MIT vs IIT Kharagpur – Who Wins?

Here’s a question from Jyothsna, which in summary asks: Which is better, MIT or IIT Kharagpur? He sent this email:

Hi! I have some doubt…Which is valued more, an IIT from Kharagpur or an MS from a top most university in the US? Who will get a job first if graduates from both schools appeared at same time for an interview? (Both have equal percentage and everything else is the same.)

You are the very first person to ask this kind of question. Before we post the answers, it’s good to ask the readers about their views.

Leave your answers as comments below. It’s good to consider as examples MIT and Stanford as the top universities in US. Let’s now make the comparison with IIT Kharagpur.

Some Interesting Comments:

Although you are talking about earning a bachelor’s degree only, but the end result from comparing these two options would be different. Higher education abroad offers you with an international exposure, it makes you ready for the global economy.

Try to understand your objective behind gaining a bachelor’s degree. Another important factor you need to consider is the cost involved, because there would be a huge difference in the cost structures between India and abroad.

In case cost is a big concern, you can plan to take a master’s program abroad, so just go ahead with your intention to pursue a bachelor’s degree at IIT.

In a Third World nation like India, where jobs are more important, choosing IIT is always a safe bet.

Whether you are interested in engineering or not, but in your school years, you have been topping it, and you choose science in your plus 2 and let us suppose you stay in New Delhi, so you are able to crack the Vidya Mandir entrance test or FIIT JEE scholars batch, and two years of hard work, and you make it to IIT, you life is secured in India.

Even if you tell your parents that you might have topped most exams in school, but you don’t like science and technology, and are rather interested to getting into marketing or fashion designing, they would say that clear IIT, you can also pursue those things after your IIT.

However, at MIT, only those who are interested in engineering can join, but how many come out as graduates? The entire world knows.

Yes, getting into MIT is fairly easy. Although you are from the US or Western Europe, getting out of MIT with flying colors is tough, too though I would say.


Advice 1: Let your kid do what he/she wants to do. They’ll have a much happier life that way, if not the most glamorous.

Advice 2 (in case you just can’t agree with Advice 1): It depends on whether you’d thought about this properly or not. You say going into the top university in the US, right?

Have you thought about what it would be like if your kid does not want to come back to India after having spent 4-5 years at a minimum (undergraduate) in the US? It is an entirely new ecosystem – college, friends, activities, jobs, etc.

You can’t really be serious if you think, “Oh I’ll transplant my daughter in Michigan and then transplant her back here with a nice degree.” It does not work that way.

The education that you get in a certain country is best suitable for jobs in that country. Unlike what others would have you believe in, degrees are not that transferable or as valuable somewhere else.

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  1. yes this comment was true from my point of view that most of indian students seek for good jobs through iits not have hunger for knowledge rather than making there wallets thick of moneys and credit cards.

  2. Ok.But is NUS better than the iits like iit bombay,iit delhi,iit
    kharagpur and iit chennai?And also what about the placements of NUS?

  3. In a THIRD WORLD NATION like INDIA, where JOBS are more important, IIT are safe bet. Whether you are interested in ENGINEERING or not, but in your school years, you have been TOPPING it, and you choose SCIENCE in your plus 2 and let us suppose you stay in NEW DELHI, so you are able to crack VIDYA MANDIR entrance test or FIIT JEE SCHOLARS BATCH, and TWO YEARS of HARD WORK, and you make it to IIT, you life is SAFE in india. Even if you tell your parents that i may have TOPPED EXAMS in school, but i don’t like science and technology, and am rather interested to go into marketing or fashion designing, they would say, that clear IIT, you can pursue those things after your IIT also. but in MIT, those who are interested in ENGINEERING only JOIN, but how many come out the entire world knows. Getting into MIT is very easy, albeit you are in USA/WESTERN EUROPE, but getting out of MIT with flying colors is TOUGH, too TOUGH i would say.

  4. To the person who asked the original question: it seems like you are a mom of some kid who you’re thinking about sending to college, and who has shown a bit of mathematical promise at school to get you excited. Naturally, your primary concern is the future prospects – jobs, in other words – and that’s clear enough from your question too.

