Electrical Engineering Rankings – U.S. Universities

Here’s a ranking of Electrical Engineering programs of U.S. Universities.

I’m not a big fan of university rankings. But readers of this blog kept on requesting me for rankings and want to use the ranking system to select universities.

So here you go, a university ranking of electrical engineering programs.

If you are looking for specific areas such as VLSI, power systems, embedded systems, communication engineering, etc., I don’t have any list, but you can certainly browse within specific schools’ websites.

If you are looking for some forms of calculators, where you can enter your GRE score, academics, TOEFL, etc., and hit "submit" and it will generate a list of good universities with scholarship provisions, I can only say one thing – stop searching for them.

Believe me, you are not going to find it. It just simply doesn’t exist. The best way to find good schools is through the hard and right way – spend time visiting each school’s website and talk to current students there.

If you think that’s time consuming, then if you end up selecting wrong school, without proper information, your life will be at huge risk, endangering your parent’s money, career, job search, etc.

So I would do my own research before applying to schools, not after getting admissions. I guess you would also agree with me.

I remember one of our blog readers had admission from 2 universities. I suggested him to go to the University of Texas at Arlington, but he selected the other school.

Guess what? Within one semester, he ended up getting a transfer to a different school. I’m trying to make students’ (your) lives a bit easier.

I don’t agree to this university ranking, but I’ve got to provide what readers ask for. The following electrical engineering ranking list is published by U.S. News for 2007.

Electrical Engineering Graduate School Rankings

Rank School
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2 Stanford University
University of California–Berkeley
4 University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign
5 California Institute of Technology
6 University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
7 Georgia Institute of Technology
8 Cornell University
9 Carnegie Mellon University
10 Princeton University
Purdue University – West Lafayette
University of Texas – Austin
13 University of California – Los Angeles
University of Southern California
15 University of Wisconsin – Madison
16 University of Maryland – College Park
17 University of California – San Diego
18 Rice University
University of California – Santa Barbara
University of Washington
21 Pennsylvania State University – University Park
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Texas A & M University – College Station
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Virginia Tech
Arizona State University
Columbia University
Johns Hopkins University
North Carolina State University
Ohio State University
31 Harvard University
Northwestern University
University of Florida
University of Pennsylvania
35 Brown University
Duke University
University of Arizona
University of Virginia
Yale University
40 University of California -Davis
University of Colorado – Boulder
Washington University in St. Louis
43 Boston University
Iowa State University
Rutgers – New Brunswick
University of California -Irvine
University of Massachusetts–Amherst
University of Notre Dame
49 Auburn University
Case Western Reserve University
Northeastern University
Vanderbilt University
54 Michigan State University
Oregon State University
University of Rochester
57 Clemson University
Colorado State University
Drexel University
Lehigh University
Polytechnic University
SUNY – Stony Brook
University of Illinois – Chicago
University Missouri – Rolla
University of New Mexico
University of Pittsburgh
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
68 University of Buffalo -SUNY
University of Central Florida
University of Delaware
University of Iowa
Washington State University
73 Stevens Institute of Technology
Texas Tech University
University of Connecticut
University of Kansas
University of Missouri – Columbia
University of Tennessee – Knoxville
University of Texas – Dallas
University of Utah

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  1. heloo… I have admits from California state uni Fresno , University of Massachussets lowell , texas A & M kingsville , University of texas SAn antonio and university of colorado Denver…Please rate them…as i am confused with the selection

  2. hiii… i’ve got admit from NJIT and RIT for ms in EE.. now i’m really confused which 1 to select. can any1 tell me which is better from job point of view?? plz reply asap

  3. Hi,
    I’ve got admit to New Jersey institute of technology and University of Texas Dallas for MS in Electrical Engg. I’m interested in Power Systems and Renewable Energy. Which of the two should I select?

    1. Sorry, Ive got admit to University of Texas, Arlington and New Jersey Institute of Technology. Which of the two should I select?

  4. hello,

    i got admits from oklahoma state university, university of kansas, university of missouri-columbia and university of kentucky for fall 2013, MS in EE.
    Can anyone suggest where to go????
    my GRE score is 309 and TOEFL 102……………………………..

  5. hey raghu,
    Great job buddy….your blog is an eyeopener…..personally i wanna go to US for a course in electrical power systems as i want to open up my own business in the related field here in India and lack of knowledge is my biggest handicap……can you suggest me a few colleges and personally for a second opinion due you think it is a correct move?

  6. How is Louisiana State University? My GRE score is: Verbal=145, Quantitative= 159; Grade Point Average= 8.68 from West Bengal University of Technology. 12 International Journal Research papers and one patent filed. Suggest me some colleges apart from Louisiana State University.

