employer can provide sufficient evidence for Employer – Employee relationship.

      RFE can come up even if your lawyer has failed to submit some necessary documents like Degree certificate, Pay stub, W4 or Resume …. So don't worry, wait for the notice to come and see what is required.

    1. Finally, my petition was approved today on September 29th.



      Petition Applied on:July 6, 2010


      Approval Date: Sep 29,2010

  164. Hi there! still waiting for my approval. My employer filed my h1b in cali under non-cap last aug. 9, hope ill get the result as soonest as possible. Think positive guys… the least we can get is "rejection" but as long as we are positive, we can get through it. Yes yes yes… =)

  165. Hi,

    My employer filed my H1B petition on 19th Aug 2010. My employer informed me saying they are expecting RFE USCIS as there is a change in law on visa fee which is effect from 14th Aug 2010. Could anyone please let me know how long it will take to receive the RFE & to get approval from USCIS?

    1. Could anyone please let me know the above details? I am waiting for the update…Pls….Pls….Plss….Plss…..

    1. I am trying to get answer for the following question:

      -Does USCIS processes all the cases by October, 1st. This means that irrespective of the data of application, one can expect the decision from USCIS, in 1st week of october..

      Is it correct.


  166. Hi All,

    My H1B petition has been approved.

    Receipt Date : 13th July 2010
    Approval Date : 27th Sept 2010
    Type : Regular
    Center : California Service Center

    Updated the spreadsheet with details ….

    – Jack

  167. Hi Everyone,

    My H1b petition got approved today.



    Petition Applied on:July 22, 2010

    Receipt Date:July 27,2010


    Approval Date: Sep 28,2010

  168. Hi guys,

    Finally after May 4th, I got my H1 today on Sept 27, 2009 from the California Center. Wooo… HSB, tried updating the tracker, not sure if it worked.

    Word of advice, incase you didnt know… I waited 4 months, and then spoke to my Company lawyers, who said "If you dont know in 3 months, They CAN call USCIS and get a decision" which they did. USCIS asked for a week, and delivered exactly in a week… So do not pay for premium after waiting 3 months, it makes no sense…

    Thanks guys for this awesome tracker and blog/forum

  169. Hi,

    My last updated changed but there has been no change in the status.
    It still shows IR.
    Any idea on what could be the reason?
    Does this mean the application is being processed now finally or some new status that hasn't been updated as yet.

    Regular – CSC Centre


  170. Hi All,

    I have a question. I applied under regular processing but there was no answer for 3 months and last week my employer filed Premium processing. My question is, Do i get a new receipt Number and will i get the answer within 15 days ?

    Thanks All

    1. You receipt no is the same and you will receive a reply in 15 days. My friend Tonmoy recently upgraded to premium processing and he received a reply in 2 days with an approval notice on mail.

      This year for some reason USCIS is taking a lot of time to process H1B cases.

      – Jack.

  171. Hi,
    Has anyone heard of H1 B application getting rejected during interview?
    If yes, then under what circumstances ?
    Plz reply


    1. I have heard of consultants trying to get their H1B recently after Neufeld memo have been rejected in Chennai US consulate. Well their very nature of business is the reason for rejection, i suppose.

      – Jack

    1. Well you can't claim more approval rate. Its more like VSC is quicker in processing compared to CSC. California – State is bankrupt ! Service center is probably understaffed πŸ™‚

      – Jack

      1. hi jack,

        thank you for the information. i just wonder why VSC got more approval rate compare to CSC this time. i am under CSC but got no response since friday.


      2. hi JACK,

        i got RFE today september 29, 2010

        I received an RFE for my case today. πŸ™

        how long it takes to hear back from them normally for the whole process after the required docs are submitted.


  172. Hello,

    I have been following this webpage for a while now. I just received RFE… :(( PLEASE HELP….

    On September 24, 2010, we mailed a notice requesting additional evidence or information in this case I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. Please follow the instructions on the notice to submit the requested information. This case will be in suspense until we receive the evidence or the opportunity to submit it expires…

    I was really positive even with longest wait period everyone was having this year…because eventually everyone had approvals….i was hoping something similar……so how can i legally work?

    Rcpt date – 16th april – VSC – Masters

    1. Nothing to panic. RFE can come up even if your lawyer has failed to submit your Degree certificate or insufficient payroll stubs. For such simple things, just submit the additional documents as per the request and upgrade to premium processing. It would result in a quick decision. If you are aware of Neufeld memo, then also follow up with your employer regarding the documentation provided by the company for your petition.