    I’ve two pieces of advice for you (I got a top 200 rank in IIT-JEE and studied CS at IIT. I’ve also worked at MIT in a research position. I believe this makes my advice more credible than the other ranting idiots doing theoretical comparisons between two colleges that are nothing like each other. Reading these comments pissed me off so much I just had to write one of my own. An exercise in futility, but well :))

    Advice 1: let your kid do what he/she wants to do. They’ll have a much happier life, if not the most glamorous.

    Advice 2 (in case you just can’t agree with Advice 1): depends on whether you’ve thought about this properly or not. You say top university in the US, right? Have you thought about what it would be like if your kid does not want to come back to India after having spent 4-5 years at minimum (undergraduate) in the US. It is an entire ecosystem – college, friends, activities, jobs. You can’t really be serious if you think “Oh I’ll transplant my daughter in Michigan and then transplant her back here with a nice degree.” Does not work that way. The education that you get in a certain country is best suitable for jobs in that country. Unlike what anyone would have you believe, degrees are not as transferable or as valuable elsewhere.

    Similarly, an IIT degree in India will open all kinds of doors for your kid. But will it count for a lot abroad? Not really. Reputation aside, you have to work incredibly hard to get anything, at least here in the US. Besides, there are bigger hurdles to landing a job abroad than just your degree. Most international positions do not consider only a bachelor’s degree enough to give you a job anyway.

    Given all this, and considering that what you really deeply want for your child is upward social mobility, a life in Mumbai/Delhi/Bangalore, some disposable income, a car on loan and pretty soon, a bride/groom to share the spoils with, I’d say SEND YOUR KID TO KOTA.

    To the rest of the idiots commenting here: go home. None of you know what you’re talking about.

    1. Hello..Rahul..I just want to know that A btech Electrical Engineering degree from IIT bombay is more valuable than A same degree from Princeton University ?My friends tell me that btech form Princeton is useless and IITB is more valuable….Can You please clarify?

      1. Hi Siddhant, Although you are talking about earning a bachelor’s degree only. But the end result from these two options would be different. Higher education abroad offers you with an international exposure, makes you ready for the global economy. Try to understand your objective behind gaining a bachelor’s degree. Another important factor you need to consider is the cost involved, because there would be a huge difference in the cost structure in India and abroad. In case cost is a big concern you can plan for a Masters abroad and go ahead with your plans to pursue bachelor’s degree at IITB.
        All the best!

    2. Cost is not a problem as my parents income is sufficient to tackle
      that….I wish to be ready to the global economical environment….so
      i would prefer for higher education abroad.Can you please tell me
      about a btech degree from National University of Singapore (NUS)..and
      also if there is anu difference between a degree from iitb and NUS??

      1. NUS is certainly a good option to consider. NUS is ranked high among the top Engineering Colleges world wide. If you find suitable programmes, you can choose NUS over Indian colleges. NUS ranks higher than most of the top Indian Colleges/Universities.

      2. Siddhant, if cost is not a problem to you, consider getting an undergrad from a US school. Looks like you want to live abroad, why not start on the right foot when you can?

        About your earlier question, I don’t see an intelligible comparison to be made between IITB and Princeton, just like I don’t see one between IITKGP and MIT here. It really depends on what YOU want out of your undergraduate years. Like I said earlier, since what you really seem to want is to get out of India (not a bad thing to want, let me remind you) you should take my earlier advice.

        1. Thank you very much for your suggestions.Can you tell me something about NUS(National University of Singapore) as an option?

  5. I am not getting the point. Why people just interesting in Job only. Why not they come up from these type of doubts. I think for getting job its doesn’t matter from where you taking the training, its just require how you can be work everyday with same job, same table etc etc. Yes if you talking some education, knowledge, research then its some how important to look the available facilities in different places. But as far looking the definition of knowledge and research, I think its totally depend on personal capability its doesn’t matter where you going for PhD yes but its more matter under whom you working. Let say one example, how many people know the university name called University of Bassel, what is the rank of this university Have any idea, no right its not seeing in list. But its the university which the home of the world greatest mathematician like Bernoulli family members, Euler,Lagrange etc. Other same example University of Gottingen, its world best home to produced all great scientist of world from Gauss , Rieman, plans, einstein , so many others. So, I think university doesn’t help after some level of knowledge.