  7. Hello HSB,

    I have Completed my B.E. in Electronics and Communication.
    College/University==Babariya Institute of Tech.(Gujarat TEch. University)
    GRE 301(quant 162 82% percntile,verbal 139 8% percntile)
    all over engineering with 7.50 CPI ,7.48 CGPA
    No backlogs
    SSC == 88.14%
    HSC ==72%
    No work experience
    No papers presented
    I have considered
    Illinois institute of Tech
    University of texas Arlington
    California state University Long BEach
    Florida Institute of Tech

    Can u Suggest me some Universities plz….

  8. my gre score is 295 new pattern and ielts is 6. pls suggest some good universities in US canada for electrical/communications in M.S.

    my major is ece in india

  9. hey guys…am doin my btech 3rd yr in hyderabad and i want to do ms in electrical engineering in us…so can any1 suggest me the best university in us and its details to get admission in that???
    plz evn give the fees details about the particular university

    1. Well, If u want to get an admit into the best univ’s then the gre score should be pretty good… May be 315+ in GRE and where as in TOEFL 105+. If u manage to do a research paper in u r field then it would worthy…
      There are also other factors like RECOS , SOP, ACADS which should be too good, then there are chances of getting into top univs to do u r masters…

  10. I completed my b.tech in electrical engineering with 68%aggregate from a top college of uttar pradesh. Also I’ve studied in a convent ICSE school.My 10 score is 86.8% and my 12 score is 82%.
    I’m yet to take GRE.
    Currently I’m working as a systems engineer in infosys.
    I wish to pursue my MS in computer science or in electrical engineering(power system or energy) from a reputed US university.
    Please suggest me some good universities to which i should apply based on my academic performance and also which have an excellent placement track.
    Also is it a must give gre subject test if I wish to change my stream from electrical to computers.

  11. hello,i got admit in NJIT,RIT , SIUC for ms in electrical engg.can some one tell me which is the best choice in ranking,tution fees

    1. See tution fees is higher for RIT ($32,037) but its stand first among the other two univ’s which u mentioned …. I think most of them can get an admit into NJIT… One more thing regarding RIT is abt major in Embedded field as its not worth doing there, this is for sure ….:)

      Ranking wise
      1 RIT
      2 NJIT
      3 SIUC

      Tution fees wise
      1 SIUC
      2 NJIT
      3 RIT

      All the Best 🙂

  12. Hey.. Which is a better university for MS in Telecommunications- University of Maryland,College Park or Drexel University?
    Please give comments

  13. Hi all,

    I have finished my BE EEE by 2011 batch and at present i am working in a core company…I wish to apply for FALL 2013….

    Please tell me when i can take my GRE and TOEFL???What courses i can take in Electrical and electronics for MS??

    My BE CPGA is 8.35

    10th 89% and 12th 79%

    I am yet to publish a journal and i have 6 months work experience….

    Please tell me when casn i take my GRE and TOEFL???

    1. Hello, U should take GRE and TOEFL by the month of july because the univ’s starts accepting applications from oct and dec , by then u should be ready with the scores … If u can manage to get 1200 + in GRE and 100+ in TOEFL then u will get admit in top univ’s … U have posts regarding GRE and TOEFL in this blog, go through them in order to plan properly


      All the Best 🙂

  14. Hi, My profile
    GRE – 300(Q -158; V – 142; AWA- 2.5)
    TOEFL-MArch 18th
    BACKLOGS – 1
    pls can u suggest me some good universities with this profile for MS in EE – FALL 2012.
    Thank you in advnce

    1. Hello swetha….I hope u can’t make for fall 2012 as the last date for application will be in the month of dec or jan in case of good ones …. may be u can try for spring -2013, join in a consultancy they wil guide u … All the best ..

  15. I am interested in pursuing a master in electrical/computer engineering. The only schools I have looked at so far are Stevens Institute of Technology, NJIT and California State University-LB. I took the GRE a few days ago:
    V 148
    Q 156
    AWA – Waiting for score
    GPA 2.91 (I know this is a big disadvantage)
    Two recommendations letters:
    – One from a professor from Stevens (I took a course last fall as non-matriculated student and did well).
    – One from a professor from the computer department at my former school in Venezuela (good school).
    Taking the TOEFL in a few days.

    Considering my profile, what schools should I consider applying to? I am just trying to get into the best schools I can hope for with my low gpa. Thaks.

  16. hi friends,
    i got gre scores(420v+730q) and my be percentage is 70.
    can anyone suggest universities i can get ?