      This is my opinion – Don't take this as the way to go. Think and decide what is best for you.

      – Jack

    1. hey dilip, i have the same problem as yours. and it makes me think if i've been applied the visa or not. i just stay positive that i'll get the approval soon.. give me a word should your application moves, okay?

  173. Hi –

    I am happy to inform you that my petition got approved yesterday 09/23.

    RD – 06/08/2010

    Approve Date – 09/23/2010

    Center – Vermont

    Type – Regular.

    Hope everyone will get their approval soon.



      1. Congratulations, my receipt date is May 18th through VSC and its still under 'Initial Review'. Have checked with my lawyer who says they have not heard anything, and that they inquire twice a month about status for reasons of their own. I wonder how many other people are in the same boat as me, if so it would be great to get some responses.

        1. Congratulations … Its good to know that people from June are getting approval notice now .. Seems like things are beginning to move as Oct 1st is approaching …

          1. So glad I found this blog – It's been just over 4 months am losing it!

            H-1B (3-Yr Extension)

            Applied Date: 5/25/2010
            Quota: Master's
            Processing: Regular
            Center: California
            Approval Date: N/A

            Any thoughts?

  174. Hi All,

    Is there any way to check that the receipt number I got is associated with me.

    I have the receipt number and when I check the status is just shows as 'Initial Review'.

    How to confirm that receipt number is my application. I mean, I want to check my details like Name, DOB or other details.


    1. Vikram, the only way to do that would be to request the actual receipt from your employer or lawyer. They do not post this information online.

  175. Hi, My application is still under review (May 18,2010). Can I continue to work after Oct, 1 if the status remains the same? OPT expired and currently under Gap-cap. Thank you in advance for your comments

    1. Check with school's International students office. They are best judge for this situation. Look for STEM OPT extension, but before applying for STEM extension, talk with the lawyer or law firm who filed your petition. Certain complication can come up if you apply for OPT stem extension, when your H1B is in process. Another option is to switch to Premium processing, that would result in a decision on your petition in 2 weeks …

  176. My company filed my fresh H1b visa on 25 Aug 10.

    1. Would the ack number have come by now?

    2. When would the approved petion come usually at this time of the year?

    Usually they file the petion at Vermont.

    1. KP yes the case number should come within a few days after it reaches the office. This year it's unpredictable, i filed my petition in June 18 and it is still in initial review so i have switched to premium processing. If your in a hurry i suggest you upgrade too instead of waiting, a lot of people are still in line before you.

      1. Hi Henry,

        Can individual change it to premium processing or I have to go through employer. And what is the process of changing application to premium processing.


        1. Vikram an individual cannot file this on their own, they have to go through the employer or if your employer has signed G-28 giving your lawyer Appearance as Attorney or Accredited Representative they can file it for you without having to go through the employer, either way the individual cannot do this on their own. Any other questions you may have should be answered here http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5

      2. I have heard that petitions get approved fast during Oct. I believe this is all speculation. Can anyone who has seen the trend before answer this?

  177. Hi,

    I got RFE and i had sent the required documents to USCIS.Now the status of my petition in USCIS website says

    “On August 30, 2010, we mailed you a denial decision notice for this case I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. The notice explains why the denial decision was made and the options that may be available to you…………….”

    My employer hasn’t got the denial notice yet.What could be the reason for rejection?Is there any hope left or i need to apply for visa afresh next year?

    1. Kathir you should talk to you lawyer about why you got denied when the notice comes again. Your still eligible to apply again this year since the quota is still open, maybe you can try again after talking to your lawyer.

    2. Yes, there is hope. You can appeal for the case and USCIS will reopen the case and probably ask more evidence to support your application, and you have to pay more as well for both the immigration and your lawyer. I was rejected last year, and decided not to pursue for an appeal as it was already November at that time. I just let it go and reapplied this year.

    3. @Kathir,

      Technically speaking, you can appeal against the decision of USCIS. The notice which they have sent you should describe options for further course of action. Or else you can find another employer and file a new H1B since the quota is still open.

      Keeping apart the reason described in the notice, please read the Neufeld memo and check whether your employer business model matches the examples mentioned there. Most of the H1B rejections in 2009 was due to employer being unable to provide evidence on Employer – Employee relationship.