  6. IIT or MIT- we can question education system of India, we can question the quality of students, we can question about facilities in IITs, we can question the cast quota system. So lets get to them one by one.
    We are still trying hard to give basic education to all children, we are trying to develop. Our curriculum in colleges( at least in engineering colleges) has not been updated. Our education upto 10th class is being made easier, to lower pressure, but after 12th, situation is worsening. But whom can we question- the curriculum is decided by well experienced learned people. But I personally feel our education system is total failure- so you cant expect IITs to be outperforming MIT, because education system brings up a whole generation.
    Now on to quality of students- what are the parameters to test the quality of students. Is it how much he can cram or get how well he get automated to a set of questions or how well he understood a basic theory or how well he analyzed that theory to find possible loop holes or if he’s willing to do something good or great…it all depends on the society. A boy who’s has passed through a grueling life of a middle class or lower class, how much do you want him to risk for himself, for his parents and for his country- what’s the order of these three mentioned things. He’s intelligent, smart and has a bright future but has to make a call. So he looks for a job- and for him, higher his salary, more his success. So he looks for IITs. Here, value of IITs is more than anyone could understand but the youth seeking out high salary jobs in a best possible way. Moreover, IITians are not taught by noble laureates- so there has to be some difference. We cant help that.
    And about facilities- yeah, its much lesser than we want but look at the “efficiency”(all engineers have to take care of it). Then IITs seem to be comparable with MIT too. In India, people are still struggling for basic amenities- so you cant expect college students to be at too ease- they also feel the problem- but I bet a MIT student cant study to his full potential in the struggling life here- set human parameters too to compare these institutes. Here, IITs’ students must be outperforming MIT students because former have experience of performing in grueling situations too.
    And about cast quota- we cant help that- we have chosen the representatives and literally- india is being run by “most able minds”. Reservation is a path- it may not be completely right- but we have taken some steps for upliftment of every deserving candidate, for future of India- and no decision makes everyone happy. Its just there- if anyone says its wrong- tell me other ways and estimated time it would give results.
    Moreover, IITs are basically for job oriented Indians now and MIT is for knowledge loving people.
    So, I can’t compare two different kind of species to say who’s best, none of us can because its tough to get in both, investments are varying by huge amount and practically, there are practical problems which students face in IITs, don’t know about MIT. Ranking was never done on the basis of student poll( but not many have tasted both, so even that would also fail). May be IITs should start BTech programs for foreign students too- then we can see who’s the better specie.

    1. i hv gone through your views about iits and universities of usa.
      this has partially changed my outlook towards iit

      i m in 12th class and preparing to get into iit but reading your views left me in dilemma whether
      i should go on the same path or not .??
      Kindly help me and guide.

  7. main reason behind the sucess of MIT is that it gets millions of dollar as fund from gov while IITs get virtualy nothing.
    but nobody can deny that IITs produce world class eng.
    we should adopt new teaching methodology from the begining to get to the top

    1. this is the problem with people speaking without looking up facts. Govt pays nearly 80% of all IIT expenses, while is much less than 50% in US. There is no data to support the view that pouring more govt money into IIT is doing any good for India

      1. dude the facilities that IITs provide are very very inclined towards subsistance living.
        however MIT provides luxuries to their students.
        thats the difference.And i believe the professors from IIT and MIT are all the same level and have the same level of expertise.
        their govt funds them for luxuries whereas ours fund the IITs for subsistence living.

