H1B Visa 2011 Cap Count Update Table

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Update: Sep/2015: H1B Visa 2011 was an exceptional year due to Recession in the US. Can you imagine H1B visa cap lasting until January in 2015, 2015 or later?

In this page, you can find information about

  • H1B Visa 2011 (latest cap count update)
  • H-1B Visa processing time tracker (over 130 H1 petitions)

If you missed the window to apply for H1B visa, this year, you could always apply for next Fiscal Year H1B Visa 2012

H1B Visa FY 2011 Cap Count Tracker

DateGeneral CapMasters Cap

Interesting Observations from H1B Cap Cout 2011:

  • The First week count total was less than 20,000 H1B Visa Applications
  • This was one of few years where H1B Cap numbers lasted for several months.
  • H1B Cap was available till January of next year ( which is 10 months)
  • I wonder why IT services company didn’t file as many applications as current years



  1. Hello Everybody,

    What are the chances of quota get filled this year ?

    My company says, in the month of September they will file my petition. Will the Quota exist till then ?

    1. Hi Preeti,

      I dont think that quota will get reached this year.
      All the best.


    2. Hi Preethi

      Same is with me.But I dont think this year the quota will get filled up.Fingers crossed.Keep me updated on your processings.

      Mahesh Ramani

      1. Hi All,

        My case was filed in april 2010. but still I have not got approval, I have got receipt number.

        Can any one tell why it may happen ?

  2. Hi,

    My H1B is filed by the current org i am working for. Required docs are sent to USCIS about 3 weeks back.

    havent heard back from USCIS from then.

    Do any one know if the processing of H1B`s(non premium processing) have started already?

    havent recieved any file no also to verify.. please enlighten me on how to proceed.

    1. Hi Sri,

      I am following same process. It will take around 2-3 months.

      Please keep me updated with your status . I will keep you updated once i here something on my front.


    2. @Sri, Dont worry…many are in the same boat and some got approved thru regular processing. But by this time u must have got receipt no atleast…ask ur employer if checks are deposited.

    3. Dear

      Check from your employer whether your petition has been approved by USCIS and if so your employer might have recieved confirmaion regarding approval of petition with unique identification number printed on the top. You have to wait and to check from the employer only.

      A K Gupta

  3. Hi everyone,

    Could anyone please give me some tips on finding companies that are currently sponsoring in the US. I am in the Accounting profession and was educated in the US. I am on an H4 visa and looking to find a company that will sponsor me but I am finding this process extremely difficult. Any tips, or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Grace,

      I believe the Big Four (PwC, DT&T, E&Y, KPMG) are all still hiring for their various divisions/departments and sponsor H1-B visa as well. Most of their full-time offers are given to their interns, however; but they hire experienced candidates too! I am not aware of any others (as I am not in the field of accounting).

      Hope that helps!


  4. Hi,

    My H1B Visa was filed by my org almost a month back, since then there is no change in the status and the current status says 'petition Docs couriered to USCIS'. If I am not wrong the status should have been updated to 'Filed at USCIS' with the appropriate file number.

    Does anyone know when the file nos will be updated.


    1. My petition was filed on April 1st but the case status is still “Initial Review”…

      1. what does initial review mean? my attorney filed my petition on the april 7th and still no news except he has receive receipt no….he said he filed with PP…….??

      2. Hi J and the rest of you…

        I got my reciept number a month ago and my status still says initial review!!! non pp masters quota… it been a couple weeks now and the status still has not changed…what does this mean?

        1. Hi guys,
          If i am not wrong,once USCIS receives our H1B petition it gives us the acknowlegment/receipt no using which we can track the status in their website.When i checked with my company's immigration desk for my petition's receipt no,they said they will not get the receipt no until the petition is approved.Which is correct?Anyone who filed their petition on 6th april,got approval?

          1. @Kathir
            It might be true if your company is a BEP company that they might not receive receipt notice but receive approval notice directly. Even i have been told the same.. Lets wait and see when we actually receive the approval notice.. hopefully by this month end …

    2. Hi Naveed,

      Please let me know your employer details I also want to file for H1B in this years quota.



  5. H1B approved !!!!!!

    Applied on 4/20 Premium processing

    Receipt date : 4/29

    Approved date : 5/4

    Hope even u all get ur approvals soon…..All d best

    1. Oh great !! finally got your approval… Congrats !! Still waiting for any sort of news from my employer. Should receive by May mid… lets see n hope that it comes even quicker than MAY mid. 🙂

  6. Today I received a mail from USCIS that my petition is approved under regular processing. Any idea of what next? When will the interview happen in local US Consulate?

    1. Congrats,

      It would be great if you can tell us the date when you filed and when you received the reciept number.


    2. Congratulations ! where did you apply ? Vermont or California ?

      Master's cap or regular cap ?

      Thank you for sharing these informations with us,

      1. @lakshmi,the petition was filed on 1st April. Receipt date was 7th April and receipt notice date was 9th April.

        @E.A. Vermont, regular processing.

  7. Hello,

    I have one querry, I had asked earlier too. Kindly clarify.

    For H1B visa, I understand there are 2 categories with caps, one for general students and another 20,000 exclusively for those who have studied in USA and acquired advanced degree like MS or MBA

    My question is whether a student, like Vaibhav who has done his four years of BS in Comp Sc from UTD will be covered under this advanced degree quota or not ?

    And whether MBA too is covered under yhis quota or not.

    Thanks and regards

    V V Chaudhary

  8. Has anybody got the approval notice recently? I'm still waiting for any sort of update from my employer..

    1. Hi Arun

      When did u submit ur H1B what date? and did u go thru PP? or just normal

      I am still also waiting to hear from my attorney,

      1. @Rhino
        I'm not sure of the exact date when my petition was filed since my employer filed for all its employees… Should have done it on 1st April itself.. or within the first 5 days
        It was filed under non PP general category only.. How about yours?

        1. @ Arun

          my attorney submitted it on the 9th April thru PP and I should have heard approve/decline by now..starting to wonder if he has done it thru PP..all I know is they receive receipt.

          Is anyone else in same situation?

    2. I am waiting to hear from my employer.

      Regular processing, Ge.Cap

  9. I was wondering how USCIS approving these petition when people already there on H1B are out of job. Best Luck to those applying.

  10. I was trying to check my status and i get this

    It was reported to us that your IP address or internet gateway has been locked out for a select period of time. This is due to an unusually high rate of use.

    Donno wat to do. I created user account as customer and still get the same error. Any help?

    1. called USCIS and they said its an error due to a storm causing their network to have issues.

      1. to David Lee

        Thank you for sharing this info. I got the same message for 2 days in a row and was wondering if I did something wrong….

        Hope the Uscis website will work again soon.

        1. I got the same error message yesterday while checking my case status, so I dropped an email to USCIS to Request for Evidence. LOL

          1. Hi,

            tried this morning to check my status on the USCIS website,

            it is very slow and I got an error message : page not found…

            if you check anything else on the website, it is working…

            anybody else experiencing the same problem ?

    2. @Sridhar,

      I dont have receipt no , Is it possible to create customet account? If yes then please will you point me to that page.


      1. @yogesh

        if you don't have your registration number how'll you look up your status?

    3. Hi everybody,

      do not stress anymore with the case status online, the site is going through technical difficulty.

      Lawyers also are reporting that they have been locked out of Uscis case status online, the site has been visited hard 🙂

  11. I dont understand the fact that when they complain that H1Bs are responsible for taking away the local's job then why USCIS remove H1B category or put hold on accepting H1B applications? Why dont they do that?

    1. May be it is like this. US wants to get rid of H1B people who are already working for past few years but are of no use. Now they want fresh talent and new ideas. So they are asking people who got H1B and who don't have any talent to go back. They want people who can bring up the US economy, create more jobs and make rich people to invest more.

  12. Hello,

    i sent it my applications on the 1st of april,USCIS said it recieved it on the 7th and sent me a notice date of April 9. Since then the status says INITIAL REVIEW.What does this mean? Mine is a non pp master's quota. and my sirname starts with R. is this causing the delay coz i heard a couple ppl saying its processed alphebetically

    1. Hey Guys …

      The best thing all of you should do is to stop thinking about the issue of processing times , adjuducation of the petitions as well . Just relax and leave it till you receive the email of approval/denial .. or RFE/rejection . Believe me, no one can guess whats goin on there at the USCIS Center, petitions filed for regular processing are being approved, those filed for PP are being exposed to rejection or RFE … things are messed up.

      Good luck …

  13. Hi guys,
    I'm going to start a TN Visa request, and my question is, how soon can I apply for a change to an H1B visa after I have been given the TN visa approval and I'm working in the USA?
    Thank you very much,

  14. is it possible for me to join the company in july if my h1b is approved by may or june ? or does it have to be october?

    1. If your H1B is approved for FY 2011, then you can join only from/after October 1, 2010 depending on your approval date.

  15. Hi Every one,
    My employer submitted my application to USCIS on 20-April-2010, and still did no recieve any update, can any one share the time lines for approval of application of H-1B,

  16. Hi,

    I am in India. My employer had submitted my application on 10th april 2010. I haven't head back on the status as of now and my employer is telling me the status as "Docs couriered to USCIS" . How long one can expect to receive further update.?


    1. Hi Raj,

      I am also in the same bucket. Same status Update from my employer. I heard it may take another 1 tp 1.5 month for us to get any information and we wont get any receipt no or intermediate information. We'll directly get the info of H1b of getting approved or not.

      Please let me know if u hear anything.



      1. Hi,
        When you say 1 to 1.5 months, do you mean it may be July end by the time we get to know the status of our H1B?
        Is there a delay this yr or is this the normal processing time?

        1. Folks,

          I am in inida and I have applied for H1B with my employer, Well I come to know from my employer that, I will received the info by June last week. in terms of petition number.
          And once I will receive this number I am ready to take take interview at US imigration….

          Best Luck!!!

        2. Hi Anu,

          Yes, this is what i got from my collegues who travelled last year or last to last year to US that we get info by mid july. Lets wait n hope for the best.


          1. Thanks for sharing the information friends. There's no information for receipt/petition # and will share any further information once I receive the same. Let's all hope for the best.

  17. Hello Friends,

    Just wanted to if anyone has an idea about till what date H1B 2011 is expected to be filled.Is there any chances that it will be filled by Aug – Sept.

    1. dont think so it wil get filled this year.
      last year, by april end 45000 visa were filed and it went upto dec to fill the 65k quota.

      this year. only 18k filed til now.

  18. Hi everybody,
    So far a lot of visa numbers are still available.
    If you did not apply for h1b it is still time to do it, chances are great to obtain it….
    Those who applied early in April under regular processing will soon know (2 months processing time at both California and Vermont Service Centers).
    If you have a genuine employer, a receipt number, checks encashed, there is good chance to get an approval.
    So, cross your fingers and good luck to everybody.

    1. Hi E.A,

      are they going to approve the application with out a visa interview? and once approved can we head to us to work, right away. Can you please clarify.

      and did u apply in MS cap??

      any one here did that???

      1. Hi Vamshi Krishna,

        First Uscis has to approve your application, after the approval, your employer will receive the approval notice in the mail, only when you have this notice in hand, you have to go to the consulate for the interview and get your visa stamped in your passport.

        You can come anytime after that in the US but you can not start working before October 1st 2010.

        Yes, Master's cap/regular processing.

    2. Hi E.A,

      are they going to approve the application with out a visa interview? and once approved can we head to us to work, right away. Can you please clarify.

      and did u apply in MS cap??

      any one here did that??

  19. Hello Everyone!

    My H1B petition went out of the door on May 24th for regular processing, and I am hoping to get the receipt within the next ten days. Has anyone been approved already for the regular processing? I wonder if it will take less than advertised 2-4 months.

    Thank you.

    1. My receipt date was also May 24th and my lawyer received my reciept on Friday 28th and forwarded me a copy.

      1. Hey Kim,

        Have you heard any news yet? I wonder what the avg. processing time is this year.

  20. Hey guys,
    Is there anyone who has got an approval for the H1B visa?

    Or anyone who knows when can we see approvals or rejections to start for the visa?

    1. Hi,

      I just saw that somebody got his approval in the mail yesterday.

      – Vermont Center/new/regular processing

      – date applied 04/01/2010

      – receipt date 04/14/2010

      – approval date 05/17/2010

      – approval letter received 05/26/2010

      – processing time 47 days

      So we can conclude that the Vermont Center has already started working on the applications in the regular processing queue.

      Be patient, I am sure many other approvals will follow for the next coming weeks.

      1. Hi, I have a job in MNC in US but need an employer to file an H1 for me. I have got couple of employers but they say that I would have to bear all H1B expenses.

        As per my knowledge, the employer should be the one bearing all the expenses.

        Also can someone let me know what documents would be needed from the MNC company.


    2. Not sure if you read other posts and the comments below on H1B visa cap counts. But many people have received H1B visa approvals. My H1-B visa was approved on April 23. I had applied at VSC under Masters quota on April 1st with regular (non-PP) processing. Receipt date was April 7th, I think. Some others received approvals on April 16!

