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Deported From USA at Chicago for Wright State University (Exclusive Interview)

CBP Officers Deported this Indian Student flying via Air India to attend Graduate School at Wright State University. He claims that he’s been given five years ban from entering theUSA. You can hear from the student directly about his experience at the Port of Entry in the interview. There’re some interesting twist and lessons you can learn from his experience.

Reports in the media claim that 200 students have been denied entry into America. It all started when Air Indian did not allow 19 students to board the flight, claiming they would be deported for attending blacklisted universities.

Before you watch this interview, I want to make it very clear, that I’m not judging the student or the CBP officer. I’m just the messenger, trying to spread the news about what happened from this the student’s point of view.

Deported – Wright State University : Watch the Interview

Student Profile:

  • University – Wright State University, Ohio
  • Travel – Hyderabad to Dayton, Ohio
  • Port of Entry – O’Hare Chicago International Airport
  • Airline: Air India

Interview Summary

  • Landed in Chicago on Dec 25, 2015
  • Spent about 10 hours with CBP
  • Denied entry after CBP officers looked at his Mobile Phone and Certificates
  • Listen to the interview and decide why he was denied entry.
  • Students going to Iowa State University was also denied entry

Urgent Message he wanted to convey:

Students going to universities other than SVU and NPU was also denied entry into the USA at the Port of Entry.

There’s a difference between Denied Entry and Deported. Deportation comes with a ban from entering the USA. If the person voluntarily withdraws, then that person can apply for Visa and come to USA. I don’t know if he was denied or deported. You can watch the previous interview with the student who was denied entry for travelling to SVU, she was Denied Entry and she can apply for visa again.

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  1. Hi
    I got my f1 visa approved spring 2016 for SVU. Now iam planning to go H4 dependent visa, and recently my wife went to us by H1b visa. please anybody can help me in this. now i can attend for H4 visa already i have f1 ?

      1. Hello Sir, i have got my visa approved for Valparaiso University for Spring’16 but i couldn’t go for spring so i deferred my admit to summer’16 , now i would like to change the university, how can i do it, i have been told that as i already have f1 visa a new Sevis id cannot be generated for a different University because it will create problem at port of entry? how far is it true? Can i move to a different university as soon as i clear the immigration at us airports

  2. I am not trying to be racist, but this is what i had observed during my graduation about most of students from Andhra Pradesh (But not all students there are exceptions):

    1. Enter USA as a student and find illegal part time (Off Campus ASAP), collect money and buy car. They can find illegal off campus jobs because there are lot of people who are from Andhra Pradesh and are having business all around in USA.

    2. Make fake documents to fool the Visa Consulate officer. e.g fake loan document, fake experience document, fake letter of recommendation documents etc. I have seen people who have done this. So i am not talking crap here.

    3. Always keep saying we’ll go back after sometime, even to fellow students from India. But reality is they ‘ll never go back.

    4. Even before taking any class/subject they do enquiry for the professors from their senior buddies. They want to take lecture only from professor who is easy going. No wonder, they don’t have any concern about the knowledge but easy education because they need to spend time in earning illegal money by doing illegal work.

    5. They cheat in assignments, they cheat in exams. I have never seen students even in India who cheat like these dudes here in universities.

    6. Join the consultancy and again cheat with the employers. Interview will be taken by some senior person and they will go and sit in the office. They can’t work on the office assignments and pay money to third person(mostly person sitting in Hyderabad, India) for accomplishment of their day to day official assignments.

    7. They do fraud during the H1B visa filing. Instead of one application they try to file their multiple H1B applications through different consultancies. Prospective students/employees loose their chance because of these fake/cheater people from Andhra Pradesh.

    8. These guys can’t even speak properly in front of Immigration officers. Can’t prove they are bonafide student.

    9. They don’t even know what subjects are they going to study during their masters degree.

    10. I have no idea how come they score in GRE/TOEFT exams. They don’t even have basic IQ. I guess again any consultancy helping them out to get whatever score in GRE/TOEFL.

    11. You people are going to be responsible for ruining India’s name in USA.

    12. Only because of these kind of fake/cheaters bonafied students loose their chances to come study and work here.

    13. I am thinking of writing a letter to immigration department/Department of homeland security to scan closely these fake students (most of) coming from this particular state.

    1. I hate to admit this but this quite accurate. Again, I don’t mean to be racist and have met a lot of good students from Andhra too, but for the most part, I see students from Andhra cheating on assignments and exams, getting jobs through fake consultancies and doing whatever it takes to get a job in the U.S. A lot of Indian students despise these folks as they ruin the reputation of Indian students. Not only is this disgusting but also shameful on their part to behave this way. I agree that these students should be carefully monitored and deported when they are caught for indulging in illegal job hunts or cheating on assignments and exams.
      And don’t for one second assume that professors are not aware of this. I have had professors tell me that they knew that most Andhra students indulge in these activities. You guys represent India. Please don’t spoil our image.

    2. Dear Friend , i can understand your pain but i request you to take back few of your words .THESE PEOPLE(ANDHRA PRADESH in your sense) don’t have IQ at all and you don’t understand how they score in GRE , I strongly recommend you to see the statistics of IITJEE and get back to this site and i also feel very sorry for your poor knowledge about IQ of andhra pradesh people.