  8. In my opinion mit is heaven for those students who want doing research in any branch of science or engineering it may be string theory it may be vector space or theory of relativity. Mit’s linear accelerator lab is incredible. Most proffeser or scientist or enginrres in mit is noble winner but in our country the quality education standard is very very very very bad we have no good or advanced particle lab where we can search to new generation particle actually our finance minister have no sufficient time for to thinking these nonscence idea similarly no one educator or science student want new creativity for science research because without research nothing being discoverd no application no engineering no iit no nit…………

  9. Hey Jyothsna,
    If only getting a job is what u intend to do – I will say get degree from any where iit or non-iit . And any ways people with your kind of mentality is getting no where near MIT. MIT is not for getting job but for getting knowledge which people use to change the world we live in. Those people who get into MIT is never bothered about getting job because those people can get Job even before they get admit in MIT.And stop commenting these kind of stupid questions MIT vs IITs ?? I will suggest you to go on with IIT-K because u just want a job and not concerned about knowledge. Come out of your frog in well mentality. Life is not about eating,sleeping and doing your job or getting good position but it is all about enjoying what u do and making this world a better place to live for yourself and the other humans inhabiting this earth.

    1. just shut up anupam…. jyothsna is certainly right in asking that … and looks like you dont know a thing about iit or the mit… u are hence the insect in a mud pit… u should know though iit lags behind mit by only 20 ranks in IT and engineering training for under gradutes… and that iit does with 1/20th the money of mit funds… go get some education u rascal… iitians are considered very hard working and intelligent which the mitians aren’t both at the same time… …

      1. Hey Rick,
        First of all I should say just 20 rank back……………is not just!!

        The one is WORLD’S best and the other one is just INDIA’s best.
        and ……..I agree with ANUPAM’s answer students in MIT and IIT’s are the one who wish to change the world not get a job!

  10. As already told, HYPE is what surround students to run for getting into IIT. Its hard to believe but today its just a status symbol if you are a graduate from IIT. Competition prevails both inside and outside the campus. You name a thing or event inside iit , competition will crawl up among campus IITians. There are just few who did outstanding because of their hard work, IIT has nothing to do with that. Its all those people because of which people hails IIT all the time. You dream to be in IIT before and as soon as you get in here all your expectations slowly fade off. On the name of engineers , they are not even able to produce technicians. And dont compare MIT vs IIT. Because at last institute never matters at all but its only your will and courage that will lead you to your goals. Moreover at starting of IIT Kgp it was set under the guidelines of MIT. and since then onwards no reforment has been made to improve its quality. Teachers are fed up saying that natural talent is not coming inside so they keep on changing the pattern of JEE But the problem is not going to solve through this, which they well know definitely. The IIT 4-5 years course is not helping anyone in the field of science and technology. 4-5% gets selected from 6 lacs and 0.01% among those selected devote themselves to technology. So the picture is clear I THINK. Its just again a factory where you come barehanded but goes with a degree when you complete the process last process of the factory. The curriculum will never change. In your Ist year you will get to know what all you have to do in your 4th year. And mind it above all its your CGPA. and if you wwwanna know more …………. you know what to do………

  11. I am an IITian and trust me when i say MIT>>>>>IIT. Comparing the students’ quality,IIT>MIT,but the premier indian institue is nowhere close to its counterpart when it comes to other parameters like quality of faculty,infastructure,number of research papers published etc.What is the use of creating a pool of so called “intellectually superior” students when they arent made available the necessary raw materials to use their prowess on?It is just a waste of talent(obviously declining with time) here whereas the MIT gives its students enough opportunities and platforms to nurture evey bit of creativity in them.The only reason IITians are valued in the west is because an average IITian>average MIT student when it comes to application.Think where India would stand if they are all given the opportunities and freedom to play with their creativity.I dont mean to rob away the credit from MIT students-the college has done every possible thing to rightly own the spot they are currently holding and I acknowledged this fact right at the beginning of my article.Ask any IITian and he will be ready to leave IIT for the MIT.

  12. ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. I agree with with Avinash. India is all about hype , students cram these courses and get in. The faculty is very poor , most of them have no knowledge of higher things in engineering or design. So while india because of population makes it look that these things are difficult to compete on the face of it IITs are nothing, they are just cram centres with no real knowledge of application. Therefore while students at MIT model robots in their first year, IIT ians only bring out project work on cycles. Same situation is with IIM they are also completely substandard as stated even by a union cabinet minister. These IIMS dont figure anywhere in international rankings.