      If you haven't received the receipt number after sending your docs long back, contact your employer/attorney. If you have the receipt number and status is under review, well, that's what is the case: it is under review – it's pointless to speculate anything. Just wait for their response. I understand you might be impatient; but that's really all you can do at this point! Stay positive.

    3. california center got it last friday – regular processing…april9th receipt recvd.

  21. I got my H1B visa application approved in last week of May.

    1. Hi Ninad,

      Congratulations for your approval !!

      Can you give us more informations about your case ? regular or premium and California or Vermont center ?

      When did you apply ?

      thank you,

  22. can any one give me consultant address regarding finding the employer for h1b visa

    1. Hi, Param,

      Please tell me the consultant's address if you get it.

      Any way may I know which field belongs to you?



  23. GOT MY APPROVAL!!!……..

    Category: Regular, Master's quota- WAC centre
    Date of receipt : 09th April, 2010
    Date of Approval: 14th June, 2010

    It says…Approved I-129 mailed out on 14th June. As ppl have already mentioned in the forum, the status online changed from initial review to Post-decision activity overnight. Don't fret, Everyone's approvals are in the pipeline, Good luck to all of you.

    1. Hi,

      Congratulations for your approval !

      Thank you for sharing this information with all of us waiting for an approval, it gives us hope and as you wrote : "everyone's approvals are in the pipeline".

      Good luck,

    2. Hello R….,

      Congrats.Thanks for sharing this news.This gives us a lot of hope.Did u get any RFE. Can u share this with us.Thanks

      1. Hey Maha,

        No, I didn't come across any RFE request. After getting a receipt number, it was just a test of patience waiting for the approval. Like I've said before, it's just a matter of changing status overnight…nothing to worry about, it will come soon.

  24. hi, what is standard time to get receipt no. under regular processing .

  25. Hi All,

    My employer has filled H1B petition on 7th April with a receaved notice date on 9th April 2010,But till now the status of my H1B is showing as "Intial Review" which is going to complete 3 months in the next 2 weeks,So can i know how long i need to wait to know the result as i have been loosing my patience by seeing the same status from past 75 days onwards.So can you please let me know is there anyone on the same situation like me.



    1. Hi Tarun:

      On this same blog we came across few cases who got approval. USCIS has started working and every one's approval is in pipeline. Good Luck

      1. Hi Prasad,

        Your exactly correct,USCIS has started approving the petitions slowly whose status is "Initial Review",So the people whose status is still showing as "Initial Review" no need worry.



    2. hi tarun to compare your status with mine. please allow me to present it this way

      Notice of Receipt received : March 11

      Initial Review Status : March 12

      Request for Evidence (RFE) : May 04

      Acknowledgement of RFE submission : June 4

      Approved H1b Petition : June 7

      as mentioned by Prasad, USCIS has started working and every one's approval is moving along. Good luck

      1. Hello Justin,

        Can I know what RFE you got in your case & what are all the documents u have submitted for that.Will you please share with us.


      2. Hi Justin,

        Please find the below details of my H1B as required by you.

        Notice of Receipt received : 09th April 2010

        Initial Review Status : 12th April 2010

        Request for Evidence (RFE) : Not Applicable(No RFE)

        Acknowledgement of RFE submission : Not Applicable(No RFE)

        Approved H1b Petition : 24th June 2010



  26. Hi to all,

    My self Tanmay Patel and I have done M.V Sc (Masters in veterinary Microbiology). I ahd also Three years of rich experience in Pharma copany in Biotechnology field. Can any one give me consultant address regarding finding the employer for h1b visa.

    Thanks and Regards,


  27. Petition has been approved.

    Date of filing: April 1st

    Regular processing..California Center…..General Quota

    All the best for all whom waiting for it…..Everyone will hear good news very soon



  28. Hi,

    I am a CPA and I am searching for H1 B Sponsoring companies in Denver, CO.

    If somebody knows any info plz let me know. Any help wud b appreciated.


  29. Hey All,

    My petition has been approved on 24th of June 2010,My employer has filled new H1B petition on 7th of April 2010 with a receaved notice dated on 9th April 2010 under regular process at Vermont,So the guys whose status is still "Initial Review" will be hearing a good news soon,Best of Luck for all of you.



    1. Hey Tarun,

      My employer filed visa application on April 2nd. USCIS received date was April 12th. the status still shows initial review.

      I had a question for you. What was your application status before your visa was approved? Did it always show initial review?



      1. Hi A,

        Even my status is also Intially showed as "Initial Review" from the date of Receipt of my H1B petition allmost 80 days of waiting ,After which my status has been directly changed from "Intitial Review" to "Post-Decision Activity" i.e nothing but an approval of the H1B Petition,So plz dont be worry you will also going to hear a good news soon.



  30. Hey its been 3 months and my visa status is still in initial review..is there anyone applied on H4..? And got approved..pls share

    1. Same case with me too…..Initial review for April 2010 petition. Not sure what is going to happen….

  31. Hi,

    guys can you provide me any consultant reference who will file my visa for this year 2010-2011.

    1. It is difficult to serach for consultant for filing h1b visa petition with USCIS . Most of the consultant some times asks for fee for filing petition whereas H1b peition is filed by the employer and generally as you know pay all the fee for filing. Do not search for consultations who asks for fee rather you should search for employer and find job in US on dice.com. The cap for FY 2011 has not yet filled and USCIS shall receive petiions till such magic numer of 65000 is reached before October,2010.

      A K Gupta

    2. Hi we can file for ur h1b. You can contact me at my email address would provide u more details.

      1. dear

        what is your email address. let me know so that i may contact u for my H1b visa.

        A K Gupta

  32. Hey All,

    I am also in the same boat like many in this site.. Still initial under initial review. Applied on April 9th (Vermont). Receipt sent on 14th.

    Would it be a true if we assume that USCIS will not reject any one with out giving them a chance to produce further evidence. So, if you are still in the Initial Review state, you are likely to get accepted..?


  33. Hi,

    my H1B got filed in June last week, does any one has any idea that how long will it take to get approved? will the approval go beyond October since it has been applied late? how about lottery? is it going to happen this time?

    please help!!


    1. Hi Ashu,

      It takes 2 months of time for processing your application starting from the receipt of your application, if you filed in regular processing, otherwise(Premium) it will take 15 days to process your request. So I am guessing that you should get your approval/denial before October this year.

      I think this time there will be no lottery and you no need to worry about the lottery as still quota is not filled.


  34. Hi,

    I am planning to apply for H1B this year. My consutlant is a irect vendor of an IT giant in US. My question is how do 3rd party show emp-emp relation when the resource is gonna be working at the client's site as happens in IT normally.

    Also, pls let me know if there is anyone here whos H1 was applied by a consultant, i.e. 3rd party or even 4th party??

    I have also heard about the lawsuit against USCIS on their Memo files on 8th June, anyone knows what to expect of the trial as in when can we expect the result and what result probably.

    1. Its not your job to deal with how to handle employer-employee relationship. Leave it to your employer and their attorneys.

      1. They say they had aplied for H1 for some other guy earlier n have got an RFE from USCIS and they have decided to wait for the result of the trial against USCIS's New Memo.

        Also I wanted to know if there are people with approved H1 for whom it was applied by a consultant i.e. 3rd party?

  35. Hi

    My H1B visa was applied on 6-Apr for Stamford, Connecticut. However, its still in the intial phase.

    When can I expect it to be approved?

  36. Hi Guys,

    My company lawyer filied my H-1 b petition in April 1 st in regular cap and I recived the recipt on April 13 th and on June 04th they requested for more evidence. In that RFE the documents they asked were mostly irrelvent like engineering license which I don't need for my job and my masters degree which I don't have to submit as my pettition was filed in regular cap and one year pay stubs. Anyhow I submitted everthing except the license as it was not necessary for my job based on the state of law but lawyer explained the reason why it was not needed for my case. So any one can help me what exatcly gona happen on my case . Any sugggestions please!!!!



  37. Hi,

    Plz let me know if there is any approved H1B applied for the employee by a consultant i.e. 3rd party like in IT companies?

  38. Hi,

    Any update on H1 B approval who applied on 1st april at CSC under masters quota?

    Mine is still under initial review.


  39. hi friends,

    My H1B petetion got filled on May-7th .I didnt recieved any receipt number still. what can i conclude from this .Is it under proceesing ????.After getting a receipt number how long it will take to get approval approximately.

    please share



  40. where are u guys seeing this status ' Inital review'?

    In my company i am seeing the status as 'Petition couriered to USCIS'.

    My H1 was initiated in april.

    Kindly guide.

    1. Can anyone suggest how long it takes for Petition to get approved (in terms of months).

      Plz plz plzzz Mine was filed on May 2nd. Kindly suggest ASAP.

    2. Hi Rohit,

      Once your petition is received at USCIS and accepted for processing, they will send a notice I-797C to the requester (in H1B case, to the attorney representing your Company). This receipt will have a receipt number which you can use at http://www.uscis.gov to track the progress on your application. Generally USCIS sends this receipt with in a week or two. If not, your attorney should followup with USCIS.

      I believe USCIS customer care (800) 375 – 5283 also gives you an option to check the status of your application even if you dont have a receipt number. You could try that too..

      Wish you the very best.



  41. Would be HSB authorities would let me that how much time the EAC which stands approved on 28th May,2008 shall stand valid for stamping of visa since my employer has not yet given me any green signal for sending me the documents for visa. They have informed me through mail that they are in touch with the clients for project and will inform for visa shortly as the talks are still going on by them with the clients. HSB pl guide me.

    with regards,

    A K Gupta

  42. Hi,

    Anyone got RFE on h1b 2011?

    I work for a large Indian IT company which has got good record for h1b approval. I got a mail from immigration desk of the company that USCIS has sent RFE in my case. They want more deatils on the project and job description. Many people are getting RFEs for L1 and most of the cases are rejected leter on.

    My client invite letter is of Nov, 2009. Was it because it is old I got an RFE? The letter mentions the project to be valid for 2 yrs.Moreover the letter is not given on my name, but on Company's name. As per the info I have, individual letter is given only in case on business visa.

    Could anyone please help me how to approach replying the RFE .


    1. Hi Rohit..Your RFE is on L1 or H1. Any more info like California or Vermont. and When the RFE was recieved and when the visa was filed?

      1. It is on H1. Not so sure abt the processing centre. It was received last week whereas it was filed in 1st week of apl under normal processing. anyone facing similar issue?

  43. Hi All,

    My employer is a 3rd party employer for an MNC, they have filed an H1B for me but have got RFE and have to provide evidence on emp-Emp relation.

    I just wanted to know if any H1b for 3rd/4th party employer has been approved??

    Please advise….

  44. Hello everyone,

    My company applied for new H1B at VSC in regular processing (masters) and it was received on 16th April '10 and sent us the notice on 19th April '10. So far it still shows the initial review and I am curious to know how much more time I need to wait to get the decision. I am also thinking to switch to premium processing but I wish to wait for a week more before spending another $1000. I know many of you are on the same boat but this waiting kills me ….



    1. Hey PS,

      Me too in the same boat ! I tried calling up USCIS, they said that they wont divulge any updates to me since I am the beneficiary. Then I asked my lawyers to check up. They are yet to respond to my request.

      May be you can do the same. Ask your Lawyer to check the status before going for the $1000/- action



      1. Yes Arjun, my lawyer told me to do the same. He told me that USCIS is not obliged to give you decision withing 2 months (which they say!!) but we can make them give us decision in 15 days in premium processing. Let's see what happens …. I ll keep you posted …

  45. Hi All,

    My employer is a 3rd party employer for an MNC, they have filed an H1B for me but have got RFE and have to provide evidence on emp-Emp relation.

    I just wanted to know if any H1b for 3rd/4th party employer has been approved??

    Please advise….

    1. Mate…one question for you…when did u applied this visa on which u got RFE mentioning Empr-Emp relationship…? Has there been any progress on this since the time u received this..?

  46. Hello guys!

    I was file December 23 and was approved for HIB visa last february 9, 2010. However, until now, I haven't got my notice of approval.

    Do you know any reasons for my case?

    Thanks 🙂

  47. Hi All,

    I approached a consultancy and they are asking me to pay 5000$ to file my h1b.I am an SAP professional with good experience.Does it really cost that much?

    Any suggestions would help

    1. Most consultancies seem to be charging somewhere around 2000 to 2500 USD. Some charge a bit more saying that it covers the lawyers' fees. Do a good check, and try to negotiate with ur consultant. There are quite a lot of fake ones around as well. 5000$ is way t0000 much.
      All the Best !

  48. Hello,

    My recent update on H1B is as follows.

