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F-1 Visa Rejected, But Why?

I had my F-1 Interview on May XX, 2011 for Georgia State University (GSU) for MSIS program. Luck really played a hard ball with me. Please help.
I am sharing my F1 Visa to USA Interview experience please help so that I can learn about it from different perspectives.

F1 Visa Interview

VO: Good Morning! How are you this morning?
Me: (With Smile) I am good sir, How are you doing?
VO: (with Smile) am good as well.

VO: So why did you selected this university?
Me: Sir, before applying I scrutinized about 10 univ and applied in 6 and got admits from 5 of them. GSU has…
[interrupts me]

VO: what were other univ you accepted from?
Me: (all were decent one) told me.

VO: tell me about your educational background?
Me: Sir I graduated from XYZ university in 2010 and working in ABC company as software developer since July 2010. Recently I have also started learning SAP on weekends in my company only.

[Gets up and leave for 1-2 min!!]
[after coming back]
VO: How much are you earning right now?
Me: Told him.

VO: How are you supporting yourself?
[as I was about to tell him without taking a second’s pause, he flips through the pages of my I-20 and pops next question]

VO: What does your father do?
Me: Told him but in excitement also told him his salary figure and that I am also being sponsored by my mother who is (her profession).
[Here I think I made a mistake by saying more than required].

VO: Do you have anyone in US?
Me: No Sir

VO: So Why do you wanna leave your job now? You seem to earn good to me here.
Me: Sir with current education I cannot move up much in the management ladder like being a manager and VP. Indian MNC’s like (stated their names) are recruiting people for database, project management like never before. After graduating when I would return, expertise earned in USA would really boost my career.
[Now I think mentioning ‘moving up the ladder’ was wrong but I think it should not be big deal though]. [Could have mentioned couple projects in my company coming up etc but didn’t wanted to lie].

VO: I am sorry. Your visa is not approved.
Me: Can I know the reason sir?
[VO gave no expression]

Friends please help me out. I wasn’t nervous at all but didn’t wiggled my body too. There’s is nothing I love but to pursue my MS at GSU. I knew everything and did pretty good digging by contacting professors etc but this VO didn’t gave me chances. Please please help. Any input is highly appreciated.

Next Steps

  • Give few days to reflect what could have gone wrong.
  • Think and re-think your interview response
  • Apply again.
  • Post your GRE/TOFL Scores and other universities where you got admits.

Time between F1 Visa Interview

Is there any time limit between the gap of two visa interviews and how many attempts are there for a student in a calender year. some said 2 in 12 months..some said its total rubbish. your precious comment please?
about  the mails i had everything handy….correspondence with 3 very honorable prof from GSU but iff only the VI had given me a chance. seemed to me he wasn’t even interested in listening to me.
what he did was- there was this guy at window when my token number popped up. all i heard was his rejection…before me there was this girl who was going for MBA (heard through eavesdropping)…approved after less a min and mere 2-3 ques…then my turn came and he was least interested…
m sorry to write this up but this is just frustration of preparing something for more than 2 years and finally hitting a wall..

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  2. I have applied for US student visa for my Undergraduate transfer 3 years back and got rejected twice. Then, I have worked at BPO for two and half years and now, I have got an I20 from hamline university for MBA and wanted to apply for visa within this month. Can anyone tell me what are my chances of getting visa. Please reply.

  3. Hey…
    My F1 visa got rejected on July 8th… It was not confident as this was ma first interview so very much tensed. I made a mistake.. i.e. The VO asked me wt was the reason for 1yr gap after ma Under Graduation (UG).. I told that after ma UG i felt the need to study further. If i go for a job right now, i will be distracted from my studies n i dint want to do that. There will be many more responsibilities n i will not be able to focus on something i am passionate about. As spring is a small intake i have applied to fall 2011. He said OK.. Sorry i cannot give u visa at this time under 214(b). I think ma visa got rejected due to prolonged answer.

