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Remember, there are two points of views to your F1 Visa interview.

  1. Visa Officer point of view (the expert)
  2. Your point of view

So, before arguing that your point of view is correct, think in terms of how the visa officer would think.

Recreate your visa interview experience and understand what could have been VO officers point of view for this answer I gave.

So, think several times before blaming the visa officer for rejections. My guess – it will be your mistake that caused visa rejections (majority of the times).

How Not to Prepare for Visa Interview

The following  email exchange will show you how not to prepare for F1 Student Visa interview.

Student: I have a visa interview in this week. Can you give me some tips?

I: Speak with confidence and speak the truth. Practice in mirror by answering the questions. Smile when you speak. Good Luck.

Student: What F1 interview questions will they ask?

I: Please don’t say that you have F-1 visa interview this week and you don’t know what types of questions they will ask.

Seriously, if you have US Visa interview this week and don’t know what type of questions will be asked? This is not acceptable.

Preparation is the key in every step of your journey to the USA.

Financial Documents for F1 Visa

Here’s something interesting from US Consulate in Kolkata.

How do I prove I can pay for the program? What financial documents will you review?

Financial documents are not required for visa interviews.

Typically, officers will not review these documents and will ask you questions about how you plan to pay.

Documents are not forbidden, and may on occasion be reviewed, but we discourage applicants from going through the trouble and expense of gathering accountant’s statements and property appraisals.

My suggestion – Take Bank Statements and Loan Sanction letter at least. CA and Property appraisals is up to you to decide. Plus, this was on the Kolkata US Consulate website, and rules could be different for other US consulates.