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Don’t Apply for PhD if You are Fat #truth

Who in right frame of mind can say that if you are Fat (over weight) don’t apply for PhD program? Well, actually its was by a Professor. Shocking isn’t?

Geoffrey Miller Tweet

After the hate comments that came his way, he deleted the tweet and blocked his Twitter Account.

You cannot discriminate or admit students based on their weight. Ridiculous right?

This professor is working for  two universities.

University of New Mexico and visiting professor at NYU.

Looks like NYU is cool with his tweet after his apology. But, UNM is not happy with his  tweet.

The Uni­ver­sity of New Mex­ico admin­is­tra­tion and fac­ulty were sur­prised by Dr. Geof­frey Miller’s tweet. We are deeply con­cerned about the impact of the state­ment, which in no way reflects the poli­cies or admis­sion stan­dards of UNM. We are inves­ti­gat­ing every aspect of this inci­dent and will take appro­pri­ate action.

When UNM’s Depart­ment chair learned of the tweet, she con­tacted Pro­fes­sor Miller, who is cur­rently on unpaid leave from UNM while at NYU.  He told her that his com­ment on Twit­ter was part of a research project. We are look­ing into the valid­ity of this asser­tion, and will take appro­pri­ate mea­sures. As mem­bers of the UNM com­mu­nity, we are all respon­si­ble for demon­strat­ing good judg­ment when using social media or other com­mu­ni­ca­tions vehicles.

But, this rule typically doesn’t apply for Airlines.  I’m sure you must have read news about passengers being booted off the flight for being obese and flying with one seat ticket.

Do you know of any other ridiculous story like this? Share it with us.



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  1. Agreed !! if you can’t motivate yourself to do exercise and reduce weight then how are you gonna go through rigorous task of pursing p.hd thesis.
    people just took it the wrong way. Unless of course it doesn’t apply if you are fat due to medical condition.

  2. whats wrong with yeah professor…if people are obese it doesnt mean that they are eating junk all the day…whats hell relation is between obese and PHD your screwed totally.if your thin it doesnt mean you have will power to do PHD…??

  3. I wanted to aske this for a long time. it would be best if Raghu makes it a separate post. My this query will serve for all the US aspirants (yes “US” aspirants is more suitable than MS or PhD aspirants) as a guiding torch and give real-hard facts about life after US degree in the current scenario as compared to indian life style.
    Only those guys who have completed MS / MBA / Ph.D. etc. from USA –“AND”– are living in US for more than 5 years should reply.
    Lets assume you guys have done MS after Bachelors from India and now on H1B visa for the last 5 years in US. & you are working in a some lets say an IT company there and having a fixed salaried income for last 5 years.
    Now answer these questions:
    1. what is your current average monthly salary after all tax deductions (U need not be precise but i dont mind if u would since you are paying all taxes to US gov.)
    2. How much out of it you “have to” spend to have a decent living there assuming you have 4 members in ur family including ur spouse & 2 kids. (mandatory expenses like monthly grocery, clothing, gas, insurance premiums…etc etc)
    3. Has your salary increased in all these 5 years or its the same as of joining salary??
    4. Have you got promoted from your joining-in position in the last 5 years?? how many times?? (In india salary hike & promotion is almost always assured every year, i have heard in US its not the case).
    5. Enlighten us with the differences between the decent life style in USA as compared to Indian life style if you were in India. (monetary aspects).
    6. What your life-style generally comprises of? i mean how many times you go on picnics, outings, spend on leasiure time, go for movies etc etc what is your annual budget for that?
    7. How much amount are you “able to” save each month for your kids’ future, oldage income etc etc??
    8. If your wife is on a dependent visa, do you think she is suffocating intellectually despite her academic credentials just coz you guys have to stay back in USA for your job? what is the real picture?? is she really happy after so many years??
    9. Do you feel your spouse too should work to earn some more money there or you think you can have nice living there on your own earning capacity?
    10. Are you really “very much” satisfied with technical job or u feel you are not intellectually getting what really interests you (because of variety of reasons like racism @ work etc. is it existant in US companies??? what kind of problems you face in US companies that might hamper your career growth??)
    11. How much you are determined to become a US citizen after 5 years of life experience there?? do u still really think India is a worst place to live?? or you feel you have compromised living in US only for dollars & advanced life style?? how do u see India from US ?? if given an option of competitative salary and position in India are you willing you relocate in India?? i know there are several posts about India vs US but i am asking for the real picture u see from there.
    12. having spent at least 21 years of life in India in Indian culture; are you seriously OKAY with the culture & the society in which your kids are growing or you feel concerned over how your kids’ mindset would develop after some years??
    13. Are you open to the idea of your kids “moving out” at the age of 15-16 to be on their own or having sexual experience with GF/BF etc. or you are not that much in the favour of it?? Do u feel you should know whats going on in ur kid’s life or u r very much in the favour of respecting their privacy??
    i hope US settled guys will reply with more frank & open mindsets & cite the real picture in their minds which would help US aspirants in many ways!!

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