  17. hi frns i got gre 283/340 and toefl 76 .i have applied to some univ like csu fresno,texas a&m kingsville,univ of houston texas,florida state university,nyit,univ of colorado denver.can i have any chance to get admit in any of these univ??? please tell me quickly frnsss

  18. My gre score is 1310 and toefel score is 88(R-20;L-21;S-22;W-25).I am an electric engineer presently working in schneider electric with 6 months experience. I have done my engineering with 82% from S.G.S.I.T.S Indore at 2011 april.I want to do masters in electrical and apply for fall 2012. Suggest me the university in which i can apply. Also please answer I need to give toefel again or I can apply with this score.please suggest me solution as early as possible.

  19. hai
    i am hemanth studing BE in ECE course . i have dought in ms such that after complition of the couse can we stay ther it self

  20. hi………..
    i have wrote GRE exam in july 2011 i have scored 250-350 in verbal and 600 -700 in quant my total score was 890 in revised gre test i need help in regarding funding and universities in which i can get admission my engineering(EEE) percentage is 82 % in aggregate and toefl is yet to be written help me in choosing a gud university in EE with funding ……….. 🙂

  21. sir
    my profile is 1320 (quant800+520 verbal) . 10th 93% 10+2- 96% btech hyderabad india 76%

    can any one tell aboun some good universities for fall 2012

  22. Hai Guys,

    Any one please tell me about missisippi state university as i see it in top 100 for electrical engineering and looking into feea also its pretty much descent. Kindly requestin anyone for an immediate reply??

  23. Hi ….could someone suggest me few better universities, and the path to proceed….i ‘m confused..i’m with gre of 920,toefl ; 82.

  24. hello everyone..,
    recently ihave given GRE and have scored 940(Q=690 V=250)
    I want to go for ms in computer engg..
    please suggest me some universities..

  25. GRE: 1310(750,560,3) TOEFL:104 Acads:75%
    1 project and a paper presentation. Please rate my chances in the following colls
    TAMU-College station
    maryland college park
    Minnesota-twin cities
    U Mass-Amherst
    Delaware Univ.

  26. Hi Nitranjan,
    My GRE score is 1240(710+530)..I have got a research paper published in international conference on nano sensors and technology..and my academics are
    btech-70 pcnt
    10th-83 pcnt.
    1 major project also in field of landmine detction..
    should i apply to get good university and scholarship or shd i reappear for gre?

  27. hi
    my gre score is 1125,
    I want to do ms in Electrical engineering.
    can u recommend some colleges?

  28. Heyy!!!! i m scheduled to write my rev gre in d month of Sept, 2011… i really want to know can we handle the whole admission, bank solvency and visa process on our own or is it preferable to join counselling.. kindly help 🙂

  29. HI I am ankit jain. I have given my GRE in july 2011 and scored 760 in quants and 530 in verbal and my awa score is 3.5.
    Right now i am in infosys and i am planning to apply for fall 2012.
    I want to pursue my ms in electrical engineering but finding it difficult to finalize the course.
    Also i would like to find out that is their any course in US with a combination of computer science and electronics engineering as after doing the training from infosys , i feel i would be knowing a lot of stuff from cs branch too.
    Which course would be beneficial CORE electrical engineering one or combination of ELECTRONICS AND Computer engineering from the job perspective? Is my score sufficient to apply for the course or i need to give the gre again?
    Plz help me out.
    Plz suggest me a way to finalize universities.
    My aggregate is 69.14 in B.E .
    I have presented a paper in iit kharagpur and have also participated in various robotics competition in various iit’s.

    1. hey …….i have d same query……..
      electronics+CS…….if u get ny info pls forward on 3bharatbhushan@gmail:disqus .com

  30. hii,
    recently i completed my be(eee). my academics is 82% and my gre score is 1050(veb-290 and quant-760). i am planning to write ielts. please help me in choosing the universities which are good for both ms and research work in electrical. with this profile can i get any scol. plz help me in both ways.

  31. Hi,

    I sat for my GRE on the 11th of Nov. I have not received my AWA marks yet, but my total from the other two sections is 1400( Q=780, V=620 ). I graduated this august in electrical engineering with 74.3 % ( institute 1st class = 65 % ). I have sent my score reports to U o Illinois-UC, Purdue University-WL, U o California-Berkeley and U o Michigan. Can u tell me what r my chances of getting enrolled into one of these universities? Also I shall be grateful to u if u would suggest 2-4 other universities where I can get not only admission, but also 100 % fellowship.