    Could u pls help me with the reason.. Also gimme an answer for that ques…

    1. Yeah so you know what the mistake was, so fix that and apply again. I don’t understand why people are so nervous. Seriously, loosen up, you’re just going for a chat…

  4. Hi ,

    My i 20 shows amt $ 25,000 as first year tuition and expenditure .
    my course is of 2 years duration.

    For first year i have $ 30 ,000 in my saving account ( thru family funds and personal savings ) and for second year my company is sponsoring me…
    now wht do i have to show apart from my company s sponsorship letter…???
    plz guide me … am gonna have my interview in less than 15 days.



  5. u were working as a software developer,and US known for the developments in softwares might have been the reason, the VO m8 have thought u wanted to work here cos u are aspiring for earning more either dude……….

  6. I think at the time of answering the questions you were to some extent a bit more excited. Answer as much as it is required. Try to be specific. When u try to convince someone with many more details than required then it may show that may be you have some weak point. That’s why you are very much eager to somehow convince the person in front of you.

  7. once again Visa interview experience posted in the form of XYZ univ & ABC company.
    This shows tht ur univ… is below par & company is not know to any body.

  8. hello, dude
    1st fault
    VO: tell me about your educational background?
    Sir I graduated from XYZ university in 2010 and working in ABC company as software developer since July 2010. Recently I have also started learning SAP on weekends in my company only.

  9. I think you were supposed to be more precise: for example, when you were asked the reason for choosing the school you should not mention the scrutinizing and uni searching process, rather, you must mention 1/2 strong points about that particular uni.

  10. i think you told more than required, and more than your intent to study you showed your intent to work

  11. Hi

    Firstly really sorry to hear about your rejection , I can only imagine how you must be feeling right now but before I say a few things about your interview apply again , prepare better and I don’t see why you can’t get your visa.

    1. What I have observed from your post is that your talking way too much in your interview which is really not required, please stick to a point as much as possible let it be one liners.
    2. When asked about edu background just say where you graduated from , learning SAP on weekends not required .
    3. What does your father do? just answer to the point no need off salary n such stuff.
    4. Most important y MS?(ur reason should be really strong)
    I think you blew it here this question you should have gone over like a 100 times in your head before coming to interview .
    If I were you I would have said that after working for sometime I have realized my learning has saturated and also my thirst for knowledge is greater than ever as I want to know more a MS degree from XYZ uni is gona fulfill this desire or some such thing.
    Ladder n all that not required n not true as well , with jus BE degree u can go places not necessary you should have MS ( both u n interviewer know this) .

    What ever it is that you want to do MS please in your answer only mention your research interest thats it , no VP o P or whatever .

    I hope this was helpful good luck for your next interview.

  12. Hello….Good Friend,

    Am very sorry ur interview went that way…but all d same it was an eye opener. First thing first, when next u get back to see the VO;
    1. Be Confident
    2. Look into His/Her eyes
    And when u are asked “why this University”? please give him or her this answer, just to stand out from the crowd….try and be Unique;

    ” I’ve not chosen XYZ University bcos i want to go to the US, but rather have chosen XYZ Univ bcos they have got what every potential scholar would want in a University. Now after this point i would want u to start mentioning things like;

    1. Starting from Educational workforce
    2. Community services
    3. Proximity to Bigger cities, where in summer or Holidays u can hang out with college friends.

    Finally; if u are asked “After ur studies, would u want to come back to ur home country”?

    PLease, here is another point for u standing out from the crowd. Tell VO that yes for sure u will come back but, u will love to have a cooperate experience for either a year or two in the US b4 returning home.

    Conclusively, it should be as though u are discussing with ur elder Cousin, don’t fidget, he’s not gonna bite Dude….he’s a human…

    Good Luck and best wishes to u all…and i hope this little piece Helps…..

    1. very well written…i seriously think..ppl going for there Visa interview should be more/better prepared.

      just stick to your point….

    2. Wont’ he luk us lyk a potention immigrant, if we say lyk , “Tell VO that yes for sure u will come back but, u will love to have a cooperate experience for either a year or two in the US b4 returning home.” ??