      – Jack

  178. I checked the USCIS website for few receipt nos. just greater that or less than mine. I see all of them are approved and status are "Post DecisionActivity".

    Can any body advise why mine has status still "Initial Review".
    It was filed on 17th May 2010 at Vermont. How long I have to wait?? Really losing patience!!!

    1. Texas Service Center does come up in the list of centers, but its not listed for H1B applications. As Henry has mentioned you have to send the application to California / Vermont service center.

      1. @ henry and jack,

        i don't know what to say now…. i am so confused, deranged and down. i havent been informed of anything yet. anyways, thanks guys! all the best!

      1. Congrats Megha!!
        Mine is also the same date (california center) as yours, but still in Intital Review.
        Did you check it online or you got it in mail..Can you please tell if it was regular quota?

        1. Hi

          Thank you all, mine was a new application and got an email and when checked online was showing a status of post decision activities as well.

          Good luck must be on the way for you also.

  179. H1B

    Applied Date: May 03 2010

    Quota: Masters

    Processing: Regular

    Center: Vermont

    Approval Date: Sept 09 2010

    Hi Guys,

    It has been a long wait for me to get my approval. It took a little more that 4 months to get my approval. So people who are waiting please be confident. USCIS has been very slow in open everyone case this time… If you have waited for more than 3 months then upgrading to premium would be a waste.

    All the best for all who are awaiting for approvals.

  180. hey guys,

    i have been applied h1b visa for 2011 by a consultancy based in texas. my agent said they had it applied in april. everytime i ask she would answer that still waiting for approval notice. question: would it really take this long? it was applied under regular processing of the regulap cap.

    the thought of it is killing me. anyone who can talk to me about this please?

    1. It could be possible Vogeyi. As you can see, there are many April petitions that are still waiting especially if they were filed in Vermont Centre. Processing times this year are very very slow.

      1. Agree with NZ. Look into the H1B tracker spreadsheet, a lot of people from April application with CSC & VSC are still waiting …. So wait patiently, you should get a result soon.

        – Jack

      2. thanks NZ! i am keeping my fingers crossed. i presume my employer applied it at texas center, henry shared a link and it seems that texas isnt working on h1b's. this is so painful.

        you are all so helpful. thank you!

  181. Hi All,

    Thanks for the updates..This blog is really helpful.

    Can anyone tell me how to check the updated date and if the approval comes before Oct 1 only?

    Received date- May 20, 2010

    California service center, Regular Quota

    I am already in US since last 2 years (on dependent visa)

    My case is under Initial review and it is just showing –

    "On May 20, 2010, we received this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER, and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case. Please follow any instructions on this notice. You will be notified by mail when a decision is made, or if the office needs something from you."

    This wait is so frustrating..Please help!

    1. Hi Everyone,

      I received an RFE for my case today. πŸ™

      Can someone tell me if there is still a chance of getting approval once I send the required docs. I dont have the notice with me yet, also how long it takes to hear back from them normally for the whole process after the required docs are submitted.

      Please let me know. Another wait now πŸ™

  182. Can anyone help me on this, my lawyer told my employer that everything has been taken cared of, my received date was April 13, 2010 and notice date April 16, 2010 i kept on checking the site and got this message "we suspended the filing for this I129 due to insufficient funds, not until august 31 i got this new message when i checked my status..

    "On May 18, 2010, we received your corrected payment of the filing fee on this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. The case is being processed at our CALIFORNIA SERVICE CENTER location. We will notify you by mail when we make a decision or if we need something from you. If you move while this case is pending, please use our Change of Address online tool to update your case with your new address or contact our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283."

    Does anyone know how long will it take, approximately, when they received it May 18, 2010. Sorry guys, but the waiting time is really driving me nuts. thanks!

    1. @ HSB / @ Admin

      Has the spreadsheet been locked ???? I am unable to update the spreadsheet with status. Please add the following changes to my entry

      1. Jack – Switched from Regular to Premium processing as on Sep 17th 2010.

      2. Tonmoy M – Switched from Regular to Premium processing on Sep 15th 2010, H1B petition approved on Sep 17th 2010.



  183. Hi –

    My receipt date was 8th June 2010 @ Vermont, still in IR.

    Can anyone let me know how to check the updated date? I was trying to check the updated date on my case, some how, I do not know how to do that? Please help me.