  32. Hi, I want to do my masters in control system engineering or systems and signals. I did my UG in electrical and electronics engg. can u pls suggest some good universities offering scholarship in the above course. this is for fall 2011.

  33. i wana do MS in electrical eng.




    please suggest me some good universities.Thanks.

  34. hi i just got admit into two colleges for masters electrical electronics and communication.nyit old westbury and gannon university and got I-20.

    but still awaiting for

    Pittsburgh state university, kanas and texas A&M kingsville.

    which college is best among these 4.And if i dont get in two colleges which i am waiting.Which college should i select between Nyit and gannon.

  35. Hello,

    GRE-1320 (V-560, Q-760)

    TOEFL- scheduled on 9th Oct

    Aggregate- 78% (Electronics Engg, YCCE,Nagpur)

    I would be glad if you can suggest me some universities for the major ECE or Electrical. I have shortlisted few myself which include

    university of california riverside;university of massachusetts,Amherts; IOWA university; Arizona state university; university of Houston Texas.

    Please guide me if my selection is correct and suggest me some which you think i should opt for.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Forgot to mention,

      SSC- 91% HSC- 81%

      and alongwith electrical and ECE i am also interested in wireless communication.

  36. GRE-1100
    acads aggregate- >70%
    hey, please help me for good university selection, i am confussed for selection of university in U.S.A for master in electrical engg(tele communications).
    with less living expenses,good funding and on-campus jobs.
    plz make it fast…

  37. Hi! I completed my Bachelor of engineering under Electronics & Communication discipline by the academic year 2010. Currently, Im aiming to do MS in Signal Processing. I've registered for GRE test on nov 3rd. Since i did a GRE-crash course recently at Princeton review, a chennai based coaching institute, Im preparing for the exam with the materials provided by the institute only. Whereas, i see many people strongly suggesting "Barrons GRE guide" when it comes to preparing for the exam. Will the material i use affect my GRE score?

    Also, i would like to know the adversities of taking up GRE exam by november month instead of the usually advised October month.

    I have shortlisted around 11 universities till now, wherein i would like to pursue my MS, and i have observed their websites as well for the details regarding the application process. But i find it difficult to contact any alumni or currently enrolled students of those universities. I believe that people studying/studied there could give me a satisfactory real time picture of these universities. So kindly suggest some website links through which i could contact the alumni of Universities in US.

  38. hi ,

    i have completed my engg in E & C with 69.78 % , will be writing my gre in nov 15 for the fall addmission.I know i have to select my own universities, but i just wanted to know others choice and why they have chosen it. this way many will benifit from it. just write your choice..

    my specialisation would be vlsi/embedded syatems.

    some of the thing i have found out:

    1) select universities that are there in east of USA( basically i am looking for universities from USA .

    2)the overall ranking will be of not much use..but still..

    3)if you study in a university of a state for example Texas.. you might probably

    be placed in Texas Instruments..


  39. My son will be completing Electronics & Instrumentation engineering this year. He is giving GRE this month. He wants to do MS in areas related to Clean Energy Technology in the US. Can any one suggest how to go about it.

  40. HI !!

    I just completed my engg. in electronics and communication from nagpur university. last week i appeared for GRE and scored 1420 (800+620) . now as i have been universities in US , i am getting very confused. i have completely no idea as to how should i go about searching universities. can u please help me with this.

    my engg. agg. 76%

    interests : communication(wireless) , signal processing

    here is a list of few univ i have come across till now, plz help to decide which one of these is better

    Texas A&M @ college station

    Univ of Virginia

    Univ of Texas -Dallas

    Iowa State Univ

    Univ of michigan

    Univ of maryland

    1. thanks Apoorva for helping me out. but as i had given my GRE but my score is 970 which is very less. so I m giving it again by oct. so can u pls help me out with my score like how can i improve as i m from vernecular medium my verbal is very poor. even as u got 800 in quants how can i improve with my quants? so give me some tips as i m giving it again. so Pls apoorva help me out with my score.

      for u one of my frnd has went to university of southern california(USC) as his GRE score was 1380 & he is doin his MS in signal system which u want to go in. so if u want we can share our mobile No. & help each other. as per yr interest Georgia Tech is one of the best university. why dint u try there? at this GRE score u will defiantly save yr admission there. pls reply as early as possible.

      1. hey it wud b v kind of u, if u cud provide me with his number / email address.