    " Post-Decision Activity :

    On June 9, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

    For approved applications/petitions, post-decision activity may include USCIS sending notification of the approved application/petition to the National Visa Center or the Department of State. For denied applications/petitions, post-decision activity may include the processing of an appeal and/or motions to reopen or reconsider and revocations. "

    From this I understood that my H1B is approved. But can anybody please let me know what will be the steps after this.

    as there is another status after this whuich says "Document production or Oath Ceremony" . will this be reached only after i attend the interview at U.S consulate.

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Hi Sri,

      congrats… cn u pls tell the Date and the centre where u applied your petition.



  49. Hi,

    My employer applied for my H1B on 8th april 2010 and we received the notice on the 14th of April 2010. I applied to the Vermont centre. I am worried as I need to make a trp out of country and I am wondering by when to expect a decision.

    1. Mansi,

      Thank god.. to know that there is some one like me still waiting on the decision from the stupid Vermont center who applied before me.. 🙂 Dont worry.. Be happy.. What else can I say.. My application (masters) was received on 9th April and the notice was sent on 14th itself. I am sure we will hear from them this week at least…(fingers crossed)..

      Wishing you all the best..


      1. Hi Arjun,

        Oh awesome.. yeah I applied for masters cap as well. but since I m planning out of country trip.. I m debating whether to go for premium..seems like my lawyer or USCIS cant help me wid that doubt … I guess I m waiting for this week… hoping somethin clicks… good luck to u too.

        1. Yeah.. Travel should be a concern.. This is what I did, I tried calling up USCIS and tried to get more info on that.. But, they told me that since I am the beneficiary, I am not entitled to ask USCIS directly about the status. They told me to ask my lawers to call them.. So, I emailed that info to the lawers. Those pin heads wrote a formal letter to USCIS asking about the reason for delay and replied me that they will get a formal letter from USCIS with in 3-4 weeks time.. What the Hell..!! It was as simple as picking up the telephone and punching a few key.. Any how, it seems the Lawyer are lawyer who likes to document everything..

          So here is the thing, Either your Employer or their Lawyers can contact USCIS directly and ask further info about your application. If your lawyer wants to take the snail's route, ask your Employer (Petitioner- who signed your application ) to call USCIS.. Since you are concerned about your travel, they would be more compassionate..!

          Hope this helps.. All the best ..



          1. Hey,

            I read the suggestion from one of the posts and called USCIS and got my lawyers to call them too. My Lawyer claims they got the same answer- 2 months. Do let me know what reply your lawyer gets… I feel it should be out atleast by first week of Aug if not earlier .. I checked a lot of numbers up and down to see if they were getting processed ..seems like 140 or something before atleast 60% of the H! ppl have heard from USCIS.. evidence/ approval.. but ya there r some one in 7/8 who havent received a reply. But yes I cant wait till aug if I have to get premium done.. I m just praying everyday for the news now.

          2. It seems another bird has joined our flock.. Look at Yadu's post just above yours.. Hmm..You are on 8th Me on 9th Yadu on 10th… Good going..

            Well, I think I already told you, My lawyers sent a formal letter to USCIS and is expecting a reply in 3-4 weeks.. I too hope that everything should be cleared out by 1st week of August.

            Regarding premium processing, I think now its a little too late for spending that $1000/-. Even if you do that now, they are bound to reply in 3 weeks time..So do you really think that there is going to be any benefit?

            You said about 60% got some kind of response from USCIS, but when I checked it was more like 80-90% with a very few still in review.. But I didn't check 100s of them.. God.. You must be really desperate.. 😉

            Any how, Lets hope that things would go fast for all of us ASAP. Have a great time.. and keep us posted..


          3. Hey,

            Ya checked the posts above and realised lots are awaiting response. I wonder are all the ppl in regular still waiting at vermont centre… anybody who has applied 1st april and still waiting? I am so desperate coz my India trip is on line but if by 1st week of august they declare then I can wait… just cant seem to decide.. if there is a progress in the speed and ppl say they getting approvals then it ll be reassuring. Snce the whole thing is so random its scary to wait. What if I dont get to know till 15th august then I m in big trouble… my visit is pending since a long time… anyways hoping for a miracle soon .

          4. Hey Mansi,

            Any updates…? Did you finally go for premium..? Nothing new from my side.. Still the same old.. same old..



          5. Hi Arjun,

            Nope no changes in case status. Spoke to my lawyer hoping she knew whats goin on.. but she said they havent received anything for April cases. I am thinking about premium for 1st august now… I checked last yrs blogs and processing times .. ppl have made like a chain and it goes on till sept end… that totally scared me coz it didnt reach quota last yr either by april-may although the applications may have been more last yr than this yr which means this yr too it can go on for sometime.. hopefully it wont be that way this yr.. but considering chances.

  50. Hey guys,

    My employer applied H1b for me on April 10th and I got the receipt on April 15th. I haven't got any word on the approval yet. The status is still in Initial Review. Please advise.

    1. Mine is same,got receipt on 15th April.It is applied at California center.The status is still Initial Review.

    2. hey Yadu,

      Mine is the same case as u.
      Receipt date is April 15th.
      Still on Initial Review.
      Please let me know if anything updated with your case…

  51. Same is the case with me, received receip on April 14th, Calafornia Center, but case status still shows up at Intial Review, wonder why?

    1. exactly same case for me. same receipt date and same centre and the same status:(

      1. same date, same status but filed at Vermont Center. frustrating wait continues! 🙁

        1. Receipt received on april28th – vermont . still initial review. after reading all your comments, i was little relaxed myself, knowing people who received on april 14th are still in initial review.

  52. Hi,

    my employer has filed petition for H-1B on 22nd june 2010. Could anybody say how long it takes to get approval from USCIS.


  53. Hi

    My receipt date was April 2010, but it still shows initial review. Iam just curious how many of them are in my court waiting for approval. Recently I requested for service request hope that works, it all seems that day by day I become frustrated to get approval, bcz my stem OPT extension is about to expire in march 2011. Please kindly any suggestion, I heard the people getting approval for the receipt date on April 1st, April 3rd and premium processing but not for April 12 ……………………end of august may looking for premium.

    1. Hi Kumar,

      My receipt date is 14th April 2010, case status shows intial review. I have applied at Vermont Centre under Masters Quota using regular processing. U feel 14th april cases will go on till end of August??? I am thinking about premium as well at this point.

      1. Hi Mansi,

        I was in the same boat few days back and USCIS was taking to much time to get me a decision on my petition. It was necessary for me to have decision by the end of July and hence I switched to premium processing on 19th July. Withing 8 days, I got approval notice from USCIS. I do not know what those guys are doing with regular processing but its really frustrating to wait for such a long time. Originally, I applied in regular processing (masters cap) at VSC with the receipt date of 19th April.



        1. Hi PS,

          Well alteast u have ur approval now so thats good. I was considering premium as well as I want to make a trip to India mid august… its just crazy waiting for the approval.. but I have decided that I might wait a bit more.. But thank u for sharing ur experience.. lots of ppl told me y u want to go premium now.. I was like coz this is taking so long.. but since I have a bit more time and things r starting to progress I have decided to wait. wish me luck.

  54. to HSB

    Something strange happened on the Uscis case status search page, one week ago it has 7 steps (acceptance/initial review/RFE/testing-interview/decision/post decision….)

    now it shows only 4 steps : acceptance/initial review/decision/post decision….

    A lot of applicants still in initial review at the Vermont center, noticed it too, any idea about what it means ?

    1. Hey,

      I noticed the same thing too applied on April 1st, receipt date of the 14th Vermont centre still waiting for a response! I dont know if that means that they are working on our case at the moment and that no further evidence is required??

      No clue enlighten us with some updates if anybody hears anything

      1. Hi everybody,

        I checked the Uscis website this morning and in the news section, they explained that they were doing some updates on their website to improve it ! this is why it was not accurate anymore….

        This is very nice from them but I think it would be nice if they inform the public before and not after, we immigrants are their customers after all….

        Good luck to everybody still waiting…

    2. hi

      why u r worried about the website , its just a webiste sometimes it does have a bucks. Most important is application status highlighted

    3. It has happened to me too just a day before I got the decision from USCIS. Actually, my lawyer emailed me that my H1 got approved but when I checked the website, it was still showing me the initial review status. A day after that, it showed me 4 options as you mentioned. And a day after that, it showed me Decision, which I already knew.


  55. Hello,

    My employer had filed for my h1 on April1, 2010. Today i checked the receipt number in my company system & then checked in USCIS website. I see the below message, what does this means? Is it approved or denied or decision pending?

    Post Decision Activity

    On July 12, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

    For approved applications/petitions, post-decision activity may include USCIS sending notification of the approved application/petition to the National Visa Center or the Department of State. For denied applications/petitions, post-decision activity may include the processing of an appeal and/or motions to reopen or reconsider and revocations

    1. hey congrats ur application is appproved, read properly they mailed notice saying that approved. which service center did u apply for

      1. Hi,

        Thanks for the reply. I have no idea which center was applied, as company did on my behalf.


        1. please can you tell me you receipt starts with EAC or WAC or LIN or some thing else.

  56. Hi All,

    I went for a visa interview in Delhi and got 221g Green form requesting to

    provide some additional documents and I did submit the docs but finally after some weeks got a letter from US Embassy stating your has been refused under 221g according to INA. On July 29th got an automated email from USCIS.gov saying "On July 29, 2010, a USCIS office received this case from the State Department with a request that we review it.". Can anyone please let me know if you are been in a similar case.



    1. Hi Sandeep.

      Was it a fresh H1B or an extension.

      Was it with a direct employer or with some vendor.

      And what docs they requested?

  57. Hey ppl my h1 got approved today, receipt date of April 15th 2010 and notice date as of July 28th 2010 so keep your hopes up they are reviewing April 15th receipt dates of regular processing for non masters approval and from the Vermont center so good luck!

    1. Atiq,

      Congrats… thats good news. My receipt date is 14th April at Vermont… hoping to get an approval notice real soon.

    2. hey congratz Atiq…Mine is on 28th April receipt date and same Vermont centre..hope to hear mine soon.

  58. A quick observation for California service center. For all the 8th April receipts 99% of them seem to be approved. i.e for receipt numbers starting with WAC10129*****.

    And seems that they are now processing 9th April receipts. 10th and 11th being holidays then they will turn to 12th April receipts. Mine in in "Initial Review" dated 12th April so should be expecting something this or next week.

    Anyone in the same April12th boat.

    1. Did you get your approval? My receipt date is 6th May.. Still waiting for my approval 🙁

  59. Hello All,

    I have receipt date May 12. When can I expect result. It is regular processing California Center.

    Is it possible to convert regular to premium processing any body???????????

    Any body from May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. hey guys,

    Good 2 hear that ppl getting approvals.

    I am eagerly waiting for mine.

    Receipt Date: April 15th.

    Status: Initial Review.

    Vermont Service Center.

    Hope to see some good news soon !!

    All the best 2 all of u guys, who are waiting…

  61. HI

    I am one among them who was worrying about h1b initial review with receipt date on April12, Masters, Vermont service center got approval today. Bottom line is that if you are a masters degree holder and paying the taxes properly with proper documentation you have to get it. so, folks on global h1b they should not worry, already they have the job in india and planning to enter USA. Future Immigration gets better and better for qualified people who get degrees from united stated contribute to the major US financial success.H1b is mean't for highly qualified people with American Degree holders, not for guy from down the road directly from India. so, mansi finally I would suggest you to wait for one week and go for premium process as early as possible. All the success and best of luck.

    1. Hi Kumar,

      Can u please tell me what is the date on your approval notice, and on what date the actual status changed??

      Thanks in advance…

      1. today morning my status was changed to post decision activity (aug3),and they have mailed my approval notice today.

    2. Kumar,
      Congratulations to you. thats for a sure a big relief. Yes I am waiting… hopefully will receive approval notice within 10 days. Hopefully everything will fall into place soon.

    3. Hi Kumar,

      This is good news ! congratulations !

      I agree 100 % with what you say…..

      Can you indicate the last 5 numbers of your case, for example mine is 52930/ master's/regular/ receipt date April 9th, so I can see where they are stucked ?

      I went on the Uscis website and changed the last numbers before and after mine and the one approved on Aug. 03 is 52920 with a receipt date of April 9 at the Vermont center….

      Your informations can help all of us……

      Thank you and good luck

  62. Hi,

    my employer has filed petition for H-1B on aug 4th 2010. Could anybody say how long it takes to get approval from USCIS. Will it be over by oct 1st 2010.



  63. i just got approved.. April 26, at vermont office.. Approved Aug 4th! normal and undergrad degree

  64. i checked my status online, and here it says…

    On August 5, 2010, your document I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER was processed and mailed to the address on record. If you have not received it within 30 days of August 5, 2010, contact customer service at 1-800-375-5283. If you move while your case is pending, please call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283.

    what does this means?

    1. It means u got your H1..Congratz, can u tell me which center and receipt date?

    2. Hi Diyos Ko. Maawa po Kayo sa akin..

      Wat is ur receipt date and which center???