  13. Jawaharlal Nehru

    The first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru said at the first convocation address at IIT Kharagpur:
    “Here in the place of that Hijli Detention Camp stands the fine monument of India, representing India’s urges, India’s future in the making. This picture seems to me symbolical of the changes that are coming to India.”[1]
    [edit]CBS 60 Minutes

    Lesley Stahl of CBS on 60 Minutes[2]
    “Put Harvard, MIT and Princeton together and you begin to get an idea of the status of IITs in India.”
    N.R. Narayana Murthy, founder of Infosys on 60 Minutes:[2]
    “My son wanted to study computer science. But to study at the IITs he had to be among the top 200 in the country. So he chose Cornell.”
    Vinod Khosla, venture capitalist on 60 Minutes:
    “When I graduated from IIT Delhi and went to CMU for my master’s, I thought I cruised all the way through Carnegie Mellon because it was so easy, compared to the education I had gotten at IIT Delhi.” (Vinod received a Masters in Biomedical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon and is co-founder of Sun Microsystems)
    [edit]Bill Gates

    Bill Gates, the co-founder and chaiman of Microsoft, in his speech at India Institute of Technology 50th Anniversary Celebration:[3]
    IIT and Microsoft do have a lot in common, an optimism about the future, a belief that fundamental science will lead to breakthroughs that will let us solve some of the toughest problems that mankind faces, a belief that we can provide better tools than ever before and that we’ve really just scratched the surface.
    And it’s hard to think of anything like IIT anywhere in the world. It is a very unique institution.
    In Salon Magazine
    Per capita, IIT has produced more millionaires than any other undergraduate institution.
    [edit]Kathy Bushkin

    Kathy Bushkin, Executive Vice-President of the UN Foundation said:[4]
    Fifty years ago, the UNESCO helped to create the IITs as a means of providing superior education to Indians and spurring developments in the country. Today, IIT has helped India become a world leader in science and technology — proving that when we work together, we acheive remarkable progress.
    [edit]Wall Street Journal

    The Wall Street Journal, on 16 April 2003.
    The IITs became islands of excellence by not allowing the general debasement of the Indian system to lower their exacting standards. You couldn’t bribe your way to get into an IIT…Candidates are accepted only if they pass a grueling entrance exam. The government does not interfere with the curriculum, and the workload is demanding…Arguably, it is harder to get into an IIT than into Harvard or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    [edit]Thomas L. Friedman

    Thomas L. Friedman, in his book The World Is Flat.
    For most of their first fifty years, these IITs were one of the greatest bargains America ever had. (p. 106)
    now u can see the importance of iit in world .
    compareing these the istitutes doenst make any sense because its like comparing a huge building with the one in progress but mind the one in pregress got a strong foundation.:)

  14. We Indians proudly say that IIT is better than than MIT, IIT is at par with MIT, IIT is this…it is that….but is it really so ??? Even IIT Bombay, the best IIT, is not in the top 50 engineering schools of the world… !!! But we have an answer for this one too : “Actually the ranking is also based on no. of international students, facilities, etc.” Then I have few questions, “IF THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH FACILITIES FOR STUDENTS, THEN HOW CAN THEY BECOME WORLD CLASS ENGINEERS ? WHY OUR IITs ARE SO SO LARGE IN AREA (IIT Kharagpur : 2100 acres, IIT Kanpur : 1000 acres) , CAN’T THEY COMPROMISE ON 200-300 ACRES EACH (MIT Covers Only 168 Acres) ???? SHOULDN’T OUR GOVERNMENT SPEND ON FACULTIES AND FACILITIES INSTEAD OF THESE LARGE AREAS ???

    And who says it is very very hard to get into IITs ??? If it is so, then why the teachers of IITs itself say that the standard of students is falling every year ??? Even a poor student can clear IIT-JEE if he goes in KOTA and studies well (I mean cram all types of questions well). IT IS SOOOO…….. EASY !!!!! There are 10,000 seats in IITs. It is not at all difficult to get into…. Only 0.00005% of Indians are selected, HUH !!! What a stupid statement… Do all the 100 crore people of India give IIT-JEE ????? No, it is only 4 lacs (HAHAHA). And out of those, only 5-6 % students are intelligent…

    And what the hell our government is doing ?? Nothing ?? If it knows that IIT-JEE is totally cram based then why doesn’t it do something ?? No good teacher wants to teach in IITs….Why ??? Bcoz our government doesn’t have money to give them salaries !!! Oh ya, it is spending on 1500-2000 acres of land na !! oh yeah….I got it !!