        Regarding preparing for GRE : 1] Quantitative : prepare ur basics very well , dont leave any topic untouched because u might come across a very simple question of that topic. secondly 'alertness' is what they test in quant nt ur true aptitude so just b alert. practive is v imp for DI n data comparison questions

        2] Verbal : download barrons audio format from the internet and listen it atleast 5 times before the test. use sofwares such as vocab wizard and wordweb to learn words in a better way.for RC's -increase ur reading speed . to increase ur reading speed , to read a lot n read variety of topics.

        1. just give 2 days will give u his no. as i have take from my papa's frnd. & thanks a lot for info. hay can u give ,me yr no. if u dont mind as my bro. wants to talk to u.

  41. hi everybody. i m new to this group. i m here for my brother who is preparing for august 2011. he wants to do his masters in embedded system. can anyone pls suggest best universities in USA offer this subject as to do MS. its really urgent.

    1. hey khyati..even i am looking for the same.

      I am an electronics engg. n i wish to apply for FALL 2011.

      check out the Univ's i have posted above

  42. I got admits for MS in electrical engineering in Stony Brook (SUNY) University, Clemson University and Rochester Institute of Technology.

    Where should I head for?

  43. hi i have got 2.48 CGPA in my bachlor of electrical engineering. and GRE score of 1100 and TOEFL SCORE OF 98. I have also two years exp in power system distribution. i want to do masters in ELECTRICAL POWER ENGINEERING. WOULD I GET ADMISSION IN ANY GOOD US UNIVERSITIES. WHAT ARE MY CHANCES OF GETTING ADMISSION

  44. Hi,

    I have ompleted my BE E.C. with an aggregate of 75 %
    Currently from past One year am having my JOB Profile as Teleommunications and working with a verr reputed MNC
    I want to pursue MS related to my JOB Profile so that my experience can count,,also i will be giving my GRE in august this Year,,

    So if i land up there in next fall semester i would have a handful for Work EX of about 2 years

    Can u please suggest me the List of Universities where u would recommend me ,where major in Wireless communication is worth ..

  45. I just would like to know about the possibility of getting admitted with scholarship in some good US university (subject Telecom and Networking) for spring 2011.

    Bachelors: Electrical Engg, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, 78.4%

    Masters (pursuing): Communication and Network, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa, Italy, 79%

    Work Experience in Software Company for three years (worked for clients like the British Telecom, Hawaiian ELectric etc.)

    Currently doing internship in Ericsson Lab, Italy.

    Published two papers (1st Author)

    GRE: 1190

    TOEFL: 97

    Please suggest.

  46. somebody plz help me.
    i did my B.E. in electronics with 66%=6.96 cpi. i passed out in 2009.i had got selected in a software firm from college-campus recruitment. but due to recession i was supposed to be called for joining it in feb 2010. meanwhile i made up my plans to do mba from good indian b-school. so i prepared for CAT and XAT. i got 94%le in XAT, 88%in CAT. got called from some good bschools but couldnt convert it. and i also let go of the joining of the company as i was hoping to be selected in a bschool. now i change my mind to do m.s. in the US. i will take gre tomorrow and i expect more than 1300. but now i have no workex. maybe i will join some company or software firm meanwhile for these six months as i plan for jan 2011 term. i hadnt taken project in my final year but instead a subject on optoelectronics as i was interested in it. otherwise i have had much decent contribution in terms of presentation competition and techinical festivals.
    how are my chances?

  47. Hi,

    I have got admits from :

    Univ of texas Dallas

    Illinois insti of technology, chicago

    California State Univ, Sacramento..

    for doing MS in VLSI..

    Need inputs to choose the best one out of these to do my masters..

      1. Hi,

        I-20's for the 2 univs indicate the following tution fee:

        UTDallas- 17k$/year
        CSU Sacramento-12.5k$/year (+ a partial scholarship grant- 1.112k$ for 1st year)

        I havent gone through IIT though (heard there is not a good option).

        1 more advantage of going for CSU is that i might get intership after 1 year (for there are a lot of opportunities in california).

        but education-wise am not sure how best it is as compared to UTD.

        Pls suggest.

        1. hi this is varun , vishwas it would be of great help if u let me know which of these colleges would be the best for me to apply… please help

          1 polytechnic unvi ,brookley
          2 University of Florida
          3 University of Illinois – Chicago

          let me know how is it for scholarships and the cost of living ,,,, please reply back waittng for ur reply,,,, thank you:)

  48. Hi

    I am Akash . I am interested in an undergraduate course in Electrical Engineering from a reputed us college . I have a SAT score of 1750 . My 12th results are awaited . I am interested in applying for the fall 2010 session . I know i am late but i would be delighted if you could suggest me some of the universities whose applications are still open and in which i have a bright chance of getting through .