      1. @ Ruthika: really? i really hope this is really an approval.. i am so tensed right now… man/sir, how sure are you that this really is an approval? Lord God, please give me this grace I have been asking from You… Thank YOu LOrd…

        @ MAnsi: april 7 receipt date california centre…

      2. Did you notice..? Thats a little odd statement.. your petition was "Processed and mailed".. Normally they say, it is approved and mailed.. So I am not sure about this one if you ask me.. Please check again..

    3. Hi Divos,

      I too got the same message today and was wondering if you got any thing by post/mail or any other info.

      I am also very tensed, would appreciate any info you can provide.



      1. @ vinay: i contacted my lawyer about it… he said we'll just wait on whatever will it be… hopefully it's already our notice of approval… God willing… just pray… let's keep on praying…

    4. Hi,

      My attorney got an approval letter today. Mine was in premium processing.

      Just want to let you know that, you would also get the approval.



      1. congratulations vinay… i just hope and and continue praying that my petition will also be approved…

  65. Today I checked my status and written in DECISION BOX:

    On August 5, 2010, this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER was approved and we sent you an e-mail notice. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

    During this step the formal decision (approved/denied) is written and the decision notice is mailed and/or emailed to the applicant/petitioner. You can use our current processing time to gauge when you can expect to receive a final decision.

    Please suggest what does it mean,

    1. My dear Adnan,

      What does this mean.. Whats there to wonder about.. Your application have been approved and a notification has been sent to your employer/lawyer.. How clearer can this statement be.. So enjoy.. no worries.. I would also suggest you go through the whole blog.. it will answer a lot of your doubts..



      1. Dear Arjun,

        Many thanks for clearing my doubts, my app filed on 23-April-10, Regular Processig & Vermont centre.

    2. Adnan,


      Could you please tell your receipt date and centre in which u filed?

      1. Hi,

        Before allocating reciept they sent me RFE and we submitted required docs and finally EAC# recieved on 3-August-10 and on 5th august-10 my status has been changed from acceptance to Decision without going into "intial review", I have benn hired for engineering field,

  66. Any approvals for Masters quota from Vermont Services??

    My application date April 14th..

    receipt date is April 15th.. Masters quota..

    still in initial review.. 🙁

    1. None Speaks about the Approval for Masters quota.

      Receipt date is April 28th.- Masters Quota.

      Me too waiting for more than 3 months.:(

        1. Good news for me…I just got approval notice from my lawyer, even though USCIS still shows Initial review for me. So, check yours too….the site may show it after sometime only…

          1. Congrats MP…

            Didn't I tell you.. This is what happening now a days.. Just imagine.. They sent out the approval and the lawyer recieved it.. Normally that means about 3-4 days.. The site is not updated for this entire period.. I would say that the tracking site is unreliable, at this point..

            Any how, Congrats to MP once again..

  67. ok this is what i got;

    Post Decision Activity

    On August 4, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

    i understand that i did get approved however, are they mailling my visa, or do i need to send them my passport, or do i need to leave USA and get the stamp from my hometown?

    thank you

  68. I got approved and recieved my approval by mail. What is the next step? i am currently in USA and trying to visit my family next month, how do i recieve the visa stamp?

    1. You will have to get ready for H1 Stamping. Your attorney will give the documents and on top of that you have to prepare other supporting documents. Search under H1B Category for documents required for h1b stamping.

      1. i cant find the h1b requierment for stamping. Can someone please help. i am leaving USA Sep 6 and my H1B starts Oct 1, what should i do as soon as i get home? and what documents do i need to request from my work?

        thank you

  69. Hi,Any theories when will 14th april be processed at Vermont.. this wait seems so endless.

    1. Mansi,

      USCIS Vermont processing seems totally at random to me. See, me and my colleague, applied on the same day, has the same receipt date. His receipt number is same with me for all except the last 3 digits, We both applied with almost the same profile and of course, same company, same lawyer etc.. When I found that both of our petitions were not processed ( till end of July) I theorized, may be they are processing based on the company or the lawyer profile.. But well, when he got his approval dated 27th July and I got the 60 day wait notice dated 31st July, all my theories vaporized.. Now it all looks like a lottery to me…!!!


      1. Arjun.

        this process is now really getting to me… Y cant it be systematic… like a display that says we r processing new applications dated blah, extension dated blah, transfers dated blah… u know.. for all of us waiting… I m seeing ppl in 20th-29th april getting approvals.. i hope they havent forgetten my application. 🙁

  70. I want to share this information with you…
    Don't Rely on the USCIS tracking site alone to judge the status of your petition. That site is not updated in time for all the cases.

    My colleague, who's petition was filed on the same day as that of mine (Aug 09th Receipt date) got an update from our Lawyer. ( They have a profile for us online and keep track of all the documents, and upload scans of all the communications with USCIS). His petition was approved on 29th of July and our lawyer already recieved the the approval letter mailed by USCIS on 5th Aug. But, his USCIS tracking still shows "Initial Review"…

    Any how, its completely another thing that there is no update on my case yet.. But this is a good news, things are moving.. I was in a hurry to know the status because my 1 year OPT will be over by this month end, and If I get the H1 approval I wont have to spend the extra $340/- for 19 month extension. I got tiered of waiting and sent those papers last week.. USCIS happily accepted my check on the same day they received my papers and sent me the receipt number.. They were quick to act on that..

    Any how, I think I gave all you guys who are waiting to hear news from USCIS and are solely depending on the Tracking site, wake up and give your lawyer a call…

    All right.. Have fun..!!

    1. Arjun,
      So u went for OPT extension?? thats good.. its better to do it b4 hand. I have called my lawyer every 10 days or so… I m sure she ll give me a call but I am going to keep in touch every week just to make sure. When does ur lawyer feel u shud be hearing something? any theories to share?

      1. Its funny you asked.. I was about to write an update…

        Here is what happened.. When I asked my lawyer to contact USCIS, they in fact called them up like I asked. But USCIS told them that the current status is "Review" and they will give through a formal letter in 3-4 weeks time..

        Well, today I got an update on my profile with the law firm. They received the letter from USCIS and it states that my "petition is currently under review and we will make a decision in 60 days.." Daa….!!!

        Thanks for Nothing USCIS..!!

        Any how, how is your situation Mansi..? Did you go for a premium processing, atlast..? In your case it is a grand.. and probably your company will cover it.. So I suggest you go ahead.. enough waiting.. What say..?

        1. Arjun,

          wow there r so helpful na.. we exactly know how they dealing wid our application…seriously man..wats happening since last the last 4 months.

          I want to drop the premium idea.. I m pretty sure I ll be the one paying.. yes I know it ll be easier to get over wid if I do premium.. but I cant just make up my mind to put that much for it. My lawyer doesnt have updates.. and I am wondering when r they goin to start reviewing the 14th application..

          According to the table there r only 300 h1 application in both categories made in the week of 14th. assuming 50% went to california there shudnt be much for vermont but that doesnt seem to add up when i check case number wise on the uscis website.

          Random is the only word that comes to my mind…….

          1. Mansi,

            Yeah… At least now, I am sure that I will hear from USCIS before October 2010 when my H1 is actually scheduled to start (Big Deal..!) any how in your case, I believe if you want to go home and be back in your OPT period it shouldn't be a problem at all.. You just need to have a letter from your company stating that you currently hold a job with them, and believe me now a days it is easier if you state that you are in Training than on H1 to get through the immigration ! But, yeah I understand your mind set of getting your visa stamped if you are going to India any ways.. Right..

            If you don't have an emergency at home which absolutely requires your presence ( Like your own marriage or something 😉 ) I think its not worth spending that thousand buck from your own pocket..

            Have fun


          2. Oh.. Really.. Thanks HSB… I didnt know that… Sorry Mansi.. I guess you will have to wait for a decision…

          3. Arjun and HSB,

            Yeah my lawyer told me I could not leave while H1B is applied for and if I havent received my approval.. although another person said 45 days b4 opt expires i cud travel and be back. In any case my lawyer was a total no for that option. So I decided not to take a risk. In short approval is my only way out.

            Wat do think abt my theory of 150 applications for vermont in the week of 14th april?? whereas the case numbers reflects something toally different? any explaination for that??

  71. Hello,

    I am currently working in L1 visa and I have applied for H1B visa this year in june,which is in initial review tillnow.But now I am going back to my home country next month,b'cos my project is going to end.If I come back in another L1 visa after few months,can I transfer to H1b visa after coming here or do I need my h1b stamped before coming to US.
    Pls help me . I need more advise on this.

    1. Hi ML,

      I need some help in filing an H1B for myself. I have been looking up for companies who can file one for me. Can you pls share the company who has filed for you. This help is greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.

  72. Currently i am in USA with L1 visa for employer A.I am trying to get my H1B through employer B.If i get my H1B,shall i need to go stamping or can i work withH1B(without stamping).How long can i work in USA with H1B visa without stamping?My current I94,L1 B visa will expire September 2011.I need more advice.please help me.

    1. You can work on H1 without stamping..but if you go out of country, should come back on H1 only after stamping

      1. How long can i work without visa stamping?. Till the visa expired?(If i am inside US only)

    2. Robert,

      Here is what you should be doing.. You should have applied your H1 with adjustment of status ie Your legal status will be transfered from L1 to H1 from October 2010 if your H1 gets approved. If you apply with adjustment of status, when you get your H1 papers, you will get a new I-94 at the bottom right hand corner updating your status.

      A visa is only an entry document. Your immigration status is defined by your I-94 or other relevant status document like EAD. For your case, once you get your H1 approval document with adjustment of status, your L1 will expire by Sept-10 and your H1 status will begin from October-10. You will have to quit working with your Employer A and move to Employer B. YOU CAN CONTINUE TO WORK IN USA FOR THE WHOLE PERIOD OF 3+3 YEARS WITH OUT STAMPING A VISA, GIVEN YOU NEVER LEAVE USA DURING THIS PERIOD , (You are also required to have the same passport be valid for this entire period, but I am not sure if this is a mandatory clause, there has to be some work around for this too, but in general this is advised). But once you leave US, to get back in to United States, you will have to have a valid visa stamped on your passport. Now a days you can stamp your visa only from your country of residence ( No more Mexico/Canada option).

      Take this advise only as a guidance, get your official legal opinion from the immigration lawyers who filed the H1 for you.

  73. Hi,

    Anyone received approval on your H1 filed on 6 May 10 at california center ( Regular)?

    Pls update

  74. My Case Status turned to post-decision activity.


    On August 10, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

    Filed on April 28th- Masters- regular- vermont. Hope you all will get happy news soon.

  75. My petition got approved on 29th May,2008 for Hib visa and I could not go for stamping in India due to my working in UK from 2008 to 2010. Now after two years can my visa be stamped in India sicne I have come back. Please advise.

    A K Gupta

  76. Hi,

    Kindly share, is there any big difference b/w Decision and Post decision Boxes while checking the online status bc my case follows in only decision box i-e

    On August 5, 2010, this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER was approved and we sent you an e-mail notice. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

    1. Nope. My status still shows the DECISION but I have already received hard copy of the approval notice from USCIS week ago.

      1. Thanks PS,

        Dear Can u please share the time duration of recieveing approval to Attorney after decision, its 2 week, 1 week or more than that,bc its one week passes, my attorney did not update about recieving of approval physically.


        1. Hi Adnan,

          Here's what happened in brief,

          Sent the petition package to USCIS on 18th July (Switched from regular to premium processing)

          Receipt through email (no hard copy) on 19th July

          Approval notice through email (to and from Attorney) on 27th July

          Status message update from USCIS on 29th July

          Written approval notice received by Attorney on 2 Aug

          I hope it helps,


          1. Hi Adnan,

            Here’s what happened in brief,

            Sent the petition package to USCIS on 18th July (Switched from regular to premium processing)

            Receipt through email (no hard copy) on 19th July

            Approval notice through email (to and from Attorney) on 27th July

            Status message update from USCIS on 29th July

            Written approval notice received by Attorney on 2 Aug

            I hope it helps,


        2. I replied to somewhere else initially and I can not delete it so replying you one more time,

          Here’s what happened in brief,

          Sent the petition package to USCIS on 18th July (Switched from regular to premium processing)

          Receipt through email (no hard copy) on 19th July

          Approval notice through email (to and from Attorney) on 27th July

          Status message update from USCIS on 29th July

          Written approval notice received by Attorney on 2 Aug

          I hope it helps,


  77. Can anyone explain how to switch from regular to premium processing?

    Any approvals for Masters quota from Vermont Services??

    My application date April 14th..

    receipt date is April 15th.. Masters quota..

    still in initial review..

    1. Hi Yadu,

      Just inform ur lawyer u want to switch to premium. I guess there is an additional form that you need to fill out additional $1000 check thats about it. I would suggest contact ur lawyer they would be able to handle it.

    1. No still waiting..April 28th VSC…H4 to H1….It is high time already…Please post when you or anyone else in same situation get to hear something….

