Cost of Indian Groceries in America – Expensive!

I never calculated how much it would cost to buy the Indian groceries that we buy from Indian Grocery store here in US to cost in India. To compare exact prices, I would have to know the cost of items in India. But, fortunately I had help this time around.

My parents are visiting us here and I took them shopping to Indian Grocery store and total bill came close to $100.

My mom was curious to know the cost of individual items ( Rice, Dhal, Spices, Vegetables, ..) Then she did the conversion.

After 20 minutes of comparison, she said it would have come close to Rs 1000 (About $25). Of course when 1$ = Rs 47, do we expect to pay same $25 for groceries that come from India? [ 20 Lbs (Ponni Raw Rice) rice cost $26]

Most of the items in Indian grocery store comes from India and other countries, they have to add transportation cost and stores profit margin. So, all the cost adds to $100.

Students Grocery Expense

I have posted few article about Food and lodging expense for students, they usually share grocery expense with their roommates unless  you share the apartment with someone from different country.

First few months to 1 year, your grocery bill will be low, but as you get used to  Dollar to Rupee conversion, you tend to spend more.