Facts About The University of Texas at Tyler

If you are planning to apply for Graduate School in USA, you must have a look at Graduate programs offered at University of Texas at Tyler.

UT Tyler LogoHere are few interesting facts about UT Tyler.

  • Tuition Fees
  • Research & Financial Aid
  • On Campus Jobs
  • Admission Requirements ( GRE, TOEFL/IELTS)
  • Campus Safety

Tuition Fees

  • The tuition at UT Tyler is already one of the lowest in the state of Texas.

Academic Year 2012-2013

  One Academic Year Summer Session and One Academic Year
Tuition & fees $12,406 ($6203/semester) $15,993 (summer $4,091)
Room & Board $10288 $12,346
Health Insurance $1204 $1204
Books & Supplies $993 $1324
Transportation $120 $160
Personal $1266 $1520
TOTAL $26,277 $32,54

Research and Financial Aid

  • Graduate students still have a number of financial support opportunities: students who receive a Departmental Scholarship, New Graduate Student Scholarship, graduate assistantship, teaching assistantship, or research assistantship are eligible to pay in-state tuition, which represents a substantial savings.
  • UT Tyler has over $30 million in research funding, which means professors need assistants to help them with their research. Graduate students working with professors can lead to scientific and technological innovations.

Internships and Jobs

  • Growing number of Internship and CPT opportunities.
  • Most internships  are paid positions and students will be able to gain valuable on-the-job experience with a US company.
  • Over 70 companies attend our on-campus career fairs during fall and spring semesters to hire UT Tyler graduates.

International Students

  • On-campus job opportunities are also available to international students.
  • Just over 70% of international graduate students at UT Tyler are from India. The most popular degree programs with Indian students are Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Management, Human Resource Development, MBA, and Mathematics.
  • The Indian Student Association at UT Tyler has a Facebook page www.facebook.com/ISAUTT where they answer a lot of the questions prospective student have about coming to UT Tyler.
  • The city of Tyler has a low cost of living with affordable housing within walking distance of campus.

Score Requirements for Admission

  • GRE Scores: Typical ranges for current students are V+Q 290+  and the minimum GRE scores desired are:
    • Quantitative – 150+
    • Verbal – 135+
    • Analytical Writing – 2.5+
  • The formula for consideration in the MBA program is GPA (Grade point average on a 4.0 scale) x 200 + GMAT = 1000 or greater.

 Campus Safety

  • UT Tyler has a highly trained police department that patrols the campus around the clock.
  • Officers routinely provide services such as vehicle jump-starts, unlocking vehicles, and personal escorts for students leaving campus buildings after hours.
  • Students can call the police dispatch to request an escort.
  • UT Tyler police are involved in crime prevention and awareness programs conducted throughout campus