      1. Hi RY….yes its long tym..even mine same date n center:) Lets hope we will get to know soon…!

  78. i got an RFE. if i could submit all (complete) the documents

    requested by the USCIS as additional evidence before the

    deadline, is there an assurance that the petition will be


  79. Hi Diyos Ko. Maawa po Kayo sa akin..,

    What position did you applied for? and what was the reason for RFE?

    laso what is your receipt date and RFE notice date?

  80. I have a question: Will all the ‘initial review’ cases have a decision before Oct 1St? Anyone knows??? this is really important to me to know. My app was submitted on April 30th at the Vermont Center. And my Status still shows “initial review”. I am really worried.

    1. This is the case for many people, not just you….If April guys are still waiting, not sure how the May/June/July people are going to manage if they have to start Oct 1st…I donno if USCIS is waiting to earn more money by increasing the premium processing this way, as number of applicants are less this time….It is terrible stress for people waiting….We should have a mechanism to complain or voice against this….but are really helpless…

      1. Thank Ram, excuse my english, I am from Venezuela and I still here waiting for the approval, my problem is that in my country I need to do several paperwork before moving out, so I already bought the travel ticket to the end of September to start all paperwork in Venezuela, my concern is if I will have the answer before Oct, 1st, or if the USCIS can do it after. I been searching online and there is no information about the USCIS deadline for responses.

          1. April 30, Ankur. Still Waiting. I am really thinking in switch to premium.


  81. I am from India and applied for my H1B. My receipt date was april 22nd. VSC and masters quota regular processing. whe i went online and checked the status this morning, it still said INITIAL REVIEW. got fed up and called my lawyer and she made an enquiry with USCIS. Guess what……my application was approved on August 12th and today is August 18th. The website hasn't been updated. So i guess u guys, if applied in april, should ask your lawyer to give them a call and find out ur application status.

    1. Congratulations Kalnad! But apparently I have a lazy lawyer, every time I call his office to ask about the case, the receptionist just say "We just call and we are going to wait three more weeks to call again" 🙁

  82. Hi,

    I am Nepalese citizen working in Top India's software company since last 4 years in Bangalore. My company had initiated H1B visa for me in 2011 and it has been approved by USCIS. Can I go for stamping at Chennai consulate? Do I require additional documents for visa Stamping? Any help related to this will be much appreciated.



  83. Hiiiiiiiiiii….. Anyone with the receipt date in June got the approval……….. pls let me know and any one who got the approval received the stamping from India pls let me know too ……Thanxz a loooooooooooot

    1. mine is on 15 june vermont center ….not received the approval yet let me know if u hear something

    1. Hi Mansi

      I have been waiting for about 4.5 month for it's approval at VC but my case status is stiil REQUEST FOR EVIDENCE since 6th of august

      i don't know what to expect next!!!

        1. Hi Renuka

          I only know that USCIS asked for more evidence from the company.

          USCIS has received it since 6th of august and may status says,I will get answer from USCIS within the next 60 days after 6th of august.

          I am worried if cases with RFE get denial.

          1. Hi Edith,

            Hope for the best.

            and wait for approval. Even I'm doing the same thing. keep updating me abt your status. Till now my employer didnt answer for my RFE.

            Till now do you know anyone whose application got rejected for this year

          2. up to tth of sepetember,I haven't heard of any rejection.

            I only check this site for comments.

  84. Hello All – Checkout the spreadsheet for H1B Visa 2011 Processing Time tracker. You can follow the link above and enter your details. It will be easy to track in single spreadhsheet.

    1. HSB,

      Nice Idea to have that spread sheet.. Nice improvements.. I have one complaint though.. Can you switch the comment order back to show the latest comments on top..? Now its a pain to scroll all the way down to see an update.. This is difficult especially when you are checking the site using mobile browser.

      Thanks.. Keep up the good work


      1. Arjun – I'm running a competition based on comment numbers. It will go on till Aug 25. I will switch it back after that.

  85. This waiting is driving me crazy. Anybody did this the last year (2009)? How much time we should wait for responses?, I been waiting 4 months in regular process (since April, 30)

    1. No…last year it didn't even take 2 months to process….Around 40,000 petitions were filed in April and all results came by June end….This is surely sick and painful…:-((

      1. wow like you said… this is painful. I already bought my travel ticket to september 24 🙁 . I thinking in change the flight date.

  86. Hi,

    My reciept date is 26th-July-10, VSC, Regular, when to expect the decision, kindly share.


  87. Hi..today i checked my H1b status. I could see its in

    Post Decision Activity

    On August 23, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

    For approved applications/petitions, post-decision activity may include USCIS sending notification of the approved application/petition to the National Visa Center or the Department of State. For denied applications/petitions, post-decision activity may include the processing of an appeal and/or motions to reopen or reconsider and revocations.

    Does it mean its approved..?

    1. Congrats!!..Your's is done finally:)…Thanks for posting..My wait continues & i just wish it doesn't get left out like those april guys still waiting with receipt dates before us..

  88. like 3 weeks ago I just have 4 steps in my case status (1.Acceptance, 2.Initial Review, 3.Decision and 4.Post-Decision Activity. I am in the second step). It used to have like 7 or 8. Anybody know why now are 4 and not 7 steps?

  89. My employer is in the progress of filing H1B in premium mode for me by next week. I am expected to travel by first week of oct. Is it possible in just 5 weeks? I have 5 years of experience with the same employer and i have ug degree in CS.

  90. This wait is goin on forever…. remind me y is my application not processed.. receipt 14th april, new- masters quota VSC… wats goin on?

      1. SRC – Texas Service Center (formerly Southern Regional Center),

        LIN – Nebraska Service Center (named after Lincoln, NE),

        WAC – California Service Center (formerly Western Adjudication Center) and

        EAC – Vermont Service Center (formerly Eastern Adjudication Center).

        H1B applications are accepted only @ Vermont and California.


    1. VSC seems very randomn in processing….See the chart…few May petition folks have got results on 8/25 and 8/26…..it is total confusion…!!

      1. Sure does seem like its all random. There are two applications approved on 8/26 one filed on April 12 and other on May 11

    2. Mansi the April applications are slowly getting processed. Just hang in there…..I know how difficult this wait is.

  91. Hi,

    I got my approval yesterday from the VSC center regular processing , receipt date 12 th April. I had contacted my lawyer who in turn contacted USCIS , they told her I would get an answer by aug 26th and true to their word my approval came on aug 26th. Those of you who are waiting should ask you lawyers to contact USCIS,.

    1. When did your lawyer contact USCIS.. My lawyer contacted them in early July. They were informed that they will receive a formal letter in 3-4 weeks. Then after 4 weeks they got a letter stating that a decision would be made in 60 days.. That means about 90 days from the initial inquiry. how was your case..?

      1. My Lawyer contacted them once in late july and then in middle auagust, the second time USCIS gave the date of august 26th.

  92. What is the problem if we directly call up the USCIS customer care instead of going thru lawyers?

      1. My lawyer advised against calling up USCIS, he says talking to a case agent would adversely affect your H1B application. Anyone buying this ?

  93. Hi Everyone,

    Just received my H1B approval today visa sms. It was approved today on the 30th of aug. My details New-masters, VSC, 14th april. Hang in there ..the approvals are slowly picking up the pace. Best of luck to all who are waiting.. have the patience.

    1. Congratulations Mansi… You have been really patient.. So are you OK to travel now..?

      Enjoy the H1 life and have fun.. All the best for the future..

      (No.. I haven't heard anything on my application yet..)

      1. I guess I m ok to travel as long as I have the actual copy of H1B approval waiting for my lawyer to recieve that in mail and then its good. I hope u hear something soon Arjun. Best of luck to u and others waiting.. just a few more days ppl.

        @APD yes the website shows post decision activity.

      2. Arjun, Edith's case got approved, same date as yours. You should be getting some good news soon.

    2. Congrats Manasi. Does USCIS site also shows ur application is approved? Or Only you received the sms…

      1. Mine too just got updated to post decision today….Its approved finally…Thank God!!…We also had called last week when they told they are working on April petitions….So, i'm sure all april people will get good news soon, hopefully this week itself….

      1. For me it took 4 months…My receipt date was 28th April….i registered at website for case updates today morning after seeing mansi's comment. I saw a last update date of 8/30 in the site. I thought it is the update i made there and was waiting to check tomorrow for the last update date again to confirm..But, after 2-3 hours, i got sms and an email as well and site also got updated to Post Decision activity….

        1. Hello RY,

          Congrats,Can You please explain how to register at the site for the case update.Do we need to give the phone number or just e-mail id.

          please reply ASAP.I am also waiting to register.

          1. Hi ML,

            You need to first click "sign up for case updates" and register by giving email, phone etc. You can give both and also create a user id and password. Then, sign into your account as customer giving User ID and PW. Inside, click on "Add a case to your Portfolio" and add your EAC#. You can see it listed in a table. Just Select it and click "Mobile Alert On". You will get a confirmation message. Do again with "Email Alert On". Hope this helps.

          2. I think i will skip registration. I anyways check the status twice a day 🙂

    3. Hii Mansi ,

      Congrates Mansi for your H1B approval…

      Myself Rahul Sharma from India and I want to pursue my Masters in Computer Science from US next year in Fall 2011 September , rite now I am doing a job to get 1 year of Experience in India as I am B.E. Computer this year pass out…

      So there has been a lot of thing being said here so I want to ask you how is the Job market in Computer /IT sector doing rite now in US…and I want to work there after my MS so what about H1B visa…how tough or easy it is…

      Please clear the air and do reply…If you want to tell me anything esle then also please…

      Regards ,


  94. Friends,

    I got my approval on August 27.Receipt date was 12th April.Wish good luck to those waiting.


    1. Hi,

      Congratulations for your approval !!

      Mine was approved too at the Vermont Service Center, receipt date April 9th,


      August 30th 2010

      I saw the update on the Uscis website and I received an email on Monday afternoon.

      Good luck to everybody still waiting, be patient, your turn will come !

    2. Hi everybody,

      I got my approval too at the Vermont service Center, receipt date April 9th,


      Post decision Activity August 30th 2010

      Update was on the Uscis website this morning and I received an email yesterday afternoon.

      Good luck to everybody still waiting, be patient, your turn will come !

      1. Hi Edith,


        When is ur RFE submitted to uscis.

        and After how many days you got approval.

        can you tell me clearly, so that I can follow up my employer too.

        because my case is in RFE right now.

          1. Hi Jack,

            I dont know exactly . but My employer just told me that "he was working on the documentation" that need to be submitted to the uscis.

            Congrats to all those whose H1 got approved.

        1. Hi Renuka/Jack,

          I did not get any RFE.

          My case status was updated from Initial review (since April 14) to post decision activity on August 30 /Vermont.

          1. Hi Edith, I am in Post Decision Activity too. But I am still waiting for the visa stamping. What about you? I do not know how much time this is going to take.

    3. Prasad I think you should update your status in the H1B Visa 2011 Processing Time Tracker spreadhseet.

  95. Has anyone noticed the Case status page of USCIS ? For H1B –

    California Service Center – 2 months

    Vermont Service Center – 2.7 months

    National Average – 11 months

    I think this explains the delay, people who applied to VSC should expect a reply in 10-11 weeks while CSC is about 8 weeks.

    1. Jack my case has been pending with CSC for 3.5 months now and no reply. I don't think any of these timelines are followed. In fact most of the recent approvals are from VSC.

      1. I agree, my Visa receipt date is april 14th with the California centre, and its stuck at "initial review", I just dont know what to to do, this wait is killing

      2. NZ – What is your receipt date?

        My receipt date is 6 May 2010. CSC, still under IR. Its almost 4 months:(

      3. NZ – What is your receipt date?

        My receipt date is 6 May 2010. CSC, still under IR. Its almost 4 months:(

          1. My receipt date is Apr 14th, its over 4.5 months now, still stuck in Initial review.

            My H1b was filed by my employer, a top MNC in india.

            This is so worrying truely, anybody has any thoughts on what might be going on ?

          2. Don't worry man. I think USCIS people have become very lazy 🙂 As long as your application isn't filed by any consulting company you should be fine. Most of the people in this thread have waited and got approvals. I haven't heard of anyone being rejected till now. So that is a consolation in a way …

          3. Thanks really :), still the status is stuck at "Initial Review" , just looking at that string in the USCIS website in itself is so tiring…..

          4. Hi People,

            My Visa has gotten approved, i received this info within my organization's application, USCIS sent the approval to my employer, however USCIS website still shows as "initial review', so obviosly the website is not updated.

            My visa was filed on apr 1st and receipt date is apr 14th, so its clearly close to 6 months, and still the website is not updated. So people who are worried about your visa info not updated in the website, there is a high chance that your employer/consultancy/attorney would have received the approval. 🙂

        1. Hi ,

          @APD – -Any updates on your case ?

          My receipt date is 13th May 2010,

          Now USCIS says ,the last Updated date 8/Sep/2010.

          I dont know when to expect any change in the status?