    And our study system is also not good enough … Ours is a rote learning system, even in the engineering courses… This is not the only reason why Indian study curriculum is criticized everywhere (even in India, HEHE). If we say IIT is the best, then we should not go for graduate studies in US colleges.. They are EXCELLENT ! They don’t make engineers, they make SMART engineers.. The students there enjoy their life..They play, they do extracurricular activities..

    The faculties in IITs are very very good, but the faculties of top colleges of U.S. and other countries are VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY goooooooodddd…. There are many Nobel laureates there.. And how many Nobel prize winners has India produced??? The no. of Nobel prize winners each in MIT, Harvard, Cambridge, Stanford etc. is many many many times than that India has produced …. Still we say Indian scientists and engineers and students ROCK !!! If it so, where are those thousands of IITians?? Are they doing something forour country or are they working as CEOs of very big companies ?? No, they have started teaching students for JEE entrance….

    The main problem with Indians is that they never accept this truth that U.S.A.’s top engineering colleges are much better than our IITs.. Bcoz until they accept this, how can they start working to make IITs better ??? The day an Indian will come to know where India really stands, he will change like Americans changed… Americans changed, How, When ??? Yeah…Americans changed…we all know know that England was once the most powerful country and it had the best universities … If Americans would have said “No No No we American colleges are better” then it would never had become the most powerful country in the world.. And in education, 8-9 top universities in the world are in U.S.

    NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Even small asian countries like South Korea, Malasia are making world class engineering products..If they can do, then why shouldn’t we ?? We produce thousands of IITians.. AND WE WILL MAKE..But there is a small problem, we are still proud of our IITs and there are going to be a number of criticizations on this article…HUH….My hand is paining after writing such a big article…

    1. i think there is another reason mit was formed in 1861 and has more exposure where as iit was formed in 1951 and also india was developing at that time and is still developing
      india is a poor countery and also a corrupt country and in the next 90 years u can compare iit with mit because at that time it will reach the potential of todays mit and then u can compare and also i think that SAT is easier than jee and jee checks only the mpc caliber and equations and is objective type whereas if it is descriptive we can differentiate between the students

    2. Hello…Can you please tell me whether a btech degree in elec engineering is better than the same degree from princeton university?My friends always tell me that degree from iitb is far better that Princeton university…Also what reviews do you have about a btech from National University of Singapore?

  15. 20 years back I would have said that IIT and MIT both are nearly at the same level, maybe MIT has a edge in the practical training over IIT. But now I would say MIT is way better than IIT. MIT has maintained it's standard, there people have consistently produced ground breaking research and all. But IIT is not only slow in the research wing, but has also degraded it's status by selecting unworthy students. About 50% of all the students in IIT are those who have special reservation, if you look at there average score in the JEE it's less than half of the general average score. Do you guys think that the world doesn't keep track of this? Look at the US News University rankings the rank of IIT has fallen more than 20 spots from last year. But definitely there are many excellent students in IIT, who are probably smarter than their counterparts in MIT, but unfortunately because of these moronic rules and the pace of IIT even they are going to be suspected on their smartness and aptitude of engineering. I am so happy that the demon Arjun Singh, who destroyed all our good institutes like IIT, AIMS etc. has finally died.

    1. i think also the qouta system should be abolished and the brain should be seen there should be an interview and group discussion the reservation should be on the financial basis and not on the caste basis
      for eg an iitian of 1986 batch has a son and his son gets selected onthe basis of obc/sc/st etc. but another son of a poor brahmin has the same amount of marks but doent get selectrd

    2. Most students in USA try to think and analyze issues unlike in India where it is mostly learn for getting a good grade and come here/get a top job etc. I am an ex IITian (graduated more than 25 years ago) and did my MS here at a very good school (did not get admission into the top schools like MIT). I was able to get a very high GPA but can say that there were a number of American’s who were much better than me in analyzing issues when very little is known. (likely due to wanting to take the safe way out instead of trying to have a passion and enjoy). My son now goes to a top school here in USA and takes courses which interest him rather than driven by job market.