    Thank You

  49. Hi, i just wanted some extra info on how good University of Minnesota – Twin Cities is?
    I am not a fan of rankings too and I really want to ask someone like you who is experienced

  50. I want to know the Electrical Engg ranking of University of Texas Arlington. It is not mentioned in above list, some schools which are not as good as UTA is given. Plz Reply Soon

  51. hi

    im studying foundation in tenaga nasional in malaysia and im gonna apply for a university in USA . indeed, i wanna study engeneering in electronic . would u please tell me which university is suitable for me and i can get offer letter from that university .

    waiting for your respond………..

  52. hi im Tarun

    im going USA for Degree in Electrical Field

    im diploma student can you tell me which universities are good for me?

  53. Hi,

    My score in GRE is 1370(580V 790Q)with 3 in AWA. My score in TOEFEL is 102 and my B.e aggregate is 68%. I m looking forward for masters in EMBEDDED SYSTEMS. Can sum 1 suggest which univ i should apply??

  54. hai i am venkat

    I jus need to know whether all universities ve a constrain for awa???

    if so wat should be the score??

    i ve got 2.5 in awa and my gre score is 1100(340 in verbal and 760 in quants)

    my toefl score is 92.

    whether i ve any chances…

    i am planning to do my masters in wireless communicatiuon or image processing…

  55. Hi,

    My score in GRE is 1410(610V 800Q)with 2.5 in AWA. My score in TOEFL is 103. B.tech GPA is 8.43 and got >80% in 10th & 12th.What are the prospects of me being admitted into a US university with good financial aid? Awaiting your reply…

      1. Hi hetal,

        Thanx for your reply…

        I want to apply for

        Texas Tech University,

        Texas A&M

        Kansas State Univ

        West Virginia University

        Which one would be better for me with regard to financal aid & placements after MS…If you have any other univ in mind kindly let me know…


  56. I have B.S Electrical Engineering Technology and want to pursue my master of Engineering with focus in Power Electronics. What's the best University School in the USA for Power Electronics?

    1. My field is Analog ICs, but I did my BS at Illinois Institute of Technology and I think they are really good for power electronics. They seem to be well funded and pretty diverse in research.

      Georgia Tech has a really advanced Analog IC -> power electronics program in the GTAC. GT is a top-ten school (I think underrated) so they probably have a lot of other things going on in power electronics.

  57. Name: Somreeta Roy

    Location: Kolkata

    Conact No: 9836179909

    College: NIT Durgapur

    Bachelors Score: ECE ,CGPA:9.03

    Backlogs: 0

    Area of Interest: Digital Signal Processing , Signals and Systems, Communication principles

    GRE Verbal Score: 610

    GRE Quant Score: 800

    TOEFL/ IELTS Score: 113

    AWA Score: 3

    Term Applying To: fall 2010

    Work Experience: none.


    • Completed a vocational training on “Telecommunications and Mobile Revolution” with special emphasis on the network structure of the GSM cellular network at BSNL , in June 2008.

    • Completed Sun Education Services course in Core Java Programming from NIIT in September 2007..

    • Worked on and completed a project on the development of a software solution manual (an e-manual) for the Diagnostic and Maintenance module of an Asphalt Paver , which was a venture of the company Atlas Copco Construction and Mining Sales Mr. Abhijit Som, Business Manager , Road Construction Equipment, Atlas Copco.

    • Done a summer project under Dr. K.J.Vinoy, in the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, where I had been assigned to design and simulate an antenna with end fire radiation characteristics ( a coplanar waveguide fed Tapered Slot Antenna).

    • Presently working under Dr. A.K.Bhattacharjee and Professor Pranam Paul on the formulation of an encryption and decryption algorithm for secret key cryptography and have just had my first publication in an international journal in the same.

    I have one publication in the prestigious International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security (IJCSNS). The paper was titled “GOOGLY – A CRYPTOGRAPHIC ALGORITHM BASED ON MATHEMATICAL REPRESENTATION OF TRANSFER FUNCTIONS OF A DISCRETE TIME SYSTEM” applying the principles of Digital Signal Processing to Cryptography.

  58. HSB

    It will be good to see the list of universities that comprises other majors too.like mechanical, civil etc

    please ponder and guide further




  59. Hi,

    I am jayachandra,would like to pursue masters in electronics or in communication fields, so may i know the list of universities good for me to do electonics in VLSI OR EMBEDDED SYSTEMS

    I am in final year in electronics and communication engg

    gre score:1060



    awa: 2

    aggre: 70%

    10 th : 85%

    12 th : 89%

    planning to get an admit in fall 2010

    please reply soon…..THANKS.