          1. @Edi

            I am referring the same set of companies which can't satisfy Employer-Employee relationship – Consulting companies who operate on pure staffing basis and don't have their own development/test/product engineering operations in US. This would exclude IT giants like TCS, Wipro, Infosys etc.

            I have a couple of friends working for a consulting company based out of Santa Clara. They applied for H1B and the moment they got RFE, they decided to withdraw the application. My friends have sometime because of STEM extension, so they are continuing with their current contract and trying to find a proper full time employment.


            Add me to your list. Receipt date – 13th July 2010 / California Service Center.. Status Initial Review .. Last updated date : Sept 8th 2010. I checked for 4 or 5 numbers around mine and all their status update date is Sep 8th 2010. From some of the posts i have read in other forums, you should expect a decision within the next 4 weeks. Optimistic would be within a week, pesimistic would be in 4 weeks time .. Good luck man !

      1. Is it true that extension and transfer cases are being processed faster than new petitions. I was looking at trackitt website and seems like new cases are taking longer. Any thoughts ……………………….

        1. Facts NZ, Got those by hitting few random numbers in the tracking site for the WAC# 😉

          Its going to be october in 4 weeks and the CSC has not even processed the April cases fully, and mine is in the first week of June, based on Arjun's Time taken is 144 days then mine will be processed in the month of Nov and lets say If I am LUCKY and got approved, then I can get my stamping in the end of Nov or Begin of Dec, and at the end of Dec people will go for vacation and they will be back in the first week of Jan, So after 8 f'ing months i will land there and that too if everything is normal, On the other side if market going bad and crashes before i land there then i will be deported back at the POE.

          Damn these ppl are screwing my career.

          Hey Frendz, do you think its worth it?

          1. @Pindi –

            I disagree with your views. USCIS has every right to take time till 1st of October to decide on your applications. Having said that, last year there was some delay in approvals for people applied in June/July – No status change till Oct 1st. First week of October almost all of the people who applied in June/July/Aug. Some of my friends were in these categories and the ones who applied in June got the approval along with guys who applied in August. Seems a little unfair, but hey 1st week of Oct they sent out all the approval notice 🙂 I am assuming, the same would be the behavior this year. They are probably taking their own time till Oct, from Oct whatever delay they have in their processing, will also delay your start date. So may be they will pick up speed and wrap up all applications by then …

    1. How lucky you are, you can enjoy while the rest of us have to wait………………..Thanks for answering my query anyway.

  96. Still waiting RD April, 30 VSC. What is happening? I do not understand this System, I am really worried.

    1. Nita05, You'll hear from them this week or next week. At least VSC petitions are moving. CSC on the other hand hasn't moved forward.

    2. hi Nita

      my RD is 19th of april and my status is RFE,still waiting for their decision.

      at VSC

  97. I think I am the only one in the Tracker spreadsheet, (Regular, no Master quota, VSC) who aplied in APRIL and is still waiting……. This waiting is paintfull.

  98. Finally.. Some action..!!! Hip hip.. Hurraaaaayyyy…

    Centre:- VSC

    Qouta:- Master's

    Applied:- 04/01/10

    Reciept:- 04/01/10

    Approval :- 08/31/10

    Time taken for approval:- 144 days

    RFE:- None

    Cheer up guys.. They have dusted out my applications.. !! So you all must hear something soon…

    1. Congrats…I think you got record for the no of waiting days…:))…Nita…don't worry…you also should hear something soon…

    2. Congratulations Arjun…….what a wait, but all's well that ends well. How long did you get the approval for?

    3. Thanks Ram & NZ.. Yeah.. Its been a long wait.. My OPT was out on 30th of August and these guys approved my H1 the next day. I got the text and mail today only and the case status was changed no 1st sept afternoon.. It said that the approval note was sent on 31st August itself.

      @NZ.. I have no idea about the approval period, coz I haven't seen the approval letter yet. I am just going by the Tracking update.. It must be for 3 years.. I guess.. I am working for a US company and since its not a client, I guess the approval must be for the stipulated maximum of 3 years. I dont know why you asked this specifically.. I thought it was the norm for all H1Bs..

      1. Hi Arjun, Was wondering about the approval because I read in some other forums that even though they requested 3 years approval, they only got for 0ne year.

        1. NZ,

          Well.. I am expecting my lawyers to receive the letter some time this week. They will post a scan to my online profile immediately. So, when I see that, I will let you know..



        2. NZ,

          I just saw my lawyer close my case with a scanned version of the approval notice they received from USCIS. The approval is for the period 10/01/2010— 08/31/2013. Which means about 3 years.. so I am good, I believe..

          All the best


    4. Congrats 🙂 I can feel your happiness and that makes me a little more optimistic 🙂

  99. Nita, my RD was April 12 and I got the approval on April 27.I think you'll have to wait for some more time.May be 2/3 rd week of this month, you should have updates.Good luck.

    1. I really hope so. Thanks for your good wishes. I need it before Oct, 1st. Anyone knows how many time took after get Post Decision Activity and get your H1 Stamping?

  100. I did Check 400 cases in the USCIS link. Cases received in the same office that mine (VSC = EAC) and the same day (April 1st = 10-145). Of the 400 cases, only 14 have received no response. This is 3.5%. I still do not understand what happens. My lawyer does not know. It look like they saw the case, overlooked and continue with others.

    1. Hi Nita,

      I would like to know how you checked cases other than yours. My receipt date is June 10th and still my app status is IR on the website. Please advice.


      1. Ashu, Go to the USCIS Dashboard, your receipt number must be XXX-XX-XXX-XXXXX First three letters represent the Service Center, mine is EAC (Vermont Service Center) the next two numbers represent the year, mine is 10 (2010), three next represents the computer workday (001 is October 1st) mine is 145 (April, 30) And finally the last five numbers represents the case number. So, the first 8 numbers/letters are the same for people who applied the same day in the same Service Center . I did check the numbers before and after mine.

        1. Wow that is a detailed analysis ! My date is July 13th and the computer workday is 955.

  101. :D:D:D:D Hiiiiiiiii this waiting is over, I'd receive this tonight: On September 2, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. Please follow any instructions on the notice.

    Anybody knows how many time took after get Post Decision Activity and get your H1 Stamping?

    1. You are excited we can see that from your approval date as 08/02/2010 which is 09/02/2010 🙂 BTW, Congrats…

    2. Congrats…:))BTW, make it 09/2/10 as told below…:)….You need to fix visa interview at your nearest US consulate and go with the H1B documents to get it stamped. Timing depends on the visa interview date you get…the early you get the documents in hand and also date for interview the better….:)

        1. Congrats Nita………………..

          finally your wait has come to an end.

          This waiting is really painful.

          Even I'm also waiting for my approval. I have applied in the mid of

          april in california center.

          1. @Renuka – is your application still under IR? Pls check the last updated date.. Looks like they started processing May Applications.. .

            My case was field on 6 May, it is still under IR. But I noticed the "Last updated date on my case as 9/2/10. So I am hoping they started looking into my case, but no idea when it will be approved. I looked into few fourms and understood that there are few ppl got their approval with in few days of last updated date.. but some of them got the approval only after a month.

          2. Hi APD,

            How you are checking the updated dates of your application. I mean how come you came to know about your application has been opened by uscis people.

            I'm checking my status updates in http://www.uscis.gov website. Through this website, We just know the final results like Initial Review, RFE, Decision , Post Decision, etc…………….

            But we dont know like when they touched our application, and how long it took for them to process and all………


          3. APD and others,

            Could you please tell me how can we check the last update date on USCIS website?



          4. SD,

            In USCIS tracking site, you will find a link to "sign in to my account". Go there and click "Register" then as a Customer. Create your profile by giving your tracking number and other information. On login you will find your tracking number listed in which one column will be "Last Updated Date".

            Hope this helped.


  102. Hi,
    My H1 B visa got initated in march 2010, since the time i have got my receipt number, my status on USCIS site is ‘Inital Review’ only.
    My fellow collegues whose visa got initiated mith me, their status has been changed to ‘Post decision activiyt’ 3 weeks back.
    Can anyone guide me on the delay on my visa.


    1. Rohit,

      Be patient.. I hope you have a tracking number for your case and you are frequently checking it. I would suggest you to start a profile in the USCIS tracking site so that you will know when ever they update your file..

      There seems to be no logical reason for the delay.. The only thing you can do is to ask your attorneys to contact USCIS and ask for update.

      Hope it works out for you soon.


      1. Hi Arjun,

        My last updated date has not been changed since april 14th, does it mean that USCIS didnot get a chance to look into it anytime after this date?

        1. Well Jazzy.. My case was exactly the same.. I mean the last updated date was 14th April then all on a sudden it went to post decision activity.. So nothing can be construed from that date too…

          1. Thanks Arjun, my case is pending since then, receipt date -12th april – initial review, Vermont center. It is almost near to 5 months now, not sure how much more time i need to wait :(. I cant see anybody for this date waiting for approval.

          2. looks like nobody got any approvals in last 4 days, if yes, please update all of us…..

            Thanks in advance

          3. Hey Edi,

            Dont worry dude..

            Some decision has to happen pretty soon, Oct is approaching nearby..

            Let us wait and watch for some more time…

        2. My last update date hasn't changed from June 14th till date. Not sure how long I will have to wait. But since ppl who filed in Apr are still waiting then I can't complain. Mine was filed in June with receipt date as June 10th, status is still IR.

          1. Its been 5 months today and cant see any update on the website on my application..What the hell has happened this time…

          2. I am in the same boat,with a receipt date of June 9th and the status stay so boringly at Initial Review! fingers crossed!!

  103. Hi,

    My application was recieved on May 4, 2010 at California Service Center (assuming) as the tracker sta

  104. What happened to the Tracking Sheet..?It has gone Blank..!!

    HSB.. Please look in to it..

    1. Arjun – Someone intentionally deleted all the data, but google keeps track of all the versions with change log. I have reverted to latest version. Thanks for the update.
      This is what happens when you give edit control to everyone. I'm wearing my thinking cap to find a different approach (provide a way to enter data and edit your data only)

      1. I thought so… It is 'open for all' right now.. But I think it would be difficult for you to allow each person.. one by one.. And the new comers will have to wait till you grant them permission and all..

        I had inputted 3 entries including mine from the cases I know of with accurate information. And also made some embellishments to the format in order to differentiate key information. This wont be possible once you restrict entry to one's own details. I would recommend, rather than making any one editing this doc as "anonymous User". You could make it mandatory for any one to login and their profile be recorded while editing. This would make it Free for edits but accountable.

        I know you would take the appropriate action.


        1. It seems its not as simple as I thought.. I even checked out the Microsoft Office online.. Its either every one or you give the list of people..


        2. Google doesn't have that option to sign-in to edit ( and still keep it open). I found another option using Google Forms to enter the data and only users who submit their value can edit their entry, but it will be hard to manage all the existing data.

          1. Create another spreadsheet. Lets call it Sheet2. Allow users to enter data only in Sheet2. Sheet1 is created and edited only by admin. The admin can update the Sheet1 on a daily basis by copying all entries for the day 🙂

          2. Jack – I wish that idea can work. It's hard to edit the data everyday.

  105. I did perform the exercise Nita05 did, by checking 100 odd cases (higth of curiosity) that also had started on the 147 day at the California Service Center. There are 14 odd cases that are still on initial review like mine (from May 4, 2010). But there are tons of approvals as well. Kind of confused.. Is there no way, that we can figure a pattern?

  106. Can anyone please let me know how much avg time its taking for recipt of hard copy of approval notice. Mine approved on 19th Aug but no hard copy received yet.

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply with ur experiences.

    1. Well.. Thats a good question.. ! Generally they say it takes about 14 days.. Thats the time it takes for the approval to reach your employer's immigration attorneys.. Then they will send it to your employer, who will take the sections that they need to keep with them and send out the section relevant to you.. So..It could take 3-4 weeks conservatively. If you are in India.. You can do your own estimate.


    2. @ Arjun, already received your hard copy? or still waiting?

      @ Harry, I am waiting for hard copy from last friday, I have the same question, I am in Venezuela and I need to be in USA before October. I found this below:

      "E.A. May 27, 2010 at 1:14 PM


      – Vermont Center/new/regular processing

      – approval date 05/17/2010

      – approval letter received 05/26/2010


      "PS August 16, 2010 at 3:24 PM


      Approval notice through email (to and from Attorney) on 27th July

      Status message update from USCIS on 29th July

      Written approval notice received by Attorney on 2 Aug


      1. @Nita,

        I checked my profile with the lawyers just now. They updated it with a scanned copy of the Approval notice..!!, it seems they just received it, It would take another week for me to receive my portion of that through mail it seems (may be routed through my employer office).

        You may want to ask your lawyer or your employer to send it to you through express courier to Venezuela.


        1. Congrats Arjun. Could you please update your status on the log? I can't locate your filing date.

          1. Thank you all..! All the best for every one still waiting for the good news… I am pretty sure that it would be good news coz we haven't heard of any bad one yet..! So you will get your patience paid off well..