  16. IIT will be supported only by the racists!! jk

    IIT cannot be compared with MIT..
    MIT has better teaching techniques, methodology and has ample scopes for skill development and research projects…IIT's teaching methodologically is like "teaching someone to swim without being in water".

    btw i m preparing for IIT .

  17. let’s put it like this :
    iit has better students.
    mit is a better college.
    iits get you a job
    mit gets you knowledge’
    p.s i am an indian preparing for iit. (vidyamandir classes).

    1. yes buddy! that's true.. i see many students learnin' 8-10 hrs a day just to get a job through the IIT's.. oh God how stupid it is???

  18. let's put it like this :

    iit has better students.

    mit is a better college.

    iits get you a job

    mit gets you knowledge'

    p.s i am an indian preparing for iit. (vidyamandir classes).

    1. “IIT has better students.”

      I wouldn’t really say so… I’m in Kota now and looking at the state of what’s going on, I’d say “IIT has better crammers.”… These aren’t students, they’re not ‘hungry’ for knowledge, they just want jobs. How’re we gunna enjoy life if we’re like that.

      But on the other hand, take a look at the students MIT takes in… I’ve applied and hte admission process look at what you’re really interested in, your projects and personality. Basically, mugging up for a single exam will NOT help you get in to MIT, you need to love learning to get in.

      Even though I studied a whole year here in Kota, I’m refusing to write the IIT-JEE. I’ve rather applied to MIT, ERAU and a couple of other nice US universities, and I’ve already got into ERAU and CIT. I’ll find out if I get into MIT in 2 weeks. 🙂

  19. Come on although agreed MIT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>IIT.

    Compare the conditions in which the 2 institutes have grown up.

    There is nothing great in breaking a wall with a bulldozer (MIT) but doing so with a trowel must be appreciated(IIT).

    Come on guys cheers to India for maintaining at least good academic standards.

  20. Well, IITians can't get enough time for practical opportunities where as MITians are well or better in practicals. So, looking present scenario, I vote undoubtedly the MIT, the LORD of all engineering institutes in the world

  21. FYI – Easwaran is not a student. He’s is trying to send his Brothers son Muthu to US and he’s sponsoring him. Muthu will the first person to graduate from Engineering college in his village, which in itself is huge achievement. all Muthu has is a small land which will cover for some of the expense in US, so Easwaran is sponsoring him.

    So you ask the following question to yourself before posting another comment complaining about Easwaran.
    1) How many of your relatives are ready to sponsor your education since your parents don’t have money?
    2) How many parents even know how you are selecting universities?
    3) How many of your parents is actually spending time online to help you select universities?

  22. guys,

    well iit can not be compared to mit..iit may be far behind of mit because of its an govt controlled institution..it has to bare all rules and regulations..

    but keep in mind that many professors at univ like mit, harvard,stanford graduated frm IITs……..

    this is brain drain

  23. wow some active people out there…!!!

    First.. MIT was established in 1861 (started in 1865)[ source Wikipedia] where as IIT was established in 1951(86 years later..a lot must have been developed in these 86 years..) even though IIT was established a lot later, it is able to give a competition to many premier institutes in the world.

    Second.. no college or university can reach the top position overnight. so is IIT(even MIT must not have been in the top list initially.) moreover MIT has got of other advantages too…it will take some time for IIT to reach the top position…

    so no more comparisons please…

    1. srinivas gumdelli sir


      with govt control over IIT affairs

      i doubt we will be going far

      MIT is private and it has lots of freedom and can grow

      once the govt keeps away from the affairs then we have all the possibility

      will the bureaucrat allow this to happen in this country of Democracy . i am not optimistic sir

      time will answer but who will be there

      perhapas in another 100 yrs

      unless and until debate goes on

      there is no possibility for truth to come out

      so why we should curtail

      let us see if any one posts some thing interesting

      in support of IIT, kharagpur


    2. MIT is the best in the world..whereas IIT is the best in india…now it's upto u to judge "rationally" who's better!! 🙂 🙂