  60. Hi,

    I would like to pursue masters in electronics so may i know which university is good for me to do electonics in VLSI OR EMBEDDED SYSTEMS

    I am in final year in electronics engg

    gre score:1140



    awa: 3


    aggre: 63.5%

    10 th : 79.53%

    12 th : 79.3%

    planning to get an admit in fall 2010

    please reply soon…..THANKS.


  61. Im looking forward for masters in electronics so may i know which university is good for me to do electonics in VLSI OR EMBEDDED SYSTEMS OR POWER SYSTEMS OR ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT.

    I have scored 1060 in GRE(quant-710,verbal-350)and planning to get an admit in fall 2010.I would also like to know the TOEFEL score necessary for good admit.

    These are the few pts about my academics records and others:

    1). 10 th : 76.8%

    2). 12 th : 68.3%

    3). Graduation : 60.00%

    4). Worked on two projects in college(a. Robotic arm, b. GSM based fuel optimisation system)

    please reply soon…..THANKS.

  62. Hello Sir/Madam,

    My name is Ravindra Yadav. I had completed my graduation in aug08 in "Electronics and Communication" with 69.91%. Presently working in HP(EDS) comp for last 9 months.

    On 7 oct i had given my GRE paper and got score 1190(Quant : 790 Verbal : 400).I am interested in doing Phd. I want to know about which univ will be good for phd in electronics related fields…….. i is possible to get some scholarship for phd

    These are the few pts about my academics recordsand others:

    1). 10 th : 76.8%

    2). 12 th : 72.3%

    3). Graduation : 69.91%

    4). Presently, working in HP company(for 9months)

    5). Worked on two projects in college(a. Telephone Ring Silencer, b. Mobile Shield)

    6). Taken training for 45 and 30 days on telecommunication and electronics field respectively.

    7). Given Seminar on " Tsunami Warning System"

    1. Hi Mr.Ravindra Yadav

      welcome to HSB

      It is suggested to you with great love and respect that you enroll to "premium club" for a small fee.

      you will get lots of assistance if you care to ask any questions and lots of guidance too for getting in to USA , UNIVERSITIES

      FOR your PhD




      Member premium club

  63. Hi!!!

    I have a GRE score of 1143 and i am planing to write my TOEFL now…could you pls suggest me some of the universities for my MS…i have a b-tech aggregate of 75% am in my final year now….i wana do my masters in my core field…am very much fascinated by the electrical stuff interested more in the powersystems and power electronics so could you pls suggest me sme of the universities offering these courses…

    thank you in advance!!!

  64. Hii all,

    My GRE is 1000 (690 + 310), Toefl is 94 and aggregate Academic % is 67 Ist with distinction, i want to do MS in Electrical Engg in Embeded systems or networking. Please suggest me which universities are top ranked and where i will get the admission.


    1. Do your best on every semester. Try giving some paper presentations. Your college fests should give you a great head start. Enroll for some internship programs. You can get to know about these things in the dailies.

      All the best.

  66. Ppl am in big dilema need help plz ma consultancy ppl has given me few univs in which i've no clue abt sme can sme1 plz guide me thru pr gimme feedbcks 1: UTA (univ of texas arlington)

    2: Bridgeport univ (conecticut)

    3: Virginia common wealth univ

    these 1'st fe wuniv can sme 1 plzz gimme feed bcks n get bck to me to mail(id mentinoed) abv

  67. Hi,

    I had got 1200 in GRE and 104 in TOEFL. But, had got 2.5 in AWA. What could be the options for me for MS in Electrical Engineering. The concentration area is Poer Systems. I am having the work experince of 2 years under my belt but in a software firm. What are my prospects to get a good university.

    Can you please suggest me some good universities to apply for?.

    Thanks in advance


  68. This is Praveen from Chennai. I am currently doing my final year engineering in Electronics and Instrumentation discipline. Am yet to take up my GRE exam which is in Sep 09. I am interested in topics like automation, process control, biomedical instrumentation and other allied courses related to instrumentation with a slice of electronics. Also I am a computer geek and love programming and stuff which I believe will come into play irrespective of the discipline I take up.

    Considering the above, could you suggest me the possible disciplines that I could take up for masters? I am sure I have to narrow down to something that comes under EE. But am really drawing a blank beyond that point.