            I think you are referring to the 'Arjun' entry who was under premium processing. I am the second entry..way at the top..

            Arjun Nambiar

        2. Thanks Arjun, In order to be in USA for the dates I planned, should meet a tight schedule. The attorney should receive a hard copy before Monday, September 13, for me to get in the mail (Fedex Priority mail) on September 14, go to my appointment on 15 and get my passport by 22, to travel as planned on september 23 … ufff I am already tired.. Do you think is this possible?

          1. Nita,

            It seems you are running a tight schedule here..I am assuming that your attorneys can send the letter directly to you.. generally they send it to your employer. Even in that case your attorney has to get the letter on 10th. Then only you will be able to go for the 15th VISA. coz 11th and 12th being week end, even if (on Saturday) the mail will be delivered ,their office wont be working. Next working day is 13th. Even if they send it by 13th afternoon (14th day break in India), the fastest delivery it self wont be done at the earliest by 15th. Even that would be cutting it tight..

            And why are you leaving 7 days for passport delivery. You can go and pick the passport up from the consulate the next day if you want. At least that was the case with Chennai consulate last time I checked. So I would recommend you to post pone the interview by a few days if the attorneys don't get the letter by this week end.


          2. Hi Arjun, well, the good news are that my attorney already receive the hard copy 😀 . I am in Venezuela, so, he will send me the papers monday morning by FedEx International Priority Mail and I will be receiving the documents tuesday morning. The reason why I am leaving 7 days for passport delivery is because in the consulate in Venezuela they do not give the passport direct to you, they send it for national mail and it take 3 to 5 working days. So, going stamping my visa on 15, i will be receiving my passport by late on 22 and traveling on 23 as planned 😀 I am so Happy

          3. Hey Nita.. Congratulations.. My whole comments earlier where based on the assumption that you were from India.. My bad.. Your screen name sounded like and Indian name to me.. Any how. I am glad that everything is going according to plan for you.. Best wishes for your visa interview and your future endeavors.


          4. Thanks Arjun, Everything is running ok. I have 10 days to get my moving done :D. The best for u too.

  107. Hi All ,

    I found this blog is very informative , My Company has initiated H1B cap for me .

    when I inquire them they say it is with USCIS . it has been more than 2 months since this has filed

    please help

    1. @Sandeep

      Try to find out if they have a Receipt No for your case. Every H1B application when received by USCIS is acknowledged with receipt notice. The notice has a case number which can be used to track your case status. Try to get it from your company. You can track the status @ egov.uscis.gov


  108. Hi Everyone,

    So nice to see lot of people get approved on their h1b. I have a question which i believe most of you know the answer. I don't know this is right section to post but if you can please answer for me.

    My company applied for my H1b and i got the receipt on July 8th 2010 but my Opt has expired on end of august. But i can stay 60 more days legally. I saw sometimes approval take closer to 4 months in this year. So in that case lets say i get the answer on November, will i be able to stay in USA legally even though my status ends on End of October.

    I saw lots of posts. Some say i can stay legally till i get my notice. Some say i can work even i am in 60 days period since i applied for H1b. Is anyone knows any answer for this.


    1. Hi Jal,

      I was on the same fix. Here is my understanding on this for you (Assuming that you either used up your 17 months extension or are not eligible).

      Since you have already applied for H1 and received the Receipt, you will fall in the Cap- Gap category. Cap Gap (please research more about this) is an option for OPT candidates to extend their legal work status until a decision is made on your H1B application. Normally Cap-Gap is issued till September 30th since they expect the decision to be make on your H1 case by then. If you dont hear from USCIS by then, you will have to ask for extension based on your pending status.

      For Cap Gap, you will have to send a copy of H1B application receipt to your college who will issue an updated I-20, extending your status.

      BUT, here is what I am not sure about. Since you have already expired your legal status by the end of August, I am not sure if this will be a smooth ride for you. You must have done all this before that. Please check with the International office in your university.

      Arjun Nambiar

      1. Hi Arjun,

        Thanks for your reply. I finished my 12 months OPT and i am not fall into STEM category even though i have a MIS degree. I have till 15th October i called my international officer and he said he can't do anything. Because that guy is kind strange DSO.

        My employer said that he checked with his attorney and it is fine with my status till i get an answer. But when i look online i find different answers for this. That is why i am bit worry in this case.

        Another option from my manager is, that aid we can try premium process but he is not sure he can do it now because we already use the regular process. he is checking with his attorney and hopefully we get a good answer

        Thanks Jal

        1. Jal,

          Of-course your DSO can and must help you. Just let them know that you want to opt for Cap-Gap extension. Ask him to refer the section 9 0f the latest SEVP- OPT policy guidelines. (You can find this document online from the USCIS site and mark the section). This extension is not only for the STEM streams.. its for every one..

          If you dont update your I-20, dude, you are out of status.. period.

          Regarding the premium processing, You can change to that ANY TIME.. Just fill up the I-907 and pay them the check for $1000/-. They will happily accept it with much appreciation and commit for a 2 weeks window for a decision. No issues at all..



          1. Arjun,

            Thanks for your information. Yeah my employer going to fill PP today through online. Hop i will hear something good soon.

            Thanks again

    2. Hi Jal your best shot is to call USCIS I have this number 1-800-375-5283 hope it will help. You say you company applied for H1B visa for you are you currently in USA? I am helping a friend of my very close for H1B visas it is urgent I have applied for so many companies but not luck can you give me advise I have so many questions if you can help me will be grateful

      Thanks regards and good luck !

  109. Hi,

    My H1B got approved on September 9th. Reciept dated on May21st, Regular, Vermont Service Center.

    Thanks All for sharing the details.



    1. Hi SP congratulation ! I need some help with question and answers can you help me pls reply. Also what is Vermont Service Center ? and what is spreadsheet ?

      Thank you the information I need is for a dear friend I have not for me.

      Thanks and regards.

  110. Hi All,

    My application was received by USICS on 14th June 2010 and last update is 16th June.

    After that no communication,no update from USICS side. Its with Vermont centre (General Caategory).

    Any idea how long I have to wait.

    Also can someone give me any other company name who can file H1B. I am trying to move to US on a urgent basis.

    1. Guys mine was submitted on 17th May. Got that approved on 10th Sept. SO all of you who are waiting just wait some more time.

      Can some one tell me what happens next?

      1. I agree with Arindam. Vikram wait patiently till it gets approved. You can find another employer to file a H1B petition, but that wouldn't speed up anything. You will still have to wait the same amount of time, to get a decision on your H1B, unless its premium processing.

      2. Hi Arindam,

        Did you apply at Vermont or California service center?

        Regular or Masters?



    2. Hi Vikram Singh I have a list of H1B companies, I would be happy to share with you the list also I need some information can you help me with some question and answers. This info I need is not for me it's for a friend I live in USA.

      Thank you regards.

      1. Hi Rosie, what kind of questions you have. I will be happy to answer those ( if I know the answers).

  111. Hiii Folks…………

    My H1 B petition is approved…

    Receipt date – May 26th.

    Approved date – Sep 9th.

    Can anyone suggest whether i can go for Stamping immediately or shal i wait for 1 or 2 months.

    Because US is passing very strict rules now a days about the outsourcing it seems..

    Is there any impact for us at the time of stamping..!!

    Please suggest…. Waiting for ur suggestions.. 🙂

    1. Hi nani I need help with H1B visa can you help me ??

      Have some question and doubts and I would be very grateful for any time or help that you can offer me.

      Thank you regards.

      Note: This information I need is for a very close friend that I have and want to help him not for me I live in USA.

    2. @ Nani

      What is the start date mentioned on your Approval notice ? Whether you get your stamping or not, your H1B visa starts on that particular date. If you are looking for immediate travel to US, i would suggest get the stamping done as soon as possible.

      – Jack

  112. Hi to all and congratulation !!! to all that have had success in H1B visa my name is Rosie I am trying to help a close friend for H1B visa it is urgent been doing a lot of reading and research since March, 2010 and looking for help. I have applied for sponsorship to many companies but so far no luck. I am new at this so I guess I need help my main question is should I get a lawyer now or do I wait for approval of sponsorship from a company ??? I live in USA if any one knows a good lawyer and is willing to share information with me will be most grateful. Also what is premium process ??? Have other question and doubts but will leave for later. Regards and thank you !!!

    1. @Rosie

      I understand you are looking for immediate information on H1B application. First of all read the H1B process from uscis.gov website. From your post i feel your understanding isn't quite right. To apply for H1B, it should be done by a company offering the job. So your friend's focus should be in finding a job with a company willing to sponsor H1B.

      Getting a lawyer at this point won't help. Only when you get a job and have a proper employment offer letter, you can approach a lawyer of your choice. But in most cases companies prepare the H1B petition on their own or have a contract with a particular law firm to prepare the petition. So getting a lawyer on your own mightn't even be needed.

      To expedite your H1B processing, your sponsor can pay $1000 additional fee. This is premium processing, where in a case is adjudicated in 2 – 3 weeks time from the date of application.

      You should also research about "Employer – Employee relationship" article defined by Neufield memo. It gives you an outline on what kind of employment is acceptable for H1B candidates. This is a very important factor in getting a H1B approval for this year. I heard that some lawyers have filed a suit against the memo, but i am sure any decision on that suit wouldn't be applicable to H1B candidates of 2011.

      You may be in need of information or quick reply, but posting the same message multiple times doesn't look good. I for one follow almost all the posts in this thread. So when you post the same message multiple times, it annoys me. Don't take this in the wrong sense. You have your questions, post it and i am sure someone would answer it. Just be a little patient and wait for it. In the meantime read through the posts in this thread, it will answer a lot of questions and you will also learn a lot of new things from what other members have done.

      Good luck !

      – Jack

  113. Hi,

    My reciept date is 26th July and still IR and May i expect the decision before 30th Oct- or it gets later then that and if my approval gets late like in Nov or Dec then is there any impact on Visa Stamping.


  114. Hi All, finally H1 is approved after a long wait

    Receipt date: 05/19/2010

    Approval date: 09/13/2010

    Center: California

    Quota: Regular

    But still able to relax and enjoy. I am tensed cause of:

    Filled H1B extension for my husband and H4 extension for myself togather on May 26. Also filed fresh H1B application for myself on May 19. Today I received approval for her H1B application with I-94 attached.


    1. If we receive the H4 extension approval now, will I be back on H4 status or still remain on new H1B status?

    2. Do my husband need to talk to his attorney/employer to send a letter to USCIS to withdraw my H4 extension application?

    3. Do my employer or attorney have to send a letter to USCIS, stating that my husband's attorney is withdrawing my H4 application?

    4. Will USCIS act as soon as they receive the letter for H4 withdrawal and not approve it or they might miss it and go ahead and approve H4 application?

    5. What if H4 extension is approved? Is there any way to continue on H1 even if H4 approved?

    I would appreciate your response, please reply. HSB need your advice.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Mouli,

      I am also in the same situation, but my case is still in Initial Review, I applied H4 extension last week. please post your input if you got any updates.

  115. Hi,

    Is there some kind of order for the visas? I have been waiting since May 4th, it is honestly tempting to pay 1000$ and switch to premium. Is it worth it?



      1. @Frankytoes

        My friend Tonmoy have been waiting for almost 2 months and he approached my employer to switch to Premium processing. Last week he applied for Premium processing and application was approved 2 days … Date of Approval : Sep 17th 2010.

  116. My recipt on may 28 California center is it that I might get a hearing in a week or it will take time and if after oct 1 if I will get then am I allowed to work after oct 1st as my opt expires on sep 27 th and I applied for cap-gap too please experts reply

  117. This wait is really getting on nerves …….is anyone sure that we will get the approval this year …….

  118. Anyone having a receipt date of 26th April getting approval…My receipt date is 26th April at CSC..it is still under "Intial Review"..it has been too long!!

    1. Hi Sam,

      My receipt date is April 22nd at Vermont… Still shows as "Initial Review". Be patient mate, our answers will come. Anyway that doesn't change the fact that "Initial Review" are the 2 words I hate most 😀 (at this moment)

  119. Status : Approved

    Rec. Date: 12 May 2010

    Master – Regular – WAC

    Approved Date online – 14 Sep 2010

    Waiting for mailed Copy

    1. Congratulations .. Finally someone from California Service Center, posting a H1B approval !!

    2. Hi Nirva,

      My receipt date is also May 12th filed in CSC. May I know what is you computer date XXX in the receipt number(WAC-xx-XXX). Mine is 155.


  120. Hey,

    Anybody from California center, regular processing and receipt date in June got approval yet?
    Mine is still in IR 🙁
    (my receipt date is June 10th)

  121. Hi,

    Finally i got my approval for H1 B visa.

    I received the confirmation of approval and validity of the visa yesterday from my company.

    Visa Filed on 7th Apr.

    Approved on 14th June.

