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Unable to Renew Drivers License While 17 Months OPT Extension is Under Processing

Following question was posted by Kedar.

drivers licenseMy 12 month OPT has expired and so has my Drivers License on the same date. I have applied for the OPT STEM extension and the status shows Initial review.

I have received my new I-20 stating completion of 1 year OPT and request for 17 month extension.

Now the license issuing officer in Seguin, Texas (where I am currently residing), is not accepting the I-20 because it says OPT extension ‘requested’ and not ‘approved’.

However the 3rd page on my I-20 does say that I will be working until January 2014.

What do I have to do to get my driver’s license till the point I get my updated EAD card and corresponding status on I-20?

OPT Extension and Drivers License

Several students are facing the similar problems when renewing Drivers License when 17 months OPT extension is under process or when you are working during OPT Cap-Gap period.

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Only options that might work for you is to contact your local congressman and talk to their staff member.

Find their local office phone number and call them. They can help you.

DMV should have an option to issue a temporary license when OPT is under process. When USCIS can let someone say legally in USA when OPT extension is under process, DMV should be able to issue license.


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