  13. Hi,

    Can you please tell me which consulate you went for your VI.
    As of now I am not able to comprehend any possible reason why your visa was rejected.
    And my other question is why did the VO not give you a reason for your visa denial.


  14. Hi,
    I am applying for fall 2011 too and I am very nervous nowadays regarding my interview.
    I dont know if the things that u said at places you have yourself pointed out in the conversation are deadly enough to get a visa rejection.
    But I suspect one area which could be a disaster if the VO had caught your words right. You have made a mention that goes something like “…I would return, expertise earned in USA would really boost my career…”. As far as I think, the VO interpreted your desire for “expertise” to be as an employer and not the educational expertise. I am under the feeling everyone must restrict our answers to purely academic boundaries and get to the professional area only if we are asked about our future plans.
    Please correct me if I am wrong.

  15. # You told that you applied for 10 universities and got admit in 5.
    This is not the correct answer..
    The question was why did you choose this university but you replied some thing else.
    You gave un necessary info like SAP in the weekends etc.
    That gave a negative opinion to the Visa officer that you are a potential immigrant.

  16. I am sorry to hear.
    The reason must be having a job. You should not mention about your job because he just wants you to study. What I mean is F1 students are not allowed to get a job. He might think that you will get a job while studying in Georgia State University (GSU) like you do now.
    Another thing you have to think is about your salary. Is your salary higher or same as your parent’s?
    That’s what I think of right now about your situation.
    So sorry… don’t give up. Ask others what VOs don’t like and want you to answer.
    Good luck. πŸ™‚

  17. Hey bro sorry bout that yeah , but i think u made it too clear that u don’t have enough to sponsor on u and that your Mother will be also helping out , that was so bad…
    All what the VO was expecting is , u have a good job and good salary , so why will u go in for u mother to help out ..
    Thank U and u can try again in the next 6 months , never give up ..
    Were u given a white sheet with 214(b) state in it ???
    U can also write me personal and i will help u out with some steps u should go throw
    Thank U

  18. U should be very very precise in your answers. If the VO asks u y did u select this university he means that he wants to know the positives of that university and not what did u do.

    The answer which u gave showed as if u dont want to tel the xact reason behind it. So be very very precise as to what u say.

    I hope this helps.

    1. Exactly what i’m talking bout my dear , i never said bout why u selected that Specific Uni please, Go back and read ma comments and yes what i said also concludes the reason for being denier the VISA..Thank u

  19. When VO asked ” So Why do you wanna leave your job now? You seem to earn good to me here.”, what could be the appropriate answer?
    Can I mention my long term goals, in my case, to setup an Information Security consultancy firm back in India?

    1. @Avinash Kumpati
      Don’t do that! If you say that, then you need to back it up with another answer! Because they may think you can set up the firm even in USA and will see you as a Potential Immigrant 😐 You must back it up by saying that you have some strong ties in India! My Dad/Mom does so and so…. So, I will come back to India and start a Venture! Something like that πŸ˜€

        1. Be prepared for that question! That’s a darn sure question!
          If you are asked that question(Mostly, you will be), don’t say those routine answers like, I will study here and then go to India for a good job. Because there are better job opportunities if I have a higher degree. 😐 That’s something everyone answers! Have something new that’ll convince the VO! Not the one he/she listens to daily! And at the top, BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE LEVEL πŸ˜€ It’s surely gonna help you! Maybe, the VO will be convinced. Remember, be unique, that’s gonna stand you out of the rest….
          I always listen to some unique interviews done by VO’s(They come to our organisation OUCIP and tell different interviews! Some rejections and some acceptances πŸ˜€ ) Its fun! They always tend to remember the unique ones!

    1. hey Hari..
      i have been reading HSB for almost 2 years…have been digging for F-1 from day 1 ‘coz I knew they get rejected frequently but could you or anyone identify what the heck was my mistake. about the ques but no disrespect but anyone who has been reading HSB for almost 2 years would know what are all the possible ques!!

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