    3. iit truly is going gr8 its 86years behind and already got half of its seats for unworthy reserved caste maybe in next 20 years there may be reservations for ex-iitian family members and @EBC(exceptionally backward class) and we shall have a still more tough JEE with seperate question paper for SC,ST and OBC

  24. Are you guys out of your senses?? Stop devaluing your excuse of a blog even more by putting up such stupid questions..MIT v/s IIT!!! what insane crap!!

    1. @Anon

      It is warm welcome again to you.

      you seems to be an adept in choosing your English words.

      1) shame,

      2) Nuts,

      3) Sucks,

      4) Insane,

      5) Crap.

      i see smoke and fire in your words

      George Bernard Shaw said

      "A fire at one end and a fool at the other end"

      about cigars.

      you have elected to use such a wonderful words! words chosen do reflects the inner self of the person, the true self.

      you Dear Anon

      by the way anon= an abbreviation for anonymous too.

      reflect your self very nicely and truly

      words are used to express and not impress

      you have expressed about your self very intimately and honestly

      by your chosen words.

      we celebrate life in spite of your chantings,

      we live life fully in spite of your uttering,

      we live life of abundance of every thing.

      "Remember, people will always judge you by your words, not your intentions.

      A man who does not think for himself does not think at all.

      Oscar Wilde

      you,Anon always thinking of your self and that is the glory of your words, i am happy that you are thinking for a change also.

      your chosen words reflect the world that you are living at that moment.

      I pray to the Universal Power to forgive you

      since Oscar Wilde said

      Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them so much.

      good luck anon.


    2. hey anon are u mad?? i think u are an emotional nut or a frustrated guy… better u stop visiting this blog .. u have nothing to do here.. Lord please help this guy to become a normal person.. Amen.

      1. Id say MIT is a CLEAR CUT option here cause it is way more advanced in infrastructure,education,research power and its got a lot of global recognition.

        I mean come on lets say ur in the UK for an interview at a big company with a guy from MIT and the other from IIT.who would be the 1st preference.

        plz dont be dumb enough to say IIT.

        IIT has still a long long way to go if it is controlled by the government and please dont even think about what will happen to IIT if it comes under private rule.We already know how bad most of the private colleges are in India.

        Am not saying that IIT is bad but it just doesnt seem right comparing it to MIT.

        Cant even believe a question like this even came up.

        No offence cheers 🙂

  25. HSB

    honestly there is no comparison

    between the MIT and IIT,kharagpur

    MIT is far far in the front when compared to IIT, kharagpur

    in ranking, in quality of education,in freedom, in guidance to students from professors. and the abundant opportunity that is available in the world for the MIT educated scholar

    there are incidents that an iit kharagpurstudent or professor may have chosen to join the Mit not the other way

    it is ranked first in the world , MIT

    where is the IIT ranked??

    the facilities that are available in MIT is quite huge

    compared to IIT,

    the amount of money available for research in MIT is quite huge

    there is no govt interference or control in Mit

    which is in iit ,

    Mr. Gupta graduated from IIT Kharagpur in 1967,

    he has donated nearly 2 million us $ to IIT to start

    a business school

    More than a decade back he gave $2 million to establish a business school at IIT Kharagpur to be modelled after the School of Management at MIT, which is called the Vinod Gupta School of Management

    what i am saying is there are abundant opportunity in MIT compared to iit

    in fact His adopted country, the United States of America, gave him the opportunities and wealth to make it possible to generously help worthy causes.

    i believe MIT education exposure will give one

    a creative work experience, than IIT kharagpur

    i am sure a MIT graduate will make a dent in life for himself and others in life

    my vote is for MIT

    With out any reservation.

    how many iit professors or phd has got in to Noble prize

    when compared to MIT , iit kharagpur

    no comparison please

    this is posted in order to highlight the differences that are prevalent in MIT Vs IIT -kharagpur

    yours truly



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