    But my status in USCIS website stills shows "Initial Review" 🙂

    So all u guys worried about "Inital Review" status in USCIS website, dnt worry.

    Be patient and u will get ur approval soon.


      1. Hey Vikram,

        No idea bro about the process within the company, those are all internal things .

      2. HI All,,,,Gudmng…i want to apply for H1..So can anyone pls post hw to approach or consultancy names,Its very imp fr me so pls help in this


      1. yeah, because it was applied thru my company and generally companies take this much time to report bck the approval status

    1. same with me,

      I got my approval but it is still initial review on the website..

      Visa filed – 12th april

      approved – 11th June.

      1. Congratulations for your approval.

        Apart from status there is also a last updated date which you can see in your USCIS online account. Did you guys ever checked that and was it showing latest updated date?

        That will tell us where to look for, online status or last updated date.

        Please reply so we all know what to do next 🙂

        1. Ashu,

          The last updated date on the website is still 14th April for me, but my company has got the approval notice on my application, so this is kinda weird that the website is not updated in my case.

          Rohit dude,

          What is the last updated date in your case on the website?

  122. My receipt date at VSC was May 18th, my application is still under 'Initial Review'. This wait is too long.

  123. Hi All,

    My H1B receipt date is on 06-May-2010 and its in California center, and status is still in Initial Review,

    recently the last updated date on my case has changed to 09/09/2010, but still in Initial Review only.

    I heard that we can call to USCIS to get the status update. Any one has any experience in calling to USCIS about status update.

    Please help me.

    1. Hi Sesh,

      I got the same change in last updated date to 09/19/2010, but still in Initial Review. Did you get any other updates?

    2. Hi,

      Mine also was filed on 6th May at CSC. The status shows still as Initial review.

      The last updated date is 9/2/09. I have requested my employer to check with USCIS. Look like my attorney called up uscis and they told him that we will get to know the result with in 15 days… not sure if the attorney really called up uscis or not.

      1. No.

        It is still in initial review, i think most of the applications which are received on 06 May are still in initial review status. Hope we all get the positive response.

        God Bless America.

  124. Hello everyone, Im pleased to tell you that my pattition was aproved on Sep. 15th. 2010.

    Reciept date June 10th. 2010, regular quota.

    I hope everyone could get a happy end on this trip.

    Best regard…

    Osiris R.

      1. Hello NZ, I don't know which center, my lawer submitted for me; never told me center name….

        Best regard….

  125. Hi ,

    I have submitted an application for fresh H1.B . My recipt date is 22nd June. However i did not get any update till now. The status is still in IR . 🙁

    Could anyone please let me know that if my case is approved how long it will take for stamping?? i need to fly to U.S in November.

    It's urgent.I found this bog very informative .Hope to get an answer.


  126. Hi ,

    I have submitted an application for fresh H1.B . My recipt date is 22nd June. However i did not get any update till now. The status is still in IR . 🙁

    Could anyone please let me know that if my case is approved how long it will take for stamping?? i need to fly to U.S in November.

    It's urgent.I found this bog very informative .Hope to get an answer quickly.


    1. Hi Subho,

      It generally takes 2 – 2.5 months for getting an approval.

      Mine was approved on 6th june ( filed on 14th Apr ) but still my status in USCIS is IR only. Sometimes the status does not get change in the site.

      Dont worry, be patient, till november it should get stamped.


  127. Hi –

    My receipt date was 8th June 2010 @ Vermont, still in IR.

    Can anyone let me know how to check the updated date? I was trying to check the updated date on my case, some how, I do not know how to do that? Please help me.


    1. @ HSB / @ Admin

      Has the spreadsheet been locked ???? I am unable to update the spreadsheet with status. Please add the following changes to my entry

      1. Jack – Switched from Regular to Premium processing as on Sep 17th 2010.

      2. Tonmoy M – Switched from Regular to Premium processing on Sep 15th 2010, H1B petition approved on Sep 17th 2010.



        1. Hello HSB, for some reason Im not able to enter any information on the spreadsheed. It may be locked…

  128. Can anyone help me on this, my lawyer told my employer that everything has been taken cared of, my received date was April 13, 2010 and notice date April 16, 2010 i kept on checking the site and got this message "we suspended the filing for this I129 due to insufficient funds, not until august 31 i got this new message when i checked my status..

    "On May 18, 2010, we received your corrected payment of the filing fee on this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. The case is being processed at our CALIFORNIA SERVICE CENTER location. We will notify you by mail when we make a decision or if we need something from you. If you move while this case is pending, please use our Change of Address online tool to update your case with your new address or contact our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283."

    Does anyone know how long will it take, approximately, when they received it May 18, 2010. Sorry guys, but the waiting time is really driving me nuts. thanks!

  129. Hi All,

    Thanks for the updates..This blog is really helpful.

    Can anyone tell me how to check the updated date and if the approval comes before Oct 1 only?

    Received date- May 20, 2010

    California service center, Regular Quota

    I am already in US since last 2 years (on dependent visa)

    My case is under Initial review and it is just showing –

    "On May 20, 2010, we received this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER, and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case. Please follow any instructions on this notice. You will be notified by mail when a decision is made, or if the office needs something from you."

    This wait is so frustrating..Please help!

    1. Hi Everyone,

      I received an RFE for my case today. 🙁

      Can someone tell me if there is still a chance of getting approval once I send the required docs. I dont have the notice with me yet, also how long it takes to hear back from them normally for the whole process after the required docs are submitted.

      Please let me know. Another wait now 🙁

  130. hey guys,

    i have been applied h1b visa for 2011 by a consultancy based in texas. my agent said they had it applied in april. everytime i ask she would answer that still waiting for approval notice. question: would it really take this long? it was applied under regular processing of the regulap cap.

    the thought of it is killing me. anyone who can talk to me about this please?

    1. It could be possible Vogeyi. As you can see, there are many April petitions that are still waiting especially if they were filed in Vermont Centre. Processing times this year are very very slow.

      1. Agree with NZ. Look into the H1B tracker spreadsheet, a lot of people from April application with CSC & VSC are still waiting …. So wait patiently, you should get a result soon.

        – Jack

      2. thanks NZ! i am keeping my fingers crossed. i presume my employer applied it at texas center, henry shared a link and it seems that texas isnt working on h1b's. this is so painful.

        you are all so helpful. thank you!

  131. H1B

    Applied Date: May 03 2010

    Quota: Masters

    Processing: Regular

    Center: Vermont

    Approval Date: Sept 09 2010

    Hi Guys,

    It has been a long wait for me to get my approval. It took a little more that 4 months to get my approval. So people who are waiting please be confident. USCIS has been very slow in open everyone case this time… If you have waited for more than 3 months then upgrading to premium would be a waste.

    All the best for all who are awaiting for approvals.

      1. Congrats Megha!!
        Mine is also the same date (california center) as yours, but still in Intital Review.
        Did you check it online or you got it in mail..Can you please tell if it was regular quota?

        1. Hi

          Thank you all, mine was a new application and got an email and when checked online was showing a status of post decision activities as well.

          Good luck must be on the way for you also.

    1. Texas Service Center does come up in the list of centers, but its not listed for H1B applications. As Henry has mentioned you have to send the application to California / Vermont service center.

      1. @ henry and jack,

        i don't know what to say now…. i am so confused, deranged and down. i havent been informed of anything yet. anyways, thanks guys! all the best!

  132. I checked the USCIS website for few receipt nos. just greater that or less than mine. I see all of them are approved and status are "Post DecisionActivity".

    Can any body advise why mine has status still "Initial Review".
    It was filed on 17th May 2010 at Vermont. How long I have to wait?? Really losing patience!!!

  133. Hi,

    I got RFE and i had sent the required documents to USCIS.Now the status of my petition in USCIS website says

    “On August 30, 2010, we mailed you a denial decision notice for this case I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. The notice explains why the denial decision was made and the options that may be available to you…………….”

    My employer hasn’t got the denial notice yet.What could be the reason for rejection?Is there any hope left or i need to apply for visa afresh next year?

    1. Kathir you should talk to you lawyer about why you got denied when the notice comes again. Your still eligible to apply again this year since the quota is still open, maybe you can try again after talking to your lawyer.

    2. Yes, there is hope. You can appeal for the case and USCIS will reopen the case and probably ask more evidence to support your application, and you have to pay more as well for both the immigration and your lawyer. I was rejected last year, and decided not to pursue for an appeal as it was already November at that time. I just let it go and reapplied this year.

    3. @Kathir,

      Technically speaking, you can appeal against the decision of USCIS. The notice which they have sent you should describe options for further course of action. Or else you can find another employer and file a new H1B since the quota is still open.

      Keeping apart the reason described in the notice, please read the Neufeld memo and check whether your employer business model matches the examples mentioned there. Most of the H1B rejections in 2009 was due to employer being unable to provide evidence on Employer – Employee relationship.

      – Jack

    4. @Kathir,

      What was your RFE about??

      I just got a RFE and would like to know what would it possibly be.


  134. My company filed my fresh H1b visa on 25 Aug 10.

    1. Would the ack number have come by now?

    2. When would the approved petion come usually at this time of the year?

    Usually they file the petion at Vermont.

    1. KP yes the case number should come within a few days after it reaches the office. This year it's unpredictable, i filed my petition in June 18 and it is still in initial review so i have switched to premium processing. If your in a hurry i suggest you upgrade too instead of waiting, a lot of people are still in line before you.

      1. Hi Henry,

        Can individual change it to premium processing or I have to go through employer. And what is the process of changing application to premium processing.


        1. Vikram an individual cannot file this on their own, they have to go through the employer or if your employer has signed G-28 giving your lawyer Appearance as Attorney or Accredited Representative they can file it for you without having to go through the employer, either way the individual cannot do this on their own. Any other questions you may have should be answered here http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5

      2. I have heard that petitions get approved fast during Oct. I believe this is all speculation. Can anyone who has seen the trend before answer this?

  135. Hi, My application is still under review (May 18,2010). Can I continue to work after Oct, 1 if the status remains the same? OPT expired and currently under Gap-cap. Thank you in advance for your comments

    1. Check with school's International students office. They are best judge for this situation. Look for STEM OPT extension, but before applying for STEM extension, talk with the lawyer or law firm who filed your petition. Certain complication can come up if you apply for OPT stem extension, when your H1B is in process. Another option is to switch to Premium processing, that would result in a decision on your petition in 2 weeks …

  136. Hi All,

    Is there any way to check that the receipt number I got is associated with me.

    I have the receipt number and when I check the status is just shows as 'Initial Review'.

    How to confirm that receipt number is my application. I mean, I want to check my details like Name, DOB or other details.


    1. Vikram, the only way to do that would be to request the actual receipt from your employer or lawyer. They do not post this information online.

  137. Hi –

    I am happy to inform you that my petition got approved yesterday 09/23.

    RD – 06/08/2010

    Approve Date – 09/23/2010

    Center – Vermont

    Type – Regular.

    Hope everyone will get their approval soon.



      1. Congratulations, my receipt date is May 18th through VSC and its still under 'Initial Review'. Have checked with my lawyer who says they have not heard anything, and that they inquire twice a month about status for reasons of their own. I wonder how many other people are in the same boat as me, if so it would be great to get some responses.

        1. Congratulations … Its good to know that people from June are getting approval notice now .. Seems like things are beginning to move as Oct 1st is approaching …

          1. So glad I found this blog – It's been just over 4 months am losing it!

            H-1B (3-Yr Extension)

            Applied Date: 5/25/2010
            Quota: Master's
            Processing: Regular
            Center: California
            Approval Date: N/A

            Any thoughts?

  138. My visa was filed on 6-Apr-10. But i haven't got my file no. yet from Employer. any suggestions?

    1. You can contact your lawyer and ask them for a receipt no. Usually lawyers send it to you as soon as they receive it.

    2. hey dilip, i have the same problem as yours. and it makes me think if i've been applied the visa or not. i just stay positive that i'll get the approval soon.. give me a word should your application moves, okay?

  139. Hello,

    I have been following this webpage for a while now. I just received RFE… :(( PLEASE HELP….

    On September 24, 2010, we mailed a notice requesting additional evidence or information in this case I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. Please follow the instructions on the notice to submit the requested information. This case will be in suspense until we receive the evidence or the opportunity to submit it expires…

    I was really positive even with longest wait period everyone was having this year…because eventually everyone had approvals….i was hoping something similar……so how can i legally work?

    Rcpt date – 16th april – VSC – Masters

    1. Nothing to panic. RFE can come up even if your lawyer has failed to submit your Degree certificate or insufficient payroll stubs. For such simple things, just submit the additional documents as per the request and upgrade to premium processing. It would result in a quick decision. If you are aware of Neufeld memo, then also follow up with your employer regarding the documentation provided by the company for your petition.

      This is my opinion – Don't take this as the way to go. Think and decide what is best for you.

      – Jack

      1. Jack,

        Thanks!! I will let everyone know what the RFE was for..

        Lets hope its some small evidence they are looking for.