  184. Hi ,

    I have submitted an application for fresh H1.B . My recipt date is 22nd June. However i did not get any update till now. The status is still in IR . πŸ™

    Could anyone please let me know that if my case is approved how long it will take for stamping?? i need to fly to U.S in November.

    It's urgent.I found this bog very informative .Hope to get an answer quickly.


    1. Hi Subho,

      It generally takes 2 – 2.5 months for getting an approval.

      Mine was approved on 6th june ( filed on 14th Apr ) but still my status in USCIS is IR only. Sometimes the status does not get change in the site.

      Dont worry, be patient, till november it should get stamped.


  185. Hi ,

    I have submitted an application for fresh H1.B . My recipt date is 22nd June. However i did not get any update till now. The status is still in IR . πŸ™

    Could anyone please let me know that if my case is approved how long it will take for stamping?? i need to fly to U.S in November.

    It's urgent.I found this bog very informative .Hope to get an answer.


  186. Hello everyone, Im pleased to tell you that my pattition was aproved on Sep. 15th. 2010.

    Reciept date June 10th. 2010, regular quota.

    I hope everyone could get a happy end on this trip.

    Best regard…

    Osiris R.

  187. Hi All,

    My H1B receipt date is on 06-May-2010 and its in California center, and status is still in Initial Review,

    recently the last updated date on my case has changed to 09/09/2010, but still in Initial Review only.

    I heard that we can call to USCIS to get the status update. Any one has any experience in calling to USCIS about status update.

    Please help me.

    1. Hi Sesh,

      I got the same change in last updated date to 09/19/2010, but still in Initial Review. Did you get any other updates?

    2. Hi,

      Mine also was filed on 6th May at CSC. The status shows still as Initial review.

      The last updated date is 9/2/09. I have requested my employer to check with USCIS. Look like my attorney called up uscis and they told him that we will get to know the result with in 15 days… not sure if the attorney really called up uscis or not.

      1. No.

        It is still in initial review, i think most of the applications which are received on 06 May are still in initial review status. Hope we all get the positive response.

        God Bless America.

  188. Hi,

    Finally i got my approval for H1 B visa.

    I received the confirmation of approval and validity of the visa yesterday from my company.

    Visa Filed on 7th Apr.

    Approved on 14th June.

    But my status in USCIS website stills shows "Initial Review" πŸ™‚

    So all u guys worried about "Inital Review" status in USCIS website, dnt worry.

    Be patient and u will get ur approval soon.


      1. HI All,,,,Gudmng…i want to apply for H1..So can anyone pls post hw to approach or consultancy names,Its very imp fr me so pls help in this


      1. yeah, because it was applied thru my company and generally companies take this much time to report bck the approval status

    1. same with me,

      I got my approval but it is still initial review on the website..

      Visa filed – 12th april

      approved – 11th June.

      1. Congratulations for your approval.

        Apart from status there is also a last updated date which you can see in your USCIS online account. Did you guys ever checked that and was it showing latest updated date?

        That will tell us where to look for, online status or last updated date.

        Please reply so we all know what to do next πŸ™‚

        1. Ashu,

          The last updated date on the website is still 14th April for me, but my company has got the approval notice on my application, so this is kinda weird that the website is not updated in my case.

          Rohit dude,

          What is the last updated date in your case on the website?

  189. Hey,

    Anybody from California center, regular processing and receipt date in June got approval yet?
    Mine is still in IR πŸ™
    (my receipt date is June 10th)

  190. Status : Approved

    Rec. Date: 12 May 2010

    Master – Regular – WAC

    Approved Date online – 14 Sep 2010

    Waiting for mailed Copy

    1. Hi Nirva,

      My receipt date is also May 12th filed in CSC. May I know what is you computer date XXX in the receipt number(WAC-xx-XXX). Mine is 155.


  191. Anyone having a receipt date of 26th April getting approval…My receipt date is 26th April at CSC..it is still under "Intial Review"..it has been too long!!

    1. Hi Sam,

      My receipt date is April 22nd at Vermont… Still shows as "Initial Review". Be patient mate, our answers will come. Anyway that doesn't change the fact that "Initial Review" are the 2 words I hate most πŸ˜€ (at this moment)

  192. My recipt on may 28 California center is it that I might get a hearing in a week or it will take time and if after oct 1 if I will get then am I allowed to work after oct 1st as my opt expires on sep 27 th and I applied for cap-gap too please experts reply

  193. Hi,

    Is there some kind of order for the visas? I have been waiting since May 4th, it is honestly tempting to pay 1000$ and switch to premium. Is it worth it?



