Round 3 of Q&A is continued here. Questions listed here from Newsletter subscriber’s reply to email titled  “Week 2 : do you have any questions?

1) Ratri

If i want to do a PhD in USA, what are the requirements that i should full fill. My GRE score is 1230 and I didn’t do any masters. can I get admitted to a PhD program, what should i do?

To get admitted to PhD, you will have do the following

  • Select the area of research
  • Find universities and professors working in that area
  • Apply for Admission to those Universities

But, hard part to make professors respond to your request and crafting high impact SOP. Before you decide to apply for PhD, read Life of PhD Students in US.

2) Aditi

Hi, Can anyone please apprise me of universities that offer course for Renewable Energy or Sustainable Energy Engg. I’ll be obliged if anyone send me information regarding the same.

So, far you are the first person to ask about Renewable Energy or Sustainable Energy Engineering related Masters program in US in last 2+ years. Quick search on Google provided

Use google search to find other Universities that offer program in Clean Energy, Renewable Energy, ..

3) Srinidhi

i just want to know the best subject to be taken in pharmacy to do my masters ……..which has more scope in future

It’s better to search for subjects that interests you, not courses that will get you a job. If you enjoy a course, you will find energy to get a job in that field.

4) Abhijit

I am Abhijit Giradkar from Nagpur right now i am in final year mechanical engineering and had joined GRE classes.Sir, i want to join FALL 2010 programme in US. But , thre are many doubts in my mind. Hopefully i will get a positive response from you.Sir,uptil now my aggregate is 66%(all clear in each semesters), and i want to improve my academics as it highly depends upon the scholarships.Actually, i am not able to decide the date of giving the GRE exam coz right now i am focusing on academics and my university exams are on around 15 oct to 1 nov(tentatively).Sir ,before going to US do we require any national level certificates?I think i am in deep trouble coz uptil now i havent participated in any competitions.Will these these circumstances affect my record.Or should i took a year drop and join any CAD CAM certified main priority is not to drop a year.Sir, i also came to know FALL course is much better than it so?does experience matters in MS programme?

So many questions in single comment. Lets try to answer one by one

  • Take GRE when you are free from other exams and projects. Search “when to take GRE” in this blog for more information.
  • Not only academics will get your scholarship, but your GRE Scores and other factors.  You are already in final year, there is nothing much you can do to improve academic now,. Maybe max 70 is is what you can get. 66 and 70 will to make huge difference in getting scholarship.
  • You are not in deep trouble – Relax and apply for Fall 2010. No need to take a break just to get certifications.
  • Search in the blog – Fall vs Spring

5) Venkat –

i could not find any exact answer for my please kindly give me details of the best colleges in chicago @ also in ILLINOIS state for the score around 1100..?? please dont get irritated by the question.kindly do this favour for me.

This is how you need to search for Graduate Schools in Illinois

  • Find list of colleges and universities in Illinois
  • You have to look at graduate admission requirement for each University in the list ( not colleges)
  • It will take less than 3 minutes per college.

6) Naidu

My son scored 1050 in GRE, will you help me in university selection

You have to read the blog posts and learn the university selection process.

7) Ciriga

With gre and tofel scores in hand, which countries are best for studying abroad in this recession period, regarding aids, part time jobs and low cost of living

Read the  article Can I come to US during Recession. Also, search in this blog using the keyword “recession” to find more related article.

8) Prince

hi,my gre score is1130(750Q+380V) academic percentage upto 3rd year is 75%, didn’t take my TOEFL  yet.can u please suggest some universities for ms in cs that suits my profile

Refer to Question 7 above.

9) Sudeep

Thank you for asking if I had anything to ask. Well I am applying for PhD programs into Biochemistry and Cancer Biology. I am looking for spring admission universities into these tracks. I would appreciate your work.

Refer to question 1 about PhD Admission in US Universities.

10) Anupreeta

Hey all i wanted to know is that list me atleast   10 best universities as to wich i cn apply free during my gre exam which i ll be appearing on  the 17th.,, Plz reply.

It’s not just you, but every student appearing for GRE have same question. Right now information you are looking is spread in may articles, but we are planning to list 4 safe universities per for GRE Score ranges for every department. It will take time to compile all the information in just one day, till then you can use the details at US Universities page.


  1. manaf on October 19, 2010 at 7:50 AM

    Can i do PhD in Social Anthropology from US without a GRE score?

  2. sagnik banerjee on May 7, 2010 at 7:57 AM


    I am sagnik and I am currently doing BTech in computer science and engineering..I wish to go abroad for higher studies….I am planning to do an integrated MS-PhD….well I have already started preparing for GRE and the new changes are very welcoming and needless to say I am very comfortable with it….So I have decided to appear for GRE after august,2011 so that I can take the exam in the new GRE format….My BTech classes will be over by May,2012 so i will be able to go only in the Fall semester…Could you please tell me the approximate deadline for submission of GRE scores to the universities?? will I be able to make it to US within the fall semester of 2012 of I take the GRE exam after august 2011….

    thank you

  3. sanket shah on May 5, 2010 at 8:49 PM

    Sir, I am going to pursue my masters in telecommunication. I got I-20 from three university which is 1)CSU fullerton, 2) CSU sacramento and 3) Uni of massachusetts- Dartmouth. Can you suggest me which is better? give me priority wise rank for all 3.

  4. sameer khan on May 5, 2010 at 3:29 PM

    Am due to complete my bachelor in pharmacy,in the month of may…I wanted to do M.S in pharmacology in fall 2010 but didnt write my G.R.E till nw..i have appeared for T.O.E.F.L & got 97..i applied for health care management and got an I-20..since i wanted to get a visa atleast for ths fall..i plan to give G.R.E in june n change my subject to different university based on this G.R.E score for sprong 2011..please give your suggestions on this…i want maximum aid when i apply for spring 2011…

  5. Mrityujay on May 5, 2010 at 12:50 PM

    I am a student Of NIT Rourkela(Civil Engineering Dept.). Completed my B.Tech with 6.8/10 GPA. Till now i Havent appeared GRE and Toefl. I have published 3 papers in which one is a award winning paper from Institue of engineers. Won Technical events Prizes fron IIT kharagpur (Khitij) and NIT rourkela Tech fests. I want to pursue M.S in CFD.Please suggest me some universities with funds.

  6. Ravi on May 5, 2010 at 7:33 AM

    Hi, I have been following HSB for last six months now. I appreciate the efforts and the useful suggestions given to prospective students. However,one answer I could not find anywhere in HSB is related to Laptops. There is suggestions on how to buy laptop but… it has not been mentioned if a student is carrying his laptop to US. My question is, generally in India students don't use genuine copy of Operating system or Microsoft words. SO is it okay to take the same laptop which does not have genuine OS or Office? Can it create any problem at the US port of entry or in US? Somewhere on the Blog I found that Laptops can be checked for pornographic materials. Also if this is not the case then is it better to buy a laptop there only? And is there any kind of concession which is being provided to University students through university tie-up or something. I hope HSB will put some light over the issue which will be beneficial to so many students.


    • HSB on May 5, 2010 at 12:47 PM

      Interesting topic to talk about. I will post an blog post answering your question.

  7. Manan Shah on October 5, 2009 at 9:22 AM

    I have secured 1160(Q-800 & V-360) in GRE. About to give tofel in November.

    I have done BE in CE with 3.854 Out Of 4.000

    I am interested in Database.

    I am confused about course and university selection.

    So, please guide me in for the selection of Universities from Texas or Florida.

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