    Also am desperate to know the list of universities that will fit into my needs. I have surfed several "rankings sites" and blog sites randomly and visited some college sites. But still I am not able to clearly focus on the 4 universities whose list I need to take along while writing the GRE exam. These are the stuff that are really vague Pls help me out by giving a list of disciplines that I could pursue and a list of mid-rated universities that cater to my preferences. My powerprep score is 1290 (a replica of actual GRE score)

    Best regards……

    1. Thanks HSB for the reply. I will follow your advice and try to narrow down to about 10 universities. Will get back when I need further help in zeroing in on the 4 univ.. Hope that would be okay!! Thanks and best regards,


  69. This is Praveen from Chennai. I am currently doing my final year engineering in Electronics and Instrumentation discipline. Am yet to take up my GRE exam which is in Sep 09. I am interested in topics like automation, process control, biomedical instrumentation and other allied courses related to instrumentation with a slice of electronics. Also I am a computer geek and love programming and stuff which I believe will come into play irrespective of the discipline I take up.

    Considering the above, could you suggest me the possible disciplines that I could take up for masters? I am sure I have to narrow down to something that comes under EE. But am really drawing a blank beyond that point.

    Also am desperate to know the list of universities that will fit into my needs. I have surfed several "rankings sites" and blog sites randomly and visited some college sites. But still I am not able to clearly focus on the 4 universities whose list I need to take along while writing the GRE exam. These are the stuff that are really vague Pls help me out by giving a list of disciplines that I could pursue and a list of mid-rated universities that cater to my preferences. My powerprep score is 1290 (a replica of actual GRE score)

    Best regards…

    1. Praveen.

      I'm looking for the exact same thing that u have mentioned and i'm totally lost! Have u found any unvs yet?

  70. Hello, my daughter's a senior in high school and interested in attending college for mechanical or electrical engineering. We’re located in Georgia and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on the best colleges to attend (in or out of state). Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


    1. @Attending schools in Georgia will get you In-State fees. SO, try to get into Georgia Tech or other universities sin that system. Electrical and Mechanical engineering are good options, but she can consider Computer Science and Computer Engineering too.
      Computer Engineers are paid better than Mechanical and electrical.

  71. hi i want to purse my ms in us for spring 2010.my gre score 940(680-quant,260-verbal)and btech 67%.can u suggest me some colleges that suits to my profile…i am interested in ee..

  72. Hello Sir,

    i have just passed B.E.Electrical with first class and my overall avg is 58%.i am planning to give GRE in Nov-Dec. so with these marks can i grt good university.Plz help me i am confused. Plz Sir.

  73. Hi,

    I am a student who just completed my MS in San Diego State university.My GRE was 1100 and Toefl 98.I want to study Ph.d now.Can you give me the best universities for this GRE Score.Also ,I am an international student.So,could you help me out in telling me how I can write my GRE again.Where and when should I apply.Looking forward to your reply.

    Thank you

    1. You should be able to continue your PhD at the same university. That will save you writing GRE again to get higher score.

      1. Thank you for your immediate response.Actually I was looking for better Funding.Morover my university Engineering Dept. doesnt offer Doctoral Programs.Can you suggest me better universities.i am ready to write the GRE again.

        Thank you.

        1. You must be sure by now that applying for PhD is not same as applying for Masters. You will have to become Premium Membership Club member get get personal guidance.

  74. im looking forward for masters in electronics so may i know which universitys is good for me to do electonics .i have completed my btech recently,i got gre score is 1000,tofel score is 90.

  75. Hi..

    can some one tell me how good is Polytechnic Institute of New York University for EE, more specifically Controls and Robotics? This is for a cousin of mine who is really good at robotics but did not get a very good gre/toefl score. Also how are the job prospects of the univ?


    Hope to get a response!

    1. Hi Shweta,

      Did you get any reply for whether studying at Polytechnic is good..for control and robotics? cause i have applied for the same, and planning to study that. If you have received any reply then please let me know.

  76. im looking forward for masters in electronics so may i know which university is good for me to do electonics in VLSI OR EMBEDDED SYSTEMS OR POWER SYSTEMS

  77. Hi,

    I got admission in both Ohio University and also SUNY Binghamton university. I applied for MS in electrical engineering. Which university do you suggest ? Kindly reply

  78. Hi ….could someone suggest me few better universities, and the path to proceed….i ‘m confused..i’m with gre of 1000,toefl ; 82 and exp of 2 years in IT,….i’m planning to write gre again ,but not sure if i could meet the deadlines..and there is something else called as Deprtmental deadlines…

    so somebody help me out with this confusion……………plzzzzzzzzz

    thank u’ll

    1. hay, please help me for university selection, i am confussed for selection of university in U.S.A for master in electical. i have 1000 score in gre & 6.5 in IELTS. & i looking go to florida & new york. please give me some sugesstion.

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