      1. @Frankytoes

        My friend Tonmoy have been waiting for almost 2 months and he approached my employer to switch to Premium processing. Last week he applied for Premium processing and application was approved 2 days … Date of Approval : Sep 17th 2010.

  194. Hi All, finally H1 is approved after a long wait

    Receipt date: 05/19/2010

    Approval date: 09/13/2010

    Center: California

    Quota: Regular

    But still able to relax and enjoy. I am tensed cause of:

    Filled H1B extension for my husband and H4 extension for myself togather on May 26. Also filed fresh H1B application for myself on May 19. Today I received approval for her H1B application with I-94 attached.


    1. If we receive the H4 extension approval now, will I be back on H4 status or still remain on new H1B status?

    2. Do my husband need to talk to his attorney/employer to send a letter to USCIS to withdraw my H4 extension application?

    3. Do my employer or attorney have to send a letter to USCIS, stating that my husband's attorney is withdrawing my H4 application?

    4. Will USCIS act as soon as they receive the letter for H4 withdrawal and not approve it or they might miss it and go ahead and approve H4 application?

    5. What if H4 extension is approved? Is there any way to continue on H1 even if H4 approved?

    I would appreciate your response, please reply. HSB need your advice.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Mouli,

      I am also in the same situation, but my case is still in Initial Review, I applied H4 extension last week. please post your input if you got any updates.

  195. Hi,

    My reciept date is 26th July and still IR and May i expect the decision before 30th Oct- or it gets later then that and if my approval gets late like in Nov or Dec then is there any impact on Visa Stamping.


  196. Hi to all and congratulation !!! to all that have had success in H1B visa my name is Rosie I am trying to help a close friend for H1B visa it is urgent been doing a lot of reading and research since March, 2010 and looking for help. I have applied for sponsorship to many companies but so far no luck. I am new at this so I guess I need help my main question is should I get a lawyer now or do I wait for approval of sponsorship from a company ??? I live in USA if any one knows a good lawyer and is willing to share information with me will be most grateful. Also what is premium process ??? Have other question and doubts but will leave for later. Regards and thank you !!!

    1. @Rosie

      I understand you are looking for immediate information on H1B application. First of all read the H1B process from uscis.gov website. From your post i feel your understanding isn't quite right. To apply for H1B, it should be done by a company offering the job. So your friend's focus should be in finding a job with a company willing to sponsor H1B.

      Getting a lawyer at this point won't help. Only when you get a job and have a proper employment offer letter, you can approach a lawyer of your choice. But in most cases companies prepare the H1B petition on their own or have a contract with a particular law firm to prepare the petition. So getting a lawyer on your own mightn't even be needed.

      To expedite your H1B processing, your sponsor can pay $1000 additional fee. This is premium processing, where in a case is adjudicated in 2 – 3 weeks time from the date of application.

      You should also research about "Employer – Employee relationship" article defined by Neufield memo. It gives you an outline on what kind of employment is acceptable for H1B candidates. This is a very important factor in getting a H1B approval for this year. I heard that some lawyers have filed a suit against the memo, but i am sure any decision on that suit wouldn't be applicable to H1B candidates of 2011.

      You may be in need of information or quick reply, but posting the same message multiple times doesn't look good. I for one follow almost all the posts in this thread. So when you post the same message multiple times, it annoys me. Don't take this in the wrong sense. You have your questions, post it and i am sure someone would answer it. Just be a little patient and wait for it. In the meantime read through the posts in this thread, it will answer a lot of questions and you will also learn a lot of new things from what other members have done.

      Good luck !

      – Jack

  197. Hiii Folks…………

    My H1 B petition is approved…

    Receipt date – May 26th.

    Approved date – Sep 9th.

    Can anyone suggest whether i can go for Stamping immediately or shal i wait for 1 or 2 months.

    Because US is passing very strict rules now a days about the outsourcing it seems..

    Is there any impact for us at the time of stamping..!!

    Please suggest…. Waiting for ur suggestions.. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi nani I need help with H1B visa can you help me ??

      Have some question and doubts and I would be very grateful for any time or help that you can offer me.

      Thank you regards.

      Note: This information I need is for a very close friend that I have and want to help him not for me I live in USA.