How to Pick Right Universities in USA

Guest Post by Dr. Ward Deutschman from Dowling College.

How do you choose a college or university

There are SO MANY of them. I have written in another blog about using an agent (part 1). No college requires that you use an agent, but good one’s can help you by helping to limit your choices, and helping you to organize your documents. Only you can decide if you need that help!

But first ask yourself some questions — and since you are asking yourself, BE SURE YOU TELL YOURSELF THE TRUTH!

  1. I am going to be around for a long time after college. What do I want from a college education that will help me in the long term?
  2. How willing am I to really work at studying? Some colleges are more demanding than others.
  3. Do I learn better in a big school where I have to either push myself to be recognized or just become one more number in the wheel, but the school has many programs and exposure to research? Or do I learn better in a small school where Professors will recognize me and may even sit down and have some coffee or tea with me, but the school may have only a few programs.
  4. Do I really know what I want to study or am I still searching for the an appropriate set of goals? Am I looking for a Professional program — Accounting, Business, Engineering, Medicine, etc., — or am I interested in the liberal arts — programs like mathematics, history, art, languages, etc.
  5. And finally, do I have the money to go to the school of my choice? The very LAST thing you want to do is go to a school in another country and discover that you do not have enough money to take the courses you want and live in a reasonable place and eat good food.

So these are some of the things which are important to know about college. Just to geve you a starting point:

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Good luck in your search for the best college for you!