  3. Same thing happened to me on Dec 27 2015 travelling from Hyderabad to Toledo(bowling green state university Ohio) stamp on my visa..and lost my baggage where I put my immigration forms. My only doubt is there any chance in getting another visa..cause I have Denver’s I 20 ..and classes start on March 21st 2016.

    1. It’s pretty simple. Consultants might not have your best interest at heart. By that I mean, they might want to report the final number of students who got into a univ & get more people to use their services, making more money. Also a consultant might have care about your educational needs, you are the one who knows what you want, what you want to major in, what courses to study. Instead of spending so much money on consultants, spend time going through forums like edulix or facebook groups, read thourhg US News school rankings and select university that might fit ur needs. Consultants will pick schools which will accept anyone, that way you are one more person who got a US admit and they make more money.

      Apply to universities yourselves, know what the school is looking for in a candidate, write your own Statement of Purpose, show them why they should give you an admit. Know about the universities you are applying to, what is their rating? locality? crime rate? climate?

      You cannot expect someone else to care for your future, just because you are giving them money and most importantly come for the education not just with the intent of making money.

  4. Dear Raghu

    I just wanted to share my experience with my CBP officer at the Houston port of entry . I am on f1 opt and I travelled from Mexico to Houston after a 5 day vacation . The immigration lines were so long and I had to wait 2 hours to get my turn . The CBP officer didn’t seem happy processing so many people and he started complaining to the other officer that they told him only 5 people and he can close down but he has been processing for the past few hours . During my turn, myself and my husband went greeted the officer handed our passports and the customs form , he made a note on the customs form as two and started scanning and looking at my husbands visa, got his finger prints and photo. When my turn came he asked me are you guys married , I replied yes. The next question was are you a student , I told I m a post Doctor fellow at xxxxxx place , working on my OPT. Frankly at the point I was thinking I m in trouble as I have been observing standing in the line most of the students were sent to secondary immigration room. The next question was why are you not on h4 and he got busy talking with someone suddenly . He didn’t even bother to see my I20 and EAD . I had them ready on the table , he told I don’t need to see the I20 you are not a student anymore. Couple of my friends who travelled on f1 opt and working told them they will take to secondary immigration to check our SEVIS and the CBP Officer mentioned my friend it’s a common procedure to check for students in f1 opt . Overall I had a good experience but was surprised that he didn’t even have a look at my i20 or EAD .

  5. Seriously the interviewer had to ask the student to repeat himself.. I am not blaming the English….. I think student here need to take an English Public speaking classes. Many of you might be good in writing but when you speak it is too fast to understand… In US it is preferred to speak slow the more slower you are the better..

    Next point don’t take your phone C’mon why do you need it some times you forget what you have deleted also remember even if you deleted there are softwares which can grab deleted messages…

    I know how it feels when u are going to US don’t keep sending message… rather if you want to talk to a friend call him up… rather asking questions…

    Don’t unnecessary answer too many questions, be precise and don’t be nervous that will take you down heavily.

    Also remember even if you work in college or university campus and the hours are limited, it is not going to help you much to pay your fees or boarding…

    That is why spend some money go for public speaking classes there are many and don’t cost much and join the good ones… it will give you so much confidence.

  6. I’m wondering if he got deported on “I-want-to-do-a-part-time-job” >,> honestly universities requires you have account balance for the coming year, if you are going to rely on a part-time job for your expenses, they can send you back, also you are on a student Visa, You can’t work on student visa.

    and now someone will try to tell me “a lot of students who go to America get part times to sustain themselves”………………… but yea, they do. I never denied that, thing is, their university give them permissions to work 20 hours a week, after the university has seen you perform for the first semester, once the university give you the permission, You can legally start working part-time, not before that obviously, and even in that case you have to contact the immigration office with your permission letter.

  7. I’m just shocked that they deported this chap on the basis of what they found on his phone. To add to it, they didn’t let him defend himself.
    Is there a way to find out why this is happening? Shouldnt our government be intervening, given the number of students opting to study in thr USA? And also, how do they know if students have applied with the help of consultants?

    1. He seems to have been caught in the current wave of students being sent back. He was covered in all respects, but I think one has to be careful with the language when answering questions. Seems that “part time” is a pariah word, even if student intends to mean it as an on campus job or assistance. I overheard a conversation between students at an Indian super maket and they mentioned this word is absolute no no even in casual conversation.

      In my opinion, one shouldn’t mention anything about any internship or assistance, unless you get it before hand and have documentary evidence. So, for all practical purposes, you should show sufficient funds for at least an year of education.

  8. I really don’t understand why students are being deported.
    I have applied for PhD in Astronomy to 15 US universities. Will there be any problem if have the scholarship?

  9. I wanted to apply for usa study visa . But they are continually deport students . I don’t know what to do now , please help me out

    1. Plus
      1. Research for Universities Do not apply to any university to get admin, apply to only those whose rankings are atleast published on US news. Most of the deniels I am seeing are from those Universities which have RNP on US news.

      2. Have first semester fee paid for coming atleast the basic fee if the university is divided into 2 parts (Basic and Per Unit).

      3. Have atleast the fee of rest first year in your account plus your expenses. Have all the papers and online account credentials with you so that you can show them you have the money.

      4. Do not plan to work illegally here. Never ever ever.

  10. Hi Raghuram Sukumar,

    It is great blog especially for those who are first-time visitors to USA.

    I worked for service company in India, and they educated us what we carry are also liable for checks. So they always enforce to carry Company laptops instead of personal laptops.

    I appreciate your efforts


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